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Natsuo nodded. He couldn't help but agree, even if it was weird. Over the past couple of months, feeling "comfortable" hadn't really been something he'd ever thought of. Because comfort in Sean's apartment was non-existent. It didn't matter that his apartment was huge, with lots of space, and lots of furniture to take up that space. It didn't matter that the furniture was plush, that the beds always had comfortable mattress'. None of that mattered when the person you were living with made you jump every time you heard a noise, whether it was inside or outside; when a simple look on their face could make you halt in your tracks and want to turn around and run; when the other person's morals changed, and he no longer wanted a younger brother, but a possession.

Natsuo tried to push the thoughts out of his mind, sitting back on the edge of the bed after Mark had left the room. The clothes he'd offered to him sat on the bed behind him, but he couldn't exactly focus on them. Feeling comfortable with someone...was new. And he liked it. Really liked it. He didn't need pills to make him fall asleep now, when he was too scared in case Sean was angry. He wasn't left eating by himself, hoping Sean hadn't put anything bad in the food. He wasn't...alone, waiting for Sean to come home, pissed off and cruel like he always was when he returned from work. No, now he had not only someone who was actually concerned about him, but an animal who almost never wanted to leave his side, and never wanted him to leave his own. Hunter was amazing, somehow always managing to make Natsuo feel calm and looked after. Mark...he didn't know how to describe him. He made the raven haired male feel at home; like he belonged. He made him feel...protected; safe.
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Mark shrugged lightly at the answer. “People don’t normally.” He said looking after Hunter and hearing Natsuo say something about his appetite. It made the older male laugh quietly. He’d been half sitting up half laying down when the boy had said it and had pulled himself up more, leaning back against the headboard and pillows. Though at the apology, Mark sighed and then shook his head lightly. “Its fine, don’t worry about it.” He said with a calm tone. “I guess it’s a good thing you’re comfortable around me.” He said still with a smile on his lips. It was a good thing that the other was comfortable, considering he hadn’t been where he’d last come from. Sliding out of the bed, it showed he hadn’t really had the chance to change the night before. Going to the closet he pulled out one of the suits he had to wear to work and then looked to Nat, he hadn’t really seen the other change into anything different, considering he didn’t think he had any other clothing. Here at least.

Turning around to face the other as he pulled his fingers through his hair. It only reached mid back so it wasn’t overly long but it wasn’t short either. Obviously. Once he finished moving through it making sure there weren’t any huge knots in it he turned back to his dresser and looked through the clothes that were in it. Since Nat didn’t have anything of his own really to change into, he pulled out a t-shirt a bit small on him as well as a pair of jeans. He had a younger sibling who used to stop by who was about Natsuo’s size at that time. But they had continued their busy life and didn’t have much time anymore. So pretty much he had a drawer of clothes for someone who wasn’t here or coming for a while. He tossed them to Natsuo. “Thought you’d like something to change into.” He said smiling lightly at him before turning to his own clothes and taking it to the bathroom to shower then change…
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He caught the other male's smile, and returned it after a moment. "Good morning." he said, dropping his eyes to the German Sheppard. The pup was definitely not a morning person, with the way he acted. He was falling all over the place, causing a small bit of laughter to bubbled up out of Natsuo. He covered his hand with his mouth, but didn't stop until after a few minutes. When Hunter jumped back up on the bed, he wobbled over to the two men and laid down across them, making Natsuo chuckle. At the question, he turned to look back at the other male, and shrugged. "I guess." he said, turning to look up at the ceiling above them. "I don't remember what I dreamed of, though." he chewed the inside of his cheek, but the events that had gone on while his eyes were closed were completely lost to him.

