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Mark was at the next scene he was investigating. It was a questionable murder and the guy who had “committed it” was one of the ones dead. The reports behind the men were nothing of depressed men, they were happy enough with a girlfriend, family, good job and so on. But the question wasn’t who was the guy who did it, it was why. Mark guessed that there was a third person involved and he was correct on the assumption, he checked the bullets in the gun left over and there were different prints. Normally if they had been shot, the blood would have washed the prints off, but they weren’t shot and they didn’t hit so it didn’t work.

People are getting worse and worse with killing each other. He scratched the back of his head and watched the others clean up and collect evidence. Something he used to do as an intern. He checked the pockets of one of the men’s jackets and found a wallet and looked through the contents. “Jackson Mylar” He read going through the pictures in the wallet. One was of a group of guys. Jackson who was dead, the other guy who was dead and a number of other people. He suspected an old team or group of friends. “Let’s hope its not another grudge killing.” Mark told his chief. The older man only huffed and went to where he was called.

Hunter arrived at the station and paused not seeing Mark’s truck there. He looked back and forth then sat down where his human normally parked. It wouldn’t be too long before they returned. Most likely tired. The blue eyes stared straight ahead where he was supposed to meet someone who hadn’t come yet. But he wasn’t going to move or go anywhere. Still his eyes traveled to the boy who had followed him and his tail moved back and forth on the ground as the dark haired boy came over to him.
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Natsuo was just reaching to the doorknob when he heard a soft bark. He took a step back, caught off guard. He heard the sound of claws on the door, whining, and then another bark. A smile rose to his lips as he opened the door, greeted by the happy Hunter. His tail was wagging behind him, swishing around dust around him. Natsuo let out a small chuckle, stepping out of the way to let the dog in. It was then that he noticed he'd gotten the urge to leave the apartment. He looked down to the dog, meeting the German Sheppard's eyes. The playful grin on his face showed he didn't know what Natsuo was thinking, and he found himself feeling guilty for thinking it. But he was just a dog. He sighed, glancing out the open door beside him.

The sun was rising quickly, filling the parking lot and the streets around them with light, reflecting light off of buildings made up of all windows, and causing him to rub his eyes lightly. Turning back, he saw that Hunter was now sitting at his feet, the grin gone, but his tail still wagging. "I have to leave, Hunter." he muttered to him, scratching the top of his head. He had just moved toward the door when the dark fur caught his eyes. And then Hunter was in front of him, walking down the apartment building's steps. "So you're going to come with me?" he let out another laugh, shaking his head. But he found he had no objections. He closed the door behind him, and followed him down into the parking lot. With a small sigh, he resigned himself to one last task. "I'll return you to Mark, but then we're going to part ways." he told him, but the dog was already starting away from him, obviously leading him to wherever his master was at that moment.
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Mark sighed and shook his head at the boy. “I wonder if you actually mean that.” He said heading to the car. Hunter whined as he saw that the other boy wasn’t coming. “Hey I can’t make him come.” he closed his door and the eyes he received from the dog got him caught. He sighed after they had driven a distance he pulled over. “You know what your doing right pup?” Hunter barked and whined a bit more before the door was opened and he ran back down the road towards the apartment. The large dog stopped at the door and seeing it closed he laid down and waited for the boy to open the door again.

After seeing the dog get to the apartment, Marwin pulled from the place he had pulled over to and headed to the main building. Park, get out, get stuff, go inside, say hello, sit down, and start working was the normal morning routine. But then again Hunter was going to come today so he had a couple people ask where the big blue eyed mutt was. “He’s watching a new friend he made.” Hopefully the kid isn’t planning on leaving, I really doubt he has anywhere to go. He sighed and opened up his laptop and started typing up the report he needed to finish.

Now that he thought about it, Natsuo seemed really upset when he turned down the offer. Hunter must have realized it too or the big baby wouldn’t have stayed. As soon as Mark had thought that, Hunter’s head shot up at the sound of footsteps near the door and he turned and sat staring at the door. He barked lightly at the door lifiting one paw to the wood and whined wanting the boy to stay. He whined a bit more before letting out another small bark. Both paws rested on the door and the sun began to rise higher into the sky. The blue eyes shined with the come of the sun as they looked over the furry shoulder and at the sunrise.

