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Natsuo stared at the shadows in his lap for what could have been hours, but he had lost track of time. His mind wandered, not to anything of substance, but into his own head. Inside, he was hiding from his own thoughts, from his own memories...from everything. Hiding from a family that had left him behind; from other families that hadn't wanted him. Hiding from a brother who didn't want to be a brother; hiding from himself. He didn't want to remember his parents dying; he wanted to forget they ever existed. He didn't want to remember the countless foster families. He didn't want to remember the brother who made him into a toy; he wanted Sean to disappear. He didn't want to remember his own loneliness, and his feelings of being forgotten... So he kept it all tucked away, in sealed off boxes inside of his head. And just as he was about to reopen them-

Natsuo nearly jumped when he heard Mark's voice on the other side of the door, however small. His eyes flicked back behind him to stare at the wood, and he could almost hear the other male's soft breathing. Leaning back against the door, he didn't move. "I'm not hungry." he muttered, though it was loud enough that he knew Mark had heard him. From down the hall, Nat could hear the faint clicking of Hunter's claws against the hardwood as he walked to where Mark stood, in front of the door. "I'm just...not in the mood to eat." he said again, his voice a bit fainter.
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Mark heard the bathroom door close and figured Natsuo needed time to himself to calm down. So he decided, since it was only a little after noon, he’d make something for them to eat. Something small and simple, warm to help calm their nerves. Taking out two mugs and started making sipping chocolate. He had lots of little things that helped clear one’s mind and calm their nerves. Honestly it was best to keep calm, even though it was almost impossible after what had happened. After what had almost happened.

He growled slightly and then set the things he had pulled out aside, he hadn’t started anything yet, and picked up his cell phone and called his boss. “Someone broke into my house.” He said simply. Quietly. “His name is Sean, he is Natsuo’s brother and when I got here, he looked as if he was about to rape the boy.”

“Do you need me to send someone there.”

“No, he left, his license plate is ******* and has a silver sports car with tinted windows.” They talked for a couple minutes and then hung up. Hopefully he could solve these problems.

Going back, now that he felt better knowing the police would be after Nat’s brother though it would be up to Nat what would happen next to him. He got out a couple bagels and turned on a pan to heat with butter on it. Once it was hot, he pulled his hair back and put the halves on the pan to fry face down. They tasted good by themselves but Mark liked to make them into a warm sandwich. Tomato and cold ham, with a couple spices, they were rather good. Once he was done with that and making the sipping chocolate, which was basically dark chocolate melted into hot milk he set them on the table and went to get Natsuo. “Hey. Come eat something, you don’t have to worry about him coming back…”
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Natsuo watched as Mark leaned in closer to him, never stopping until there was nowhere left to go. Their lips met, and Natsuo stared, surprised, at the older man. When the contact broke, he blinked as he watched Mark stand, turn, apologize, and leave. He stared after him, not really sure what he should do or say...if he should do or say anything at all. His brain could hardly put together what had just happened while it was still on thoughts about Sean, in the apartment, on top of him, then Mark with a gun, Mark holding him carefully...comfortingly...

Natsuo stood from the bed in a swift, silent movement, and, without knowing what he was doing, he went into the bathroom. He closed and locked the door behind him before sliding down the back of it, bringing his knees up to his chest as he leaned his forehead on his knee caps. He wasn't sure what to do; where to go. Sean was still out there, hiding, waiting. Mark was with him again, but then, at the same time...he wasn't. The both of them, still caught up in everything that had just happened, too busy worrying to know what they were doing or saying and why. Natsuo hugged himself as he stared into his lap, darkened in shadows created by his own body. What did he do now? Where did he go from here? Was there anyway to go? ...Could he even leave this place at all?

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Though Natsuo told him not to, Mark felt like he should, the case from this morning had him leaving earlier than usual, not wanting to wake Natsuo when he could have taken the boy with him to work. He could have somehow prevented this… though he wasn’t exactly sure how. Sighing, he blamed himself, he felt guilty, he’d witnessed what had almost happened, and he could tell the boy he held onto was not ok yet. His hands on his cheeks he wiped any tears left with his thumbs, then just kept them there.

