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Natsuo nodded at Marks offer to return to his apartment, settling back in the passenger's seat. It was comfortable, and with Hunter trying to clean his face, he let a laugh slip through his lips. These people - well, Mark and Hunter - made him He felt like he could trust them, that even with the one night they'd known each other, they still cared about him. And what was just said was proof. It was different from the foster homes he'd been in. Instead of having his new potential parents sizing him up, regarding him all of the time, trying to figure out his every more before deciding whether or not they were happy with him, Mark had just decided that he seemed like a good person and taken him in without a second thought.

Gently, Natsuo pushed Hunter off of him, having him sit between his legs like he'd been doing before as they drove. When they reached the apartment, Hunter was almost eager to get out. Natsuo opened his door before taking off his seat belt and watched the German Sheppard jump down from inside of the truck, chase his tail in three circles, then lay on the ground as he waited for Natsuo to come down himself. With a small chuckle and a shake of his head, Natsuo climbed down from the truck and bent over to scratch Hunter's eats before he jumped up and ran around the other side to greet Mark.

The three of them walked back up to the apartment together, Hunter leading the way with a wagging tail swishing close to Natsuo's knees. Finally inside, Hunter raced to the back of the apartment where the kitchen was, and a thought came to Natsuo's mind. "He hasn't been fed yet." he gave a small chuckle, seeing Hunter's head pop out of the doorway to watch if either of them were coming after him. "I can do it." he smiled up at Mark. "I'm sure Hunter will direct me to where everything is, anyway."
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He smiled at the shock in the boy’s voice. It was obvious he couldn’t believe him. He nodded at the question then a look came over the boy, disbelief maybe. That wasn’t to big of a surprise to Mark at all. He then chuckled getting the next comment. He didn’t doubt the part where he had enough of that. “I’m sure you have moved around a lot, but if you stick around with us you wouldn’t have to move again.” He made his words sincere. He didn’t want the thought crossing his mind that he was kidding. When he had found the kid, he looked frail and broken walking in the cold, scared of the darker haired male. He let his eyes slide to the dog again when he started to smooth out the hairs on his head. He could see the smile peaking from under the untamed hair he had hanging over his eyes. He could see that the boy had no words to say to the offers. He could be thinking of maybe going to the bus stop but he doubted he really wanted to.

He looked out of the windshield, it was dark in here, few cars scattered around and old lights on some of the posts. He felt secure, he could see his surroundings and obviously he had other ideas of what was going to happen around him. As long as no one came he wouldn’t have to worry or make any kind of move. Then the words came that he didn’t understand at first. He looked over, he could hardly hear the quiet words spoken. Thank you? He’s so quiet… He thought but then the boy wiped his eyes and looked over to him. Again he repeated the words he had said before. Thank you. He smiled and nodded starting the car up again. “Then shall we head home?” He asked as he pulled towards the exit of the underground parking lot. It was close enough to his house, and he could tell that Natsuo had enough of the outdoors today and Hunter seemed happy whining in the boys lap and going up on his hind legs his front paws between the boys legs to lick his face. Mark smiled at the sight, it was cute how attached the big ol’ pup got to someone new.
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Natsuo glanced over at the male sitting beside him when he spoke up again. So, he had two options, did he? Did they include either getting caught by Sean, and running away for the rest of his life? He gave a small sigh, but it was cut short when Mark kept talking. "You seriously...want to help me?" he asked. What else could he be but shocked? At first, he'd thought Mark's offer to let him stay in his apartment was him just being nice, actually expecting him to be gone within the week. But this...this was different. Majorly different. "But, wait. What papers?" he asked. "I hope you don't want to adopt me, too. I've had enough of that." he joked, but it seemed soft of flat. With another light sigh, Natsuo dropped his eyes down to meet Hunter's. He gave a soft smile, lifting his hands to pet him, smoothing out the hair on top of his head.

When he looked back up, he caught Mark's eye, and blinked. How could he possibly say it - how incredibly happy he was? How amazingly thankful he was? This was just...a lot to take in. Natsuo dropped his eyes to his lap, not even to Hunter this time. He could've cried, if he wanted to. He let a small smile touch his lips, hiding his eyes under his bangs. Even if his eyes were only watering, he didn't want Mark to see. He didn't want him to re-think it because he thought Natsuo was too child-like that he couldn't even handle being offered help. "Thank you." he whispered, but his voice cracked. Clearing his throat, he brushed the water from his eyes and finally looked up, out the windshield. He nodded, then looked back to Mark. "Thank you"

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Mark listened again, he knew that at this point he should. It wasn’t like he wanted to interrupt the kid when he was in this state. After the first few sentences he didn’t think the boy got the true meaning behind the words he said when he said we’ll protect you. He intended to get whoever this guy was who obviously harassed the younger brother of them. As this went on he could tell that the boy just wanted the freedom he was being prevented from having. Marwin didn’t blame him and a small whine came from Hunter as sympathy.

