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Natsuo watched as Hunter rushed into the room, swerving past him to jump up on the bed. He walked awkwardly around on it, tail wagging, tongue hanging out of a large grin. He looked awful proud of himself for being up on the bed. And it made the raven haired male smile. He watched as the German Sheppard paced frustratedly around the bed, whining and grumbling. At Mark's words, Natsuo nodded his head, his smile growing slightly. "Are you lonely on this big bed without me?" he asked, reaching out with both hands to rub the side of Hunter's face, then up to his ears, back down his neck. And shook his head and pushed the pup slightly, sitting down on the mattress after pulling back the blankets. Hunter continued to roam a bit, but after Mark climbed into the bed as well, he walked down and lay at their feet.

Natsuo laughed softly at the German Sheppard as he pulled the blankets up his body, to his shoulders as he lay down himself. Once he was comfortable, he glanced over at the brunet beside him. He seemed even more tired than he had before. "It's good that you've finally come to bed." he said, his voice a bit quiet as he settled his head on his pillow. He shrugged, dropping his eyes as he felt panting on his toes. Hunter was lying over their feet now, panting happily as he watched the two of them. For a moment, Natsuo felt like the pup was intruding, that he was being watched and shouldn't have been. But that didn't make any sense, since Hunter was always around, and always watching the young men.
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“Sorry to wake you.” he said smiling before being slipped by, by Hunter pushing him off balance as he went to Natsuo and rubbed up against his legs. Though that ended quickly and the pup was then on the bed and gave a little whine then a quiet bark telling them to hurry up. Mark shook his head at the pup and made his way over to him, he was sitting dead center, separating the two sides of the bed. His head down on the pillows the dog rolled on his back, tummy exposed and Mark scratched him getting the dog to kick his legs for bit before rolling onto his side and looking at Nat ears perked. Another whine for the boy to get to bed too, Mark shook his head. “I think he’s telling you to get to sleep.” He said and Hunter looked between the two with blue eyes.

Climbing onto the bed he was attacked by his dog with licks to his shoulder then cheek before he pushed him away. “Bedtime bud. Sorry.” He whispered to his dog. Of course it wouldn’t do him much good considering it seemed that Hunter had the energy at the moment. Since he was pushed away from the longer haired male, the pup turned to Nat and started licking his face before settling at the bottom of the bed. Mark laid on his side his hair falling over his shoulder, watching the two others on the bed with him. He had guessed that the other was fine with this, since he had been pulled to the bed earlier but today he wondered if it was alright for him to stay there. After all, he didn’t want to offend the other male or push him to share the bed. He thought about moving to one of the larger apartments, the one next door had one more room than this one but the bedrooms were a bit smaller than this, it was an option and since he wasn’t planning on the extra company, he didn’t know if that was a good idea, but he decided to push it off, to a later date, for now.
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Natsuo leaned forward as he pulled his legs up to his chest, resting his forehead on his knee caps. Slowly, his eyelids fell closed, and his body relaxed as he began to drift off. Dreams filled his head of that night where Mark had picked him up. He dreamed he was walking down a dark and frozen street again, tired, shivering, and hungry. He hadn't slept properly in a while, hadn't eaten a decent meal since he left the place he was running from, and he didn't have clothing heavy enough to keep him warm during the night. So he walked. But, as he walked, he began to forget what he was running from. Who? What? Why? What had happened that had made him want to leave a warm apartment with regular food and a proper bed? It was on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't remember. And then, a truck pulled up next to him. Inside, he could see a man with long hair and a tired face, and a dog. Inside of the truck looked warm, so he got inside. Somehow, he ended up back in a warm apartment, with enough food, proper clothes, and a comfortable bed. But it was different. This apartment was comfortable, homey, and relaxing.