“A new day brings new encounters, new friends, new chances, new places, and new love.” The detective read something he had written in the back of his notebook as the day continued and they headed out to look at a new case.
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By the time Hunter had finished his business, Natsuo felt like he could fall asleep again. But he knew that the cool night air had already woken his senses, if not the thought that Sean might possibly be near. Just as they were beginning to head back inside, Mark emerged from the apartment and came down the meet them. He let go of the German Sheppard's leash as he pulled toward his owner, giving a small smile at the show of affection. He looked up to meet the other male's eyes, and shook his head at the question. "Thank you," he paused, not wanting to seem suspicious with his next words. "but I'll have to decline." he gave a small smile, but in truth, he had resolved himself not to be there when Mark and Hunter returned. Although he already felt himself missing the dog, as well as his owner's company, he said nothing.

With a slight pause, Natsuo turned and walked back up to the apartment. He turned and watched as the truck left, then went back inside. The lights were now on, shining brighter than the ones outside. The sun had still not risen fully yet, keeping the sky and ground shaded in shadows. Once inside, Natsuo jumped into the shower, cleaning out his hair and the dirt off of his body. He relished in the hot water, giving a light sigh as he stepped out. Now-clean, he decided that maybe he had lied to Mark when he said he wouldn't steal from him. Creeping back into the room he'd used the night before, he went through the closet until he found a sweater that was only a tad larger than his own size, and thick for the winter. Surely it would keep him warm, at least for a little while.

After he'd dressed in the clothes that really did belong to him, he grabbed the sweater and slipped it on. Without a pause, he turned off all of the lights inside of the apartment, but stopped at the door. Did he really want to leave? No, not really. It was safe there. But if Sean found him there, it wouldn't be safe for long.
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Mark hadn’t slept well. In other words he had slept on a rock. Not like one, on one. With a sigh he pulled himself to sit up in his chair. It was 6:12AM. Getting out of the chair he had fallen asleep in he was surprised not to hear Hunter scratching at the door. Then heading out of the room, he didn’t see the pup or the boy. Nothing bugged him in the back of his mind because knowing that dog he would drag the boy straight back after a few minutes. In the kitchen he started making coffee. It wasn’t like it was unnatural for him to have it in the mornings. He wasn’t like every stereotypical detective who drank coffee and ate doughnuts.

Once that was done, it only took a couple minutes, he sat down at the kitchen table and thought about reasons why this kid would be at his place, well, why he was wondering around like he had seen. No description of the kid came with the case so he didn’t even think Natsuo would be the same kid. But it never really mattered to him. The boy he had picked up had seemed like a good one and Hunter didn’t growl at him like he would any other stranger so that meant something. Eventually Marwin made his way back to his office to change then get his things for work. Uniform, well what he normally wore, belt, gun, magazines, cuffs, notebook and pen. Once that was all with him he packed up the messenger bag he carried over his shoulder and headed outside into the brisk air.

Hunter and he spotted each other at the same time when the older man was outside. The dog gave a bark of hello accompanied by a few whines as he started pulling on the leash trying to trot over to the man who took care of him. Putting the bag in the back seat of his truck, he walked over to them. “Morning.” he said kneeling down to play with the dogs ears. Standing back up he looked at the boy. “Any plans for today?” Hunter had already gone past them and into the back seat of the car looking to the men as if he was telling them to hurry up. Mark looked back at the dog and smiled. “Looks like he really likes you. Wanna join us?” There was no problem in the detectives mind that the boy would be fine alone but he was welcome to join them at the work place. There wasn’t much going on today. Just reading through cases and such. He waited for the answer to the question asked that hung in the air.
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After a near hour of staring at the ceiling in the dark, Natsuo felt weight climbing into the bed beside him. His first thought: Sean. But no, he wouldn't have found him that fast. Even Natsuo knew that. Second though: was Mark a rapist? But he hadn't really seemed like that sort of person. Confirmation of these came when a long, hot tongue licked over his face, and hot breath traced over him as the weight settled onto the bed next to him. He smiled, reaching his hand out to scratch the fluffy head of Hunter. "You scared me there." he whispered to the dog. Taking his hand away, he settled into the bed more, bringing the blankets up to his chin. Within minutes, Natsuo felt too comfortable not to sleep.

