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  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 6y 344d 17h 6m 46s
  Kurai2 / Elodie / 6y 347d 4m 32s
be sure to tell Skills
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 6y 347d 22h 9m 55s
Finally! I thought she would never leave.
  Kurai2 / Elodie / 6y 348d 4h 15m 33s
yes, she is gone, you can come out now. :P
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 6y 348d 11h 33m 48s
  Hatsune Miku9 / Elodie / 6y 348d 12h 5m 19s
Thank you. One day maybe, we might all be able to sit down and have a civil conversation.

But for now, I bid you a due.
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 6y 348d 15h 25m 56s
Like I said, I don't blame you. You've been nothing but cordial in the face of a potential threat to you and yours. You needn't say more. I'll take my leave.
  JD / Junkyard_Dog / 6y 348d 15h 32m 26s
She won't come back while you're still here, and I can't help her help herself without this. Its more direct and I can remember easier.
I'm not going to change Skills, she just needs a friend, or many friends, who can open up and understand.

What else am I gonna say?
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 6y 348d 15h 36m 24s
Strictly speaking, it is your choice, but I recognize the reasons for your having to make it.
  JD / Junkyard_Dog / 6y 348d 15h 41m 55s
Like I said, I'm trying to keep the peace. If the people in my chat already don't want you, its not my choice against it.


And sorry if Skills won't warm up. I can't help that much as I'd want. Perhaps one day.
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 6y 348d 15h 44m 39s
I hold no ill will toward you, Alum. You've been nothing but understanding. I understand the desire to protect your friends, but something tells me that if my trying to smooth things over with her twice now didn't work that it won't ever and frankly, I'm okay with that. I don't have such a shortage of friends in this world that I need to focus on bridges that are perpetually burning. That's a good way to get yourself singed. It's better to tend to things that can be mended with relative ease than to focus all your time on lost causes. What can I say? I'm a firm believer in the Sour Grapes school of thought. If someone doesn't want to be friends with me, then clearly they weren't worth it in the first place, eh?

Anyway, I do respect you, Alum. If'n you want me out for their sake, I ain't gonna rgue.
  JD / Junkyard_Dog / 6y 348d 15h 50m 43s
I am just trying to keep the peace. I've found Skills to be a rather reserved person with a different view on many things. I told her that stuff is what makes us unique and different. I believe that she's a good person, though a little misplaced at sometimes. One day you may be good friends with her, but you'll need to take it slow and understand her.

I don't want to cause more anger and distress. So lets just keep this civil.
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 6y 348d 15h 55m 10s
Yeah, alright. I can see they're both pretty set on bein' rude to me anyway. No sense in exposin' myself to that.
  JD / Junkyard_Dog / 6y 348d 16h 5m 3s
I am good.
This mediator thing is getting stressing when sides are like a strong pulled tight rubber wall. :P
  Shun Aonuma / Alum / 6y 348d 16h 5m 23s

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