Mark could tell he was still shaking though it wasn’t as bad as it was before, he felt the boy shudder and he could tell he was still tense in shock. Leaning in, he lost all sense of what he was doing, closer he got, the less he knew what he was about to do, then contact, soft and gentle, he didn’t want Nat to be scared. When he pulled away, realizing what he had done, he let go of the boy and stood up. “Sorry.” he said quietly, a little pink on his own cheeks as he got up and left the room to go and lock up. Hunter was growling at the door until he saw his owner and turned with a goofy Hunter grin. Mark rolled his eyes and then rubbed both sides of the pup’s face and told him he did a good job before standing up and closing the door. Leaving it unlocked for now, he sat down on the couch with Hunter up half on his lap, the dog’s legs on his own.
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Natsuo couldn't help but lean into the older male when he pulled him in again. There was comfort in being close to him; being completely surrounded by his arms and protected by his chest. He gripped Mark's shirt so hard that his knuckles turned white, and even then, he didn't release it. When the brunet spoke, Natsuo opened his mouth to answer, but no words came out. He didn't know what to say to that. He knew that none of this was anybody's fault, that Mark had no way of knowing that Sean would show up like he had, and neither did Natsuo. That no one could have prevented it from happening like this; that it probably would have happened eventually anyway. But, in the back of his mind, Natsuo couldn't stop the thought from appearing in his head, that Mark had already promised this...and yet Sean had found a way.

Even so, it didn't shake Natsuo's trust in the other male, or his dependence of him. "Please don't apologize." his voice finally croaked out. "There's no way you could have stopped it...stopped him." he said, his voice almost a whisper as he let Mark dry his cheeks. He closed his eyes as the brunet rested his hands on the his cheeks, biting his tongue. The tears had finally stopped falling, the shaking lessening...but he could still feel it. Still feel Sean's hands around his wrists, his deadly gaze on him. He could still feel his hands on his stomach, his chest. He could still feel his breath on his face. He shuddered. He had hoped to never feel any of that again. Ever.
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Mark didn't say anything only held onto the boy and tried to help him calm down. He hated not having been there sooner, the fact he wasn't able to stop this from happening at all. He mentally beat himself up as he watched the boy try to catch his breath. A horrible horrible pit in his stomach dropped as he watched the male, the want to just hold onto him and never let go came about him when Natsuo leaned against his shoulder again. Wrapping his arms around the boy he moved closer and rested his chin by the boys ear. "He's gone now, don't worry your safe. I won't let him near you again..." he said looking at the boy.

He held the boy's gaze for a little longer, Hunter came in whining at them. Mark looked down then back at the raven haired boy before him, if raven was the right term. Mark could feel the boy shaking against him, he felt a strong hit in his heart. "I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner to stop this..." he apologized, wiping the boys damp cheeks again then just holding it, slight guilt, a little concern in his eyes, but relief he'd gotten here in enough time before anything too bad happened.

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Natsuo buried his face into Mark's chest, fingers grasping and digging into the material of his shirt. His body shook as he bit back more sobs. He held onto the brunet, as if for dear life, never wanting to let go. Where had Sean gone? Would he come back? Would one of Mark's colleague's catch him and arrest him? Would he go to jail? Somehow, all of these thoughts went into Natsuo's mind in a hurry, getting tangled up in each other inside of his head before fleeing out of his brain all over again. He didn't know what to do; what to say. What could he possibly do, anyway, when he didn't even trust himself to let go of the man holding onto him so tightly. The soft murmurs of Mark's words, meant to calm the raven haired male down, soothed him slightly. But not enough to make him stop shaking.

At the question, Natsuo shook his head. "Like hell I'm alright." he chocked out the words, reaching up to brush tears away from his eyes with the back of his sleeve. His chest heaved with the effort of trying to cease his crying, but he couldn't seem to help it. After what felt like forever, his breathing slowly began to settle. He rested his head against Mark's chest again, closing his eyes. His grip never once loosened on the other male. "He didn't do anything." he finally whispered. "Didn't get the chance to." With a heavy, shaky sigh, Natsuo pushed of of Mark again. He brought his hands up to dry his eyes, using the end of the sweater's sleeve as well. With the sweater fully covering him now, he felt warmer, but still so terribly cold. And he couldn't stop shaking.
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Mark stared at the two, Natsuo pinned down to the bed and his brother, pinning him down. When the question was posed he didn’t say anything at first, then took a step forward, but Sean was rushing towards him then out the door, he bumped into the wall but it didn’t phase him, he turned to heard someone getting out of the apartment and that was good enough for him, Hunters angry barks came from outside as Mark put the gun back into his holster and rushed to the side of the bed, carefully grabbing Nat’s wrists and pulling a cuff key out of his pocket unlocking one than the other.

