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I want to make a Blue Exorcist Rp where all the same characters are in it. I want the everything to be like it is in the anime. Rin and Yukio being the sons of Saten and all the other exorcists. I OCs are okay but I really want all the main characters to be in it to.

I'm looking for a group rp so who ever wants to join just do so~

I don't care about the posting limit just don't leave me without anything to post.

I want this to be as much fun as possible so PLEASE PLEASE join!!!

Whatever you want to do in the rp is fine with me as long as you don't kill other characters, and it abides by the rules of the site.

Characters needed:
Rin (Taken) -Michikun
Yukio (Taken) -simmal
Konekomaru (Taken) -Animelover93
Shiemi (Taken) -TheDarkSouledDemon
Shura (Taken) -sicknesswithin

OCs so far - 3
Villans so far - 1

Play who you want~ Multiple characters is fine~

PM me and request~

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Eri stretched and looked at Saber, "We should probably head back to the dorm now, Ichiro has probably called my cell phone a hundred times trying to get in touch with me." she said and sighed then looked at the others around her, "It was nice meeting you all, I'll see you later" she said. Saber stood up and looked at Eri, waiting for her to start walking. She started walking toward the dorms which left her having to walk by Rin and the other two.
  Eri / Animelover93 / 2y 19d 14h 46m 41s
She grabbed his chin and by instinct took a step back. In all honesty, she was beginning to annoy him, doubting his capabilities just of how his eyes looked. She was quite judgmental and it could be a fatal flaw. "Fine, don't teach me," he shrugged simply before hearing what Yukio offered. Him to tell everyone what the two of them really were. It bothered him a bit. He looked at Yukio, as if doubting his words. Sure the older classmates knew about it, but they ended up finding it out on their own. And even so, it caused them troubles.

He looked back at Rain, a small frown upon his features. "Fine," he gave in quite stubbornly. "You're right when you say that there's something different about me. Actually, both Yukio and I," he paused for a moment, as if attempting to figure out a way to word this without being too out-spoken. But, not finding any other way, he merely continued. "We're Satan's sons. Which is probably why you see the blue flamish aura."
  яιη σкυмυяα / Michikun / 2y 24d 1h 30m 11s
"interesting trick" he said as he saw her Aurora "very useful" he said almost like he was studding her "also seems unique like my brothers skills" he looked at Rin "you should tell her since she will be teaching so she knows in..." he said implying telling her of his demon powers. "it is best for us all besides you have already told the older kids the new ones need to know."
  Yukio / simmal / 2y 24d 21h 4m 38s
Rain walked up to Rin and grabbed his chin, turning his head in every which way. She scoffed. "You have weak eyes and an even weaker neck. How are you expected to see your enemy or team mate in a thick fog?" She narrowed her eyes and a gold aura surrounded the form of her body, visible to anyone. The more her eyes narrowed, the brighter the aura. "You expect me to teach you?" She let go of his chin and stepped away.
  Rain / TheDarkSouledDemon / 2y 26d 20h 15m 12s
There had to only be one good thing about what she said. It was teasing. Very teasing. Uncertain by say she didn't know about it. Then, by saying how his eyes weren't... 'deep enough'. But, thank goodness that her books were in Germany so he wouldn't have to read the text and learn just by experience.

