A Killer's Paradise

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There Is A Door. A Clean, White Door That Is Covered By Darkness All Around. A Dark Light Shines From Beneath It. You Go Towards It Slowly, Something Thrilling. . . .Yet Dangerous Drawing It Towards You. As You Stand In Front Of The Door, You Turn The Knob And Open It. Blood, Gore, Bodies Everywhere.You Can Never Turn Back, Only Move Forward.

Welcome To A Killer's Paradise.


This Place Is For All Who Wish To Be Assassins, Ninjas, Hit-men, And Any Other Cold-Blooded Killer There Is Out There. Of Course There Will Be Training Grounds, Which Are Located Inside The Door. The Outside World Is Were Missions Take Place. You Live To Kill. Show No Mercy, Or You May Not Survive.


The W.A.O Is A Highly Secretive Organization That Hunts Down And Kills Anyone On This Long List Of Names. Everyday, There Are Thieves Who Steal Money From The Poor. Big Corporations That Cheat People Out Of Money, Small Organizations That Supports Prostitution By Selling Women And A Variety Of Other Selfish, Idiotic And Illegal Crimes.This Organization Is More Secretive -And Certainly More Dangerous- Than The CIA, SWAT Or Any Other Very Known Army Or Security Organization/Team.And It Is Run By Not Only The Government, But The President As Well.

In Other Words, Unless You Have A Chance Of Beating A Super Fast, Deadly And Lethal Killer That Will Shut Down You And Your Wrong-doers, I Suggest You Do Not Fuck With The W.A.O.


The W.A.O. Needs New Trainees And New Assassins. You Have Been Invited To Train At The Widow Elite Assassination Training And Rank School (W.E.A.T.R.S) To Become One Of Elite Trainees To Train For The Finals And Graduate Into The W.A.O. We Need You. And We Need 100% From You. If You Give Us Any Less .... Your Life May Just Be In Risk.

Welcome, To A Killer's Paradise.



-Rank 1: New Students; Lowest Rank. Limited To One Weapon.

-Rank 2: Given To After First Two Weeks Of Training;Limited To One Weapon And One *Plus Attribute.

-Rank 3: Earned After Passed The Beginner's Test;Limited To Two Weapons And One Plus Attribute

-Rank 4: Earned After Passed The Intermediate Test;Limited To Three Weapons And Two Plus Attributes

-Rank 5: Earned After Passed The Advanced Test;Limited To Four Weapons And Three Plus Attributes

-Rank 6: Highest Title; Title Of All Trainers.Earned After Graduation;Unlimited Weapons And Five Plus Attributes

Higher Ranks: The Ranks Go On Until 10. However, Rank 6 Is The Highest Rank In The Academy. Other Ranks Are Given As You Advance In The W.O.A. Most Trainers Have These Ranks.

*Plus Attributes Are Like Powers. For Ex. Enhanced Hearing, Super Strength, Hearing, Vision, Stealth, Etc.

Current Students

Rank 1

1.Ziitron Black

2.Myst Lock

3.Gilde Artes

4.Jason Grey

5.Beau Jackson

6.Igneous Hawthorne

7.Beat Notturno

8.Skye Brooks

Rank 2









Rank 3








Rank 4







Rank 5






Rank 6






-Ariana Takameh :Head Master Of The W.E.A.T.R.S


19 yrs Of Age

Rank 10

Born July 6th

Don't Be Fooled By Her Young Age Or Appearance. Although She Is Young, She Can Be As Scary, Sneaky And Deadly As The Devil Himself. Her Height Stops At About 4'10. But If You Make Fun Of Her Height, You Are Setting Yourself Up For Certain Death. I'd Advise You To Not Get Sent To Her Office For Misconduct, For She Will 'Straighten You Out'. But If You Meet Her Expectations, Miss Takameh Will Surely Be very Kind Towards You, Even If You Do Mess Up Once Or Or Twice.

-Sishimo W. :Trainer Of Ranks 1 And 2.


24 yrs Of Age

Rank 8

Born April 8th

The Kindest Trainer of All. Miss Sishimo Is One of The Most Likable teachers On Campus Due To Her Kindness And Easy Connections With The Students. This Woman May Seem Easy To Fight And Very Fragile. However, You'd Be Surprised.Miss Sishimo Is One Of The Hardest Trainers To Beat. No One Besides Those Higher Than Her Rank Has Rarely Even Touched This Teacher In Battle. The Only One Who Has Come Close To Killing Her That She Has Battled Is Mr.Hitake, Who She Has Really Grown Attached To. Miss Sishimo Always Refuses To Tell Her Students Her Last Name, Since She Was Born In A Lethal Family Of Assassins That Have Killed Many, Including Innocent People And Children. She Hates Her Past, But Chooses To Ignore It And Not Tell Her Last Name To Anyone.

-Nina Salishi: Trainer Of Ranks 3 And 4.