Mark ran a hand through his bangs and sighed leaning back into the chair. What was he supposed to say now. “Listen, you may think you can’t get what you want and yes sometimes that’s what life gives us. But you have a choice, though I can’t say if one is better than the other.” He said, not really sure if this was a good idea. He was almost 25 so it wasn’t a huge problem taking in someone who was almost 18. Since he was with the police getting papers for it wouldn’t be hard. “One is, I can take you to the next bus stop and you can forget about us. Or… You can stay with us and I can get the papers sorted out.” He shrugged. “Don’t bother asking if I’m kidding or not.” He warned Hunter’s tail was wagging around where Natsuo’s feet were. He wasn’t really sure what was going on but the pup thought it was good at least. Mark smiled down at the dog. Then looked to Natsuo for his answer.

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Natsuo didn't know what to expect from Mark now. He'd confessed almost everything to him, minus the small detail of Sean crossing some extreme boundaries while Natsuo had been in his care, as well as some minor abuse. With a sigh, he nodded his head. Yes. The last thing he wanted to do was end up back in Sean's care. He offered a small, slightly pained smile down to Hunter as Mark told him they'd protect him, but couldn't bring himself to actually show it to Mark. But when the other male brought up the fact that Natsuo would soon be turning eighteen years old and then Sean could no longer legally hold him with him, Natsuo just shook his head. He didn't know if he should go into detail about how right he was, but also how wrong he was about Sean's attitude.

With a sigh, he decided he better say something to at least give Mark an idea of him. "It doesn't matter how old I am." he finally said. "Sean has it stuck in his head that I belong to him. I'm not his little brother. I'm his possession. And I ran away. he gave another sighed. But his mouth didn't want to stop. "Even after I'm legally an adult, Sean will still think that he owns me. That I have no right to be out on my own, or have friends, or even be outside. When I ran away, it was the first time I'd been outside in three and a half months." his shoulders began to sag against the back of the passenger's seat. With another sigh, he shook his head, finally silencing himself. "Look. As it is right now, I have no freedom. Sean does not believe I have the right to be free and be without him, and as long as that continues, I never really will be. He'll hunt me down, following me to the ends of the earth. I can't just not want to run away."
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Mark had crossed his arms as he listened to the boy. He knew something was up with that brother of his. And obviously Hunter didn’t like him either. His eyes never left the ones the boy wore with fear and worry, sadness and loss of hope. He didn’t like those eyes. When they closed the man in the driver seat sighed and leaned back into the chair and Hunter whined leaving his head in Natsuo’s lap. It was pretty easy to tell that the two weren’t happy with the situation. “So you don’t want to be taken back by him I suppose. I’m right aren’t I?” He didn’t need an answer. “Hunter and I can read things, people, pretty easily, Hunter more than I but you shouldn’t be so fearful if you have us on your side.” He said looking over. “You sad before that everyone has weaknesses and yes we both do to. But our’s are easily overcome, and we don’t really have any reason not to help you.” He smiled at the boy. “Thanks for sharing. But I don’t think you need to worry. You said you were 18 soon. So, just keep out of sight till then.” He didn’t know how he could really help him.

He turned back to the wheel and thought about this whole thing. What had he meant by so much more? What had snapped in that man’s head when their parents died? Was there something else behind it? Could there be a way for him to be stopped? Question and questions and even more arrived in his head. Most the same, but vague differences. He didn’t understand this, normally he would then it clicked.

Natsuo’s brother had something close with his parents or one of them, after that Natsuo seemed fine and maybe that was the biggest problem. Obviously back then they both might have cried, but now that Sean was still thinking back on it or about the boy sitting next to him, maybe he wanted someone just to cage and keep to himself. Was this related to that case? The one about the disappearance of a boy and the man who didn’t care. Was Natsuo the boy in that case that had gone away? He shook his head. No that couldn’t be.

