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This time, the plan is to seduce and get hired as a bodyguard for the daughter of a rich CEO, because she is going to soon obtain her father's wealth and lead the company. But, what if her younger sister Sirena is catching on to him? She could possibly ruin his plan and sentence him to a life in prison. He finds himself being the bodyguard of the two girls and is mostly stuck babysitting Sirena. She's ill mannered, un-lady like and causes trouble in every place she goes but, the one thing that she's good at is-catching a scam, a lair. But soon, their relationship deepens and he finds it harder to scam the family knowing them inside and out. Will he continue with this scam or will he give in? Or perhaps, Sirena catches him before he even has the chance to even decide, possibly even frustrate him to the point he may give in. Who will win? The teenage trouble maker or the con artist sister stealer?


1. Quick pace role play! More than on post per day! If need days off, just say so but-if you're going to take 12 days of, post and then another 12 days off-I'll just drop the RP

2. 1500 characters. I will not tolerate much lower because it get a big case of a writers block.

3. That being said... Good grammar, capitalization, and spelling!

4. Real pics. I'm really picky. Pick a good quality one that is easy on the eyes-or my eyes. No scene or goth.

5. Mature rp! Sex, drugs, gore etc. Time skip when needed.

6. I dislike goody good characters. Don't make him extra sweet, caring. It'll get boring... I expect him to be the kind of person that would rather choose money than people. That being said-my characters aren't going to be shy or sweet.

7. Creativity! Don't make me just built up conflicts. Add his life conflicts into it-like old ex's or enemies and such.

8. Very important: I need someone committed. I don't need a person that once they get bored even just a bit-to drop. I want someone who can stick through it. If there are other reasons, you just can't post anymore, tell me. I'm understanding.

9. Let's have fun :D!


Name: Sirena Detrin

Age: 17

About her: No one ever seemed to care to what Sirena did ever since she was younger. It always about her elder sister's education and how well she was doing, how perfect she was. Because Renee was the one that was going inherit it all. Sirena the same stopped caring of how she acted and let loose. She grew up doing whatever she pleased. She's a girl not afraid to say what's on her mind. She's sarcastic, bold, stupidly brave and hard to fool.

Likes: Sweet food, open fields, stormy nights

Dislikes: anything bitter, deep water, liars, skirts

Extra: Tattoo at her lower back of a Phoenix

Name: Renee Detrin

Age: 23

About her: Renee upholds a good strong reputation. From a child she was supposed to be good and never embarrass her parents. She's sharp, harsh but also kind when needed to be. She doesn't know anything but business. In truth, she loath her sister. She's jealous by her sister's freedom. They're not close but they're not distant either. Renee is responsible but what no one knows that she's out clubbing, partying in between. She's not the kindest underneath her mask. She holds a deep secret.

Likes: beaches, music, rain, dressing up, escaping

Dislikes: Sweetness, ignorance, family, imperfections

Name: Caleb Dell

Age: 23

About him: Life's always a little too boring for Caleb. Everything is just a game to him, and when that game is no longer interesting, and lacks the risk, Caleb picks up and leaves. The only thing that keeps him around for so long is his ego. He likes to win, and win big. Attachment is not something he does well. Watching his parents marriage fall apart as a child made him wary of connecting to people. He always wanted to be a spy, but when it came down to it he couldn't commit to something that big.

Likes: Traveling, fine wine, isolation and books on history.

Dislikes: Lengthy conversation, cellphones, mornings.

Extra: He can speak English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Russian.


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Age: (20-24)

About him:




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She found her thoughts lurking about the dress not looking good on her. It angered her that he ruined it so easily but it was mainly her fault for letting get to her. Normally, she wouldn’t care but she guessed it was because of the texts that she did. Then as her thoughts went around she heard him change his words. She managed a little smile knowing that it didn’t look really bad on her after all. She was always up for a t-shirt and jeans but sometimes she liked to be a girl and do these things. The moment was ruined by another of his long lectures that she couldn’t bother to care about. He was a real party pooper. If he hadn’t been older, she would have whacked him in the head with something to shut him up. She couldn’t do it because he was taller and only embarrass herself-especially since he could fight and probably wouldn’t let her get that close.

“I’m not sleeping with anyone; I have a good tolerance because of certain reasons. They’d get drunk before I could be. And no, my parents wouldn’t want a law suit because they’d find it embarrassing. They’ll tell me not to ever do it again and be on their merry way to doing what they usually do,” She dryly stated. It was true that her mother would want it hidden away. If her mother hurt, she was definitely getting a beating. Her mother was way more frightening than her father. Her father would want to say something but couldn’t because of her mother. It was always the same story. Her mother being the gold digger she was and her father being the one that wants to escape from her.

She exited the store and had missed what Caleb had said before and was only focused on her slip of words. It never was best to have her around people when these things happened. She always had to be careful to stay away from people that she knew so that she didn’t spill things out. She wrapped her arms around her shoulders when she started to get Goosebumps from the chilly night air. It wasn’t freezing but it was cold. Then she listened to him behind her say he was just born that way-that had her completely lost. She stopped in her tracks-again. She tossed around and stared at him utterly lost “What? Born that way?” Then she recollected what she had said and realized that because she didn’t finish her sentence it probably sounded like Jason was... A burst of laughter came out and a shake of her head “Oh that’s gold, you thought I said Jason is gay? Jason is straight. I didn’t finish my sentence. I’m not like Jason who sleeps with a girl that he doesn’t know. Satisfied? And yes, I am doing this because of him because he’s important to me, the one person I thought would be the last to do it. But I guess that makes me naïve to believe that.” She felt a single tear wanting to come down, and almost caught it from falling. She wasn’t going to cry over some ass hole, she refused to be that person.