21 yrs Of Age

Rank 7

Born On October 7th

Miss Salishi Is The Favorites Of All Male Students. Most Students Call Her The Coolest Or Most Fun Teacher. And Most Male Students Call Her The Sexiest And Such. But, Teachers Would Call Her Immature, A Shame, Strange, Irresponsible, Sometimes Untruthful And Just Too Caught Up In Her Drinks And Parties. She'd Often Call It, 'Being Youthful'. Despite Her Attitude To Most Unimportant Things And Her Sarcastic Ways, When The Time Comes To A Fight, Drunk Or Not, She Would Always Become Serious And Lethal. Her Seductive Ways Make It Sometimes Easy To Fight Others Her Age Or Younger. She Is Very Skilled In Medicine And Stealth, And Can Be Very Sneaky And A Trickster When Using Her Powers. She Is The Only Teacher With A Rank Lower Than 8.

-Kim Hitake: Trainer Of Ranks 5 And 6.


27 yrs Of Age

Rank 10

Born On October 27th

Mr. Hitake Is One of The Toughest Trainers In The School. Many Rumors Have Spread About His Past And Who He Is, Although No One But Miss Takameh Knows Of His Past. He Keeps Everything A Mystery And Makes You Almost Want To Know And Find Out. It Is Of No Record That Any Of His Students Have Lost In Any Battles or Failed Any Test In The Academy. Most Say That If You Goof Around Too Much, He Will Kill A Student Instantly Before The Final Test Would Begin. If It Wasn't For Ms. Takameh,He Would Be The Head Of The Academy At A Young Age As Well.

*NC's (Non-Characters) Can Be played By Anyone. Just Try To Make Sense Of What You Are Doing. And Don't Change The Character's Personalities. If This Gets Out Of Hand, I Will Only Play NC's.


Rules & Regulations

Academy Rules

~No Pointless Fights On Campus. Go To The Training Grounds Or Outside.

~Girls And Boys Can Share Dorms.However, You May NOT Share Dorm Rooms!

~Show Affection On The Campus Is Prohibited.

~Respect All Trainers And The Head Mistress At ALL Times!

~Stealing Is Prohibited!

~Cheating To Make Another Student Fail A Test Will Result In A Rank Being Taken Away OR Expelling.

~Skipping Detention Or Classes Is Fatal.You Will be Sent To Ms. Takameh's Office.

~Three Or More Warnings Will Result In Detention!

~Show No Mercy in Anything You Do. Anything.

~Follow ALL Rules Or Accept The Consequences.

Roleplaying Rules

~No Godmodding.

~If A Major Love Scene Comes Up, Timeskip Or Continue On A Place Other Than ES.

~Post All Character Profiles And Questions Through PM Or In The OOC

~Three Strikes, You're Out.

~Target's Will Change After They Are Eliminated.

~No Grammar Or Spelling, No Roleplay Position.

Steal My Idea, I Steal Your Soul.

~Post At least Three Times A Week And On The Weekends.

~Try Your Best To Post More Than Or 1000 Characters.Anything Less Than Two Good Paragraphs Will Be Deleted From The Thread And You Will Get A Warning.

~PM Me Saying 'I Have Read And Accept All Rules And Regulations' With The Title Saying, "Paradise?".

~Use Quality, Anime Pictures. I Can Be Picky.

~No Insta-Love. Please, Just ... No.

~I Am Ultra-Head Master. I Can Change Rules If I Want.


Character Profile

Username: Self-Explanatory

Name: First And Last

Nickname(s): Optional.

Age: 18-28

Gender: Self-Explanatory

Sexual Orientation: Gay, Bi-sexual, Bi-Curious, Straight, Pansexual, Etc.

Birth Date: Month And Day.

Crush/Lover: If Lover, Make Sure You Approve It With The Other Person.

Current Rank: Everyone Starts At Rank 1.

Personality: Give 5-10 Traits. Be Detailed.

History: A Good, Lengthy Paragraph Or More.

Likes: At least 5

Dislikes: At least 5

Plus Attributes: Put N/A For Now.

Weapons Of Choice: Up To You, But Nothing To Extravagant. One For Right Now.

Extra Info: At least One Thing Interesting About Them .... Nothing Extravagant.

Roleplaying Skills: Send Me A Link To A Roleplay You Are In.

Image: Link Or Picture Is Fine.


Current Students

Ziitron Black

Username: YommiNoms

Nicknames: Ziim or Black

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious

Birth Date: October 5th

Current Rank: 1

Crush/Lover: No One ... At The Moment.<3

Personality: Ziitron is more of a mysterious charmer.He can be very optimistic and intelligent, Yet an asshole at the same time. He is very loyal and trustworthy, A bit of a slacker when it comes to a lot of ward work. In All, He is still a good friend and a good lover.<3

History: Ziitron was born without a mother. If Anything, he was a bit of a cry baby. His father was the total opposite and always tried to tell Ziitron to stop his crying. No matter what, his son wouldn't stop crying. After a few months of attempts, His father finally talked to him when he was about 8. He told him how wonderful his mother was, and his father started crying in front of him. Ever since, Ziitron promised himself to stop being so emotional. He wasn't sure why seeing his father cry made him stop, but he just couldn't cry anymore. His father and him started bonding more, and he trained him more.

When he was about 18, his father told him about his job. He worked at the W.O.A. Due to certain request, His father enrolled him into the Academy and his new life at the Widow's Elite Assassination and Rank School began.

