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Natsuo held his breath as he watched out of the rear view mirror, then switching his eyes to the side view mirror when he could no longer see anything. His grip tightened on Mark's arm, then suddenly released. His other hand rested on the door handle, though he had no reason to try and jump out of the car. He knew he was safer in it with Mark, bt if worse came to worse, he was taking off. He knew Sean wouldn't abandon his "baby" in the middle of the road with other vehicles following just to go after him. Chewing the inside of his cheek, he almost missed Mark's words. He glanced back at him, then flicked his eyes back to the side view mirror as the silver car slide back into view behind them. Mark didn't know who it was, did he? No, he couldn't have known. He'd never met Sean before, never been to the apartment that was too nice, never seen the car that was too expensive.

Natso let his eyes fall closed when they turned another sharp corner, losing the silver car for the moment. "It's Sean." he said, his voice quieter than before, though he knew Mark had heard him. When he opened his eyes, they were in a neighborhood. Young kids were outside, playing in the freshly fallen snow. They cleared off of the road when Mark drove toward them, and stayed off. He glanced back to the side view mirror, finding the silver car back in view. And right behind them. He could feel the panic building in his chest, though he knew his older brother wouldn't try anything extreme. Well...maybe "extreme" wasn't the word he should be using.
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Mark looked over when he noticed Natsuo tense and felt the grip on his elbow. The boy constantly sinking lower into his seat trying to disappear from the looks of it. He questioned what he had said when the other had mouthed turn, but he turned back to the road but when Nat got louder he really didn’t understand though his worry was contagious. Not sure why the other was freaking out he pulled into a different street without warning and the silver car seemed to try and follow but it missed the turn there. Looking back out the rear view he saw that another car turned down the road. Then a different car, the silver one was coming down this road after them it seemed like it was following him constantly.

It hadn’t clicked till Nat had said something, even if it was a direction. “Nat, you ok?” He asked as he sped up, the police license plate on the back having now lights flick onto it, as if he was on duty. He looked back and forth between the road, the boy beside him looking plain scared and the rear mirror. First priority was driving and not getting hit, second was Nat, he could deal with someone following him, Mark could remember police officers who were on a case who had to live elsewhere so their families weren’t in danger. It might have been possible for him to get the boy somewhere safe so no one would be able to catch him in their eyes but he felt that the boy would be safest at his side. But taking another sharp turn but not overly just not warned, he headed down a road between houses. A few kids outside playing in the snow at the moment and the snow was thick on this road, he doubted any car could get down this road without trouble or getting stuck…
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Natsuo spotted the other male watching him from the corner of his eyes, though he didn't say anything. Instead, he concentrated on re-reading the small blurbs on the backs of the books he'd gotten after pulling them from the back seat with Hunter, then reading the one Mark had gotten as well. He scanned the front cover slowly, then flipped it open to a random page. The writing was good quality. It didn't look amateurish in anyway, either. And the description was pretty decent...maybe he'd steal it from Mark after he'd finished the series he'd gotten, just to check it out. Maybe they'd have something in common that way, then? When he looked up, it was to Hunter bumping his elbow with his nose. He gave a soft laugh, letting the book fall closed in his lap as he reached back to pet the pup. When he looked up again, his eyes widened. He felt his heart nearly stop.

A silver car was trailing them. And not just any silver car, he bet. After a moment, he turned back around in his seat, watching the rear view mirrors for another few minutes. There was no doubt now that they were being followed. And he knew who was following them, too. Natsuo gulped, trying for air, though his lungs still burned. He reached over, grabbing onto Mark's elbow as he sunk in his seat, still keeping his eyes on the rear view mirrors. "T-turn." he said, but his voice was so quiet that he barely even heared himself. "T-turn." he tried again, his voice growing louder. "Turn. Turn, turn!"
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He smiled and shook his head at the others reply, only lasting him a week was pretty funny. Not wanting to go anywhere kinds surprised him, considering the fact he said he never really went anywhere after his brother adopted him. Surely Natsuo had somewhere he wanted to go. But Mark didn’t want to push the other if he didn’t want to do anything. Pulling out of the parking lot he headed back down the road. Hunter’s head was almost pressed against the window as he panted.