She heavily breathed out and let her head fall down to the side walk for a moment, to calm a bit down before she spoke again, “I came here to forget about everything and you’re really not helping. Thanks a lot for making me cry dick. I was really hoping I wouldn’t be that pathetic.” She turned around and then just wiped the upcoming tears, finding it most embarrassing that she cried. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d ever cry in front of anyone. If she cried back in her area, it would only bring satisfaction to the many. She continued to walk down the street, and found herself going at her slower pace. She needed to clear herself up before she did anything else.
  Sirena Detrin / Ravenity / 7y 46d 8h 55m 42s
After he'd gone ahead and spoken enough words to make up for his complete and utter silence on the plane, Sirena seemed to settle down a bit. She still was annoyed by his presence, but he thought that was going to be one of the overall themes of this Vegas visit. His statement about the dress seemed to offend her. Caleb hadn't really meant for that. He wasn't a fan of the dress, but it wasn't so much about the fabric itself, or the way it fit her. More or less, he didn't think it was something she should be running around a foreign city in. She shouldn't look so pretty if she was going to prance around with strangers.

"It looks nice on you. It just... worries me, that's all," he said, trying to fix it. Her face had fallen with just a few words, so hopefully he could bring it back up to normal with just a few more words. He hadn't meant to make her feel bad about it, though perhaps Sirena did deserve to feel bad about something after all of this. His goal wasn't really to make her see how hazardous a dress could be though. The more important thing was that she understood how dangerous this kind of behavior was, and why she couldn't just run around Vegas doing whatever the hell she wanted.

"You are underage. If anyone buys you a couple drinks and then sleeps with you, they are breaking so many laws. That's really not going to be a problem until you find out you have some incurable STD, and you eventually have to tell your parents that. They'll want a lawsuit. Because of your age, if anyone sleeps with you, that is legally rape. In the eyes of the law, your consent means nothing. You don't want to be caught up in all of that. I know you say now that you won't sleep with anyone, but since you are in such a mindset of doing what you want because you want to, you'll probably drink more than you can tolerate. There are a lot of people in this world who will take advantage of that. There are consequences to things. It would be wise to consider them," Caleb said. His brows furrowed together as he tried to figure out what to do about this hotel situation. He was still pretty set on flying back tonight, but getting her back on a plane might be quite the struggle. For now, he'd just try to get her to look at the bigger picture, maybe scare her out of doing stupid things.

From what she started to say about Jason, Caleb got the impression that she'd just found out her boyfriend was gay. "Holy shit," he whistled, covering his mouth so that he wouldn't laugh. Thankfully, she seemed pretty preoccupied with buying the dress, so she probably wouldn't notice that. He just really did know how to deal with such a sudden, dramatic twist.

When she started out of the store, Caleb followed her yet again. "You definitely shouldn't be doing all of this because of Jason. It's really not your fault, and it shouldn't make you feel any less of yourself. He was just born that way," he tried to console her, though he even knew his words weren't going to help much.
  Caleb Dell / Estellaa / 7y 46d 10h 30m 44s
Out comes his outburst. She told herself as she listened to him go on about her getting into trouble. It was given that she’d get into trouble but she knew she wasn’t going to get beaten around here because she didn’t know anybody. She wasn’t here to make more enemies. He sounded like he needed to handle everything, as if she needed him around. If she could handle herself these couple of years on her own, she can continue to handle it.

“Who said anything about doing this for me?” She sharply spoke, her muscles tightening, “I know have a good rough idea why you’re doing this. You’re doing this because you don’t want to get fired and because you’re a bit of a feminist. This has nothing to do with me. But since you said that, I guess some part of it does? Does it? Why?” She didn’t want to speak to anyone at the moment but she was stuck with him apparently and he was giving her no choice. She had noticed him raising an eyebrow at the clothes she was clothes she was searching through, “Would you like to see me in all of them Caleb or would you perfer me nude?” She teased a bit more. She didn’t know what was going on his mind, maybe his thoughts were like her grandpa’s who would have a heart attack if she wore anything higher than the knees. A scoff lift her lips at his assumption.

“Yes, Caleb. I would tell my parents.” She snickered but then her mouth felt shut as he went on ranting about her and then claiming that she wouldn’t do it because of being guilty. He nailed that one. About her selfishness, everyone was selfish so she couldn’t take that as an insult. Somehow on the way a smile formed on her lips hearing him go on and let it out. It was better than complete silence. If he had just said all that in the first place she wouldn’t been so upset about it. “You could have said that before. I just wanted to hear your thoughts, that’s it,” She shrugged. When she had changed into the dress she liked seeing herself in it. Being that it was an expensive shop, it was worth it, simple, comfortable and it looked good. Although, she felt really down when he just said it was fine and shrugged it off like it was nothing. Ouch...

“Fine...?” She recited, “You really think it doesn’t look good on me? Does it look that bad? Or is it just because...” She stopped herself before letting him ruin it. She should grab his hand, put it in appropriate place on her and then scream harassment so that she could get rid of him so that he didn’t make her mood worse than already was, especially since Ashley had a better body than her and it could fit into the reason why Jason... She shook it out her head. That was wrong to even think. She then listened to him go on about that she wasn’t going to stay for the night. She did not pay to come here for a couple of hours.

“Well, guess what, it’s already night and I’m am going to spend the night here. If you don’t want me to sleep with some stranger, than fine, be my guest and fuck me instead. You can’t decide what I do or I can’t do. You’re not my friend. You’re not my family. You’re just a bodyguard that is paid to protect me from physical attacks and kissing and touching is not a physical attack. And I’m not going to be taken advantage of, because I’m can’t and won’t actually be sleeping with any guy because I’m not like Jas-“ She caught her tongue before the name full slipped out. That’s what happened when she started to talk, things just slipped out. Her fingers curled up into a fist and instead of bothering him, she went to the woman to ask her to recommend a club nearby. She took the address and left the store and made her way toward it in the dark streets. She was frustrated. This was supposed to be a break from the stress, but Caleb was not making it any better.
  Sirena Detrin / Ravenity / 7y 46d 22h 10m 7s
"I have a very difficult time trusting your word for that. You'll probably come back with some giant bruise and if you are true to your stance on lying, then you're screwed. Given the record I have or your activities over the past two days, it seems probable that you will get into some dangerous situation because of your mouth, and if I'm not there to fix it we're both screwed. Believe it or not, I'm not doing this all for you," he said, raising an eyebrow at the clothes her eyes lingered on. The reality of their location settled deeper in his mind with each passing second; and every second Caleb hated himself just a little bit more for letting this get so out of control.

