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Mark was adding the different kind of spices and herbs to the broth as he’d learned from his parents at home. The chicken wrapped in the noodle was sitting waiting to be added as he put a little bit of mozzarella in to them. When Natsuo came in he looked over his shoulder and smiled. “I hope it is.” He said, ignoring the fact Lieke was now entering the kitchen as well. “You can help if you’d like. I need to finish the vegetables if you want to add the chicken and noodles.” he said nodding to the little balls on a plate. A couple tomatoes, celery, and carrots sat on the cutting board with a knife sitting by them.

Lieke frowned seeing the difference when he talked to her compared to Natsuo. But she didn’t say anything, only sat at the table watching the two of them. Mark moved to the cutting board and began to slice up the carrots. “Stir them to so it doesn’t boil over.” He said pushing the chopped carrots to the edge of the cutting board then moved onto the celery. Each time he dropped the knife through the vegetable it clicked against the wooden board and severed a piece, he had his hair tied back and his eyes on what he was doing. He wasn’t really paying attention to anything around him. Hardly noticing the fact that Lieke had moved to his side, opposite Nat.

“Where did you learn to cook?”

“My parents taught me when I was living with them. First thing they taught me was how to make crepes and pancakes.” He said with a shrug.

“I would need more practice to learn how to cook something that smells that good.” Mark didn’t say anything. “Think you could teach me.” The clicking paused for a moment before it started back up again and he moved some of the vegetables into the pot with the chicken and broth.

“I don’t have much time to teach anyone anything.” He said, his voice wasn’t cold, it wasn’t too warm either, it was a neutral tone for sure. “The cases are taking up most of my time. One reason I need a roommate is to keep Hunter from getting lonely.” He shrugged, casting a sideways glance to the male. “And so I don’t end up doing something stupid.”
  Mark / SilverStorm / 6y 304d 21h 34m 20s
On his way to the bedroom, Natsuo grabbed the book he had been reading for the last couple of hours, carrying it with him. When he reached the bedroom, he set his mug of tea on the nightstand of the side he'd claimed as his "own", and his book on the bed. He made sure to close the door behind them before settling on the soft, warm mattress. He brought his book up to his face as he leaned back against the plush pillows. It took him a little longer to get into what he was reading this time, given the obvious distraction. He was just picking up his mug to try and relax himself when he heard a soft scratching at the door. He smiled, setting the mug down again, as well as his book, and walking over to the door. He opened it to find Hunter on the other side, tail wagging, his paw held up in front of him. Natsuo shook his head before stepping aside to let the large pup in.

After that, it hadn't taken Natsuo very long to get comfortable, relaxed, and into his book. Just as he was finishing off the seventeenth chapter, a warm, homey, delicious scent wafted into the room from under the door; homemade chicken soup. The smell made him feel warm, and he set his book down on the bed as he stood. Grabbing his now-empty tea mug, he walked over to the door, Hunter trailing behind him. Out in the hall, the smell was more prominent, and only got better as he walked down to the kitchen. When he reached it, he was smiling again. "That smells delicious." he said, directing his words around Leike, to Mark. "When's it going to be ready? It's been forever since I've had it homemade!"
  //Natsuo// / Charm / 6y 304d 22h 55m 22s
Mark watched as Natsuo turned away and stopped the conversation he was having with Lieke to say something to the other male. “There’s more tea in the kitchen if you wanted more, I’ll make dinner in a while too.” He smiled gently at the other male and then was dragged back to the female sitting next to him. He felt bad since he really hadn’t given Natsuo much warning on his college coming over to ‘visit.’

“You two seem to get along.” Mark nodded looking out of the corner of his eye.

“I think so.”

“H-how’d you meet him?” Mark paused thinking about what to say. I saw him on the side of the road and picked him up. He couldn’t really say that.

“A friend of mine introduced us, I was looking for a roommate and Natsuo was looking for a place to stay.” He said and the woman nodded.

“He seems young to be looking for a place to stay. A little too immature to be going out on his own.”

Mark shook his head, again, knowing that wasn’t the case. “He’s more mature than you’d think.” He said looking at the woman, her eyes locking with his.

“So…” She said changing the subject. “How long have you been a detective?”

“A few years now.” She smiled and asked question after question, as the brunette tried not to get annoyed by the little things he found to be a bit too personal. Oblivious to this or she was just ignoring it, she continued quizzing him and telling him about herself.