Looking to the boy beside him for a moment he realized how little he actually knew about Nat. Then again, they didn’t know much about each other. All they knew is somehow they ended up living together, and both feel comfortable around the other. The brunette wanted to know more about the younger male, if they were interested in similar things the conversations they had would go off and they’d become closer. Maybe Nat would trust him enough to tell him what was actually going on. If he was the boy from the first case or the new one. He wondered if he should bring up that case but the other might think it was fake. Keeping it too himself he saw a car behind them that just followed them the entire time, and he didn’t know why it was following them the entire time but not even half way home he was sure he was pretty obvious about looking back at the car on their tail…
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[The description of this bookstore makes me think of Chapters x3]

Natsuo looked up when he heard Mark's voice, and nodded. "Yup." he smiled lightly, looking down at the three books he had in his hands. "I think these should last me about a week..." he said, judging their thickness and how much they piqued his interest. He shrugged his shoulders, and followed Mark down the steps he'd gone up to reach the fiction section, down to where the front desk was. He set his books on the counter after the brunet had done the same, and nodded at the question. When the clerk came over, she smiled at the two young men. There was a light tinge of pink on her cheeks, as if checking out their books was somehow embarrassing? She glanced up at the two of them multiple times, her eyes flicking between them constantly. He wanted to ask her what she was finding so interesting, but he wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer to the question. And, obviously, Mark hadn't noticed.

Back out in the truck, Natsuo had set the two bags of books on the back seat with Hunter, though the German Sheppard jumped around so much back there that he wondered about the books' safety. At the question, he looked over to Mark and pulled his own seat belt across his chest, clicking it into place. Where else was there to go? What else was there to do? Besides, he didn't have any money of his own, and the thought of having Mark constantly paying for things that he wanted didn't make him feel very good. So, he shook his head. "Nothing I can think of." he said.
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Following Natsuo to one section of the store after nodding to the woman and showing the permission to take Hunter with him places like this and proof he’s been trained to behave in stores. Seeing him smiling at the books all over the place he laughed quietly to himself as he looked for a book for himself since he needed something to read. The titles either looked interesting or strange, but that was only the title. With a smile he looked over the books as well as Hunter sat quietly next to his owner as he pulled out one of the larger books that were to have two in a series in them. It was called “River Silence” and “Sky Line.” Putting it under his arm he saw the other pulled a few books off the shelf, scanning the prices he remembered seeing, or hearing, they were having a sale up till Christmas which started after thanksgiving. When he seemed to get the ones he wanted Mark looked over the titles again and then back to the boy.

“Find something?” He asked looking at the small stack of books. This bookstore was more like a library with the selection it had. When Nat answered, Mark turned to Hunter picking up the leash and headed to the front waiting for the younger male to come as well to put his books on the counter. Putting his own down he waited for the lady to check them out then he paid and they headed back to the car. “Happy?” He asked looking over at the other, the snow was slowing down some.

In the car he put Hunter in first in the back then climbed in, starting the car. “Did you want to go anywhere else?”
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Natsuo nodded. That interesting name. One he'd never heard before. With a shrug, he let it go, as if it slid right off of his shoulders. After Hunter had jumped into the backseat, stepping over the raven haired male in the process, he found the pup trying to get Mark's attention. When that didn't work, he moved onto the younger male, licking his cheek and nosing his chin. Natsuo laughed lightly, petting him and pushing him off at the same time. He really is like a small need of constant loving. he thought to himself, though he didn't mind at all.

When they arrived at the bookstore, Natsuo happily undid his seat belt and jumped down from the truck, closing the door behind him. He walked around to the front of the truck and met Mark and Hunter there, and was a bit surprised to find the pup on a leash. He'd never seen Mark put Hunter on one before, but he guessed since they were going to more public places, he needed one. When they got inside of the bookstore, Natsuo paused, staring around happily. He barely heard the woman speaking to them, having already left her, Mark, and Hunter behind. He traveled over to the section with a sign above it that read "Fiction". He walked along the wall covered in books from floor to ceiling, eyes skimming over the titles, his fingers running lightly over the spines of each book.

After a couple of minutes, he came across a book he'd heard about only through it's movie; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He pulled it out, read the little blurb on the back. It didn't sound bad. Beside it were the sequels to it, and he plucked them off of the shelf, too. I wonder if I can get all of them? he thought to himself, feeling like a little kid in a candy shop.
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Pulling out of the parking lot, Mark looked to Nat at the question. “Lieke. She’s one of the new police women working there.” It had taken him forever to pronounce her name right. And still he had issues with it at times. Down the road multiple cars were out in the snow, which was a shock to him considering the snow had gotten thicker. Mark flipped the switch changing the tires to go four wheel instead of just one set pulling the others. He liked this truck especially for that little feature. Hunter jumped up onto Nat’s lap then moved into the back still keeping his head between the two of them as they drove down the road. Mark looked over at Hunter for a minute as his cheek had a wet nose pushed into it. Laughing quietly pushing the dog off he automatically turned to Nat and did the same. He seemed excited.