Likes: Ziitron is a fan of yuri manga and swords. He likes anything cute, Especially girls, candy and poetry.

Dislikes: Ziitron can't stand arrogant people and losing. He doesn't like any type of pie, anything ugly, bullies and snobby people. He absolutely hates being around foolish people who are too immature. Also, He hates people seeing him cry.

Plus Attributes: None At The Moment.

Weapons Of Choice: Short, thin blade sword.

Extra Info: Ziitron has a black and red tattoo on the right side of his body, stretching from his elbow to his waist. He also smokes and is a bit of a nerd when it comes to anime.

Myst Lock

Username: Akiho

Nickname(s): Mist; Mystery; Key; Witch

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birth Date: February 13

Crush/Lover: N/A but wouldn't mind being in love

Current Rank: Rank One

Personality: Myst is a quiet girl. Unlike most that would be seen as killers, she isn't a mysterious quiet though. She is just quiet because she is shy around others, and doesn't quite know how to interact. Really, she can't interact due to her memory loss, which makes it difficult to remember names and faces. Myst also is very protective over those who she enjoys being around, and is kind and nice to them as well. Even so, occasionally, after her memory is lost, she will sometimes act different. More so as a sarcastic and mysterious girl. She has an attitude then, yet this stage is also quite the strange one. She talks to herself during that time and acts distant. Nevertheless, during all her time, she is always protective over those she cares for and is great at twisting minds.

History: Myst's real name has been unknown to even herself for years; since she was six to be specific. Her mother died of fire in their old home, and her father committed suicide. Myst was the last to learn of the suicide, though was shown the body by accident. As a child, this scarred her. What else would a child want to do but forget? This is a possible reason for her memory loss, which could possibly be selective in this case. After this, none of her family would take her in. Because of her golden eyes and odd way of speaking in comparison to the others, they considered her bad luck. She went along with it and agreed that her parent's death was her own fault, and didn't get mad at them for leaving her be. Really, she had already guessed it was to be that way. Eventually, her mind remembered small things from time to time, but only things of great importance, and her body remembered it's scars and pains, but her mind continued to be wiped clean of names, faces, words, and actions. This had no effect on her ability to walk and talk though.

Myst was eventually taken into an asylum for females who were 'insane'. This place was odd, and somehow knew her real name, yet wouldn't tell her what is was. Her reason for being there was because her family spoke of her having killed her parents. She forgot these members of her family. She lost her memory there, then continued to lose it and create new there, being more scared each time. Myst was afraid it might bring back memories, yet still wanted to know her name. The truth being that her name is in fact...Lace... Something happened and she managed to get out with some other girls, considered a felon and with a bounty on her head. She was then was found and offered to go to this W.E.A.T.E.R.S by a nice photojournalist lady, named Courtney. This woman helped others as well, so Myst trusted her.

Likes: Ever since she was little, even without having to remember, Myst has always liked singing. She enjoyed music and never really noticed the changes. Myst also likes most every food that isn't good for you, such as soda and chips. She loves them all, yet must take calcium pills that she carries in place of the lack of calcium. Myst also enjoys games and talking to others. She wants be around people, so it would be nice to be able to speak to them. A couple more things would be magic tricks, gaining friends, and people that can make comebacks in a clever way at her when she is being sarcastic.

Dislikes: Being alone; bitter things; being bored; being blamed; people with no arrogance or any pride.

Plus Attributes: N/A

Weapons Of Choice: A short sword that she carries in her boot, sheathed, yet usually pulls out unsheathed.

Extra Info: Writes important things on a tiny flip journal that she carries in the boot that her sword isn't in. She also has had a slight fascination in males, because a large part of her life was spent with only females.

Gilde Artes

Username: Oddity043

Nickname(s): Hasn't been given one!

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birth Date: February 1.

Crush/Lover: None, but wouldn't mind one. :3

Current Rank: 1.

Personality: Rather lethargic when around others he doesn't know too well, but doesn't mind going out of his way to meet new poeple. Also has a slight noble complex, therefore considers himself a total gentleman; he doesn't take too kindly to womanizers, and goes far out of his way to look out for the greater good of a female he acquaints himself with. Quiet and reserved most of the time, only really shows his eccentric and hyperactive nature when in combat, or when his morals or beliefs are provoked.

History: As a kid, Gilde had been born into wealth for the most part, though constantly surrounded by women, as his father was always on business trips. When his father would return, he would abuse Gilde's mother. Despite all of that his mother had always found a way to pamper him with her love. Her close friends who had always visited brought along their daughters, and the young ones always played together, built strong friendships from the early years of childhood. Gilde was enrolled into a bushido class by his mother at the age of five and became a prodigy in the arts by ten, where he was given a fine-tuned blade by his master with the oath to always protect his beliefs with his life. To not regret protecting his morals, no matter how obsurd the action.