Natsuo started when he felt the door behind him shift, and he jumped away from it. Standing, he turned to face it as Mark stepped into the bedroom. He shrugged. "I don't know. I guess I just got comfortable there and drifted for a bit." he shrugged again, moving over to the bed. He sat down on the side, blinking a bit at the brightness of the lights; it hadn't been that bright in his memory/dream.
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Mark wrote down a few notes and decided that he would bring them up to his boss the next day. He sighed to himself, realizing he’d worked on the cases for about half an hour. With that he stood from the desk and went to shut down the rest of the apartment. Double checking the door was locked he then turned the lights off in the living room and the kitchen, going back to the bedroom he was going to see if Nat was asleep yet. Trying to open the door a bit he found it blocked. Raising a brow he knocked quietly. “Nat, you still up?” His words were quiet so if he had fallen asleep he wouldn’t wake him up. Hunter trotted down the hall and stopped at the door, whining quietly.

Mark smiled and knelt down beside the pup giving him a good scratch behind the ears and over his neck, down his back. He was a spoiled pup but he worked hard deserving it most of the time. He thought about how the pup had led Nat to the office when he figured the boy was planning on leaving again, if Hunter hadn’t been there, he would have left and they wouldn’t have gotten to know each other, Nat might be back with his brother, they might not have ever talked again. But from what he had found out so far he might end up with a child abuse case or rape or murder and he didn’t want to find the boy’s name on any of that. He’d rather not see something like that ever. Brushing the thoughts from his mind he stood up again Hunter at his side.
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Natsuo heard foot steps coming down the hall toward him, but they stopped half way. It took him a minute to realize that Mark had probably ducked into his office, looking over old and new cases. He had no doubt that he was still looking at the case that was made for Natsuo, though nobody really knew that for sure. Except for Natsuo himself. And now Mark, it seemed. It bothered him somewhat to know that the older male had figured it out so quickly, that he'd connected all of the dots so fast. Though, at the same time, it didn't surprise him that much. He'd come to realize that Mark was one of the best, and it was obvious because of how young he was compared to how established he was. With a light sigh, Natsuo leaned against the door. It actually made him happy, though, that Mark wasn't pushing him. At all. And that he actually cared enough to take the time to learn why he'd left. And now he was even helping him keep Sean at bay.

"I made a good choice that night." he muttered, sliding down the door as he stared up at the ceiling. He was remembering that night when he'd been walking down the street, not even caring whether he was in the shadows or not at that point. He was so focused on keeping himself warm, and keeping the thought of food out of his mind. But then Mark had driven up beside him, offered him a ride, then let him stay the night at his apartment. And he'd been there ever since. If Mark hadn't pulled over, if Natsuo hadn't agreed to climb into the truck, he wouldn't be there right now. In fact, he probably would have been back with Sean by then.
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Mark stretched his arms above his head before he made his way closer to the couch. Listening to Natsuo for a moment he nodded and then watched him go down the hall. “Good night then.” He said after the man, patting Hunter on the head before going down the hall to his office and looking through the different papers he’d picked up and not bothered to look at till now. Taking a deep breath before pulling his glasses back on, smiling at the thought of Nat in them and then went on to read the papers he’d been given. His eyes were just tired now, that was it, he hoped that he wouldn’t have to get glasses for all the time because he didn’t like the idea of him wearing them all the time nor did he like exactly how he looked in them. It was odd but he thought he looked strange.