After another moment, Hunter jumped off again, still a little wobbly, and headed out of the bedroom. Natsuo sat up, watching the tail disappear out of the doorway and around the corner. He could hear his nails clicking against the floor in the kitchen, and he shook his head. "Always hungry." he murmured, and fell back onto his back on the bed. He turned to look back at Mark, and offered a slightly apologetic smile. "Sorry for falling asleep on you...again." he paused, brushing his bangs out of his face. "Apparently I find you comfortable when I'm asleep." Giving a soft laugh, then a bit of a sigh, the raven haired male rubbed his eyes, getting the sleep dirt out of them. He sat up on the bed again, swinging his legs over the edge until his feet met the cool floor. "I don't even remember coming to bed?" he mumbled to himself as he stood.
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Twenty minutes of quiet with Hunters occasional whines from his dream, the occasional bird passing the window leaving a trail of song behind it. Hearing muffled quiet voices from the people passing outside and the cars that passed by quietly. No one really had those issues of honking around here, not many accidents so no work close to home. Not yet but he wasn’t expecting any. Feeling the boy’s hands open from the balled fists that they had been in and press flat against his chest, moving to the side so he wasn’t laying on top of the brunette anymore. He opened his eyes and looked over at him, watching as he pushed himself away a little bit. Nat looked calmer which was good. Mark smiled. “Morning.” He said and Hunter’s ears twitched as he moved to stretch on his side.

The brown eyes went from Natsuo’s to the blue ones his big pup had that were staring at him and the boy. “And good morning to you.” He said to the dog who then whined pretty much dragging himself to put his body where Natsuo’s had been before rolling over and off the bed. Catching himself but then falling over because he couldn’t get balance, his eyes were wide as Mark laughed shaking his head. The big oaf always did something weird. Mark had pulled himself to sit up a little bit looking back to the boy beside him. “Sleep well?” He asked wondering how he’d slept since at first it seemed he was having trouble letting go of the older male.

Hunter’s nails could be heard on the tile floor of the kitchen as he went to get a drink from his bowl.
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Soon, the dream changed. It wasn't anything to do with his lost parents anymore; no more car accidents, no more walks in the park, no more breaks for ice cream. It had nothing to do with Sean; no more foster families, no more long lost movie nights, no more...unwanted physical contact. But, there was one similarity; Mark. He was in Natsuo's dream, for whatever reason. He was helping him, pulling him up. When Natsuo looked down, he found himself dangling off the face of a cliff. Somehow, in the back of his mind, though he didn't remember, he knew that Sean had pushed him. But it didn't matter. Not even the fact that he was hanging off of a cliff mattered to him; what mattered was that Mark was there. He was holding onto him, tightly, yet not tight enough to hurt. Somehow, managing to keep the raven haired male from falling further. When Natsuo looked back up, their eyes met, and Mark smiled down at him. He didn't even feel afraid. All of his fear...was gone.

Slowly, Natsuo opened his eyes. He found himself wrapped up in Mark, their legs tangled, Marks' arms around him, his own hands clinging onto the other male. He was practically laying on top of him, though not completely. When he looked up, Marks' eyes were closed, but he got the impression that he wasn't exactly asleep, still. Natsuo released his grip on Mark's shirt, his hands going flat on their palms against the other's chest. He pushed himself up lightly, then fell back on his side, back on the mattress. When he looked up again, Mark's eyes were open and watching him.
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Mark woke up slowly, it was still dark around him and out the window near the bed. He looked down at his chest, finding Natsuo gripping onto his shirt even more. He could feel the tense muscles in his body, he could see his eyelids moving with the dream passing through his mind. He didn’t know what to do really but waking him up would be a bad idea, that much he knew, he didn’t know what he was dreaming either. But trying to get rid of the other’s bad feelings, he took his arms and wrapped them around the boy’s shoulders and he held him tight enough for it to be noticed, loose enough that he could pull away if he needed. But Mark began drifting back to sleep as well, he wasn’t really awake in the first place.

The next morning he found Natsuo pretty much laying on him, his legs tangles with Mark’s his grip on his shirt still tight but he had a more relaxed look on his face. The older man smiled lightly not moving since the sun had hardly risen, one arm over the boy’s back, the other behind his head. Reaching up he brushed the boy’s hair out of his eyes and then let his hand fall back behind his head. To be completely honest he didn’t mind the boy beside him, Hunter was laying on his side now, everything was quiet, calm, comfortable, and if the boy woke up he’d probably apologize for falling asleep on him or maybe get a different idea.

