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Mark shrugged his shoulders at the suggestion. “Did you have anything you wanted to watch?” He asked. Normally he’d just turn on the tv and watch whatever came on but he wasn’t sure if that was something the younger male would enjoy or sit through. Of course he wanted him to stay instead of wandering around in the streets. And it was not the kind of place you’d want to since there was someone chasing him. Pulling out the remote he turned on the Tv and went to where Natsuo could choose a movie he wanted to watch. Holding out the remote for him to take and choose, Mark smiled at him. Hunter laid down in front of the couch that Mark was sitting on, and had a space for Nat to sit as well.

It felt less… lonely for one when the other was there, there was just that extra person there that Hunter liked that wasn’t going to do anything wrong, he seemed innocent and sincere so unless a big issue arose it wasn’t a problem having him here. Another thing Mark wanted was for the younger man to at least feel safe. He didn’t want him terrified or feel like he was going to be attacked by his brother, kidnapped or something…
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Natsuo shrugged, watching the male across from him. He didn't know why that was, but he wasn't sure if he should ask or not. Deciding on something less than a question, he said, "Anyone can cook. All you have to do is follow the recipe." He looked up and met Marks' eyes, and gave a soft smile. Those words brought back memories. Memories from one of the foster homes he and Sean had lived in; he'd been eight years old, Sean fourteen. They lived in a small town house with a couple who had been married for five years, with a daughter two years younger than Natsuo. When they had brought them into their home, they'd said it was because they wanted their daughter, Jenna, to have two loving older brothers. Sean had said they just wanted baby sitters. But Natsuo never saw it that way. They hardly ever left the three kids alone. Natsuo could still remember all of those times where Adam, the father, had taught him how to cook certain dishes. He's always taken his time, never getting mad if the boy messed up. He'd always told him that anyone can cook, as long as you follow the recipe.

Brought out of his thoughts when Mark picked up their plates, Natsuo was a bit shocked at first, then saw his plate was empty. I must have kept eating while I was thinking. he thought, shaking his head as he stood. He grabbed a damp cloth from the sink and wiped down the table, ridding it of any crumbs or sauce that had spilt. When he was done, he rinsed it in the sink and then left it there as Mark started talking again. He shrugged. "It doesn't really matter to me. We could watch a movie or something?" he suggested, though he wasn't really sure as he followed Hunter's wagging tail into the living room.
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[I still don’t know how to make it :P]

Returning the smile he nodded and then took another bite, it was just that. The next thing he said made Mark laugh quietly about what he had said. “I’m not to confident in most of what I make.” Though most turned out pretty good, it was rather difficult to be confident in something he hadn’t made in a while. Mark had seconds as well but it was less than the other male did. He guessed he wasn’t used to being able to do that with the way he had questioned his movements before he had grabbed the second serving he ate. When he was done and Natsuo was as well, Mark picked up the plates and took them to the sink, Hunter at his heals, he sighed and tossed a little bit of meat in the air, The dog went up on his hind legs and caught the piece in his mouth. Satisfied he went to Natsuo sitting by him, hoping to get pet by the young man.

Shaking his head at the dog he finished washing the dishes and grabbed a towel to dry them with. Once put away, he closed the cabinet door and went to his front door and locked it for the night. Leaving the key on the small table by the door. He would lose it if it wasn’t there. He smiled and shook his head thinking of that. Turning around again he looked to the dark haired male. “Anything you want to do, I think we’re in for the night.” Hunter barked. “You’ll go out once more, don’t worry.” Hunter panted lightly before running his head against Natsuo’s leg. Shaking his head once more at the dog he walked farther into the apartment than just by the door.

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[Teriyaki isn't that hard to make xD]

After helping Mark prepare the food, and Hunter weaving his way through both of them looking for anything that might have dropped, the two males were sitting at the table. Natsuo had just picked up his fork when he heard the soft padding of paws headed toward them, and in a moment Hunter was there, lying down by Mark's feet. Natsuo almost laughed when he saw the dog's face. He wasn't watching either of them, not begging either, but he looked as if he hadn't eaten in days. Natsuo shook his head, knowing better than to feed him any of his food.

As he started eating, he found himself quite pleased with the taste. "This is delicious!" he said happily, smiling over at the other male. "For someone who wasn't very confidant in making this, it turned out really good!" he gave a soft chuckle before taking another bite. Within the next half hour, Natsuo had finished his meal, happily full after even taking seconds. Normally, with Sean, it was one plate, and one only. But the raven haired male had learned quite quickly that Mark wasn't anything like Sean, and that was probably the best news he'd ever had.