Through his elementary and intermediate years, he was always protecting the aforementioned daughters from bullies and other bad influences. One day when he was sick, around his junior year in high school, one of the friends he looked out for, Mimi, was raped and tortured by a widely known gang to the point of her death. He heard the gruesome news a week later from his mother. Soon after, his father came home and resumed to beat his wife, more brutally than normal. Gilde walked up to his father with a calm demeanor and his blade in hand and requested he stop the abuse. His father turned and attempted to jab at his own son, who quickly dodged the swing and calmly sliced his father's arm at the elbow. With the limb lopped off, the man quickly became unconscious and would bleed out later that day in the ER.

When the funeral for his friend, Mimi, had passed, Gilde went out with a craving for revenge. He went to where this gang was located and unsheathed his blade, then provoked them into attacking him in full force, where he cut every single one of them down in a measly five minutes. The cops arrived to see the road and walls covered in blood, with Gilde standing amidst it with a wide smile on his face. He turned to the police, nodded happily, and walked off muttering a simple, "Do you job better, lazy pigs." From that point on, he worked as a sort of self-proclaimed vigilante, killing those he deemed necessary.

One day after making a clean kill on notorious serial killer/child predator, he was caught and taken into custody. When in the interrogation room, a man entered with a physical invitation to WEATRS, with the given knowledge that this was a place where he could do as he has done without any penalty, and even so much as hone his abilities.

Likes: Writing, Fighting, Napping, Challenges, Trying to read people and assess their lives.

Dislikes: Womanizers, Being underestimated, Loudmouths, Being woken up too early, police.

Plus Attributes: N/A for now.

Weapons Of Choice: When sheathed, Blake's weapon is deadly enough as she is shown she is able to slice her opponents in two with the cleaver like cover. However, when she unsheathes her sword, she becomes even deadlier. She uses the sword and sheath in tandem to demolish her opponents. Blake can change her sword into a gun-blade which is attached to an extending ribbon which she uses with deadly accuracy. With her skill, Blake can slice multiple enemies in the air through a spinning attack. She can grapple other opponents, or objects, coming within cutting distance during it. On top of that, Blake can fire the gun while it's swinging on the ribbon

Jason Grey

Username: Ryuusuke

Nickname(s): Greyson

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Birth Date: August 19

Crush/Lover: None as of yet.

Current Rank: Rank One

Personality: Jason is an extremely intelligent and talented young man, though that intelligence can sometimes give way to an arrogant and cocky individual. Despite all of that, he enjoys being alone most of the time with his music and sketchbook. By no means is he a loner though, if he is pushed into group situations, he tends to make the best of things and lightens up a little, though he can often be seen spacing out or gazing into the distance. One of his best qualities is that he will protect anyone in need without hesitation unless he feels that they do not deserve help.

History: Jason was born into a what was known as an extremely wealthy family in the eyes of anyone else. The Grey family had all the riches one could think of, money, power, and still they maintained their kindness and appeared to be the perfect family. On the flip side, the darker side, he belonged to a family full of assassins. His parents are regarded highly in the world of the W.A.O, and his older brother was is elite assassin, so it was only natural that they wanted him to become an assassin. Jason had gone to normal schools up until this point, and his parents taught him highly valuable skills through cryptic tasks. On his 18th birthday, his parents got him to fill out the application form to become a student of W.E.A.T.R.S and sent him along. Jason came to the school only to please his parents, but finds himself attracted to how easily the mindset and skills of an assassin came to him. Some may say he comes off strangely devilish when he attacks dummies which simulate a human body. It seems his personality changes ever so slightly when he carries out tasks assigned to him... almost as if he enjoys it.

Likes: Jason enjoys spending time alone underneath the shade of a large tree and sketching the scenery. He also likes spicy and sweet foods, but goes especially nuts if he gets his hands on something with starch in it. He especially likes to listen to people sing... on tune of course...

Dislikes: Something that completely gets on Jason's nerves is when people belittle him and stare at him as if he only got into the school because of his parents' connections. He hates noisy, or crowded places, and cannot stand when someone is playing or singing off tune. Though something that makes him go absolutely berserk is seeing a close friend getting hurt.

Plus Attributes: N/A

Weapons Of Choice: A katana with a scabbard decorated with his family's crest.

Extra Info: Every time he is assigned a task involving assassination in any form, his personality changes from being slightly meek to becoming devilish; after all, assassination runs in his blood. He also has a scar that stretches from his right shoulder blade to his left hip, it was caused by his father's drunken when he was only 14, and he was slashed across the back for talking back to the man.

Beau Jackson

Username: _Parasomnia

Nickname(s): BJ, but he hates it

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Birth Date: December 28th

Crush/Lover: Currently Absent

Current Rank: Rank 1

Personality: Beau is a really goofy guy around his friends. He likes to joke, but also flirt, too; he considers himself pretty charming even if he really isn't. He's sociable enough, but kind of awkward, too, when he first meets somebody and he doesn't know how to act. Sometimes he's a little clingy, but at the same time, wears his heart on his sleeve, , which may have something to do with that.

History: Beau was born into the Jackson family, complete with four other kids and two dysfunctional parents. His father enrolled into the army soon after the last war--and died not long after--which left his mother to take care of all of them. She was slowly losing her mind, under all the pressure and all the responsibility... She sent two kids to live with her mother, two to live with her sister, and Beau...? She kept him with her. He was the most responsible, she felt, and could do the most good for her. Apparently, that wasn't enough, because one day he came home from school, boasting about his report card, to find her on the floor in the bathroom dead; died from blood loss because she slashed her wrists.