He thought over what he had said to the boy and then sighed again. “Don’t think to hard about what I said.” He said starting the truck up again. “Lets get back…” He was still thinking this over, every possible scenario. But none of them really gave a reason for the brother to change.
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Natsuo looked up at Mark, now lying beneath him. His eyes widened even more, and he could vaguely hear a dog's bark in the background. What was going on? But Mark's voice called him out of his thoughts. He stood, stumbling a bit as he was pulled from out back. And then he was sitting in Mark's truck. How had he gotten there? When had Mark shown up? He paled. Had Mark seen Sean? Had he heard him? He hoped not.

As they started driving, all he could think about was Sean. How had he found him so fast? Why was he searching so hard? Why had he decided to come to this particular part of the city to look first. Was Natsuo that predictable? He glanced down at the dog at his feet. He was looking up at him, and he didn't look happy either. He silently wished him a thank you, knowing this dog was probably one of the reasons why Sean hadn't done anything.

When the truck finally stopped, Natsuo's brain registered that they were in an underground parking garage. He felt slightly claustrophobic, but said nothing. What could he say? But when Mark spoke, questioning him, he knew he needed to say something. He gave a soft, shaky sigh as he leaned back in the seat, his eyes turning to stare up at the ceiling.

"That man you saw was my brother." he said, and his mouth finally felt dry. "When we were little, our parents died. Well, I was younger, so I didn't understand very well. But Sean...changed. Actually, I don't really remember him any other way than he is right now." he paused, considering this. He didn't remember Sean before his angry, abusive self. "He was always angry after our parents deaths. He liked to hit the other kids in our foster homes. We got moved around so much, from family to family, because he couldn't keep his tempter. He still can't. He's abusive and cruel and...and so much more." he sighed, his breath still shaky. "He adopted me a few months ago, because no one could tell him not to. I left half a month ago. But he found me." he sighed, closing his eyes as he dropped his chin.
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Mark had gone outside to see where the two of them had gone. He almost immediately got run into head on with Natsuo. He blinked as he hit the ground the boy on top of him. And he was shaking. He sat up a bit with a bit of confusion locked on his face. When he looked up he saw a man walking away from them. Hunter was barking angrily at him and growling. He knew that wasn’t good. “Come on.” He said pulling himself up. When the boy didn’t move immediately. He grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the truck. “Get in.” He said pulling open his door and Hunter bounded in still pinning his ears back a growl under his breath. If that dog sensed something was wrong, there was something terribly wrong. “I don’t need you to protest. I need you to listen to me and get in the car.” He hopped in and closed the door.

Once they had taken the road. Hunter way laying across the back of the seat head down pining his ears. Mark wasn’t surprised. They drove down the road and into a tunneled intersection where he took a back road through it. When they got out of the tunnel it was an underground parking garage. He had inspected this place before, about a year ago with a murder case. He sighed and shut off the truck. He looked over, the boy still seemed to be shaken up. “Ok you need to start explaining.” he told him straight out, that this needed to be cleared up. On the drive Hunter had calmed down and now had climbed up to sit in front of Nat and laid his head on the boys lap. He looked up with the sky blue eyes. “Who, what, was that? I don’t know whats going on but you’ve grown on me and Hunter.” He told him crossing his arms more the sound of being worried than being upset or pissed at him. He understood fear and what he saw surrounding the boy, was just that. The fear of being discovered or found out. Something bad or too good to be true happening. What was going on, Mark needed to know soon.
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Natsuo had been standing outside, staring at his sneakers for almost ten minutes. He couldn't decide on what he wanted to do. Should he leave and never show his face again? Completely hop town and never look back? But he knew he'd end up looking back by the time he got to the end of the block. For some reason, he felt like he actually wanted Mark to come after him; to stop him from leaving. And when he saw Hunter bounding toward him happily, he knew that, in a way, he just had. Natsuo let a grin touch his lips as he dropped to a crouch, catching Hunter's head in his lap. He scratched behind his ears, down his neck, down his back. The dog's tail never stopped wagging.

After a few minutes, Hunter looked like he'd gotten an idea. He turned away from Natsuo, trotting off behind the police station. He followed him in a soft jog, rounding the corner. Out back was a small lawn of green grass, sectioned off from surrounding streets by a six-foot fence, on three of the four sides. The fourth side was made up of the wall, and two paths on either side of the building leading back to the parking lot and the front of the building.

He had just decided to sit down on the grass when he heard the soft sound of rubber hitting pavement. When he looked over his shoulder to see who was coming, hoping it was Mark, he stopped. His eyes widened slightly, and he took a step back. His hands clenched into fists at his sides, his smile contorting into a frown of fear. Sean. The man walking toward him strained an angry smirk, stopping a few feet away. Natsuo was trapped, and Sean knew it.