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The question about cooking made him shrug and nod as his answer. Sure he could teach him how to cook, but it wasn’t like he needed to cook for them when he was around. Though if work went late and Natsuo didn’t tag along then it would be helpful for him to be able to cook for himself. Teriyaki, sounded good. Mark went around the kitchen for a minute or so getting out what was needed to make the dish requested.

[I’m gonna skip the making of it, cause I don’t know how to make it XD]

Once the food was ready he put it on a larger plate and then got two smaller plates for them to use. Nat had done what he was asked when they were making it, and it seemed to go quicker making the Teriyaki than if the detective was just doing it on his own.

Marwin sat down and Hunter padded over and lay down at his side. At least he wasn’t the kind of dog who would constantly beg unless you influenced him to do so. Looking down at the overgrown pup he smiled as the animal rolled on his back and laid there. Turning back to the food in front of him he began eating. For not having it in a long time, it tasted better than he remembered. Some people say it’s just that if you eat with someone else, the food tastes better. Other people say as long as the food is good then it doesn’t matter who you eat with. Mark was one who believed the first.
Natsuo nodded when Mark spoke, though he knew it wasn't really a question. But what could he do to make it up to him? He couldn't really think of any one thing that would be as incredible as the fact that Mark was letting him stay here, protected from Sean. Especially, protected from Sean. Well, maybe I can do something like the guys do in those mangas... he thought to himself. But, I don't think I'd make a very good housewife. he paused, thinking. I can't cook, since Sean wouldn't let me learn. I can do laundry, and I guess I could house clean...Hmm...what else would there be for me to do? Wrapped up in his thoughts, Natsuo nearly missed the other male's question. He looked up, blinked, and then his words registered in his brain.

"Can you teach me how to cook?" he blurted out before realizing it. "Um, well, I don't know how, and I figure it would be a good skill to have." he added on quickly, chewing the inside of his cheek lightly.

He stood up from his seat, following Mark into the kitchen. "I don't really care about food...I think I like pretty much everything." he shrugged, leaning back against the counter as he watched the other male. Um...could we have Teriyaki, then?" he asked, smiling sheepishly. "It's before forever since I've had it."
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Seeing Natsuo smile a bit about being welcomed home was kinda cute but at the same time, his eyes were not smiling… They kinda looked a bit lonely. Mark watched as the boy dropped his eyes. He is kinda cute… Once he thought that and realized it he mentally facepalmed. Why would he think that about a guest it was plain rude to think that. No matter, he wouldn’t say that, and he wasn’t someone like other men on the streets who would just try and take advantage of someone. No he was far from anything like that. He let his eyes go up and watch Natsuo as he spoke. Ignoring the thought that came to mind only a few seconds earlier.

Mark smiled seeing that the boy was happy, but he wasn’t doing all too much in his mind, just protecting someone who needed help. So whatever he meant by ‘Thank you doesn’t mean enough’ didn’t cross his mind. What he could do made Mark shrug a bit but obviously the boy across from him didn’t see. Their eyes met again and the raven haired boy’s seemed to be smiling at last. Good thing too. Mark smiled and nodded. “Only if you so choose.” He said calmly. He could tell that he and his companion had made the other welcome, and happy to be here. Of course that was their main goal. To make sure that he was comfortable around them. He looked at the clock on the side table. It was around dinner time so he stood up and stretched a bit. “Anything you want to eat for dinner.” He was open to anything so, whatever the guest wanted. “Up to you.”
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Natsuo blinked at Mark's words. "Home." This was...home? He'd never heard the word spoken to him before, never outside of movies or TV shows. Sean never said it, and never had him say it either. Sean's place hadn't been a home. None of his foster families had been a home. Even when he lived with his parents, that didn't seem like it had been a home. He couldn't even remember it. But this...this could be his home, right? Mark had said it himself. The apartment was nice, comfortable and comforting with the company. He liked Hunter, and Hunter seemed to love him. And he was finding himself becoming quite fond of Mark, as well. He was kind, generous, and extremely caring. Natsuo smiled, and dropped his eyes to his lap.

"Thank you doesn't mean enough, to how much you're doing for me." he told him, and the smile grew. He felt really happy, but at the same time, he felt like he could cry. "I don't know what I could let you know how much this means to me." he lifted his eyes and met those of the male across from him. "But I'll find a way to show you, somehow." he smiled again, and rubbed his eyes with his hands to wipe away the moisture he felt collecting there.
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Mark smiled and nodded hearing the boy say he wouldn’t leave. “Then, welcome home.” He said. His family had always done that when a friend came over or someone they were close to came to stay the night or more than one. They would always make it home for multiple people. It was a warmer house hold that way. Watching Hunter be loved on and love the boy made him laugh quietly to himself. That dog just loved people. Well some people. He hated the chief and anyone who wasn’t the nicest person out there. When Natsuo said something about the dog liking him more than a friend, the man started laughing. “You have no idea how many times I think the same thing.” He said jokingly as well.