Beau was then put into the hands of a social worker. The woman wasn't too good at her job; his foster family hardly paid attention to him. He was always out, learning how to get around without them, training himself every day for years nonstop. Then all of a sudden, this mysterious organization gets wind of him...

Likes: Beau enjoys finding things like ties and suspenders; he likes the classical history behind them. He's also constantly searching for new eyepatches as well, to keep his style fresh. He's often seen looking into the sky, searching for stars, or admiring somebody's tattoos.

Dislikes: With a passion, Beau has devoted himself to hating reptiles of any kind. They're creepy and weird and unnatural-looking. He also hates people that brood a lot; they're just no fun. Almost as fun-less as math, which he also dislikes. He kind of doesn't like guns because he doesn't appreciate the way they bruise his hands; which leads directly into him hating getting hurt. He will do anything to prevent himself from getting hurt.

Plus Attributes: N/A

Weapons Of Choice: A simple set of throwing knives.

Extra Info: Beau wears an eyepatch because he is blind in that one eye but doesn't want anybody to know. He feels they will either make fun of it or belittle him.

Igneous Hawthorne

Username: Akiho

Nickname(s): Sparky; Siiren; Snow

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Pan-sexual

Birth Date: April 1

Crush/Lover: N/A for now~ ;3

Current Rank: Rank 1.

Personality: Igneous is the type to be easily flustered by those who try, such as flirts or those who annoy her. She is also rather easily bored due to silence and calmness as well as repetition. Aside from the slow track, when interested in something, Igneous is quick on both thoughts and feet. She has nervous habits such as tapping her foot or picking at the sides of her thumbs some times when bored or frustrated. Now, Igneous absolutely with a bloody passion hates condescending tones, especially from those older or younger than her. She can easily "snap" or is also considered to be somewhat bi-polar or basically a walking contradiction at times.

History: Igneous was born into a family of love and faith. You could call this misplacement or even simply bad luck, but none the less she was delivered into a family of nuns and priests. Any time she asked for something, it was the lord's blessings and the same ol' run around. Ironically, she herself did not believe in these so called miracles. One day, her family learned that she had fatally harmed a boy her age as a teen, and did not make her leave. Her nun of a mother was dead the next day, and she asked her father if the Lord would forgive her for this as well. After this, she left unwanted by even her priest of a father. Later, as she listened to others talk, Igneous learned of an academy that seemed to suit her fancy.

Likes: Sleep; shedding crimson over white; acceptance; people that at least try to be around her; (secretly) flirty people; being given time; philosophy; being a crazy loon at times.

Dislikes: People that stare or simply do nothing; when something is too boring; a lack of sleep; being homicidally deprived; having to wait; hopeful people.

Plus Attributes: N/A for now

Weapons Of Choice: Igneous finds herself to like using a staff she got from the church. Originally it was a symbol of a holy weapon, but she stole it. The weapon itself is basically a staff, though with a flick of two simple switches, it is a double-ended scythe. When switching only one switch, the weapon is a simple scythe. With both not switched, some of the arch in the scythe blades remain un-hidden. Igneous feels no need to hide her weapon.

Extra Info: Many things that Igneous says contradicts what she actually thinks. Such as if she tells you she hates you. Unless she really seems severely pissed off, she more than likely considers you a friend or even loves you.

Beat Notturno

Username: Tannic_Sable

Nickname(s): Deathstroke

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birth Date: December 16

Crush/Lover: None

Current Rank: Rank 1

Personality: Beat is a musical savant, so much so that he is known for his pieces. A modern Beethoven, so to speak. His favorite instrument to play is the harpsichord, but is well versed in most instruments. He is also very calm about everything he does, but can sometimes come across as haughty or snarky. Some people think it's because of the money he's collected from his music, and others think it's because he's stuck up about his skills. Who can really say, he's never commented about it. He's very passionate about anything he does, to the point of frustrating himself. It has been known for him to lock himself into his quarters for days on end to work on a music piece. He's quite the charmer.

History: He was born into a lower-class family. Raised on grain and beans, and taught by his parents. As his droll life went on, when he was 8, his father took him to market to buy supplies. There was a street performer playing his guitar. Beat ran from his father's sight and stood in awe at this man making the sweetest sounds Beat had ever heard. Beat outstretched his hands to the performer, as if to say "Let me try!". Touched, the performer handed his instrument to Beat. After plucking on the strings for awhile, he was able to imitate the exact song that the performer was playing. From that day, Beat was known publicly as a musical prodigy, and his fate was set.

Years after, Beat grew to be a performer, but in the shadows, nobody knew the inner turmoil he was experiencing. Abandoning his family for his extravagant life, and never going back. Now they were dead from having the government take their land away from being poor and having nowhere to go since Beat was in school from performance arts, and he could do nothing about it. To release his anger, he took to sword-fighting on his spare time, putting his music on hold. He trained with the rapier vigorously, until he was able to best his master. When this was accomplished, his master sat Beat down and told him about W.O.A., and that was where he had developed his skills. Beat heartily accepted, and applied for the Academy.