He gently pulled the boy up and then wrapped his arm’s around him, trying to calm him down. “Its alright. I’m here now, its all going to be ok.” He whispered to the boy, before there was no proof of anything but now he could arrest Sean or have someone go after him for breaking and entering and child molesting, since Natsuo wasn’t a legal adult yet that is. Mark rubbed the boy’s back up and down putting the sweater back into place as he did. Any later, he would have been too late, isn’t that a scary thought. Pulling back to look at the boy he had been holding, he brushed a thumb over the boy’s cheek and wiped away some of the fallen tears before brushing some of his hair out of his eyes. “You alright?” He asked quietly, if he’d been hurt then it could be worse.

Mark very much wanted to rush outside and chase the man down, locking Natsuo in the house so no one could go in or out till he got back, but that wouldn’t work seeing as Nat had a key to the apartment. It was just… he wished he hadn’t left him alone, maybe then none of this would have happened.
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Natsuo hit the ground hard, but it was as if he didn't even break. He was back on his feet in an instant, trying to find a way out of the room. But there wasn't one. Sean was blocking the door, and the only window wad across the room, and he knew he wouldn't be able to make it. Before he even made a move, Sean was closing in on him. "Don't even think about it." he growled. Natsuo jumped away from his reach, but backed into a wall. Within a second, it seemed, Sean had his hands around Natsuo's arms, his grip tightening. He winced, pressing himself back against the wall as hard as he could. But he still couldn't get away.

In the blink of an eye, Sean tossed his younger brother across the room and onto the bed. He closed in on him quickly, grabbing his wrists together and locking them in place with a pair of handcuffs that probably belonged to Mark. Natsuo screamed, legs wriggling, arms budging as he wiggled beneath his older brother. But Sean held him down, his grip ever tightening. Natsuo screamed again, but it didn't seem to do anything as his brother pushed the sweater he was wearing up to his neck, revealing his chest and stomach. "Don't touch me!" he yelled, kicking until he felt his knee connect with Sean's gut. He heard him grunt, and only had a moment of satisfaction before the back of his hand connected with Natsuo's cheek. His head snapped to the side, but he didn't utter a sound. He gritted his teeth, and spit up at his brother. He opened his mouth again to scream, but Sean's hand clamped down around his mouth, his fingers stretching almost to his ear. This was it. He could see it in Sean's eyes. What he'd been waiting for; why he'd been biding his time.

Just when he thought that Sean was finally going to get what he'd been after, the bedroom door slammed open. Natsuo glanced at the doorway, eyes widening when he saw Mark standing there, his gun raised. Sean looked, too, and was clearly surprised. Though the look faded within a moment. He grimaced. "Who do you think you are?" He growled. Nobody said anything. Mark simply stood there, gun raised, pointed at Sean's head. It one swift movement, Sean was off of Natsuo and moving toward Mark. He knocked him aside, though it was obvious he was fleeing the scene.

Natsuo lay on the bed, panting, hands still cuffed to the headboard. He couldn't move. He could barely breath. His vision blurred as the initial shock of Sean's return wore off...tears streamed down his cheeks.
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Mark one again ran a hand through his hair and sighed, deep and long before picking up his cell phone and dialing his house. It felt weird calling his own house, but at the same time, almost right. When the phone picked up and he heard Natsuo answer it, he smiled. “Hey Nat. How is everything over there?” He asked smiling to himself as he spoke. This was the first time they had spoken really to each other over the phone, it was somewhat exciting. Not that he would say so. It was just nice to be able to call home and know that there was someone there to pick up the phone and just talk to when he wasn’t there. It was almost a warm feeling.

