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Natsuo raised an eyebrow at the man standing across from him, and watched as he started toward the apartment complex behind them. He was interesting. He wanted to help Natsuo, and even trusted him to the extent of picking him up on the side of the road late at night, and even went so far as to invite him to stay the night. What was this guy, crazy? He shook his head. The chances he'd ever met Sean before were slim, since he lived on the other side of the city, but it wasn't zero percent. Cautiously, Natsuo followed the man up to a door, and watched as he walked in and was met by a large dog. No, he definitely wasn't in league with Sean; his brother hated dogs and anyone who owned one. For what reason, Natsuo had never been able to fathom.

He stepped in carefully after the other man, and watched as he walked further into his apartment, followed by the dog. He stood for a moment, the closed the door behind him and began taking off his shoes. When he looked up, the dog was jogging back over to him with a silly grin on his face, tail wagging behind him. Natsuo couldn't help but smile, and knelt down in front of him. He held his hand out, and grinned broader when the dog, who's name he now knew to be Hunter, pushed his head into Natsuo's palm. His tongue was warm and wet on his hand, then on his cheek. He laughed, petting the top of his head. It'd been a really long time since he'd seen a dog, and an equally long time since he'd received affection like this.
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He gave the other a questioning look when he said something about not wanting to go somewhere. He couldn’t help but sigh at that. In all honesty Mark only knew one other person other than himself who would do what he just did. Pick up a kid and try to help. There wasn’t much else he could do as of right now.

When the boy dropped his eyes, the friendly smile left his lips and another sigh escaped them. He walked around the truck and over to the apartment building. “If you need a place to stay for the night, then come on. I don’t think you want to be out in the cold all night right?” He smiled slightly at the comment because no one really wanted to be out in this weather, that’s why no one was on the road. Except Marwin. He was always out doing something because he never really had a reason to stay home.

When he opened the door a large dog bounded towards him and jumped up. The man caught the paws and held them up. “Well hey there to you too.” He said before dropping the dog and walking further into the apartment. The only reason he kept his dog here was because most days it went with him. He took off his jacket and the holster on his waist as well as the rest of the items on his belt showed. He took them off immediately. For one, he didn’t need them, two, he didn’t like using them. He hardly ever loaded his gun. The threat was enough for most people.

He watched the dog bound behind him after it had gone in front of him. It stopped at the door and jumped up to paw at it. “Hunter…” He said in a slightly questioning voice to the dog. The animal looked back and barked once before pawing again.
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Natsuo shrugged. "I may have somewhere to go." he said. "But nowhere that I want to go." Natsuo kept his eyes on the damp roads as they drove, trying not to pay attention to the other male. He didn't want to seem like he was very aware, but in truth, he was. He was still nervous about who this man was, what he wanted, why he was helping him. As he said, no one in this time era really cared about strangers or what they did. No body cared if a kid was out on the streets, whether or not he or she was causing trouble. Better for them if the kid wasn't, so that they didn't have to notice their existence and trouble themselves by it. But that wasn't entirely true, either. This man was helping him. He'd given him a lift to no where, but it was a lift, anyway. He was warming up in the heat of the truck, and he could now feel his toes and fingers. He could feel the dampness of thawing hair and clothes, and it made him shiver.

Natsuo took the paper with some hesitance, but folded it and pushed it into his sweater's pocket as he slid off of his seat and onto the damp ground, just missing a puddle. The cold had warmed up slightly, and now the snow was melting into puddles all over the place. "Thanks, but..." he trailed off, dropping his eyes from the other male's. "I have no way of calling you. I don't have a cell phone, and I don't really have any pocket change for a pay phone." he said, staring at the pavement. But that didn't stop him from keeping the number. For some reason, he felt a sense of safety with this man, and hoped that it wouldn't betray him later on.
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He looked over slightly surprised by the boy saying how he didn’t have anywhere to go. He turned back to the road and sighed. “You have to have somewhere to go.” He said quietly. Not exactly sure what he should do with him. He couldn’t just leave him out in the streets and such. But he couldn’t just let the kid run away. The reason wasn’t really important as was the purpose of running away. Those words may seem alike but really what they mean are completely different.

Just away. That was a strange way of putting it but with a sigh he pulled over to the apartment where he was staying and sat there. “If you have no where to stay, what do you plan on doing on the streets. No one in this day and age really cares enough to take someone in off the street.” he said with a sigh. He, on the other hand, was not like the rest of the world. The fact that he was helping the kid was hopefully something to the boy. He would have just been left alone if it was anyone else. He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote a number on it. “I don’t know the back story of why you are running away. But if you need a hand with anything, give me a call.” he said holding out the piece of paper before sliding out of the car and taking the keys with him. He was home and he wasn’t sure what the boy was planning on doing. But he wouldn’t mind helping at some point. After all, strange things come with strange encounters. And he was someone who just wanted to help those. It was how he himself felt important. Others don’t have to do things like that to feel appreciated. But at some point, everyone needs to get the idea out there that, maybe, just maybe, someone else needs them too.
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Natsuo sat back in the seat, not really sure what to do or say. When the driver spoke up, he glanced sideways at him through his bangs, not sure what to make of him. He'd said that he picked him up because it was cold out and he couldn't let him stay outside, but other than that there wasn't a reason. He couldn't have been hired by Sean to pick him up and deliver him back to him, could he? No, no. Natsuo shook his head lightly, dispelling the thought from his brain. That wasn't possible. As smart as Sean was, he wasn't that smart. Or, maybe he just wasn't stupid enough to get someone else involved?