When they got to the bookstore he turned off the engine and opened his door letting Hunter come out with him, he was supposed to keep him with him because he was a police dog and it was like training. Leash attached to the back of the dog’s collar he locked the truck once Nat was out and they headed to the entrance of the book store. Inside they were greeted by the clerk and the woman offered to help them if they needed it.
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Natsuo nodded when Mark spoke, climbing out of the vehicle. Hunter put his paws on the dash, raising himself to watch the older male walk away from the truck and into the building before them. He gave a soft whine, then dropped back down onto the floor of the truck and turned to put his head back onto Natsuo's lap. The raven haired male shook his head, scratching behind his ears. The pup's tongue protruded slightly, tail wagging back and forth, hitting everything. It made the male chuckle softly, shaking his head again. What an affectionate puppy. Like a toddler, looking for constant affection, and wanting to give it, as well.

When Natsuo looked back up, he watched the front doors of the police station, and in a few minutes, Mark was walking back out. However, after him came running a pretty, petite blonde. Her hair waved out behind her as she chased after him, catching his attention. She was pretty. He could easily tell that she was shorter than both him and Mark, but her figure was curvy and she had large breasts, along with big eyes and a full face. Anyone would think she was beautiful. Even Natsuo did. But he instantly didn't like her. And as she spoke to Mark, he found that she looked a bit desperate to keep his attention. The raven haired male raised a brow as he watched the two of them, tempted to roll down his window and yell for the older male to hurry up. But, he didn't have to. In a matter of moments, he'd brushed the woman off, leaving her standing where she was, watching him walk toward the truck. When she looked over, their eyes met. She gave a questioning look, then stiffened and turned, striding back into the building. After Mark had climbed back into the truck, Natsuo turned to him. "Who was that?"
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Once the other was in he too climbed into the truck and watched as Hunter sat between Natsuo’s legs, there was a back for him to use and yet Hunter only sat in the front. Mark guessed he was just used to sitting in the front. Pulling out of the parking lot he caught the smile that Natsuo wore and smiled himself dropping one hand to his lap his other still on the wheel. The air in the car began to warm after a couple minutes and ten minutes later they were at the department building, he parked the car and then got out. “I’ll be back in a couple minutes.” The car was locked but still running, though he knew Nat could unlock it when he got back.

Inside it was warm and people were getting out boxes of decorations and putting them in easy to get to places. He guessed for the Christmas party that was in two weeks. Shaking his head he went to his boss’ desk and handed him the files. “These are finished, and these I need you to look over again.” He said handing him 4 the first time and 2 the next. 6 files that he had gone through and finished up.

“Thanks for your hard work.” He said thumbing over the files then nodding and dismissing him. His bag still over his shoulder, Mark went to his desk where a new file lay. Another disappearance case from the opposite side of town than the last. He sighed, putting it in the bag then heading out of the building again.

“Mark!” He turned around and there was Lieke jogging up to him. “Where ya going?” She asked with a smile that would catch most men off guard. But Mark seemed un-phased by it.

“I’m taking a friend to the bookstore.” He said turning back to the truck only to be grabbed by the arm.

“Um… Did you want to meet up somewhere?” Mark raised a brow at her, the snow still falling and getting caught in his hair as well as hers, a bright blonde in the winter made it look white. “W-we could discuss the cases and have dinner…” She said.

“I’ll have to call you back about it once I look at my schedule.”He said with a sigh. Going back to the truck he knocked on the window for Nat to unlock the truck.
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Natsuo sighed as he walked over to the window in the living room, close enough to touch it, but also far enough away to forget it was there. He watched as the snow fell outside, gentle and delicate. It looked as though it was trying not to bother anyone; trying to stay beautiful. And it was succeeding, in Natsuo's eyes. When he heard footsteps, he turned to watched Mark and Hunter coming out of the hall and going over to the door. He walked over, sliding his own shoes on, and walked outside as the other male held the door for him. Outside again, the air was biting and crisp, but it was fresh and pleasing. The raven haired male took in a deep, satisfying breath, and let it out slowly. It chilled his mouth, his nose, his throat, and his stomach. But it felt so good. Such a change from the warm indoors, and he loved it. Though, he hadn't thought too fondly of it when he'd first left Sean's apartment and it started getting really cold.