"And you wouldn't tell your parents that," he said, his voice still calm. His confidence was nowhere near what he pretended it to be, but that didn't really matter so long as she bought it. "You are impossibly selfish and difficult, but you aren't dominated by a vile personality. I just saved your friend from an abusive stepfather, not to mention saved your complexion from being tarnished black and blue. I have been ridiculously tolerant of you. You couldn't live with the guilt if you got me fired, because you know I haven't done anything to deserve that."

"In regards to my silence, the only thing I can say is don't take it so personally. There's nothing I can say to you that hasn't already ran through your head, and the more I tell you I am angry, the less effect it has. I don't want to start screaming now. I really don't like raising my voice, and I really don't like talking about something that could have been done differently. That's just a waste of time," he said, explaining himself the best he could.

He ignored her command to leave. If there was one thing that had been established in this conversation, it was that Caleb was not going to be leaving anytime soon. Instead he folded her arms and leaned against the wall, waiting for her to come out of the changing room. "It looks fine," he shrugged. Caleb was no authority on dresses, but he thought this one looked a little cheap. Everything about Vegas was disgustingly tacky though, so he thought this was about the best thing she was going to find here. It occurred to him that she was buying this dress for a reason, though he didn't want to disclose this reason yet. If she didn't want to be judged for it, it probably was some scandalous, promiscuous activity. So Jason definitely was the subject of her rage.

"We aren't going to stay for the night," Caleb shook his head. "Therefore I'm not going to need to buy a hotel room. I let you fly here, but I am not letting you spend the night here, in a hotel room with some stranger. You clearly are in no state to be rational about the situation, and I'm not going to stand by and have you get taken advantage of because you want to feel wild and free or whatever the hell you're doing here."
  Caleb Dell / Estellaa / 7y 46d 23h 11m 17s
Another excuse came from his lips to follow her around and she had felt this deep urge to get him in a load of trouble so that she didn’t have to deal with him right now. It seemed that he did the exact opposite of what she wanted him to do. He spoke when she wanted silence and he stayed silent when she wanted him to speak. She had left him there without a thought and continued forward to the store. She came in and ran her eyes through a couple of clothes while she calmed herself down. As she expected, he had followed her like a loyal dog he was paid to be. Now, she was beginning to miss the old bodyguards who wouldn’t bother her.

“No shit Sherlock,” She muttered at his accusation and attempted to drown his voice out but failed. She stopped looking around the store for a moment and looked back at him. “When you start answering my questions and stop ignoring me, perhaps I’ll listen. I already pretty much write off my death, every time I find something new, so screwing my life a bit more is not going to make much of a difference. Do yourself a favour and mind your own business and don’t follow me. If you follow me, I’ll tell my parents that you volunteered to go to Vegas with me. Now that I said that, I bet you won’t care what happens to me, right? The things I do or that happens to me always remain a secret, so no need to worry about that getting to my parents.” She locked her lips before she start being a bratty kid who only complained. She was frustrated with all of this and knew she was being a real bitch at the moment.

“Just leave...” She breathed out more calmly, “I don’t want to be judged for what I’m going to do or acting right now.” She managed to catch eye with a short black dress with a slightly open back. The main thing that hit her about it is that it would be more comfortable than anything Renee would force her to wear. With that, she took the dress into the changing rooms and tried it out. She looked herself in the mirror and felt a little better getting her head out of the fire for a moment. She then opened the change room and decided to change her mood a bit as she met eyes with him.

“What do you think? Is it sexy?” She teased, as she looked down at herself. She thought it fit nicely and it wouldn’t reveal anything she didn’t want to show up. A lady who worked in the shop went by and complimented her. Sirena knew they were paid to say those sort of things but she still adored the dress. She gave the woman her credit card to pay for it and decided to wear it out. Sirena of course bought ankle boots to match with it but she still didn’t know the clubs around here. This was the moment where she wished she had her phone to search. Her eyes lifted to Caleb “Do you have a phone with internet connection I can use? I need to search something up.” She definitely didn’t just want to go to any random club when she could go to a specific one that was poplar. She knew she was going to have to lie about her age but that wasn’t a big deal. Bribing people also worked.

“Caleb, since I doubt you’ll be following me around anymore-do you have money for a hotel for the night or do you want me to come with you and pay for it?” She asked. She thought that was the least she could do. She wasn’t about to just give him her credit card freely though, she had situations were people would take the card and take out a lot of money. He didn’t seem like he would be that type but she never thought this old man would either.
  Sirena Detrin / Ravenity / 7y 47d 7m 21s
Much to his surprise, Sirena wasn't pissed that things hadn't exactly gone the way she wanted. No, something bigger than that was clearly happening. Between the time she'd gone to the bathroom and the plane and now, something must have changed. He feared that Renee called her once more and either said something particularly cruel or threatened to bring in the big guns: their parents. He didn't stand a chance if that happened. His money flow would be completely cut off, which wouldn't be such a problem if Kenzie and her children weren't such a huge part of this equation. He didn't want those kids growing up in the same kinds of places he did. He didn't want them to have to walk the dangerous line between having little money and living in poverty. Children couldn't possibly do anything to deserve the dirt and grime and the influence of drug use. God damn it, how had he been so stupid?