But… then again either would be ok, Mark could always just tell him what happened, he didn’t remember waking up in the middle of the night last night and wrapping his arms around Nat. Taking a calm deep breath he let his eyes close waiting for the other to wake up, completely calm. It was at least comfortable though he didn’t know why being laid on was so comfortable and comforting.
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[Awe, I can just picture this x3]

Natsuo could vaguely feel himself still being moved around, but the light fluffiness that came up beneath him, then circled around him, made sleep come faster in comfort. He didn't even want to move, he was so comfortable; it didn't even matter that he was still in his regular clothes, or that his socks were on .
As he drifted, Natsuo's mind filled up with thoughts of his parents. His real parents. Not all of the couples that had tried their hardest to make the two young brothers feel at home, or even the ones that tried to take his parents' place in his life. In their lives. No, he was dreaming of the parents he'd been born to, the ones that he'd known from birth, who'd heard him speak his first words, take his first steps. The ones who had been there one moment, and then...suddenly...they were gone. Disappeared before his eyes.

Outside of his dream, Natsuo clenched his fist around Mark's shirt tighter. Inside of his dream, he saw that day, when his parents had been taken away. They'd been walking home from the park, and had just gotten ice cream cones from the ice cream truck that sat in the park every day. He'd been holding onto his mother's hand, Sean holding on their father's. They had been laughing, talking, fooling around. But as they crossed the road, someone had failed to stop at the red light. His parents, taking the initiative, pushed their two songs back, out of the way. But, in that, they'd failed to save their own lives.

As the scene played out in his mind, suddenly, the faces changed, and he was holding onto Mark's hand. He was screaming for him not to let go, not to push him. Screaming for him not to do it, to just jump and push Natsuo out of the way, together with himself. Screaming for him not to do it.

Outside of his dream, his grip tightened further.
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Seeing that Natsuo wasn’t responding he smiled gently then bent down to pick the boy up. He really looked comfortable when he slept, and though he felt a little bit of movement from the one in his arms, he kept looking ahead, Hunter trailing after them. A soft grip on the shirt over his chest made him glance down, the boy’s head also on his chest as he walked. Turning a corner he walked into the bedroom and set the boy down but he didn’t seem to let go at that moment. Mark decided not to wake the other and let his hand fall when he fell deeper into sleep. But covering him up only made the grip tighter so he laid beside the boy and shook his head, a smile still on his lips.

It was like having a younger sibling or someone who you truly cared about not wanting you to leave. Though he wasn’t sure he should think anything like that. Not now at least though he was getting used to having the boy around. It would be a shame when he left, for one Hunter would sit at the door waiting for him thinking he’ll be coming back, and he’d whine when he realized that he wasn’t coming back. Hunter jumped up on the other side of the bed as Mark fell asleep with the other male holding onto him. One arm under his head the other at his side that soon moved over the other as they got closer in their sleep. Hunter at the foot of the bed, laid out over both of their feet…
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As the movie progressed, Natsuo could feel himself slipping back into that place where slumber called. His eye lids started getting heavy, and he slouched in his place on the couch. His breathing got slower, deeper, and his mind couldn't keep focus on the movie anymore. It kept drifting off to times in the past; of when him and Sean had still been little, passed from foster home to foster home. He had never understood it before, why no one had wanted them. But, looking back now, he knew Sean had always done something to make that happen. He'd never wanted them to have a proper family; not after their real parents had died. He'd never wanted them to settle down with new parents, to have a new life. He was so obsessed with their old lives, and couldn't understand why all of those people were trying to replace their parents. Natsuo hadn't been old enough to understand Sean's ways; Sean's thoughts. Maybe, if they'd been closer in age, he could have understood. Maybe Sean wouldn't have turned out the way he had.