"I knew I'd find you soon." he said, his hands in his pockets casually. But his posture and his face were anything but casual. "And don't doubt that I will find you again. I will always find you, Nat." he told him. Natsuo bit his tongue, but decided not saying anything was worse than saying something. "What are you doing here?" he croaked out. Sean laughed an evil laugh, and Natsuo immediately regretted it. "Since when did you have a voice, other than in the bedroom?" Natsuo felt the heat rush to his face, and he stepped back again. But he knew if he kept going, he'd eventually hit the fence. "Oh, don't worry." Sean said, glancing around them. "I'm not here to pick you up right now. I'll come by later. You can count on it." he laughed again, and Natsuo took a chance in pushing past him. To his relief, Sean didn't catch his arm, or step in his way. "Don't get too close to that officer!" he heard his voice. Natsuo stopped in his tracks. "I'll be watching. Don't want you whoring around-" Natsuo took off. He didn't want to hear the rest.
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At his desk, the longer brown hair fell down over the back of the chair as a laptop sat against his knee and his dog was laying under his desk. The blue eyes from Hunter watched the back of the computer as the keys were pressed rapidly while Mark typed up a report for the scene of the crime he had been at. He sighed and paused. It had only been five minutes and he was already bored with the murder scene. It was more the after story that he was interested in. He would have preferred it to be a bit more eccentric. Or at least he wished the killers would get more creative. Guns, guns and more guns. It gets boring after a while and a long while it had been.

He could now admit, that something unexpected needed to happen. Hunter’s head lifted and looked to the window near them. Mark followed the blue eyed gaze to the window in an almost questioning glance. He saw the kid looking at the ground. He smiled and looked back to his dog and nodded toward the boy. “Play.” He commanded and the darker ears shot straight up as he trotted to the door of the building. 15 minutes had pasted now, he figured the look on Natsuo’s face should change so perfect way to change it was to give the two of them time to play together. He turned back to his work after the blue eyes beast pup almost tackled the child. That dog had the goofiest grin he’d ever seen on a dog like him.

Once the report was done he pushed his laptop off his lap and stretched his arms above his head. Looking back outside, he couldn’t see the two of them. He figured they were hanging around somewhere close. He shrugged and stood up to grab some of the food that they had said came a few minutes ago. Thank god it wasn’t doughnuts again.
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Natsuo let his eyes drop to the ground when Mark started talking. He felt like a little kid being scolded for doing something wrong during class. When he brought up running away, he let his eyes flicker back up. He watched the male opposite him, and shrugged. "I don't know if I'll ever want to face it, though." he said, giving a small sigh. "I understand that facing your fears gets you through life and all, but...but if I try to face this, I might not really need to worry about getting through life." he ran a hand through his hair, saying the last part mainly to himself.

When the German Sheppard was brought up, Natsuo looked over to him and was greeted by his big goofy dog grin. He smiled, shaking his head. And in a second, Hunter was sitting in front of him, pawing at him, giving small whines for attention. Without even a second thought, Natsuo started petting his head, then dropped his hands to scratch behind his ears. He could feel the breeze of the dog's tail wagging, which only made his smile grow. He glanced back up to the man in front of him again, but let the smile fade at his last words. "I'm not a kid." he told him. "I'm eighteen in three months!" But the man, along with the dog, was already gone.

It took a minute for his own words to sink in, but when they had, Natsuo realized something. In three months, he would be eighteen years old. He would be an adult, and no longer obligated to deal with Sean. He wouldn't have to live with his older brother anymore. But, he knew that even then, his brother wouldn't give up. He would never let go of the easiest thing he could control: Natsuo. With a sigh, Natsuo turned to look back in the direction he had come from. In three months he was legally free of his brother's hold, but he would never be free in Sean's mind.
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Mark had finished adjusting his jacket and waited till the boy was done speaking. His arms crossed on his chest he let out a sigh as he thought about this. He’ll be what? He doubted he would find out. But soon enough he rewrote the kids story in his head and started it on his own. “So… I picked up a kid off the side of the road, Hunter decided he likes you, and we are inviting you to stay with us.” He said putting one hand out to gesture to the dog at his side. “But, you’re afraid that we have a weakness someone can use to their advantage. The only way someone can use your weakness is if you don’t understand why it’s your weakness. And I’ll tell you something, that takes forever to figure out.” he smiled a bit and Hunter shook his head then watched the two men intensely. “In my opinion, my opinion, your running away. And if you never face your problems, you’ll be running your whole life, but if you deal with them alone its just the same.” Hunter was ignoring the words and trotted over to Natsuo’s side and put a paw on his thigh wanting to be pet.