When he looked at his watch, an hour had passed and he got up to make dinner. He thought for a moment about what he should make. Lieke left in the living room with another cup of tea as he started to make a type of chicken soup where the chicken was wrapped in noodles and settled in a clear broth with vegetables…
  Mark / SilverStorm / 6y 305d 35m 32s
Natsuo nodded at the mention of tea, and felt a slight chill when he thought about how warm it would be. He guessed having the door open for so long had made him a bit chilled, too. Just as he was about to turn away, the woman caught his attention. He looked over to her, a bit surprised. "For just over a week." he said, keeping his answer short and simple. Knowing the time frame seemed to lighten Leike's mood slightly. "How long do you intend to stay here?" she asked. Natsuo shrugged his shoulders, the thought making him a feel a bit uncomfortable. "I'm not really sure at this point." The woman pursed her lips, as if mulling that over, before saying, "So, you're basically a free-loader." It wasn't a question. It was a statement. And the way she said it was harsh and accusatory. Natsuo merely blinked at her, not sure what to say to that. She opened her mouth to speak again, though her sentence got cut off when Mark reentered the room.

Natsuo smiled and took his mug happily, it's contents warming his hands. He watched as Mark and Leike each took seats on the couch, and his eyes flickered over to Hunter. The large pup was watching the woman intently, as if he was unsure of her presence and her reason for being there. It was odd, seeing him react like that. Especially since Hunter knew the woman already from Mark's work place. As Leike started speaking again, going on a sort of tirade of questions for Mark, Natsuo turned away. "I'm going into the bedroom to read."
  //Natsuo// / Charm / 6y 305d 22h 4m 34s
Mark sighed and shook his head closing the door his mug still in hand he turned and took a sip, ignoring the fact she was acting so well to try and gain his attention. Lieke was the one kind of girl who liked a guy who she had to work for but got annoyed with if she had to work too hard. He lowered the mug and walked by her. “Did you want some tea? I just finished making some.” He offered.

“That would be nice.” She said smiling

“How about you Natsuo?” He asked going into the kitchen, to pour an extra two mugs of the tea he’d made. He could hear her saying something to Natsuo but not exactly what, but he prepared the tea ignoring her for the most part. He found her in no way attractive. It was a bit annoying to think she was.

“So, how long have you been staying with Mark?” She asked rubbing her arms lightly as she undid her jacket. “He’s mentioned you before, saying how Hunter loved you at first sight.” She laughed lightly though it was obviously more annoyed. She stopped talking looking over the male as he stood there, as it was obvious she didn’t like the fact Natsuo had taken place in his apartment. “I’ve noticed something about him...” She said crossing her arms but Mark came in with the two mugs when she was about to say something more to the male. Taking her mug she smiled and thanked him with a light tone.

Mark nodded then held one out for Natsuo before taking a sip of his own and sitting down on the couch, Lieke taking the other side. Hunter had kept his distance from her and was sitting by the open chair that was there now. “Any specific reason you wanted to come over?”

“I wanted to help welcome your new roommate I told you that.” She said with a giggle before taking a sip of the tea. “And I wanted to get to know you better.”

Mark raised a brow and waited for the ray of questions to come…
  Mark / SilverStorm / 6y 306d 1h 26m 44s
Natsuo was a little caught off guard with the woman standing there. He bet he looked pretty surprised, as much as she looked disappointed that it had been to open the door and not Mark. When he felt Mark standing behind him, he looked back over his shoulder at the brunet, stepping to the side as Mark took the door from him. The woman entered, her movements soft and feminine. Her eyes were happy, her smile was gentle, her words were accepting, and her tone was displeased. It threw Natsuo off even more. He blinked at her when she held her hand out, and only hesitated a moment before slipping his hand into her's. Her skin was cool from the cold temperatures outside, but she seemed otherwise unaffected. She barely held his hand for three seconds before she let go, almost hastily.

At the question, Natsuo shrugged his shoulders, letting a small smile slip onto his lips. "I try not to spoil him too much." he joked softly, though the woman seemed even less impressed by this. His smile faded quickly when he noticed her fake one. He stepped aside even more as she walked into the apartment further, looking like she was trying to warm up, but at the same time, draw their attention to the way she walked. It was then that he realized why she was there, and why she was acting the way she was: she had a crush on Mark. And a big one, it seemed.