Early the next morning, Natsuo awoke to the sound of paws pacing around the room. He blinked, scrubbing the sleep-dirt from his eyes as he sat up. The blankets fell down around his waist as he caught sight of the moving blob that was Hunter, pacing in front of the now-closed door. When he checked the clock beside the bed, it read 5:56AM. Almost six int he morning. With a sigh, he ran a hand through his hair, and stood from the bed. Noticing the antsy way Hunter was moving, he could only guess what he wanted.

He grabbed onto the collar around the dog's next as he opened the door, and felt him lurch forward some; he wanted to get to his owner. "Shh. We have to let Mark sleep." he whispered to the German Sheppard as they moved down the hall to the front door. He grabbed the obvious leash, attached it to Hunter's collar, and stared at the door. What if Sean was outside? What if he was waiting for this? Natsuo shook his head. No. Impossible. With a deep breath, he opened the front door, holding onto Hunter's leash, and took him out into the cool morning air.
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Marwin was leaning back in his seat thinking about the case as he read it. Abnormal, ye, crazy back story, covered, interesting, more than he had seen in a while. With a small smile he shook his head. He hadn’t heard the boy when he had asked about the room. It was getting later and later with every time he flipped back and forth. Soon enough his eyes drifted to the corner of the screen where the time was held. 1:43. He sighed. It had been almost 3 hours since he started reading this. He pushed the laptop back onto the counter and rubbed his temples. He had expected this. With a sigh he got up from his chair to check on the boy he had picked up. Opening the door slowly and quietly he watched his dog raise his head from the pillow next the Natsuo. Mike held a finger to his lips to tell him to be quiet and Hunter laid his head back next to the raven hair.

He closed the door behind him and headed to the kitchen. He grabbed a small snack and went back to the office to read over the case once more.

Case report:

Unreported Kidnapping by Guardian of Kidnapped child

A young teenager disappeared from an apartment building, suspected kidnapping. Show of struggle.

He wasn’t sure what to think of this. Kidnappings were normal and he’s solved them before but there were a couple lines in here that perked his curiosity. For one thing the guardian of the child wasn’t concerned at all. This was turned in this morning by a caring neighbor. He read the line aloud. “The guardian of the boy says that he will find the boy himself and refuses assistance. There have been reports of a boy being seen in the apartment but never really outside. ‘I’ve seen him walking around before, he just seems upset.’ The boy is reported to be an orphan but no one knows anything else about him.” Mark shut the laptop and figured he’d need some rest. They can’t help with a case they don’t know a reason behind but the fact the guardian didn’t want help. That wasn’t making any sense. He rubbed his eyes before laying back in the chair, letting his eyes close, and drifting to sleep.
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Natsuo raised an eyebrow at the male sitting across from him as he pet the dog in front of him. He wanted to know his current situation. Why? Why was he so interested in Natsuo's family and his issues and his life? He was just spending the night. He had just picked him up off of the cold, damp streets, and now he was asking for his life story? He took a deep breath. No sense getting worked up over this, since he was only staying that night. He would be gone in the morning. Or...maybe two? No more than three! "If something serious happens, like I'm sure it will," he paused, glancing up to meet the other's gaze. "I probably won't be here long enough for you to hear the whole story." he dropped his eyes to his lap where the dog's head no rested. Hunter grinned up at him, and Natsuo returned it with a small smile, scratching behind his ears.

Standing at the other male's statement, he followed him down a hallway, hearing Hunter padding along behind them, into a bedroom. It wasn't really furnished, just a bed and a dresser and a closet. The bed was made and looked comfy, but like one that might be stiff from lack of use. The desk was a little dusty, but looked like it was being used, and the closet door was closed, leading him to believe that that was definitely being used. "This isn't your room." he said slowly. "So why do you keep all of your things in here?" he asked as he turned around, but found that he and Hunter were the only ones left in the room.

With a sigh, Natsuo sat down on the end of the bed, petting the dog again. This man was helping him, and wanted his story in returned. But did that give Natsuo any right to want to know his story, too?
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Looking up he realized the boy was smiling. Calming smile, it was good he could though his eyes showed a hint of sadness within them. The dog looked up to the boy and started wagging its tail as if it wanted to be friends with the boy. Mark smiled, glad he had such a welcoming pet. He must have done something right in that manner. He looked up again when the boy spoke. It may not have been his business but he was making it so it was. There was no doubt in his mind he could get that done. But a sigh escaped his lips as he sank back into the seat of the couch. Hunter had gotten up and walked over to the boy thoroughly entranced by the newcomer. “Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that we are making it our business by letting you stay here as long as you need.” he stated. No sense of anger or charisma in his voice, just a fact being put into open air. “I understand the need for privacy so I won’t bug about the family issues carrying on for you, but if something does happen, I would need to know what is going on or at least Hunter needs to.” He added this on when the last of his words had settled in and then smiled as the dog tilted his head over when he heard his name.

