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Alright, you wanna restart this?
I've been a lot preoccupied wth holding together a group rp going pretty well for me
  Eliatrope Autum / Alum / 7y 184d 15h 27m 10s
  |:Brie / Imouto / 7y 196d 1h 44m 36s
ok, where to restart?
sorry, caught up with other rp earlier.
  Eliatrope Autum / Alum / 7y 200d 15h 52m 33s
  |:Brie / Imouto / 7y 202d 6h 31m 58s
  Eliatrope Autum / Alum / 7y 207d 22h 5m 25s
Sheit .__.

  |:Brie / Imouto / 7y 208d 11m 55s
<<>don't worry bout it :)<>>

The boy sat up heaving a bit as the portal closed, "Gosh, I've never jumped two people before, I'm bushed." he laid back and looked at the girl, "By the way, my name is Nate, what's yours?"
  Eliatrope Autum / Alum / 7y 214d 20h 56m 28s
Got caught up.

Fall onto a pallid of grass, Brie grunted as she lifted her body and shiver.Her body stood still for a moment as she felt the thick patch of grass below her. He r eyes widened as she ran her hands through it like a thick rug. "Oh my god..",she said as she started to laugh some then roll around,"It's grass!"

  |:Brie / Imouto / 7y 214d 22h 18m 1s
"Well, if you don't hold on you might get lost." the boy said as he held onto her and pulled the portal down. Between the jump the world seemed to fade into a bright neon blue and then it opened up to a big green pasture. A great weight forced them through and jumped them up out of the portal and the boy let go of her and fell on his back into the grass as smiled up at her. "This is more like it."
  Eliatrope Autum / Alum / 7y 218d 18h 52m 40s
"Don't touch me!",she replied in a saunter as she edged away from him alittle then rolled her eyes looking up at the majestic portal. Her eyes widened more as she edge back biting her lip.

  |:Brie / Imouto / 7y 218d 23h 52m 37s
"It might take a while to start getting up in the air, but yeah." he said and pulled himself up as she took his hand. He gave a childish smile and held her close, "Now hold on tight, and don't throw up." he said and then opened a portal above their heads.
  Eliatrope Autum / Alum / 7y 220d 19h 9m 33s
"Would you shut up I am trying to think dwarf".,she said as she took him by the hand then started to walk,"You can get me away yes?"

  |:Brie / Imouto / 7y 220d 23h 40m 3s
"Hey, I'm no dwarf." he said to her, "I'm an Eliatrope, we're dragons... well half dragon." he got up and then took her hand. "If you're ready, we'll get going." he pointed off into space and waited for the girl to answer.
  Eliatrope Autum / Alum / 7y 221d 19h 35m 39s
"Umm what are you talking about you silly little dwarf",she said lowly looking at the boy as she sighed and hunched over next to him. "I mean I guess I can help you..",she replied in mumbles.

  |:Brie / Imouto / 7y 223d 3h 7m 1s
He smiled to her and called out, "But if you wanted to leave with me, Mt. Zenit is just beyond the next country according to the map. That's where my people crashed, and I need to find something they left to power it." he was still sitting down, but extended his hand out to her. "Wanna go?"
  Eliatrope Autum / Alum / 7y 223d 18h 39m 1s

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