Likes: Music, rain, the ocean, literature, and women.

Dislikes: Destroyers of the arts, illiteracy, obnoxious people, writer's block, ignorance, and arrogance.

Plus Attributes: N/A

Weapons Of Choice: Rapier with a hilt in the shape of the treble clef.

Extra Info: Whenever Beat smells or gazes upon blood, he cannot help but laugh and grin. His attitude definitely changes with the thrill of the kill.

Skye Brooks

Username: Fallen

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birth Date: October 15th

Crush/Lover: None, but wouldn't mind falling in love.

Current Rank: Rank 1

Personality: Skye is very independent, hence her name, and doesn't like to lean on anyone for help. She is strong-willed and intelligent, very observant and sneaky, and very protective towards those she cares for.

History: She was born an only child, conceived to a rich family who never gave the time to give her the love she needed as a child. All day every day would she sit in the library amongst her only friends, fairy tales and wondrous adventures were what she called her friends. They were always there for her. Stories like Cinderella, Peter Pan, and the Chronicles of Narnia were what kept her entertained from day in to day out. Sometimes the maids worried over her, saying she needed a real friend, but her parents never listened to their pleas. One night, the night that changed her life, she was sitting in a comfy library chair reading an entrancing book, her mind wrapped around the words that fascinated her greatly. She didn't even hear the terrified screams as a fire had spread throughout the large home, burning everything its flickering crimson fingers could lay hold on. She noticed the warmth that suddenly held close to her form and she looked up, only to see a maid running towards her and scooping her from her feet, and taking her from the house to safety. If not for that maid she would have died in her youth. The woman who had saved her was apart of a secret organization, and she sent Skye to a school, a school for assassins.

Likes: Skye loves to read, if you sit her in a library she could be there for weeks without getting bored, she also has a hand for writing short stories. She likes to show her creativity through art, and often sits outside and draws in her sketchbook. She normally likes to be alone, but wont mind an occasional someone to keep her company.

Dislikes: She used to get bullied and lied a lot when she was little and is dreadfully afraid of getting the same treatment now. She is terrified of thunderstorms, they make her want to curl up in a corner and cry.

Plus Attributes: N/A

Weapons Of Choice: Double Blades

Extra Info: She has a deep scar running from her left shoulder to the middle of her back from a long ago fire that had burned her skin.


Current Target

Arion "Honey" Taemond



Weight:163 Ibs


Crime:Prostitution And Murder

Danger Level :4

Current Location: Clichy, France

Description:Don't Be Fooled By Such A Pretty Face. This Man Has Been Posing As A Professional French Fashion Designer , And Copying The Works Of Another, Older Fashion Designer. He Asks Young,American, Female Adults (17-25) To Work As A Fashion Model, Invite Them To A 'Meeting' For All Models, Kidnap Them, Drug Them And Let Them Work As Prostitutes In Different Cities In France. Sometimes, His Workers Would Beat Them, Overdose Them On Drugs, Rape them Or Murder Them. He Must Be Stopped Before Any Other Young Lady Is Hurt.

Mission: Boys, Your First Mission Is To Find More Information On This Man, Locate Where He Is, And Bring Him To Miss Takameh's Office. Girls, Your First Mission Is To Collect All Current Prostitutes And Bring Them To One Safe Location. And DO NOT BLOW YOUR COVER!


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The moment her name was mentioned, Igneous stood, pressing white hair out from in front of her eyes. She didn't bother to look to who her 'partner' in this would be. It simply didn't seem worth the time. Igneous had been watching the spectacle of all of these fights so far, some more interesting to watch than others.

The first two girls, the blonde and green haired girl, they both seemed rather weak to her. The only thing really useful she saw was speed and agility, but even that could keep you going forever. With the second fight, she paid close attention to what had happened with the boy who seemed to be having trouble keeping his cool. For someone to lose their temper during something like this, well, that seemed rather childish to Igneous. And the other one, he seemed almost easily caught off guard. Even so, all four of these people did have their own talents that they seemed to be able to put to good use. If only they could use even their mistakes to their advantage. That green haired girl even smiled once she was back, as if she had done a good job. And spoke to, who was it again? Oh, right, Beau. She started to say something like, "I-I-It's okay, I really d-didn't think I could do it either. I-I guess you can tell that I'm M-Myst. Nice to m-meet you," or something like that at least. What a stuttering girl...Igneous decided it best to not be around her, or else she may gain a temper for that girl.

Miss Salishi; she already disliked her. Just the way that the woman carried herself made Igneous want to turn away with disappointment as to being the same gender as she is. Sure, the woman was a good fighter, but that was the only thing keeping Igneous' interest in her. Otherwise, she wasn't worth her time.

The girl walked into the open area, her eyes first looking to the doll, then locking on Miss Salishi. Without bothering to see what the other person was doing, Igneous already had flicked a switch on the staff that she carried with her that seemed like it would be too heavy for her to carry around. Suddenly, a blade seemed to appear on the staff, making it a scythe. Really, the blade didn't simply 'appear.' Rather, with the flick of that switch, the hidden blade came out from it's compartment in the staff, similar to how you would take out the blade of a pocket knife, yet more efficient.