He collected his hands behind his head and watched Natsuo in front of him for a minute before he let his eyes fall shut. He was calming down from today but it wasn’t anything abnormal. Everyone was a bit bugged by the background from the newest case. Of coarse Mark was the one who had to read between the lines with the outline. That was all they had at the moment. He looked over again as his dog was laying his head in the boys lap watching the others eyes. “You must be tired, I’ll show you where you can sleep.” He said standing up and going past the kitchen to a hallway where the bedroom and bathroom was. Once Natsuo came after him he showed him into the bedroom. It had two rooms but the other had been made into an office so the bed room was normally the guest room and Marwin slept in his office. People thought that was his main room but controversial. Once the boy was in he turned and headed into his office to start working. He pulled up the case on his laptop and began to read it over again. He’d be up late again.
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Natsuo gave a light shrug at the other male's words, stepping out of his way as he went for the sink. Even though Mark had already finished his drink, Natsuo was only done with his. Though the liquid was hot and sugary, and the taste was fine as well, he felt an odd sense that maybe he shouldn't really be drinking it. He set the mug down on the counter, and by the man's words, he didn't really want it anymore either. As if he'd just lost his appetite. "I'm glad you see me that way, because I don't really want to come off as a bad person or anything." he said, and glanced down at the dog. He seemed so entranced, so completely devoted to his master - no, his human, rather - and it made him smile without realizing. Having someone around you like this dog would be amazing. They needed you just as much as you grew to need them.

But when Mark spoke again, Natsuo felt his stomach turn. The smile dropped from his face, and his eyes to the floor. "Not to be rude, but..." he trailed off, his voice a tad quieter than it had been before. "But, I don't really think that's any of your business." he glanced up and met the other male's eyes, and gave a light sigh. "But I suppose that I don't have any business being here, either." Slowly, he walked over and took a seat in a chair across from the other male, and was surprised to find that Hunter stood and came over to sniff him. He scratched under the dog's chin softly.

"I have a lot of family problems." he finally said. "It's all just...too complicated."
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Mark was finishing up his drink as he watched the boy smile. To him, people looked better when they smiled, you could see it in their eyes. But he couldn’t really see the light or the life in Natsuo’s eyes. It was curious to him. He didn’t know what had happened to this boy and his job skills were kicking in. Why this, why that, what does this mean. Questions flooded his mind but eventually he mentally shut the door to them and moved on. Still the thoughts tried to find another way in but he snapped out of it when the boy spoke again. A smile crept to his lips and he shook his head. “If I have this straight…” He started standing to put his cup in the sink. “You have no where to go, nothing to repay me with and you don’t seem like the kind of kid who’d steal.” He shrugged. “If you have no where to go, I don’t think Hunter would mind having a guest.” he joked. “If you steal something, I’ll just track you down.” Again, joking about the job. He figured it wasn’t the best idea to bring it up but words were words and they had already been thrown out there.

“But. If you stay, I am curious to know why your running away.” He walked over to the couch and leaned on the back of it and Hunter lifted his head, his tail still going crazy, to watch Marwin as he did so. He watched the boy carefully. He could tell there was a sense of nervousness in his body language and such, but also there was a tense sound to his voice so he guessed that where ever he may have been before wasn’t a good place. At all. But that wasn’t information he had so he wasn’t going to make any assumptions just yet.
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Natsuo nodded at the other man as he spoke. He didn't know what to say at first, but it didn't take long to think of something right to say. "I'm glad you did." he said. And he meant it almost completely. This man had helped him escape Sean's clutches for another night, possibly elude him for another few days. He could find himself out of the city before Sean even realized anything. Maybe. But then, what if Sean knew where he was, was watching him right that second? What if he didn't care about the man sitting across from him, about his life, his career, his family? What if Sean just cared about getting Natsuo back, and how he did it was something else entirely? Something that didn't matter to him.