Natsuo jolted when he got the sensation of no longer being on the ground. It took his eyes a moment to adjust, but when they had, he noticed he was being carried. He looked up to find Mark carrying him down the hall, clearly unaware that the other had opened his eyes. But he couldn't even keep his eyes open long enough to tell the other male to put him down and let him walk himself. He let his head lean back against the other's chest as he was carried, lightly grabbing onto him, and only closed his eyes for a moment...
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He looked out the corner of his eyes when the boy jumped and Hunter jumped up looking around with a light growl till he determined nothing was wrong and then moved towards Natsuo. It was so cute how his little pup over reacted to the things that startled people before making sure they were ok. It was a big reason why he loved Hunter so much. Once the dog had settled back on the ground by Natsuo’s feet and had almost fallen asleep, the movie continued with the slight jumps and the mystery of what happened.

Mark had stopped really paying attention and was now leaning back against the couch also getting kinda tired. He sighed lightly avoiding a yawn and continued to watch the movie in silence. When it had finished, Natsuo looked like he was going to fall asleep again. And almost looked like he was asleep by this point. “You shouldn’t sleep here, you’ll get sick.” He said quietly standing up then offering a hand to help the other off the couch as well. He looked so innocent at the moment, like he hadn’t run away nor was his brother chasing him for some reason he didn’t know. Nat didn’t look like he was in some kind of decision, he just looked like a kid who felt comfortable where he was. No issues, just a night watching a movie with a friend, if that’s what they were. He hadn’t known Nat that long but he could consider him that, Hunter thought he was part of the family already. Which he could see why.
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Natsuo shook his head. Even if Mark said so, he still felt like he needed to apologize. He remembered being little and falling asleep on Sean all of the time. He even remembered a few instances when Sean had fallen asleep on him! But once things had changed...physical contact had been kept to a minimum...unless Sean was in the mood, of coarse. The thought almost made Natsuo shutter, but he managed to suppress it. After a moment, he looked back up to meet Mark's eyes. "Thank you." he said to him, knowing he probably shouldn't have seemed so serious. But to meant something. Mark didn't mind simple contact, or the occasional invasion of personal space. He didn't really seem to mind...anything, really. Which brought a bit of amazement to Natsuo. He knew that not everyone was like Sean; that very few people were like him, actually. And it was comforting to know that Mark was someone who wasn't.

As he turned back to the screen, he watched as someone was being chased down a long corridor, but he couldn't exactly get a good look at what was chasing him. Clever director. he thought, though he settled back into the couch. In another moment, something had jumped out and grabbed the man who'd been running, causing Natsuo to jump in his seat. Hunter hopped up from lying on the ground, looking around as if trying to figure out what had startled the raven haired male. His tail started wagging and he moved forward, blocking Natsuo's view of the screen. The male laughed, patting the dog's head.
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After the previews had stopped and the movie had started, Mark looked over noticing Natsuo was starting to fall asleep waving back and forth slightly. He laughed quietly and let the boy lean on his shoulder. Lifting one hand he brushed the boy’s bangs from his eyes lightly then turned to focus on the movie again. It was creepy but not scary, when he felt the boy move a little he glanced down seeing he was still asleep. Dreaming most likely, of happy times, then his expression changed and he must have thought of something that wasn’t as happy. Through half the movie he’d still been leaning on Mark but he was sitting up less and less. Not that he really minded, he looked tired and he didn’t want to wake him up. But when the boy sat up and had woken up more or enough to realize he had been leaning on the older man.