Pulling the blade behind her, she ignored the doll and went straight for Miss Salishi. The teacher sidestepped away from her blade, but Igneous turned it just in time to almost cut down the woman. Really, this person wasn't one to show mercy, be it through training or not. It didn't help that this woman gave off a bad vibe already, and it was quite quickly setting Igneous' blood to boiling.

Still, that Miss Salishi smirked as Igneous continued to try and slice at her, yet paid attention to Beau's movements. She had no intention of letting another pair win so easily.
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Surprise ... Surprise.

Ziitron looked as if he was in a daze. With a relaxed smile on his face, he looked at the time, then at Jason who was now yelling at him. He then felt a gust of wind, noticing that Mr.Hitake was coming towards him. Before he could move out of the way, Jason jumped in front of him. Damn ... He's Fast .... It's Almost As If Mr.Hitake Is Going Against Himself ....Naaah... He thought to himself as he took off running toward Ms. Takameh. Her eyes weren't as lethal when he looked at her, but more of a spark of excitement. As if she knew the was going to happen. Ziitron narrowed his eyes. What The Hell ..... Glancing back at Jason and Hitake, he noticed he was coming back towards him. "Oh God ..." He muttered, trying to speed up.

Almost coming towards Ms. Takameh, he took the shirt off from around his waist and tied the doll to the end. The clock had six more seconds on it. C'moon .... C'mooooon ... He was going to try something, but wasn't sure if he'll make it. Finally coming close to Ms. Takameh, she started to move to the side of the platform everyone was standing on. "No No No No ..." The plan had to work .... He wrapped the doll up into a small ball with the shirt and threw it towards Ms. Takameh. 3 ... 2 .....1 The buzzer came Ziitron stopped, not sure of what was going on. He was sweating a little, and wiped his forehead, looking up. Did They Make It .....?

Taking in a deep breath, Ziitron smirked. The doll was laying in Takameh's hand, Ziitron's shirt beside her on the floor. The other teachers were witing stuff down, and a few others clapping shortly them stopping, showing no emotion on their faces. Did We Make It? Did I Get It Before The Buzzer .....? He wasn't sure about the ending of their test .... He wasn't sure about anything. All he can do is wait until after the test when the results are announced ....

Sighing, Ziitron straightened up and walked towards their principal. She handed him his shirt and looked at him with her cold eyes. A smirk was firmly planted on her face. He wasn't sure if that was good or bad, all he did was bow and started to walk back towards the starting place. He listened to Takameh's words as he walked back. "Thank You Boys For That .... Interesting Battle .... You Will Receive Your Grades After The Final Test. Both Of You, Go To Your Seats." She said. " Next Up To Be Tested Is .... Igneous Hawthorne And Beau Jackson. Your Opponent Will Be ..... Miss Salishi!" Miss Salishi stood with a very proud smile. Ziitron sat back down in his seat. This Should Be Interesting ... He thought and watched the teachers get ready for the next battle. "Your Welcome .... And Thanks .... By The Way." He muttered, not turning or looking at him. One thing he knew was a plus in their test was their teamwork .... Ziitron could've easily figured that the teachers where looking for more than just 'saving a plush doll and returning it Takameh' ....

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The young male closed his eyes in defeat as Mr. Hitake kept a heavy boot upon his back to keep him from rising.
"I see... you're his child, aren't you?" Jason's eyes shot open at the emphasis on "his" and knew immediately that the man understood the truth about his family.
"Yes... I can see the resemblance you have. You have your mother's eyes, and your father's deadly looks." The man continued on, examining the boy squashed underneath the sole of his boot. Jason glanced up at him, frowning, almost scowling. He tried to rise, but was forced back onto the ground.

"You know nothing about me."

"Oh? But I know everything, Jason. Remember, the Organization has been keeping tabs on anyone and everyone. Your father personally compiled your information and sent it to us. Do you understand why?" Jason scowled once more and tried to get up, but to no avail as he was forced back down. He knew why, he understood why, but he didn't like it.
"You're dangerous, Jason. If it weren't for the fact that you were under your father's wing, you know what we would've done? We would've killed you, and then what? You'd be dead... but you're alive because of your father."

"SHUT UP! You know nothing about my family! Don't you dare even mention that bastard's name! I'm alive because of me, myself! I know all about my father! He's the one that made me like this! I didn't ask to be born like this! I didn't ask to be made into a demon child!" He screamed at the man who stood above him and glared at him so coldly. How dare the man say Jason owed his life to his father? It was his father's fault in the first place... for giving the half that would forever lust after blood.

"You're an interesting one, Jason Grey. Especially that thing inside of y- Aw... you think I'm that dumb?" Jason glanced up and strained to see what was going on. He found Ziitron in midair, his foot solidly in Mr. Hitake's grasp. That idiot, he could have finished this thing already. Why didn't he finish it?! A surge of anger entered Jason, why didn't he finish the mission?! Feeling the weight suddenly lift from his back, Jason sprung up and scooped his sword off the ground.