At the realization, Natsuo felt a small pain in his chest, though wasn't really sure what it was, or why he felt it. The woman, Leike, if he remembered her name correctly, was pretty. She had nice hair, bright eyes and pump lips. She had a curving figure that matched her waving hair, large breasts, and a nice voice. Natsuo found himself chewing the inside of his cheek as he watched her go up and start talking to Mark. He wondered if Mark found any attraction toward her?
The pain in his chest came back.
  //Natsuo// / Charm / 6y 306d 2h 45s
Mark had been sitting at his desk most of the day, going over the cases over and over again. It was painstakingly time consuming when he didn’t have the scene to go look at anymore. And with that there was the fact he couldn’t even trust himself enough to write off the idea that maybe these cases were all frauds or exactly what they appeared to be. Murders by _____ and so on.

Running a hand through his hair he at one point got up to get a drink and saw that Natsuo was really into the book he’d gotten. Smiling, the brunette pushed his bangs out of his eyes and went on to the drink he was making. He ignored the knocking on the door, the jump Hunter took towards the door, he peaked out as Nat had gotten up and gone to get it.

When he finally did emerge from the kitchen, he could see the woman he worked with… sadly. He sighed to himself, holding the mug in hand and went over behind Nat quietly, attracting the woman’s eyes. “Hello.” He said calmly making the woman’s eyes light up as he looked down at Nat then at Hunter who was sniffing her feet. He stepped back taking the door from Natsuo and holding it open more.

“Thank you.” She said, her voice soft as she walked in.

“I didn’t think you’d be able to get here through the snow.”

“It wasn’t the easiest but I made it.” She said with a smile looking back to Natsuo. “You must be the ‘roommate’ he was telling me about yesterday.” her smile was welcoming but her tone wasn’t as much so.

“This is Natsuo.” Mark introduced as she nodded and held her hand out to shake his.

“It’s nice to meet you. Are you keeping Marwin in line?” Mark rolled his eyes, Marwin being the name he’d been given as a child. Mark being the one he always went by.
  Mark / SilverStorm / 6y 306d 2h 19m 41s
[TS to later that afternoon then..]

Natsuo had managed to put together two veggie omelettes for Mark and himself for breakfast that morning, and they actually didn't taste that bad. He knew he needed a bit more practice when it came to eggs, considering he had burned the edges a bit, but they had looked and tasted a lot better than the first time he'd tried to make an omelette. And Hunter, who had stolen the piece which he'd dropped on the floor, seemed to agree. Though he'd probably eat anything put in front of him, whether it was edible or not. For the past few hours, Natsuo had been sitting in front of the TV, occasionally channel surfing, but for the most part reading one of the book he'd gotten the day before. It had taken most of that time to get eight chapters in, and he was stuck. He couldn't take his eyes away from the words on the pages, from the events unfolding within those very words. He wouldn't have even noticed the knock at the door if it weren't for Hunter.

The dog jumped up so suddenly that he crashed into Natsuo's legs, then bolted to the front door. He didn't growl, didn't bark. He just sat there, his tail paused from wagging, his ears perked and listening. Natsuo watched the German Sheppard for a moment before setting his book down after marking his page, then heading over to the door. He went up slightly on the balls of his feet to look through the small view hole in the door. Outside stood a familiar looking woman, with her hands on her hips, and almost nervous looking eyes. She was wearing a short pencil skirt and a matching blazer with a white blouse beneath, the top few buttons opens so her cleavage was showing. She was the woman who had chased after Mark the other day when they had left the station. She was his colleague.

Natsuo's hand hesitated on the door knob before he finally pulled it open. When he did, the woman's face immediately lit up in a smile. But, at seeing Natsuo in the doorway opposed to Mark, it fell remarkably quickly.
  //Natsuo// / Charm / 6y 306d 20h 32m 58s
Mark watched his pup sit by his bowl and wait for some kind of direction. Then watched the two interact comfortably with one another as if they had been together for years, not days. He liked watching the two of them together. He knelt down beside Hunter scratching around his neck and behind his head when Nat spoke of cooking for once and shrugged. “If you want to, go ahead.” He said smiling at him before sitting in the next chair. He watched the male for a moment and kept the smile to himself this time. He had to admit that it was adorable, in a way he didn’t want to admit how, how innocent Nat truly was.