Natsuo almost shuddered. He took a long mouthful of the drink in his hands, suddenly feeling more uneasy - not for himself, but for Mark. His life could very well be in jeopardy because he'd picked him up. Sean could be angry that the other male had taken away his chance for getting Natsuo back. He mentally kicked himself. He needed to stop thinking about this. Stop worrying about where Sean was, what he was doing, what he was thinking, what he was planning. He just needed to stop; needed to get it out of his system, and Sean out of his head. But how did one forget so easily something that had been with him so long?

Looking over to meet the dog's eyes from in the other room, he gave Hunter a soft smile. "I don't know if I'll be able to repay you." he told the man, and gave a half smile. "But I'll be out of your hair some time tomorrow, if that's alright? And, I wont steal anything." he added hurriedly. I promise I wont touch anything."
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Mark smiled a bit at the thanks and took a sip from his mug then put it down. The dog nuzzled his stomach and he looked down scratching the back of the animal’s neck. He looked up at the boy when he spoke again. He didn’t really need thanks he just thought it necessary because it was pretty bad out there and only supposed to get worse as the week went on. “No problem. I didn’t think it was right to just leave you hanging out there.” He told Natsuo as it was. “My job is pretty much picking things up and finding out about them till the case if closed.” That could be taken as a warning or as just a statement of fact. He didn’t care which it went across as.

He smiled again at the boy then watched his dog go over to the other and lay his head on the boys lap. He was wagging his tail a lot at the newcomer, this gave Mark the idea that he was ok with the newbie in their house. No real need to be cautious I suppose He thought leaning back in his chair. He couldn’t help but still want to know the reason behind him being out in the cold. He took another sip from his cup and relaxed himself a bit, it was his own home after all.

After Hunter got the attention he desired he went back over to the bed next to the sofa and laid down his tail still wagging as he stared at Natsuo. Mike guessed he was just as curious about the other male as much as the brunette was.
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Natsuo watched as the dog caught the sound of a bag, and left him kneeling at the front door. He stared after him for a few minutes before he stood back up, dusting off his shins before stepping into the apartment. When heard the sound of the man's voice again, he felt a bit cautious, but telling him his name wasn't going to suddenly alert Sean to his whereabouts. No, that was impossible and insane. He shook his head, gave a shrug. "My name is Natsuo." he said, and paused. "Um, you can call me whatever. I don't care." he shrugged again, and walked into the kitchen. He caught a glimpse of Hunter devouring his food, and it made him want to laugh again; it looked like he hadn't eaten in days. But he didn't laugh. He didn't want to make himself seem too childish to this man, not more than he already did.

He nodded when the other made mention of the drink with motions, and picked up one of the mugs. "Thank you." he said, nodded, and turned his eyes down to stare into the liquid. It was mostly clear, but slightly cloudy. A bit weary, Natsuo looked up to make sure that this was okay before he took a sip himself. He didn't know what the other man had put in this, but he'd watched him put the same thing in both mugs. If this was some sort of drug, then the other man wouldn't be completely sober, either. "Thank you." he finally mustered out. (#780ced "For this." he turned his eyes back down to the drink. "And for picking me up. And not just dropping me off...somewhere random."
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He turned completely to see that Hunter was getting acquainted with the boy he had picked up. Mark smiled seeing that he had taken him up on his offer. Going into the kitchen he turned on some water to boil then went to one of the lower cabinets to get some food for the German Sheppard. When the dog heard the bag moving his ears perked and he bounded over to the man who had put the bowel down. Stroking the dogs fur by his neck then down his back he turned back to the other man standing in his apartment. “I don’t believe I caught your name.” He stated. “I’m Marwin, but you can just call me Mark. Most people do.” He smiled at the other and pulled two mugs down and put some powder into both cups.

He figured the raven haired male thought he was insane picking up someone off the side of the road. But that didn’t bug him. Pouring some of the hot water into each mug he put them on the table. He had a thing for making things up himself with the help of the science department then sent their ideas out to companies, like the drink on the table now. It was just water and a type of sugar that added a flavor and something to help your body recover from some things. He had to admit it was a good idea for a drink, there wasn’t much you could do with that sort of thing.

While he waited for the boys answer the large dog had finished his food and trotted over and taken a seat beside his owner staring at the new boy in the house while he rested his head on Marks lap. The owner smiled down at the dog and pet his head gently before returning his eyes to the other boys.
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