Following Mark over to the truck, he climbed in the passenger's seat, Hunter following after him and sitting between his feet. Natsuo chuckled softly, patting the pup's head as he set his head in the male's lap, yet watched his owner carefully. After buckling himself in, watching Mark do the same, the car was started and they left the apartment behind. He could feel his excitement building. It had been so long since he'd actually gone shopping, but also just as long since he'd read a decent book that he hadn't read before. Sean had all of the same books he'd been reading his entire life, and never bought him anything new. When he left, he didn't really bring anything with him, which meant no books. And the past few days he'd discovered that Mark didn't really have anything interesting, either.
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Mark shrugged then ran a hand through his hair going through it till the end, with that he wondered if he should get it trimmed. “Most of the books are for work and things like that. I didn’t have much time to go out and get new books but I’m free today for the most part.” He said before the other walked back to the bathroom to get ready. After Hunter trailed after him he shook his head and rolled his eyes then went to the office, Hunter had gone to the living room to look for him, closing the door most of the way he could hear the big pup’s tail hitting the wall and he laughed to himself.

Packing his bag up he put each finished file in it, and then the missing person’s case in it. He didn’t need anyone seeing that even by accident anymore. It stressed out Natsuo and he would rather that not happen again so keeping it with him would be the best decision. Leaving his office-at-home he saw Natsuo watching Hunter, before heading down the hall, turning his attention to the dog who automatically shoved his head in between Mark’s legs looking for affection he laughed. He shook his head at the animal and scratched his head. “Ready?” he asked heading to the door to put shoes on. The snow was still falling slow and it was definetly a sight to see. His bag over his shoulder he picked up his keys and a leash to keep Hunter near them when they were walking through the stores and whenever they left the car. People didn’t like dogs running free even if he was a police dog.

Pulling his jacket on he looked to Nat as he opened the door and smiled. Today seemed like it would be a good day.
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Natsuo nodded, and turned away. He was just about to go into the living room when Mark spoke up again. He glanced over his shoulder at him, his face lighting up at the idea. "Sure! That sounds great!" he said, smiling. "Yeah, I don't have the same taste as me in books, so I couldn't find anything I wanted to read." he shrugged his shoulders, though turned his attention back out the window in the living room. The snow looked so beautiful, still falling in careful, generous snow flakes around the city. When he felt moisture on his palm, he looked down to find Hunter pushing his nose into his hand, tail wagging behind him. Natsuo shook his head, moving his hand over the top of his head, then down his neck.

After another moment, he turned away and started toward the bathroom at the other end of the apartment. He found Hunter travelling behind him still, but once he reached the bathroom, the raven haired male closed the door behind him, locking him out. After a few whines, the German Sheppard took off again, probably in search of his master for more affection. When he'd finished, he felt clean. He'd washed his face, finger-combed his hair and brushed his teeth- the only thing he'd brought with him when leaving Sean's apartment were the clothes on his back, some money, and a tooth brush. Just in case. And lucky he had.

When he walked back out, he noticed Hunter's tail sticking out of the office, wagging like crazy as it banged the door frame on either side. Natsuo paused for a second, then continued on down the hallway. He'd told Mark it wasn't him in that case...but he could see that he really didn't believe him. It was easy to understand. It was practically the same situation...well, it was. After all, they really were the same person.
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Mark saw the other smile then eat slow. He must have been enjoying it because the smile didn’t seem to fade. Mark finished first, having started eating first, and then stood up rinsing his own plate and putting it in the sink for now, a green light on the dishwasher said it was done and clean. Looking over his shoulder he nodded to Natsuo’s offer. “That would be helpful, thanks.” He said, he had changed but he still had a few things he had too do before he left. It really didn’t matter what time he went in as long as he turned in the 4 cases he’d written out what happened, and got the new ones off his desk, he could leave after that. Going back to the kitchen or wherever Nat was, he asked. “Did you want to go get something to read, or do? I don’t have much to do today, just turn a couple things in.” He smiled at the other. “You seemed bored yesterday.” He needed a few new books anyway the ones that were on the shelves in his office and under the coffee table weren’t as… interesting as some of the new ones.

Hunter looked up at Mark then to Natsuo from his place on the floor then rolled on his back as they waited for an answer, obviously the dog wanted to go as well. That wouldn’t be a problem for Mark at least, though it was really up to Nat.
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Natsuo nodded, smiling as he sat down in the seat he'd come to know as his own, right across the small table from Mark's. He picked up his fork, a little cautious about eating what was on his plate at first, then cut himself off a small piece. He'd never had anything like this before, but they sure smelled good. When he put the fork in his mouth, he smiled again and chewed happily. After swallowing, he looked to the other male, and gave another smile, this one of approval. But, instead, of saying anything, he showed the other male how much he liked it by eating it slowly, enjoying every bite he took of the small, soft, wonder-filled pancake thing.

When he'd finished eating, he picked up his plate and rinsed it in the sink, then left it in there. Turning to Mark, he nodded toward the dishwasher. "I can unload that and put everything away later on, if you want me to?" he suggested. He didn't mind doing it at all, and figured he should do it since he was staying in Mark's apartment, rent-free.
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