The grip he had on these fears loosened just a little when she spoke. Her parents did not yet know. So, for the time being he was relatively safe. He still had room to get her back and come up with some crazy excuse that he parents might actually believe. If he was in luck, they'd be flying back on a plane tonight, and her parents would never have to know. The only issue he could think of was her credit card, which they probably monitored. Hopefully he'd have redeemed himself by the time they ever looked into that.

"No, I don't think I can do that. Need I remind you yet again that it is my job to follow you around and make sure you're okay? In Vegas of all places I think that it's kind of important for me to actually be doing my job," he replied, though her attentions were clearly focused on her phone. Soon enough she'd thrown her phone on the ground and started on her merry way. Caleb retrieved the phone, figuring it was going to come in handy later. He shuddered when he slid the device into his pocket, for Caleb thought many of his society's greater issues could be traced back to cellphones. However, he knew she'd want it back soon enough.

Picking up his pace to catch up with her, Caleb ran through all the things that she could possibly be mad about. She knew a lot of people, so Caleb couldn't exactly figure out who "he" was. It wasn't that rat Nathan. It wasn't her father. It wasn't the douche on the plane. It could possibly be the illusive Jason, though Caleb didn't know enough about him to place his bet on that.

"You're upset about something," he commented, following her into the store. "I don't know what it is, and I'm not going to ask you to tell me if you don't want to talk about it. All I'm going to ask is that you please don't make stupid decisions because you are sad or angry, or whatever you're feeling. This is a dangerous place to be making dumb mistakes. In the matter of minutes you could ruin your life. For your own sake, don't do that."
  Caleb Dell / Estellaa / 7y 47d 1h 42m 0s
Non-expressive. She mentally noted it down for herself. It was another thing she had to dig up and find out why. She found that all behaviours were all for a reason, especially with this type of anger containment to the point he even spoke calmly too. It was as if he practiced in the mirror not to let it show. It would only take a bit more to push him off the edge. Did he want to push him off that edge? Sirena dared to try with that little kiss and continuation of her questions that remained unanswered. What gave his anger out was the stillness of his body, still as a statue. It was incredible and she could guess that he was angrier now than when it happened.

“Freedom of expression. Ever heard of it? We have it, use it. The more you contain it the more furious you’ll be. Right now, it feels like you’re going to kill me. Wouldn’t it be easier to let it out before it progresses to the point that you’re afraid to move? Doesn’t it get lonely to hold it all in and suffer on your own?” She questioned and then decided to lock her lips after that. She wasn’t going to get much form him. Not a single reply and that had touched one over her nerves. The last thing she wanted to be around was someone who would bore her that would hide it all and let it get worse. She rested there until she snuck out. It was the best choice for her and for him to calm down a bit. When she landed, she grew upset at the picture. A picture she wished she could remove from her memory so that she didn’t have her mood ruined. In this kind of situation, the only thing that would keep her off from it is solving it or distracted herself to the point she couldn’t remember anything. She wasn’t going to lie to herself that it didn’t hurt her because it did.

She kept herself inside the taxi for a good minute before she parted her lips to explain where she wanted to go and then Caleb practically ran in front of it. Was he that desperate to stop her? At the moment, she felt upset at everything including him, especially since he wouldn’t say a single thing to her. Since he was in the way she couldn’t go anywhere, and wasn’t left a choice to step out. If she was in the driver’s seat, she probably hit the gas without a thought. It wasn’t like he was just going to stand there, she tried to tell the driver to do just that but he refused. She swore under her breath and then came out, storming toward him.

“What the fuck do you want that is so important to run in front of a car?” She spoke through her teeth as she narrowed her eyes. She wished she could just have a break for once these last two weeks. Everything has been piling up lately and there was so much she could take in two weeks. If it was spread around two months, it wouldn’t have bothered her as much but it was all cluttered in.

“ My parents won’t know that we’re here and they won’t know if you don’t tag along me. Do whatever the fuck you want around here-you won’t get caught, and I’ll do whatever I want without someone who would stop me from do stupid things I want to do,” She spoke out frustrated and then heard her cell-phone vibrate. She saw two texts. She looked over at Jason’s text first. Ren... We need to talk about us. That made her grip onto the phone tighter. The things she wanted to say to him. Then she moved onto another text with that bitch sending more irritating pictures and a comment Actually, no. That dick is mine. Get over it. Sirena scoffed at the text, smirked a little, muttering under her breath, “Fuck him.” She tossed the phone on the ground without a care and then walked around to continue down the street. Losing a phone wasn’t a big deal to her; she’ll buy a new one. If she wasn’t going to be able to get into a taxi, she’ll just continue to go where the hell she wanted to go. If he wanted to go around cheating, then she could make out with anyone she wanted. She shouldn’t be too surprised, in relationships someone always gets backstabbed or cheated eventually, just like her dad can’t keep it in his pants.

She managed to catch eye of an open store. She decided to enter and maybe find a good short dress that she could wear to go clubbing. This was one of her moments where she lost complete care. By tomorrow, she’ll be over it and be the person she usually was but for now she was going to let it out. She got into the racks and relaxed the tension in her muscles.
  Sirena Detrin / Ravenity / 7y 47d 7h 31m 4s
"I am beyond angry with you," he spoke, though his voice remained calm. He thought it a shame that his silence had to be broken, but he thought it was about time she had something of an understanding of how frustrated he was with her and how mad he was at himself for letting this all happen. There's a certain power in silence. He was all to aware of the lies Sirena could contrive if he were to make a scene and other people got involved. Caleb really don't want to step off this plane with a few hundred people thinking that I've kidnapped a teenage girl. His reservations did have power. He knew for a fact that not telling a person what you think can drive them absolutely insane. People are too easily consumed by their desire to accumulate more unnecessary knowledge.

After his initial input, Caleb did not respond. She tested him with both her lips and a tempting offer, but Caleb did not so much as move a muscle. Even his eyes did not turn to look at her. He thought moving would too easily transition him into a lecture he didn't really want to give. This possible lecture would involve him raising his voice and probably attempted to rip her apart by hitting the things closest to her nerves. Caleb had a tendency to do that when he was this irrationally angry. He'd learned that from his father. He was not proud of that.