With a sigh he ran a hand through his bangs and read over the file again this time actually paying attention to what it was saying. But even when he was reading, the answer was obvious but he needed to make sure, take care of the business part of his job, not just answering the questions. Even in runaway case’s when he had found the kid, he wouldn’t just send them home, he needed to know their reason for running away, he needed to know what he would do next, he didn’t want to be that person who would be unjust to the end of it. His thoughts drifted back to Lieke and her push to be closer to him, it was kind of annoying…
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Natsuo could hear Mark's voice coming from the kitchen, but he didn't quite understand the conversation. When he said something about "talking to him", his ears perked slightly. But "him", did he mean Natsuo? It was possible, though it was only a fifty/fifty chance. After all, Mark undoubtably worked with a lot of male officers, as well as male detectives and probably had male bosses and such. So, it could have been someone calling about work? He glanced at the clock on the digital cable box, sighing when he read it was almost ten thirty at night. With a light sigh, he opened his eyes and leaned forward, pushing himself off of the couch. He stood up, stretching his arms high above his head as he arched his back slightly in a comfortable stretch. When he turned around, he found Mark coming back into the room. "I think I'm going to head off to bed." he told him, arms coming behind his back as he watched the male before him. "You probably should, too. You look tired."

Stepping past him, he made his way down the hall and into the bathroom. In there, he brushed his teeth and washed his face, then left and went into the bedroom. When he flipped the switch on the wall, turning on the light, he found that the drapes had already been closed over the window. Normally, Mark wouldn't do that. Natsuo raised a brow, though didn't do or say anything about it. Maybe Mark had just decided that it was time to close it up? What did it matter, anyway? Shaking his head, he kicked the door closed somewhat, leaving only a crack between it and the door frame. He stripped down from the clothes he was wearing, adding them to the pile of other clothes he'd already worn. I'll need to take these to the cleaners eventually. Or Mark's going to run out of clothes, and so will I. he thought, eyeing the pile.
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Mark laughed at the reaction he got from Natsuo, it was pretty funny how his cheeks just heated up. He hadn’t ever really made anyone blush, not in a long time, and he had to admit it was kind of fun. Catching Nat’s eyes in the screen he smiled back before he gave him a slightly confused look. His turn. Thinking for a minute he looked to Hunter right before the dog jumped up and the phone rang. Of course something like that had to come up now. He sighed and shook his head before standing when Natsuo said he should answer that. “I could always just leave it be.” He said sarcastically before going to the phone and picking it up. “Hello?” Nothing at first before a frantic voice came over the line.

“Oh uh Mark!” The voice said. He sighed and shook his head leaning back on the counter as they continued. “Am I calling at a bad time?”

“Your fine what do you want?”

“I wanted to chat with you.” It was Lieke. Running a hand down his face he stayed quiet. “You know, get together or something and get to know you.”

“I have a new… roommate that I’m helping settle in.” What a lie that was but he didn’t know what to call Natsuo otherwise.

“I see… Well maybe I could help them too!” Mark raised an eye brow.

“How would you do that?”

“If its alright with you, I could go to your apartment after work and we could all get to know each other.” She was starting to sound desperate.

“I’d have to talk to him.” He said but before anything else happened she spoke again.

“Alright! I can’t wait. See you tomorrow!” A click told him that she’d hung up. Great right? He sighed putting the phone down and going back into the living room. Hunter waiting at the doorway, Mark scratched the top of his head then looked at the couch and shook his head.
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Natsuo felt his cheeks heat up slightly at Mark's words. "Oh. Oops." he said, almost sheepishly. He gave a sort of shy, embarrassed smile, though it wasn't that bad telling Mark these things. They weren't really personal, but they were what made him, him. Little facts about him that made up his personality, and everything else about him. After a moment, he looked back up to the male he was leaning against, but his eyes got caught by the television. He saw Mark watching him in the reflection of it, and he blinked at first before smiling. It was like watching himself, as if he were on TV that very moment, and none of what was happening was real. Sometimes, he wished it wasn't.