Hunter’s head on his lap, his tail thumping on the ground behind him, Mark rolled his eyes at the pup and ran his hand through the dog’s short hairs and long hairs. Letting Nat do as he liked to start. “If you need any help, just ask.” He said pointing Hunter out of the room so he wouldn’t beg or get under anyone’s feet including the dogs own, since he’s tripped over himself and over thin air before. Shaking his head at the thought he leaned back in the chair thinking to himself quietly...
  Mark / SilverStorm / 6y 319d 19h 58m 35s
[I see no rant O.o]

Natsuo gave a small laugh to Mark's words before walking further into the kitchen. Shrugging at the question, he walked past Hunter who had already gulped down everything in his bowl, to the small round table in the corner. He pulled out a chair and sat down, watching the male across the room from him. He shrugged again. "I'm not really sure.." he said, turning his eyes downward when he felt a wet nose pushing at his hand. He smiled, shaking his head as he lifted his hand to pat the top of Hunter's head, then slipped it down to rub behind his ears. The thumping of the German Sheppard's tail was easily heard as it hit the wall next to him, his tongue was hanging out of his mouth happily as he panted, and his eyes were nearly shut with bliss. Natsuo rolled his eyes as he took his hand away.

Hunter paused a minute beside Natsuo, then huffed at him before turning away and trotting over to his owner. The raven haired male watched as the pup started sucking up Mark, rubbing his head all over his pants and then slurping at his hands. It was comical, how much of an attention whore the big pup actually was. Looking up to meet Mark's eyes, he watched him a moment. "If you want, I could cook breakfast this morning?" he suggested, before running a hand up through his bangs and pushing them out of his face. "You've been cooking for me the whole time I've been here...I should start too!"
  //Natsuo// / Charm / 6y 320d 3h 52m 59s
Mark looked over and smiled. "That's about right." He said smiling and shaking his head. Hunter, if given the option, would eat just about everything he could get his chops on, and enjoy every second of it. Looking back to Nat, he saw the boy wasn't as... well he looked better than the night he'd picked him up off the street. He sighed to himself knowing some of the reasons he'd left, of course there would be things he didn't know and other things along the lines he might find out but that was not his priority.

"Want anything specific for breakfast?" He pulled open the fridge and looked through its contents, he could go with just a cup of tea, but he also knew that wasn't what he should be doing. He'd overworked himself one year and thought he didn't have any time to eat, almost getting seriously hurt in the process, but now, he didn't know what he really wanted. looking back to Natsuo as the door to the fridge was closed he turned and leaned on the counter.

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In the bathroom, Natsuo stared at himself in the mirror. He felt like he looked different. Well, he probably did. In those months that he'd spent with Sean, even he himself had noticed the colour draining from his face, and how tired and anxious he always looked. It was because he always knew something bad would happen when his older brother returned from work, and he was always expecting it. Now, even though he knew Sean was working his away toward getting his younger brother back, he felt...calmer. He felt...protected, and safe, and secure. And, for the first time in a long while, he felt...wanted. He'd forgotten what it felt like to feel wanted, but he knew he was feeling it then. And it made him smile at his reflection. The colour had returned to his face, he didn't look tired anymore, and he didn't look as anxious.

Hearing the soft clicking of claws on the hardwood, Natsuo knew that Hunter was up and moving, which could only mean that Mark was, as well. He looked over to the closed door after a moment, then pushed his hands off of the sink's counter and left the room behind. He walked out and down the hall, to the kitchen where he found Mark feeding the anything-but-patient Hunter. The raven haired male gave a soft laugh at the sight, shaking his head as he came in. "I swear, his stomach's a black hole." he joked, walking further into the room. When Mark looked up and met his eyes, he smiled at him.
  //Natsuo// / Charm / 6y 320d 23h 14m 32s
Mark woke up at the thin strips of light flooding through the window. He’d slept like a rock after he’d fallen back asleep. He didn’t feel the warmth next to him anymore so when he opened his eyes he found Hunter at his feet and the side Nat had slept on was empty, the other male had already gotten up then. He said up as well and looked at the German Sheppard that raised his head when he’d sat up. Giving the pup a light smile he slid his feet from the covers then made the bed, Hunter jumping down and out of the way to the kitchen to look for his food. He didn’t really have to go in but if he was needed he’d be called in, since Lieke was supposedly wanting to come ‘visit’ them, he wasn’t sure if he’d go in and see her beforehand. Honestly he didn’t know what she was trying to do.