The way she tried to use her body to get at him was starting to bother him. Caleb feared that in some weak moment of loneliness and exhaustion that he'd give in to that and complete fail to execute his plan. Sirena was not the girl he was supposed to be going after. Sirena did not have access to nearly as much money as Renee. Sirena was much more dangerous a game to be playing at than her sister. Sirena was still in high school. Caleb had five years and a world of experience on her. Why was he letting her mess with him like this? Why wasn't it fueling his anger farther?

Sirena soon was up and off to the bathroom. When she didn't return after five minutes Caleb suspected that she was trying to sneak away from him. He scanned the plane for her, trying to catch a glimpse of her blonde hair. Without standing up, he wasn't able to find her, but Caleb wasn't too worried about it. It was rather a relief to be alone for a little while, and he doubted that she'd really be able to slip away from him so easily.

The plane landed relatively quickly, and soon there was a flood of people trying to get off and start their Vegas adventure. Caleb tried to file through the crowd, but he was not able to catch up with Sirena until he exited the airport. She was in his sight for quite a time though. Something seemed off about her, but his concerns were directed more at getting to her before she was playing hide and seek throughout the city. When she hailed down a cab, Caleb started running. He ran in front of the taxi in order to stop it. He felt stupid just doing it, but it seemed a necessary step to take. His hands were out in front of him as he stood before the cab, looking directly at an annoyed driver, and then at Sirena. "Please get out," he mouthed, figuring she wouldn't be able to hear him through the glass anyways.
  Caleb Dell / Estellaa / 7y 47d 10h 26m 41s
Silence was a blessing but only in the moment when she craved for it. The craving lasted until the moment she became aware that sleeping woke up her guilty conscious to slip out of her mouth. That’s when the silence grew irritating because it only fed into the need to sleep. There wasn’t a single sound from him after that response to Renee. She expected him to be mad, to say something or react somehow to everything she’s done but it looked like he didn’t care or was containing it. He didn’t seem the type of person to open up and she wished that maybe he’d show some actual reaction. She wanted more emotion from him and she needed to get whatever emotion to expose itself.

“Aren’t you angry at me?” She whispered. With her head still resting on his shoulder she knew he’d be able to hear her clearly. “If you’re angry, then why don’t you yell at me?” She continued to ask. She’s never met a person that either contained themselves this much or just didn’t feel anything about it. Surely, if she put a gun in someone else’s pocket in the airport, they’d be furious, yell at her and if she told her sister things that could get him fired, and then they’d definitely at least insult her, tell her something but he was just being silent.

Her eyelids fluttered open to look up at him for a moment before she pressed her lips on his neck, giving a small kiss. “What about now? Do you feel disgusted, embarrassed or something else when I do that?” She asked. She remembered that when she put her hand in an appropriate place he barely flinched.

“What if I told you that I’d pay you back for buying the ticket? Will you at least smile and say something. Most people would at least comment. Usually, people who can control their emotions make good lairs. Are you good at lying or you don’t lie much? You’re not going to answer any of my questions are you?” She snickered and then locked her mouth as she counted the seconds by until they’d finally land.

She didn’t know where exactly she was going to do when the plane landed, but she did know that it was late right now. She should go find a shop, by an outfit and then go to a club, find a person to hang out with, gamble a bit and then find a hotel. Sirena checked the time now and then until it reached close to landing. She took off her seatbelt, and glanced at Caleb, “I’m going to use the rest room, be right back.” She got up and then did as she said. She went into the farther bathroom and then came out to slip into another seat that was empty. She looked beside her and it was some woman that looked in her thirties. To clear the woman’s confusion as to why Sirena sat down here, she lied and said that some creep was watching her.

The pilot announced that they would be landing soon. Sirena was filled with relief of the ending flight and slouched back into the seat. She pulled out her cell-phone and plugged in her headphones to fill her ears with music. While the music was playing, she played a couple of games on her phone as the plane slowly dropped its altitude. Having her attention onto the phone, she felt the impact of the plane touching the ground and saw that new messages popped up on her phone. She didn’t hesitate to open Renee’s text which included her disappointment that Caleb stooped low to coming along with Sirena. The text only brought a smile Sirena but that smile soon faded when she had opened the next text that came along with a picture. Her muscles tensed up and she refused to cry over a picture when she didn’t know the whole story. She couldn’t deny that seeing Jason on top of Ashley half nude bothered her enough that she’d murder the girl but if she let that impact her, the girl would get what she wanted. Sirena continued to read the text.

I think we mke a gr8t couple, dont u? Didnt know how sexy ur bf is. Sorry btch.
“That fucking bitch...” She swore accidently more loudly then she intended to. She texted her right back. ‘ First, ‘btch’ learn how to spell. Second, stop drugging the guys. Third, that dick is mine. ’ The person beside her nagged for her to get up. Sirena quickly rose back up to her feet and headed out to disappear into the crowd and exit the plane. The grip on her phone had tightened and she felt like she would throw up any moment now. Why would he do that? There was no way Jason would do that unless he was drunk to the extreme. She moved more quickly than usual because she was furious. She had made it through, and rushed her way through security and headed outside. She stopped a moment to clear her head and then decided she needed to pick a cab and did just that by hopping in but took another moment to think. Right now, she wanted to be distracted from it. She’ll talk to him once she came back.
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There was no escape anymore. As soon as he sat down Caleb knew there was no going back. He wasn't going to haul Sirena off of this plane. This was no leap of faith. No, Caleb had dove headfirst to his death. The more he thought about it, the more he became paranoid that Sirena's parents would find out about it and they'd immediately begin to dig a little deeper into Caleb's background. They'd only scratched the faux shell, painted gold with his lies. The truth coming out would be detrimental to the career he had made from conning. He had nothing to use against them now, lest he should be capable of ransoming Sirena in exchange for protection of his many secrets. Before these thoughts could continue Caleb halted them, forcing himself to relax a bit. Things were never going to get that twisted.