"Alright, it's your turn." he finally said. "Tell me some stuff about you." he smiled, watching the screen contentedly. He waited for Mark to come up with something to say, though in that time, the phone started ringing. Hunter jumped to his feet, obviously startled by the noise, and looked around the room. When he realized there was no one there and the sound was coming from the kitchen, he trotted in, ears perked and his body language slightly cautious. Natsuo nodded toward the doorway the German Sheppard had past through. "You should probably answer that." he said, almost teasingly. When Mark got up, Natsuo watched him leave the room and disappear into the kitchen. And for a few moments, he was out of sight. Sighing slightly, the raven haired male leaned back into the couch cushions and closed his eyes.
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Listening quietly to the other as he smiled and laughed. He looked at home, which was good considering this place had been opened up to become his home. No doubt anyone would agree that this place was peaceful when it was quiet and it was warm when you were close with whomever else was in the house. As Nat started talking about different things he liked and didn’t like Mark couldn’t wipe the smile off his lips. Deep water, because it was dark, and sundried tomatoes he didn’t get why that one had come to the boys mind. Marvel comic books, a lot of people had a favorite superhero. Simple things like these, they were things to start conversations or games. At the detective agency they used to play 20 questions during the get together and they were all or mostly drunk.

He shook his head at the boy and his eyes went to Hunter and chuckled as the dogs ears twitched slightly. He seemed to be taking care to make sure everything was alright, with the two men and outside the apartment. The German Sheppard was good at keeping things calm, the only time he didn’t try to stop something that didn’t come off as right was when Mark stopped him. Good training he guessed looking back to Natsuo. “Sounds like you don’t have much you aren’t afraid to share.” He said teasing him, but then laughed quietly. “I didn’t expect you to start listing things though.” He had a teasing tone to his voice as he spoke and then let his eyes go to their reflection where they went to the boy’s eyes in the screen…
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Natsuo glanced up at the man he was leaning on when he heard him laugh, but was met with Mark's glasses. He blinked, but held himself from jumping back. In a second, his vision blurred. He chuckled lightly, shaking his head as he reached up to pull them off. "Thanks, but I can't see with these." he said, smiling up at Mark after he'd removed the glasses from his face. "That's better." he said, smiling up at the older male. They may have looked good on him, but it didn't help much that they took away his ability to see properly. Glancing away, he saw Hunter in the corner of his vision, curled in a ball close to where Mark had been sitting before. His eyes were closed, and he appear to be snoozing peacefully. But, anybody who knew dogs would be able to tell that, since his ears were slightly perked, he was listening to Mark and Nat as they talked. He's keeping an eye on us. Natsuo thought to himself, chuckling lightly in his head.

When he looked back to the TV, he once again saw his and Mark's reflections. Though, this time, it was a little different. When he looked this time, he felt that his reflection looked more relaxed and at home, and that Mark looked more comfortable and patient. It was weird how a few minutes could make so much of a difference. After another moment, Natsuo looked back up to the other male. "I don't really like deep water." he said, continuing to tell Mark about himself. "It's always freaked me out. Mostly because it's black and I can't see anything. Never know what's down there." he said, shivering lightly at the thought. (#780ced "I don't like sun-dried tomatoes. Especially on pizza. It's like mush. I'm also a really big fan of marvel comic books. Especially Thor." he said, laughing softly.
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With Natsuo leaning on him he looked at the boy and smiled nodding but staying quiet as his eyes looked to their reflections on the dark Tv, his glasses in his hands as his eyes stayed on the two of them. He could tell he was thinking, but he couldn’t tell about what, but he laughed quietly as the boy spoke. Badminton, turquoise and glasses. That’s a strange combination and he thought that was funny. Taking his glasses he used one hand sliding them onto Nat’s nose, pushing them up so they were fit correctly. “You don’t look half bad in them.” He said with a teasing smile watching the boy in the reflection of the television.