Mark looked at his dog questioningly. The German shepherd wasn’t like this normally to new people. “I think Hunter wants you to stay more than I do, but our house is open.” he glanced to his watch and then at the building. “I’ll let ya think on it, I have to write a report on the scene-“ He shook his head at the thought. “You can come in if you decide to stick around us, or you can show up at our apartment later.” He shrugged after giving the options. “Up to you kid.” Hunter barked to bring the attention down before forcing his head into the boys hand but when he heard the door open to the building he quickly ran after his human, pausing to look at the raven haired man before going inside and to Mark’s desk where he was sitting now.
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It took Natsuo a minute to figure out what Mark meant when he told him "it looks better on you than me", but when he looked down at himself, he found he was still wearing Mark's sweater. "O-oops." he stuttered, fiddling with the ends of the sweater in embarrassment. At the question, he looked up, shook his head. "Even a police detective has his weaknesses. A dog, too." he said, but the words tasted sour in his mouth. He gritted his teeth together from saying anything else as the man walked past him, Hunter trailing quickly after him. For a moment, he wanted the dog to stop and sit with him, but he knew he wouldn't. His master would forever come before anyone else. That's how it always was.

"If I was planning on staying in your apartment, do you really think I'd be here right now?" he said, and immediately regretted it. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you." he said, dropping his eyes to the ground. "I really appreciate what you've already done for me, but I can't stay here. I can't stay in one place for so long, or I'll be-" he stopped. He'd almost said, 'or I'll be found'. But saying that would be stupid. It would be opening a door that he'd already locked.
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Mark told the chief he was heading back first when he had finished making notes in his notebook about the killing. And with a sigh he climbed back into his truck and headed back to the station wondering what the kid and Hunter were doing. Maybe at home and Hunter trying to get Natsuo to play with him, or maybe that big baby was taking the boy to the station. After ten minutes he pulled up to his spot and saw his dog and the boy. He chuckled to himself and shook his head getting out of the car. His jacket hung over his arm as he used his free arm to play with the dog a bit. A smile crept to his lips, this blue eyes bud he had always made him feel better after seeing things like he just did.

He stood up straight and looked at the kid up and down. His sweater was hanging over his shoulders as he gave a wave to Marwin. He returned the gesture with a nod. “Looks better on you than me.” he said jokingly. “I’m guessing Hunter wouldn’t let you leave hm?” he looked over his shoulder as the dog came up behind him. “I have to admit, I didn’t think you’d leave with no where to go. There isn’t exactly a safer place than with a police officer and his pup.” Hunter barked and jumped up playfully after his human as they headed past Natsuo and toward the building more. Turning back to face the raven hair that hid the boys eyes, he gave a smile and put a hand on his gun out of instinct and comfort. It was more resting his wrist on it.

He then hung his jacket over the arm of the bench and reached up to his hair. He had relatively long hair that he kept back normally and he had to adjust it a good bit. Taking the band out of his hair he shook his head then put it back again. “So. Were you planning on staying and getting warm, or walking around in the cold again with my friend here following you a ways?” he smiled and shook his head when he finished. His jacket back over his arm he waited for the response to come.
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Natsuo watched as the German Sheppard turned a corner, going out of sight. He gave a soft sigh, following after him a little quicker. When he turned the corner, he found Hunter looking back, waiting for him. But as soon as he was spotted, he took off again down the street and around another corner. Again, Natsuo hurried down the street and around the corner, only to find Hunter watching for him, waiting, only to move once he'd made sure Natsuo was still following. This went on until they came up at the local police station. He paused, staring at the building as he walked up to Hunter, sitting down in the middle of a parking spot. "This must be Mark's usual spot, huh?" he asked the dog. He received another dog-grin and began scratching behind the dog's ears.

He looked around, finding that - quite obviously - Mark wasn't there. But he also had the feeling that if he left now, Hunter would only follow him again. With a soft sigh, he sat down in the curb that held the parking spot, attaching it to the sidewalk that connected to the police department building.

After about ten minutes of waiting, Hunter stood, ears perked, tail halted for the time. When Natsuo looked up, he caught sight of a familiar truck, and it wasn't long after he recognized it that Hunter's tail began to wag. He moved out of the parking spot, and Natsuo followed suit, standing off of the ground. After Mark had parked and climbed out of his truck, Natsuo gave a light smile and a wave as Hunter trotted up to him. The thought that he was still wearing Mark's sweater had escaped him.
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