His tongue was still drawn between his teeth. Caleb let Sirena handle Trent, as he really didn't care what some random thought of him, nor did he think making a point to insist that he was not her boyfriend was going to do anything to help his case. Trent could believe whatever he wanted to, for all he cared. Sirena seemed to know an awful lot of disgusting people. Perhaps her difficult personality was just a result of dealing with such people all the time. Caleb could understand how that could easily create a rotten space in an otherwise tolerable personality.

The silence was rather a relief to him. Caleb didn't want to talk to her right now. He was angry with her, though he wasn't quite angry enough that he thought they should have a discussion about it. Not right here, where there were plenty of ears within range to hear their exchanges. The delay was for the best really. He shouldn't talk to her when he hadn't had time to examine all of his own mistakes. In the meantime, he shouldn't mind if she rested on him. It wasn't like Caleb was going to need the sleep, and given her performance when she woke up, he thought she would probably need it.

The phone call Sirena received broke his peace, and his nerves came back tenfold. Renee clearly hadn't told her parents yet, but Caleb didn't like the vulnerable feeling that came with his fate resting in the young woman's hands. He hadn't had time to make enough of an impression on her to trust that she'd give him some time to turn this around.

"It's a bit more complicated than that, but there is truth in her words," Caleb nodded. He wasn't too pleased with Sirena spitting out that detail, but he knew it was going to happen at some point. Renee didn't tread on it for long though, as she was much to concerned with rambling on and on the Sirena. The length of her speech diminished what little effect it would have on Sirena until she flatly hung up, leaving her sister hanging on the other end. Again, they returned to silence and her head fell back against his shoulder. He rested his own head back against the seat, thinking very hard about the possibilities created by this situation and their varying consequences. None of them seemed to have a good outcome.
  Caleb Dell / Estellaa / 7y 50d 4h 56m 59s
She was overwhelmed by the constant self absorbed words that came out of his mouth. She was debating whether to chock him until silence or come with a lie that will either make him voluntary leave, or what will get him kicked off the plane. At this moment, Sirena was in no mood to speak or do anything that took energy because of the pounding headache that was dipping into a real pain. What she would give to get this asshole to move.... She slouched into the plane seat, dragging her back and letting her eyes shut for a moment before she heard a familiar voice break Trent’s talking. Sirena was finally able to breathe at his silence and the male’s center of attention moved onto someone else.

There was politeness in the way Caleb spoke and that’s what probably what irritated Trent a little. Sirena could tell when he had looked over at Caleb, that he was intimidated by him and kept silent for a moment. Trent then had glanced back at Sirena with this agitated look. “You’re not interested in me because you’re interested in older men?” He concluded, looking a little confused. She doubly blinked and stared at him for a long time and hoping the male got a clue on how stupid she believed he was but it seemed like nothing was getting through. “No. It’s because you’re cocky, annoying and for the last time, I have a boyfriend,” She sharply spoke and accidently almost let more couple of sentences go but held onto them, not wanting to cause attention and get herself kicked off. Trent still stared at her as if he had no clue; he started to rise up from his chair and glanced at Caleb, “He’s you’re boyfriend?”

“Leave Trent,” She spoke through her teeth. Trent muttered a couple of things under his breath as he rose from the seat and mistakenly revealed more than part of a tattoo on his tanned skin making his way out. It was a dark violet snake, its mouth open and teeth out, along with horns on his head. Sirena’s stomach did a flip along finding herself holding her breath and at the same time she averted her eyes quickly, unaware is to why that made her nervous. It had meant something to her but she couldn’t decipher what that was. For now, she decided to dismiss it because she didn’t want to strain herself to remember. Sirena took Caleb’s arm and pulled him slightly closer to her so that she could rest her head on his shoulder, and waited for the plane to start. It didn’t matter to her weather this bothered him or not, she wanted someone to hold and she decided to take advantage of him being there. She didn’t see him complaining or smiling like they’ve gained something, and that’s what made it easy. She didn’t have to worry about someone being cocky or someone that was very big on their own personal space that they’d bark at her about it. But she could also be wrong. As she was starting to rest, she felt her phone vibrate in her jeans. She slipped out the phone and saw that she was receiving a call, or more so a voice chat from Renee. Renee loved to yell at her more than her own mother. She decided to pick it up.

First, a lecture came about that she couldn’t just get on a plane and leave with Caleb and so on. Then she began her questions exactly where they were going. Sirena, being the honest person she was, blurt it out, “Vegas. Oh and apparently I’m into older guys. But don’t worry, things that happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas. So, whatever I do, it won’t go out like you and mother are so afraid of.” Her voice came out a little harsh. But it was true her sister and mother didn’t care if she gave birth to a two headed alien as long as it was kept a secret.

“Sirena! Get off that plane! You can’t just drag in the new bodyguard and get him fired because of your immat-“ Renee began.
“-I didn’t drag him here. He volunteered to come and even pay for his own ticket,” Sirena interrupted and moved her phone so that she could see Caleb, “Say hi to my sister, Caleb.” Renee didn’t look all too pleased about any of this and went on and on, until Sirena said she had to go and told her to cover this up before hanging up. Sirena herself didn’t care of it being covered up but she happened to like this bodyguard a little more than the other ones and wasn’t up to get a new one anytime soon. Renee would do it because she owed Sirena for many things. The plane finally had eventually got up in the air, and she wasn’t feeling any better with this headache. She found herself leaning on him again and tried to rest up to rid of the headache. She needed to find a way to lose him. She decided that just before she landed, she’ll say she needed to go to the bathroom and pick a different seat. The flight attendant would probably tell him to stay in his seat if he was looking out for her and then she could just get lost in the crowd. It was a simple plan but it normally worked.
  Sirena Detrin / Ravenity / 7y 56d 1h 40m 31s
His temporary escape from the airport was only a minor delay. Caleb hadn't been able to figure out how to make Sirena return with him. There was nothing he could possibly say to do that. Her headstrong manner prevented any chance of that. While she sat comfortably gloating one step closer to getting on that plane, his trotted his way through the airport. He refused to run. That energy probably needed to be saved for when she had him running in and out of a colorful array of strip clubs and casinos. There was no time for walking though. They'd be seating the passengers soon, and he needed to be there before the cut off.