Leaning back into the couch with Natsuo leaning on him. He felt like a parent almost as he was taking care of Natsuo but he didn’t really think they had that kind of relationship. Though he wasn’t sure what kind they had. Family, he only saw Hunter, friend, again Hunter fit that, the people at the Detective agency were his friends too but what was left then. Mark had an idea of what but he drew off on a different direction so he wouldn’t think about that. He was 28 and he guessed Nat was about 18. A ten year difference, or at least a nine year difference. So he didn’t want to think that way. A hard way to think about what could be considered. With a content sigh he looked back down at Nat’s head and smiled shaking his head gently. He wasn’t kidding when he said he didn’t look bad in them.
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Natsuo looked up, watching as Mark closed his book and moved to sit on the couch beside him. He shook his head, giving a light sigh. No matter how many times he reminded himself that he hadn't actually seen Sean since the incident at the police station, he knew he was near. He'd seen his car more than once, and he could feel his eyes, even if he couldn't see him. In fact, he thought he might feel better if he had seen him. But he was probably wrong. Even so, he wasn't naive enough to think that just because there were walls between them, that he couldn't find a way in. That he couldn't recreate things that had happened in the past. He looked back up to the man beside him, watching him carefully. He really believed that Sean couldn't work his way into the apartment; that he had the younger male completely protected. And even though Natsuo had his doubts , it made him feel more relaxed.

When Mark opened himself up, Natsuo stared at him for a moment before leaning into him. He couldn't help a small smile at his words. "You really want to get to know me?" he muttered. Though, he wasn't really all that surprised. He'd come to see Mark as the type of person who wanted people to depend on him, and wanted to take whatever burdens someone had, away from them. He seemed like the type of person who, when he found someone he liked, he wanted to know every part of them. "Well," he started, eyes going to their reflection in the TV. "My favourite sport is badminton. My favourite colour is turquoise. And, honestly, I've always wished I had glasses." he laughed.
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Mark nodded at the answer and watched as he hugged his knees, he looked scared, worried about what was going on. Of course it was understandable having someone chase you and want to do those things to you, anyone would be scared. He got up and moved next to the boy pulling his glasses off and he smiled. “He’s not close enough though.” Mark said quietly, his brother may stop at nothing but the boy had to understand, Mark would come after him and get him back. No matter what was going on, if he wasn’t there, if he wasn’t close and something happened, he’d get there. “Natsuo. To be honest I don’t know anything about your brother, I hardly know anything about you.” he said. “I know your brother is cruel and I know you like fantasy books and you want freedom from him. I want to know about you so I can help you feel comfortable. I know it sounds stupid and useless but the more I know the more I can help.” He rubbed the boy’s knee and then opened himself up to be leaned on.

He wanted to help, for some reason, he could take a guess on why but that would be useless to him at least. It would make things odd if he took a guess. So he kept that in the dark to himself and to anyone else. Though he watched the younger male for a while and then leaned back into the couch running the hand farther from Nat through his bangs, moving them out of his face and to the side so his forehead was clearly visible and his eyes weren’t blocked at all.
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Natsuo pulled his eyes away from the closed curtains when he heard his name, looking back over his shoulder at Mark, who'd closed his book. He blinked at him, his words taking a moment to register. He was about to nod, when he really thought about the question. Was he alright? Hell no! He wasn't sure how long it'd been since Sean had located him, but Natsuo had discovered he'd been found three days ago. Since then, his older brother kept showing up different places, not coming too close, or saying anything. Not since the incident at the police station. But it was enough to scare him, knowing that Sean knew exactly where his little brother was at all times. He'd seen his car outside of the apartment numerous times, and then just earlier that day they'd been followed by Sean on their way home from the bookstore. It was insane to think about, that his older brother was so close to taking him away again, yet, he was biding his time. He was waiting. And the worst part was that Natsuo didn't know what for.

Natsuo turned away, walking over to the couch. He sat down, pulling his legs up to his chest as he rested his chin on top of his knee caps. "No." he said, his voice oddly quiet. "He's too close." he muttered the words, not sure if Mark heard them, and not really caring. The older male knew what was going on, to a certain extent, and was doing whatever he could to help and protect the raven haired male. But as it stood at that moment, it didn't seem like there was anything either of them could do to stop Sean from getting what he wanted; Natsuo.
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