Hearing the other comment about the movie, he chuckled and shook his head lightly. “Sorry about having to leave so early this morning. There was a lot of strange cases all coming in at once, and no one else was getting up to go in... I should be able to get home around 4 today. Want me to pick anything up or would you rather we made something?” He asked, not sure what else to talk about. It would be nice getting home and being greeted by his dog and his... what was Natsuo to him? He seemed like family but then again he was something more than that wasn’t he? Mark heard the other seem to get up and move but then-

The phone seemed to hit the floor, he didn’t know if the boy had accidently hit something or if he’d dropped it. “Natsuo?” He called into the phone, at a normal volume, he heard feet pounding against the ground and something heavier. “Natsuo?!” he almost yelled, hanging up after a couple seconds, grabbing his jacket and leaving the police station. He didn’t like the feeling in his gut. He started the truck and sped down the road, as fast as the limit would let him. But that didn’t seem to be fast enough. He looked at the switch to turn on the police lights multiple times, unsure if he should flip them to get home quicker but this wasn’t associated with the police, not yet. It was more personal than that.

Ten minutes he was pulling up to his apartment. He parked the truck and slammed the door shut, seeing the door to the apartment open, just hanging there. He pulled his gun from the holster and loaded it, rushing inside. Mark wanted everything to be ok. Maybe it was just something wasn’t working with the phone, but he was so very wrong. Turning the corner down the hall after checking most rooms he went to the bedroom and heard protesting, he didn’t hesitate to push open the door and look inside, raising his gun at the first body he saw and his eyes widened at the sight...
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After putting together his breakfast and finishing it up in front of the television, Natsuo had taken to a movie with Hunter at his feet. The pup had lain across his toes, keeping them warm as the two of them watched the movie on TV. He wasn't exactly sure what movie it was, but it seemed interesting enough. It was just over an hour long, an older movie, probably, since the quality wasn't the greatest and there weren't any actors he recognized. An old western. One he hadn't seen before, but was enjoying nonetheless. Hunter seemed pretty interested in all of the horses and gun firing, too.

After a little while, just when the clock's time was nearing 12:30, the phone began to ring. Hunter's ears perked, and Natsuo reached over to grab the cordless phone on the end table beside the couch. He brought the receiver to his ear as he pressed the talk button, answering, "Hello?" Mark's voice sounded through the phone, bringing a small smile to the raven haired male's face. Apparently Hunter heard it, too, judging by the way he jumped to his feet and started staring at the receiver in Natsuo's hand. "Oh, everything's fine. I remembered to feed Hunter, as well as myself. We're just watching a movie right now." He heard a soft chuckle over the line, and he smiled again. As Mark started talking again on the other line, there came a knock at the front door. Hunter trotted over, tail paused mid-wag as he stared at the front door to the apartment. Listening to Mark as he spoke, Natsuo stood from the couch and walked over to the front door. He was just opening his mouth to speak again as he turned the door knob...but he never finished his sentence.

The receiver fell from Natsuo's hand as he pushed both of his hand against the back of the front door, trying to push it closed. He heard a grunt on the other side, but knew already that he wouldn't be able to close it and lock it shut. Hunter skidded past the raven haired male as he dashed from the front door, into the living room. His bare feet slid on the floor as he dashed through the kitchen and into the hall, and into the bedroom. The entire time, he could hear the pounding of boots behind him. Just as he was closing the bedroom door, thinking he was safe, the door slammed open again, sending him sprawled across the floor. Sean loomed over him, everything about him angry and threatening.
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Out by a not so well known area there were three bodies, in a back alley of a clothes store, one, and by the road almost looking as if the man got run over another. 5 people known so far dead, it would be a long day. They had taken pictures and looked over the area for signs of anything. The bodies were taken away but Mark stayed looking around. He’d picked up fallen bullets from each and every spot, they were all the same brand, size, type and looked to be shot from the same gun. But that wasn’t possible. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair and looked around once more before going to his truck.

Heading back to the police station he sighed to himself, to much work, really he sometimes wished it would slow down and it was close to the holiday season so it would, hopefully, be put on hold over the holidays.

When he parked and got out, he saw his boss talking with someone else who worked there, but hidden from his view was Lieke, she was talking with them as well, only apparent to Mark when he walked by then giving a nod of acknowledgement before pushing the door open and going inside to his desk to do a bit more research on the type of bullet he’d found, and hopefully track down people who owned the specific kind of bullet. That was easier than he thought, only because there were so many people who owned that specific gun. He sighed again shaking his head and leaning back. Yep, this would be a long day.