The brunette got up and then went to change, brushing his hair out so it wasn’t a mess like it was when he woke up. Once that was done he just left it down, not bothering to tie it back at all since he had no reason to today. Then again… He thought to himself as he grabbed a tie for it anyway sliding it over his wrist. He’d probably tie it back anyway. Leaving the bedroom he found the bathroom occupied and then went to the kitchen seeing as the snow had settled and stopped for the day. Mark sighed knowing that this place was to be home and the holidays were coming, he didn’t really know if Nat celebrated but he guessed this time of year was a time the boy liked. He’d still celebrate the way he always did. Put up a tree and stay up late with Hunter watching the movies that came on. It was always fun since his family all went out of state to visit their families while he preferred to just stay here. It was a quiet season but it was comfortable and warm, but that was a good month away so he brushed it off and went along to make breakfast for the two of them.

Coming back and trotting into the kitchen Hunter looked up wondering where his food was. “Alright, alright.” He said quietly with a smile getting his food out and pouring it in his bowl so he would stop begging like he always did. Then went back to preparing the two males food.
  Mark / SilverStorm / 6y 328d 21h 52m 36s
Natsuo gradually fell asleep with Hunter's softening pants on his feet, and Mark's eyes watching over him. It was almost weird, being watched by someone as he was trying to fall asleep. But, in the same way, it also made him drift off faster with the knowledge that Mark was watching over him; protecting him from Sean. And Hunter was, too. In his own way.

When he woke up the next morning, Natsuo yawned and stretched his toes out. He felt Hunter grumble softly in his sleep from the movement, but he just smiled. Looking next to him, he found Mark still sound asleep. And even though he couldn't see how light it was outside because the blinds were shut over the window, he knew it wasn't that early. But, at the same time, it couldn't be that late, either. I wonder if Mark works on the weekend? Natsuo thought. He knew it was Saturday, the day before having been Friday. So did that mean that Mark didn't have to go into work? But detectives were supposed to always be on duty, weren't they? Or maybe someone would take over for him while he was gone; someone who only worked weekends, and every other Friday. Or something like that. Were there people in that field who did that?

Slowly, Natsuo sat up, leaning back on his pillows. He drew his feet out from underneath Hunter, impressed with how heavy a sleeper the pup was. He barely budged, and only one of his ears did a little quirk. The raven haired male knew the pup was listening, even if it was subconscious. Always alert, aren't they? He thought. After another moment, he slid his feet out from under the blankets and touched them to the floor, careful not to rustle the blankets too much as he didn't want to wake the other male up. When he was sure he hadn't disturbed either of them, he crept as silently as he could out of the room, toward the bathroom.
  //Natsuo// / Charm / 6y 330d 19h 16m 3s
Watching Nat and Hunter for a moment before he climbed into the bed he smiled at the two, they were like a family almost, the three of them but he couldn’t really picture the boy as the same kind of family as Hunter was. He figured because Hunter was a dog and Nat was a person but there had to be more to it than that. The tired eyes that met his own made Mark’s smile stretch to his eyes a soft gentle one, he liked seeing the raven haired male like this, comfortable and he didn’t look like he had any reason to be afraid. Which was good for him. The bedroom door slightly cracked open and Hunter spread over the pair’s feet at the base of the bed, Mark looked back to Nat. “Yeah…” He said quietly in return.

Letting his body completely relax he watched the boy beside him drift to sleep and when he was sure he was out cold, he brushed the bangs from his eyes out of instinct for some reason, Hunter jumped off the bed after an hour stepping on the both of them and Mark woke up not realizing he’d fallen asleep watching as the pup trotted out of the room and nosed open the door to Mark’s office. Brushing it off he sighed to himself and rolled on his back realizing the distance between the two wasn’t as large as it was before. Turning on his side, his hair draped across his back, his back towards the boy finding only the comfortable position, in no way was he trying to ignore the other. He could feel the warmth that was hard to ignore and it was rather nice having the warmth there…
  Mark / SilverStorm / 6y 331d 16h 54m 7s

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