Their eyes met and Nat started saying how Hunter was really the main reason he stayed. The G.S. came over to him and laid his head on his lap still his tail going crazy and went even more so as Mark scratched behind his ears. “He’s a good friend to anyone who looks like they need one.” He said watching the blue eyes inside Hunters head. “Obviously you needed some help deciding what to do and Hunter thought it would be best you stick with us.” Adding this on made Marwin shrug a bit. The boy had the free will to leave any time he wanted to, Hunter would probably follow him for a while before going back to the apartment. He knew when people were leaving for good. And he knew when to let them go. He was a smart, and caring dog. “I think that’s best too.” He said as Hunter whined happily and his tail calmed down as he let his head rest on his owner’s leg. Mark looked back up and smiled at Natsuo. He was somewhat happy to have the boy here as well. Though not as excited as the over grown pup.
Natsuo smiled, finally nodding his head in agreement. "Alright." he said. "Then I won't leave." This statement earned him a happy bark from Hunter, his tail going crazy and a goofy grin on his face. His ears twitched with pleasure as Natsuo continued to rub them. After a moment, Hunter brought up a paw and put it into Natsuo's lap. When Natsuo didn't push it away, he put up his other one and stood on Natsuo's legs. He leaned forward into his face, and dragged his tongue up his cheek again in a "loving" manner. Natsuo burst out laughing, which earned him another grand lick accross his face. "I think Hunter may like me more than a friend." Natsuo joked. But, in reply, Hunter barked again happily, his tail never missing a beat of happiness. Natsuo laughed again, before pushing the German Sheppard off of him.

After he'd wiped off his face with his sleeves, he looked up and met Mark's eyes. "I guess I'm really lucky you have Hunter." he told him. "Because, no offence or anything, but if you didn't have him and he wasn't like this, I probably wouldn't have stayed here." The thought was almost saddening, but he knew it was true. If Hunter hadn't stopped him from leaving, hadn't been so loving toward him and wanting his constant affection and love, Natsuo knew he wouldn't still be in Mark's apartment, or probably even still in that part of the city. And, hopefully, not in Sean's grasp, either.
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Mark smiled and shook his head a bit. No the couch wasn’t uncomfortable it was just inconvenient for guests to sleep on the furniture other than a bed. He then chuckled quietly at the comment about not wanting to sleep in his brothers apartment. “Well it’s up to you if you want to sleep here or on the bed.” He said with a shrug. Marwin wasn’t the kind of person just to yell and say what someone else was to do. Though there were moments where that did happen around the office when everyone was just being stupid. He watched as Hunter’s tail hit the ground repeatedly almost as if the boy had told him something or he was being pet non-stop for over an hour. The dog got attached so quickly.

“I don’t think you’ll have to worry about sleeping anywhere else for as long as you need a place to stay.” He told the boy before taking a sip from the bottle. “Hunter approves of you, so this place can be your home as long as need be.” He told him not looking up but completely. Natsuo couldn’t be sent on the streets or his brother would easily catch onto where he was. And it was seen before, he could find him where ever the boy ran.

That fact annoyed Mark a bit. Someone who is supposed to be family standing up for you and everything like that is only causing pain and suffering making you want to run away. That wasn’t a family, it was just like a kidnapping. A thought from his friend, who would say this all the time no matter what the situation, ‘This is why we can’t have nice things.’ But this situation was far from nice.
Natsuo was glad to have Hunter around, following him everywhere. He'd never had such good company in his life, especially not with Sean around. So, scratching the German Shepard's ears, he smiled. "Thank you." he whispered to him. The dog accepted his thanks with a lick to his cheek, causing a soft laugh to bubble up out of Natsuo's throat. Looking up when he heard Mark come back into the room, he watched as he walked back to the couch opposite him and took his seat once again. At his words, Natsuo merely shrugged. "The couch? It doesn't look that uncomfortable." he joked, keeping his hands moving behind Hunter's ears. The pleasured panting he was doing was almost comical, the look on his face nothing he'd ever seen before.