Quickening his gait once outside, he resorted to running. There were still things he needed to get done between moving the car and boarding the plane. Or rather, there was one thing he needed to do before he settled in what was sure to be a stiff, uninviting seat where he'd either be stuck next to Sirena, or if she managed to outwit him again, next to some conversationalist of a stranger. He couldn't decide which scenario would be more insufferable. Strangers on airplanes always reek of some unpleasant odor, and tend to ask too many questions. Sirena would probably outdo any unknown person in quantity of questions, and quality as well. He knew her questions were going to have a purpose now. This posed as quite the predicament for him, as she already knew too much about his past for him to suddenly shut up about it, and refuse to speak of the topic again. He could always play the card that it was too sensitive a topic for him to talk about it openly and casually. That would temporarily solve things, but she'd pester him about his personal life in due time. For whatever reason where he'd been in life always seemed to be a favorite topic of the inquiring minds of privileged young women. As someone who preferred not to know the troubles of a person prior to when he met them, as they were rarely relevant, Caleb couldn't really understand this. Starting over was too addictive a habit for him to understand the sentiment of the past.

Soon as he entered the car, Caleb stuffed the gun into the glove box, before he could forget the object that prompted him to insist on going on moving the car. Then he was on his way to the other lot, where he had to pay a very small fee. At least Sirena would compensate for that small loss, unlike the impulse ticket, which was hardly a small loss. If he somehow managed to charm his way back into this job; as he knew that the very rational Mr. and Mrs. Detrin would not tolerate this kind of nonsense and would surely resolve to fire him as soon as the pair returned from their little "adventure," Caleb would have to work for quite a time to make up for that kind of money. At least those kids back home were finally out of diapers. They seemed a little less expensive when they started to grow up, though he knew Kenzie was a little too proud to let him cover the fancy toys they wanted. Getting her to accept the money he sent for Christmas had been a struggle in itself. Someone had to take care of those kids, and he knew all too well that Kenzie couldn't do it all on her own.

After parking the car Caleb started back towards the airport. Stopping just outside, Caleb desperately fished around his wallet for change. Four quarters later, Caleb was pressing the digits of the number Renee had given him. It had been a very smart thing, to take the time to memorize the number last night, between the wearisome mix of memories and thoughts surrounding his father.

A curse escaped his lips when he got Renee's voicemail. It was a blessing though, in terms of saving time. "Hello Renee. It's Caleb, and by the time you get this, Sirena and I will probably be flying over Utah or something. How that happened is a little complicated, and I know I sound either incompetent or perverted for going along with it, but this was definitely not my plan. If you could cover with your parents for me for a little bit, that would be greatly appreciated, though I can understand why you would not want to do such a thing. I will have her home in one piece by tomorrow at the latest, and I am so sorry. This really won't happen again," he finished. His sentences all blurred together as one while he spoke.

Barely making it in time, Caleb passed through security with no problems, and was the last of people to make their way onto the plane. His eyes searched the plane, finally landing on Sirena's head. The seats next to her were taken. He probably shouldn't leave her alone on this flight though. She could so easily slip away when they landed if he wasn't right there next to her. He tapped the shoulder of the guy next to her, "hey, if you don't mind moving seats, that would be really great. We're kind of here together," he said, pointing at himself and then Sirena, to make things perfectly clear.. Sirena didn't look particularly pleased to see him, but she looked slightly less pleased as the prospect of sitting next to her current neighbor.
  Caleb Dell / Estellaa / 7y 57d 2h 7m 46s
Filled with delight of her trick she was anticipating for something humours to occur or see some great reaction. It never did matter to her about the consequences that would occur after. As far as she’s concerned, it wasn’t her problem and there probably was a way out of it anyway. She could see it all playing out in her head with the security practically tackling him and then go on about terrorism and start asking about where he hid the bomb along with it. Then-his voice broke the illusion in her mind and he spoke something reasonable. She cursed under her breath and should have realized that he actually would have figure it out and find a way out of it. Although, she was a little impressed that he wouldn’t fall for it-but that just meant she had to try harder as well.

Her eyes fell down at her back; she ran her fingers in her back to search for the keys and pulled them out. He won this battle, but the war has yet to be won. Normally, people weren’t this much of a challenge to make a fool off and oddly, she was enjoying it. It never worried her that her actions made people despise her. It was better making a bad mark than no mark in someone’s life. If she made a mark, it meant she lived and she wasn’t just some worthless non-existent girl as her parents saw her or even Nathan. As she dug out the keys she tossed the keys at him.

“Good luck finding the car,” She spoke and managed a little smile, “I’m going to get to you somehow Caleb. Make sure to keep your guard up.” Normally when she said that to people it had them paranoid and thinking about it until she did make her move. She didn’t know if it worked on him though, since he seemed to be different in a way. She tossed around to have her back face him and head down the airport to find at least her gate. Once she found the gate, she headed for the shops and decided to get herself something to drink and eat. She was starting to run up some ideas through her head to temper with him, get something out of him. She knew she must have affected him in some way but she never did get much expression out of it.

Then, some blonde male sat beside her and she found him looking at her. She wanted to ignore him but he end up speaking to her and she end up in conversation weather she liked it or not. Apparently the guy was also going to Vegas, which made sense since the gate was right by. He talked about tagging along with her when they landed or even somehow sitting beside each other on the plane. She knew what he was doing and since she wasn’t the type to go behind Jason’s back, she decided to ditch the male named Trent. She headed for the washroom for a bit and then came back out and decided to go back near the gate, sit herself down and just wait until she could get on the plane. She started to think if Caleb would change his mind about coming along. He wouldn’t, would he? Why does it even matter? She asked herself. From that she could tell that she probably did want him to come along after all. At the same time, she still wished to be left alone. Then-Trent came right back to sit by her again.