"Yukio!" he warned, somewhat annoyed that he'd tease him about that. After all, he was the one whom was possessed. Not Rin. Although Rin was, intentionally, the one who was suppose to be possessed. But their auras light blue. It made sense considering that when their demonic powers were released they both emitted blue flames from their body. Most people knew it to be a sign of the devil. But, he hoped that Rain didn't make that connection yet.
  яιη σкυмυяα / Michikun / 2y 28d 27m 20s
"Doesn't look like anyone is posessed." She shrugged, tightening her gloves by pulling them up. "A posessed person's aura is either blackk or deep violet. Someone who is sad or on the brink of being posessed will have either silver or white. The normal human has a yellow aura, whilst demons have a pink aura. Yukio yours is a light blue, while Rin's is a lighter. It dances flames."
  Rain / TheDarkSouledDemon / 2y 28d 15h 53m 44s
he smiled in wonderment "so what does his Aurora look like?" he asked with a smile "id love to know if he's possessed" he said looking at Rin "or would like to to do the honors brother?" he asked sarcastically to his brother.
  Yukio / simmal / 2y 28d 17h 30m 13s
he smiled in wonderment "so what does his Aurora look like?" he asked with a smile "id love to know if he's possessed" he said looking at Rin "or would like to to do the honors brother?" he asked sarcastically to his brother.
  Yukio / simmal / 2y 28d 17h 30m 28s
Rain felt like being a tease. She nodded toward Yukio to show she recognized and heard him speak, then returns her look to Rin. "I donno, once you learn how to, it's hard to stop. And your eyes don't look....deep enough." she said. "You'll be hard to teach. Since my book on how to read auras is back in Germany...looks like I'll have to wing it." She said, knowing that would appeal to him. Judging by how Yukio first mentioned how Rin had homework to do, making Rin look Annoyed.
  Rain / TheDarkSouledDemon / 2y 28d 23h 49m 26s
Reading people's aura? He never read anyone's aura before, but in terms of possessing. Yukio had once been possessed by, none other than their father himself, but it was easy to tell that Yukio was possessed. He wasn't himself in the slightest. There was no need to read an aura to be able to tell that. But, it could be useful in the future. And whatmore, she personally offered it! What better chance.

"Would you really?!" he said in excitement. Reading someone's aura would be cool. As long as it didn't involve sitting down and filling out homework. He was a do person, not a text person. If anyone would know that better, it was Yukio. And still... his twin gave him homework.
  яιη σкυмυяα / Michikun / 2y 29d 10m 42s
At that statement Yukio held back a small laugh "yes he is unique" he said quietly "more than one would believe." he had yet to tell her he was but now he wanted to see if she was going to figure out on her own. just to test he skills.
  Yukio / simmal / 2y 29d 17h 48m 31s
Rain stared at Rin intently. "I'm not sure what I mean different. You just have an aura that's more unique than normal." She said. "In Germany, if you become an exorcist you are taught how to read an aura, which shows if you are possessed or not. Really cool. I'll teach you someday."
  Rain / TheDarkSouledDemon / 2y 29d 17h 50m 54s
He knew it. His suspicions were right. A teacher, not a student. "Not like I can help it Yukio," he muttered somewhat crossly. The male, Aaron soon came into the picture then, the guy Rin was suppose to keep an eye out for. Because something was off about that particular student. Rin watched Aaron for a bit, for all he could tell he was just like everyone else. Nothing out of the ordinary. Rin caught Yukoi saying his name, but heatd nothing else. Probably talking to himself. Rin looked back at Rain, hearing her statement towards him. "What do you mean by 'different'," he asked cautiously, not exactly sure where the new teacher was going with this. Has Yukio not told her? Guessing he hadn't, Rin would probably go with the story the twins were told growing up, if he was asked.
  яιη σкυмυяα / Michikun / 2y 29d 17h 56m 18s
Rain was hit with a wave of shyness. "Uh...hello there. I am Rain, I am a teacher in the Cram school. I teach knighthood and Regooning." She looked at the ground with a bit of a sad expression. "It's nice to meet you all." Instantly her attention shifted to Rin. "You sure are different."
  Rain / TheDarkSouledDemon / 2y 29d 18h 59m 6s
Yukio looked at everyone and sighed seeing the chaos "why does it seem like you can never be left alone" he sighed as he looked at the twins and murmurer "oh lord there like children there worse than Rin" he said quietly. he looked around to see everyone and sighed "great so many of them i guess i'll have more planning to do" he sighed a bit annoyed
  Yukio / simmal / 2y 29d 19h 18m 45s

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