When he apologized and said he should have just woken him up somehow Mark gave him a slightly confused look. “You don’t have to apologize.” On the screen someone was walking through a darkened corridor, obviously something was going to jump out or the character was going to find something and scream. “You looked like you needed to sleep so I let you.” He saw the flush on the other’s face and ruffled his hair. “I wouldn’t just shove you off anyway. That’s a bit harsh don’t you think?” He leaned back into his seat and focused back to the screen as the one wandering through the hallways jumped back and started running as something started chasing them. Jump scare type moment…
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Natsuo nodded, smiling lightly when Mark told him he'd never see the movie. He pressed the button on the remote to select the movie, then again to press play. As the movie started, previews flashing by, advertisements of other movies and TV shows alike, Natsuo found himself getting lost in his thoughts again. He saw his younger self, sitting on a plush couch with a younger Sean next to him. They were watching a movie, a bowl of popcorn between them and each of them holding a juice box in their hands. He couldn't remember what the movie was, because they'd watched so many together. He remembered always looking forward to watching movies with Sean, whether it be a new one, or one they'd already watched and liked. He hadn't even cared if he liked the movie or not; spending time with his older brother was something he'd always cherished. Until Sean had adopted him, brought him into his own space, and changed completely. They never watched movies together again, they never ate together again, they hardly ever even spoke again. Something inside of Sean...had changed. Or maybe it had always been there, and Natsuo had just been too young, innocent, and blind, to see it.

When Natsuo came out of his thoughts, he was opening his eyes to the bright flashes of changing scene on the television screen. When he opened his eyes fully, he found that the movie was already half finished. I must have fallen asleep... he thought. When he started sitting up, he noticed he was leaning on something; or rather, someone. When he looked beside him to Mark, he felt the heat rush to his face. "S-sorry." he said, rubbing his eyes with the backs of his hands. "You should have just pushed me off...woken me up or something. I hadn't meant to fall asleep.."
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Mark shook his head at the question about him paying for each different movie, he had gotten it with the plan he paid for, for phone, TV, internet, things like that. With a glance to the side he noticed that Hunter had positioned his stomach over the boy’s feet and his head by Mark’s, the dog was really one of the things that actually kept Natsuo calm here. He didn’t doubt that. Since he was just a big overgrown pup. When he landed on a title and asked if it was ok, the man brushed his hair off to the side as the long strands hung over his back. He laughed for a couple seconds at the next statement. Hunter’s tail hit the floor multiple times hearing the two converse. “Sure. I haven’t seen it either.” He said looking to the boy before back at the screen. Relaxing back against the couch, letting himself slump slightly in the seat. He didn’t doubt that getting freaked out alone with this movie was a definite possibility since he had trouble watching horror by himself up until a couple years ago.

He waited for the movie to go through the previews and the small amount of credits in the beginning before it actually started. Thoughts drifted here and there, a missing child someone who was thought to be kidnapped from his home. Someone who had u and disappeared and now people were starting to wonder where he went, where he had disappeared to. Natsuo had run away, he’d been found and hopedfully he agreed that he ended up in a better place than he had been.
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Natsuo shrugged his shoulders, and watched as Hunter left room for him on the couch with Mark. He shook his head, but didn't say anything as he walked over and sat down on it, Hunter lying on his feet. He took the remote when it was handed to him, scanning through the list of movies displayed on the screen. "Do you have to pay for these?" he asked, knowing that with some service providers you payed for every movie you watched, and with others, you simply bought the service and didn't have to pay for however many you watched. He remembered at Sean's apartment, they'd had it where he payed monthly to have the movies on demand, so they didn't have to pay every time they watched one. Which was quite often, especially since Natsuo wasn't allowed to leave. It was either TV, which he didn't enjoy watching since none of the shows ever on interested him, movies, or books. Most of the time, though, books won. Even if he had to re-read some of them.

As he scrolled through the movie options, Natsuo found himself tiring slightly. He felt so...comfortable. Not just because of the couch, but because of who he was with. It was comforting to have Hunter lying across his feet, keeping them warm, and to have Mark next to him. He had a feeling that, even when the other male was sleeping, he'd still be looking out for the raven haired male. The thought almost made him smile, but his suppressed it. "How about this one?" he asked, landing on a movie titled "The Mummy". "I've never watched this one, because I was always a bit too freaked out to watch it by myself." he laughed softly, brushing his hair aside again. "Did you want to watch it?"
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