“Are you okay? You look like you have a headache,” He mentioned. That’s because she did and she felt dizzy. Since she stayed late last night and bumped her head, it would make sense. “I’m fine. Didn’t I not already tell you to buzz off?” Then he went on about her trying to play hard to get and she just wanted to slap the guy but didn’t have the energy.
  Sirena Detrin / Ravenity / 7y 62d 43m 10s
This whole thing was absolutely insane. Caleb needed to correct his errors before they got out of hand. Getting on a plane to her to Vegas of all places was completely inappropriate. It just took his brain a few minutes too late to figure out how incredibly stupid it would be to be her accomplice in running away. He was her bodyguard. He'd known her for little more than one day. Her parents would probably think he was some sort of creep for going along with this. The more he thought about it, the more he thought of himself as a creep. Something was definitely off about that. Something was definitely off about him. Caleb wasn't nearly as aware of himself as he ought to be.

She was right, there probably were more options. He could drag her out of there against her will. If he had a cellphone, he could call one of her parents or her sister. He could have given her a lecture that might convince her to actually deal with her problems at home instead of taking the easy way out and running away. There were a lot of ways he could have dealt with it without offering to go with her and without creating this sort of doomed mess.

Yet here he was, a few hundred dollars too late. And there she was, hugging him. Caleb almost believed it. He was so close to buying it. If not for the slightest hint of a smirk that was pulled onto her lips when she pulled away, and the little pull he could feel on his belt, Caleb wouldn't have thought twice about it. She wasn't one to shy away from hugging him or touching him. He couldn't help but smile a little, laughing at his own stupidity. His hand slid into his back pocket, making sure she had really slid in what he thought he had. So that's how she played these games. Caleb was just starting to get a real grip on his understand of the way her family described her. She was nothing short of a pain in the ass. Somehow she pulled it off endearingly, but Caleb was starting to suspect that after a while he'd grow tired of it. Hopefully he would tire of it. That would be a good prompt for a conversation with Renee. She was the real point of this anyways, not Sirena. Renee had all the money and power. Renee should be getting all of his attention. Renee was horribly boring.

"Hey Sirena, your car is in one of the temporary parking spots. Unless you want to get it towed away, I think we ought to go move it," he said before he went through the scanner. She might at least pass him the keys, and he'd be able to ditch the gun in the car. There was no way he was about to be put on some potential terrorist list. Caleb didn't think Sirena really understood the serious consequences of her actions. That was one of the few things about her that actually made him angry. That was one of the times were the spoiled brat in her showed through.
  Caleb Dell / Estellaa / 7y 62d 1h 16m 16s
The second that explanation came from his lips it brought this annoyance in her to hear something that she couldn’t bother to care of. To her, it sounded nothing but a load of excuses that he was just doing his job and blah-blah-blah. No matter how reasonable that had sounded, she couldn’t exactly be fooled that it was just a job and that was it. She didn’t believe it for many reasons and especially for the fact that he had helped her get her friend out of here. Any normal bodyguard would do what’s best for her safety and not feed into getting herself involved or just ignore it. Not to mention that issue with Nathan, and then he was saying he would hop on a plane with her, pay for it and take the chance through all this. There were still other options to not letting her get on that plane and still...

“If this was so much about the job than there’s other options of not letting me get on that plane. Yet, you volunteer to come onboard with me. This only leads to one thing to me and that’s that you care. Be a little straight forward would you?” She concluded and half mumbled the rest, “There’s nothing wrong with caring, I care about what happened to you. It’s not so hard to say it. ” She had got her ticket and was ready to just leave him hanging there but waited as he went on questioning about the location. She had raised an eyebrow when he talked about age but it dropped when he continued about that it wasn’t a problem. She didn’t think it would be at all. Already, he was ruining this about her about the talk of pedophiles and other things.

“What are you going to go criticizing next? Disneyland?” She smirked, “Objectifying women? You’re quite the feminist aren’t you? Don’t worry, women objectify men just as much and for your information my cousin went there for her bachelorette-that I was obviously not allowed to tag along to.” She watched him buy the ticket and couldn’t believe he was being serious about this. Just the thought of him already pointing out those creeps out over there made her fill up with excitement. Not the creepers-but the fact that she may even test how much he cares. If she went out of his size in the dark-in Vegas-would he panic? What if she did more to make him snap? It would be purely amusing. This definitely would be exciting for her. She thought using Vegas as hide and go seek place-or even just tag would up the fun. To be honest to herself, Vegas didn’t really suit her because she tend to stay away from large areas but-she never did judge things before she tried it.

She made her way through the line of people waiting to get through security and such. It was a good thing she had left that gun in the car. Although, if she had-wait... She opened her bag and peaked in-nope-she had the gun. She swore she put in the car, not in the bag-but it could have fallen in from the seat inside. If they saw her with this she was pretty sure they were not going to let her go through. Would they tackle her like they did in the movies? Nah. Maybe she could just slip it into somebody else’s pocket? She loved that idea. Maybe not even a random somebody. She faced Caleb and then pulled him into a hug as she started to slipped the gun into one of his pockets as she spoke “Thank you again for helping me get Sarah out. It meant a lot.” She then pulled back and held it in what she did. If he went through security, would they tackle him? Cruel. Sirena couldn’t deny that. The plane would leave in two hours or so. She wondered if he noticed the gun on him before security did. Surely he would because it gave off a bit weight, yet she still dreamed. She walked through the scanner and did everything as told and then walked right through and waited for Caleb for a bit, waiting to see and then she would turn around and be off her way.
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