It was around noon when he stopped working on the new case handing it off to someone along with his findings and ideas about it. He went back to other cases and closed them with ease, or so it seemed, after working on the new case other ones seemed to fall into place. it was that mindset that got him further along than others. He wondered how Natsuo and Hunter were doing back at home, and figured since it was almost lunch time he'd give them a call to see.
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After a while of sitting like that, Natsuo began to take notice of his stomach's pleading for food. He sighed as he pushed the blankets off of him, Hunter jumping up in the process. Grabbing the sweater Mark had lent him - the one he'd sort of claimed - he slid it over his head and his arms through it. It was warm and comfortable, though the action of putting it on had added some frizz to his hair. Running his fingers through the raven coloured mess on top of his head, he pulled the bedroom door open and started toward the kitchen. Hunter's paws padded after his own bare feet across the hard wood floors until the reached their destination.

Peeking into the living room, Natsuo found no trace of Mark. But, when he glanced at the kitchen table, he found what he needed; a note, left by the brunet. Duty calls... He thought to himself. He left the paper alone as he grabbed Hunter's bag of food. He poured the correct amount into the pup's bowl and watched as he started munching away, as if he'd been starving all night long. Well, in his mind, he probably was. He thought, smiling down at him. Turning to the fridge, Natsuo rummaged around for a little while until he came across a carton of eggs. He pulled one out, along with a package of sliced ham and a slice of cheese. He set them on the counter as he pulled a pan out and placed it on the stove-top, turning on the burner before grabbing the loaf of bread and pulling out two slices. Egg sandwich time!
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Mark opened his eyes to a vibrating side table, groaning he looked at the boy who was curled up next to him under the blankets. He looked so pure, so perfect and so much younger, happier. He just seemed to be one of those people who would be happy and smiling without a problem. If only that were the case… He looked over to the table and picked up his cell phone. “Hello?”

“Ah Marwin, thank god your awake.” Mark blinked a couple times before registering it was his boss. “Well at least your responding.”

“What do you need?” He asked looking at his alarm clock, it read hardly 3 in the morning. He groaned inwardly wanting to sleep more. Sliding out of bed he pushed Hunter closer to the boy making the dog roll over and face the younger male as they both continued sleeping.

“Well its not good.”

Mark ran a hand over his face. “I’ll be there in a few. Just let me get ready.”

A click told him his boss hung up. He hoped he could be back sooner but obviously there was someone dead. A lot of people dead, and most likely they weren’t in the same place and it happened at the same time, or something like that. Just a lot of unknown deaths that were overly strange. Mark got changed and pulled his jacket on and headed out the door, out to the truck, locking the doors behind him, having left a note on the kitchen counter.

“Something came up with work. Make yourself something to eat and feed Hunter if you could.”

He was on the road sooner and in the darkest part of the morning. After an hour of explaining he got the gist of it and had an idea but he couldn’t be absolutely sure until he found what was exactly going on…
  Mark / SilverStorm / 6y 271d 20h 39m 17s
Natsuo chuckled softly at the comment about sleepover parties, shaking his head as he let his eyes fall closed. He could feel Hunter stand on the bed and walk across the mattress, but his weight was lost to Natsuo's mind when the pup lay down beside his owner. Though, in a moment, Natsuo felt the sensation that the distance between himself and Mark had been closed particularly quickly. He cracked his eyes open to find the other's male face quite close, closer than before. When he glanced over, he found Hunter laying on the other side of his owner, forcing him closer to Natsuo. The raven haired male rolled his eyes before letting them fall shut again. The closeness…wasn't so bad.

The next morning when Natsuo woke up, it was to wetness on his cheek. He cracked his eyes open to find Hunter's face as close to his own as Mark's was last night. He noticed that the brunet had gone, leaving the large pup with the raven haired male. He sighed, pushing the large dog away from him as he sat up in bed. "Okay, okay. Good morning to you, too." he laughed, shaking his head. Leaning back against his pillow and the headboard behind him, he watched as Hunter came and lay over his lap, leaning his head more on the male's stomach. He smiled, rubbing generously behind the pup's ears as he relaxed into the bed more. The warmth given off by the dog was welcomed and comfortable, and it made him feel like going back to sleep. The only thing that stopped him was Hunter's constant panting.
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