"I really don't care about where I'm sleeping." he told him. "As long as it's not in Sean's appartment." he added on, more quietly. He wasn't sure if Mark had heard him, but it didn't really matter anyway. What really mattered at that moment was the fact that Mark wasn't kicking him out, and had actually almost forced him to stay. And it felt nice. It wasn't anything like Sean's forcefulness, like how he would lock all of the doors, especially to keep Natsuo inside of his room all day while he'd be at work. This, was definitely better!
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Mark looked up when Natsuo said something about using the bed. He was a bit confused but the boy kept talking. When it was mentioned it was bad for his back, hips, neck, rest of him, he smiled and shrugged. “I use it just not when I have company.” He said. “So, I sleep on the couch or in my office.” Another shrug. Normally sleeping in his office, it was an accident, but on the couch he was just being polite to those who came and visited him. “Don’t worry though, I’ll be fine. You can use the bed till we get another one or something.” He said waving off the argument. He leaned back into the couch and then slid his phone into his pocket. He let out a sigh of relief as they sat there. The man they had somehow come into contact with at the station wouldn’t be able to get to them in here, he hoped not at least.

He soon got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink and pulled a water bottle out of the fridge. Twisting the cap off he took a sip and leaned on the counter and watched Hunter lick the bowl clean. Once he had, the dog padded over to the man and rubbed his head against this legs. “You did good.” He told him rubbing his hand back and forth on his head. Then when the pup had gotten enough affection from his owner, he padded out of the kitchen, tail wagging as he went over to Natsuo and laid his head on the boys lap. Mark walked back into the room and smiled before going over to sit down again.

“If I slept on the bed where would you sleep?” He asked wondering what the boy was thinking of for his place to sleep.
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Natsuo watched as Hunter led him over to a cupboard door. He pulled it open and found a large bag of food, to which Hunter gave a slight yelp of joy. Ha. Food and walks seemed to have that affect on him. He gave a smile at Mark's comment, turned and watched him walk away. With a soft grunt, he turned back to the large bag of food. With a glance around it, he found a metal dog bowl. Grabbing it, he filled it with three cups of kibble, stood, closed the cupboard door, and brought the bowl to the opposite side of the room, a little behind the kitchen table. Hunter followed him happily, trotting light-footed with his tail wagging. When Natsuo set the bowl on the ground, Hunter sat, his tail swishing behind him as he waited to be allowed to eat. Natsuo smiled, and nodded toward the metal bowl. "You can eat." he told him. Without any hesitation, Hunter practically leaped forward and pushed his face into the bowl, chowing down.

With a slight shake of his head, Natsuo walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, still-smiling. He found Mark sitting on the couch, cellphone in-hand. With a tiny sigh, Natsuo moved across the room and sat down in the comfy chair he'd sat in when he first came to Mark's apartment. "You really should sleep in that bed you've got." he said, his voice a little quite. "I mean, it's really comfy and it's big...and it isn't healthy for you to sleep in that chair all the time." he gave a soft shrug, and when he looked up his eyes met Mark's. "It's not hard to tell that you don't use it very often, if at all. It's not good for your back or your neck or your hips or...or anything else, really. So you should sleep on that bed."
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It was a short quiet ride back with the occasional sound of movement from the things in the back. They slid sometimes, they weren’t belted down and they were for work so he couldn’t take them out of the trunk. He took a turn and the apartment was before them. Once he pulled into his spot he watched as Hunter jumped out and played around, the Natsuo got out and then he opened his door only to be met with paws on his legs. Then Hunter ran to the door. Seems he was just like every other day, except one more person. He would probably need to get something better than his chair to sleep on. Since he was going to be up a bit later again he would just sleep on the couch. He had done this many times before even at work when he was there more than a couple days.

The door was opened and the blue eyes pup ran in and took the corner almost sliding farther than the door way. He shook his head and laughed under his breath at the dog as he peaked back out. Even though Natsuo said he could do it, Mark went to the kitchen anyway. He watched the two and smiled. Hunter was pointing him in the direction of food and then to his bowl. Having Natsuo around for another day wasn’t a bad thing. He was a good kid from the way he talked and acted, not even the best actors could keep that up forever. He shook his head with a smile on his face as the two of them seemed already connected to each other. “Don’t go stealing my dog.” He joked before walking out of the kitchen and over to the sofa where he sat down and sighed. He pulled out his phone and emailed the chief to get some papers written up for a legalized way he could keep the kid at his place. After all it could be looked at like a kidnapping. Though it really wasn’t.

He sighed to himself and waited for the reply from the chief. It wasn’t even 5 minutes when he got one back. I’m guessing roommate sort of papers right?” That was the first line. It worked, the next said he already had the ones for Mark so all Natsuo had to do was sign it as well and he wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. He was happy it was that simple but wasn’t so sure about what could happen with Sean. Sure he could easily arrest him for breaking and entering if he came over suddenly. Or harassment, or attempted burglary if he came at them on the street. But would that really work?
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