"Well...thanks." he muttered. "I don't care what your reason it, or if you don't have one." he said, and turned to look out of the window. He was glad that the car's interior wasn't lit up so if they happened to pass Sean, he couldn't be seen. But it also made him worry that maybe Sean had planned this. "No, I don't." he finally said to the question about him having a place to go. "And I'm not really heading anywhere, either. Just...away." he shrugged, shrinking down into the seat more. The further he got from his older brother, the better.
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He watched the kid get into the car and started going down the road again. He turned on the heat a bit more to help warm him up. From what he could tell, the kid was freezing. He watched the road ahead of the truck and looked over occasionally at the boy next to him. He seemed young and a bit scared. The reason he was out in the open, not a clue. He was considering asking the kid a few basic questions but instead, “Got any place to go? I can’t exactly just leave you out in the cold.” He continued to watch the road and wait for an answer. “Your probably wondering why I picked you up huh?” He smiled a bit. He just spotted him on the side of the road and didn’t exactly want to leave a kid out in the cold. He could tell from the way he was dressed he wasn’t someone to be feared, and if he turned out to be one Mark had a few weapons in the back.

“There really isn’t a reason behind it, just so you know.” That was about all he had to say, now he wanted to see where the kid came from so he could either take him home. He didn’t want to just leave him out in the cold on the streets but if he decided not to be taken home or something it would cause a bit of a problem but he couldn’t do too much about that. He looked over at the kid and sighed. He didn’t know exactly why he was out here but if he was running away it had to be for a good reason. Waiting for the answer to where he should take him, he watched the road ahead of them.
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Natsuo had gotten another three blocks from the alley way when he heard a voice. He started, jumping when he heard it. He almost didn't want to turn around and look who it was, but when he did, he breathed a sigh of relief that could have taken all of the air out of his lungs. It wasn't Sean. No, it was someone completely different. They didn't look alike, and their voices were different. Good. He didn't want to see anyone ever again who looked like Sean, sounded like Sean, and definitely not someone who acted like Sean.

He looked at the male in the truck, regarding him quietly. He didn't know what to say. He'd been offered a ride, and that would definitely help with evading his older brother. But he might be putting this man at risk? Natsuo shook his head. No, he looked like he could handle himself. "Yes, please." he said, and climbed into the passenger side of the truck. "Thanks." he gave a slight shiver, settling into the comfy seat as he strapped himself in. He gave a sidelong glance at the man behind the wheel, trying to figure him out. Why had he picked him up? He should know that in a city like this, he could easily be killed and robbed of everything. But then again, he supposed he didn't really look the part. He sighed inwardly. He didn't really feel the part, either. So he sat back and didn't say anything. There wasn't really much to say, anyway.
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It was late and cold at the time that Mark got out of work. His real name was Marwin and he tended not to be noticed. He was listening to his boss and other employees yell at each other. The case they had been working on backfired a bit and went the opposite expected. Sadly, it wasn’t really important to him he had been ignored before hand and then set something up for what they had decided. Not that they listened to him much but he had been deemed the youngest in the agency and that was a start. He sighed as the chief collapsed back into his chair and Mark headed out the door. He waved goodbye to some and said night to the others before leaving the building.

While he was 28 no one could really tell as he looked a lot younger. The fact that he just went with things mostly and took control when need be. He climbed into the driver side of his truck and slammed the door as well as leaned back into the seat. It was a terrible thing when what you expect to happen in a case that you plan for that outcome completely back fires and goes the opposite direction. He watched the outline of his windshield before plugging the key into the starter. Starting the truck he headed home without delay.

On the way home he spotted someone jogging along the road. It was getting colder as night was setting in. He pulled up next to the boy, he was pale to the point he looked like a ghost. He rolled down the window and smiled a bit at the boy. “Hey. Need a ride?” He asked calmly as if the conversation at his job had never happened. He wasn’t sure why someone was out this late and the fact that he was wandering around with so little made it seem more like he was running away rather than being a street rat. He smiled at the boy again almost in a sympathetic smile and then unlocked the door. “Hop in, you look like you could use a ride.” He said watching the boy for a minute. “Got a place to go home to?”
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Natsuo stumbled out of an alley way, out of breath and freezing cold. His sweater had seemed thick and fluffy when he'd first put it on two nights ago, before leaving his home on the other side of the city, but now that it was drenched in sweat and thinning out as the night got colder. The sun had set about an hour ago, and now Natsuo was almost completely encased in darkness. These streets were unfamiliar to him, and he'd been chased off of properties by bar employees, guard dogs for apartment buildings and fancy houses, and now was wandering around, hoping he wouldn't get caught.

Natsuo had never run away before, and for his first time, he felt he was doing good. Living with his older brother had been absolute torture. Sean had always been abusive, but as soon as he was able to adopt Natsuo for himself, and keep him locked up, he did so. That apartment was like a jail; he was never allowed to leave, and he wasn't allowed to think for himself. Sean did all the thinking, and all the acting. All Natsuo had to do was react. And Natsuo hated it, and his brother, with a passion. When Sean had finally pushed the envelope to rape, he'd lost it, He'd begun planning his escape, and surprisingly, it had worked. To be caught now by Sean, who he knew was following him, would be a slow torture worse than anything he'd ever experienced. And his existence would go unnoticed.

Holding his breath, Natsuo stepped out onto the street, avoiding street lamps as he walked down the empty sidewalk. He'd been more scared before, when faced with his brother, but now he was extremely nervous. He didn't know how far behind him his brother was, and he needed a place to stay. He couldn't keep running for much longer; he was exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and he'd lost feeling his his fingers a few hours before because of the cold. He needed somewhere to warm up for the night, to replenish his strength and maybe get something to eat.
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