"YOU DUMBASS!" He yelled at Ziitron and glanced at the clock. A minute and 45 seconds. They had 15 seconds before the two minutes would be up... dammit Ziitron why did he have to rescue him? Glancing back at Ziitron, his eyes widened as he noticed Mr. Hitake behind him with his blade raised. That idiot won't be able to react in time. It takes at least a second for the human mind to properly react to a situation... by then, it'll be too late for that idiot with a hero complex. Dammit... there's no choice but to save him. If Ziitron had left him, he would've been fine because he wasn't in danger. This was different. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Mr. Hitake and their blades clashed. The man looked surprised, especially by the reverse grip that Jason had on his blade.
"Ziitron, go! I got him!" He growled out as he strained under the weight of Hitake's swing. The reverse grip allowed him to better defend himself as the curve of the blade rested along his arm, and he was able to use the entirety of it to defend. Focusing all his attention on Mr. Hitake, he grinned,
"What is it? Surprised?"


"You forgot something, didn't you? That Jason only knows how to kill and destroy... as for me..."

"I see, so that's how he managed to keep you under control for so many years." Jason smirked, and pushed the man away, keeping his strange grip on his blade. It reduces his reach by quite a bit, but it gives him an advantage when he's defending against an opposing force. Holding arm out, he showed the man the deadly gleam of his blade.

"Try and kill him, Mr. Hitake. I'll guard him with my life!" The man smirked and became a blur in the room as he approached Ziitron who held the doll. With Jason nowhere in sight, the man struck down at the other boy, but Jason appeared in front of him and blocked him once again with his blade. A scowl could be seen on the man's face, and this caused Jason to smirk. His father had strictly planned out what both sides of Jason would do. The one that lusted for blood had the job of destroying, while the one that couldn't harm a thing ended up protecting. Together they were a sword and shield... he couldn't help imagining that himself as the sword and shield of his father though. The older man tried and tried again to gain on Ziitron, but Jason was always there, defending and stopping the man. 15 seconds wasn't a very long time and before he knew it, the buzzer sounded. Two minutes exactly had passed, and Jason looked over his shoulder worriedly. Had they failed the test? Mr. Hitake sheathed his blade and clapped politely with the other staff as he returned to his place. He didn't seem at all fazed by the events that had happened. No... was he playing with them as well? Just how strong were these people?

Glancing over at Ms. Takameh, Jason noticed her emotionless eyes. They were silently judging, neither surprised nor disappointed by the events that had unraveled. Those eyes unnerved him... they looked like his father's. When he was a child, he had been forced to wield the blade he held now, and his father forced him to train until he could no longer lift the katana. Then the process would repeat again the next day, and the day after that. During this training, that voice became a distant memory... he had thought it was all in his head... that he was like all the other kids... that this was just another imaginary friend. Maybe he really is sick in the head, and this... split personality was all in his head. Maybe there was no demon... but in fact, these two Jasons were one and the same. These theories often bounced around in his head, but one thing remains. In his current state, he couldn't harm anyone, and in that other state, the idea of protecting meant ending someone's misery by killing them. He has to learn how to merge the two or else he won't stand a chance in this academy.
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Beau was tired. Well, not physically - not much anyway - but rather mentally. He was taking in so much information about his surroundings, his peers, his teachers... it could grow rather exhausting after a while.

Ziitron, he seemed laid-back and cool, and he was, and fought languidly like it was all a game. Maybe it was to him, or maybe the whole "this is fun" front was just a facade to throw off his opponents. Jason seemed more reserved on the whole social scene, but fought with such anger and brutality it made Beau's head spin in confusion. Igneous seemed so quiet and reserved, too, and even though still hadn't seen her fight, he had a strange feeling that when she did, she'd carry on about it like Jason did. Myst, the girl with the green hair, she seemed so timid and hesitant and unsure of herself Beau half wondered and feared she'd be killed, and half wondered how she ever got into the academy in the first place. She seemed so scared that Beau actually surged out of his seat, then thought better of it when the doll was grabbed and sat back down. Man, that was a horrible way to start things off. He'd never say it aloud, but didn't really see a long future for that Myst girl. She was too... girly? Was that the word? No, it wasn't,,, Ah, he'd think of something later.

Ms. Salishi seemed like a worthy adversary. She was quick to move, and smug, too; she could've beaten them both to a bloody pulp and she knew it but wouldn't let it happen. Beau was confused as to why. No matter, though; it wasn't his concern, but he sure hoped to have a talk with her afterwards. If there was ever any teacher he wanted to fight, he wished it to be her, just to see if she'd do him as she had them. Did she go easy on Myst and Skye because they were both females? Did she feel pity for them? What was the case? Beau knew he was not too tall and rather lean than muscular, but he was a very good opponent. Or at least he thought he was. Mr. Hitake made him a little unsure even though he'd complimented him on having potential after he basically tried to suffocate him with his clothing.

Beau gave an encouraging smile to Jason and Ziitron once they entered what he would call the Arena. A frown soon replaced that light expression when Mr. Hitake also stepped in. He still looked as stoic and stone-like than ever; it seemed as if he had no idea how to make an expression. The fight started in a second. Jason was rushing at Hitake; Ziitron made his way to the doll.

The ferocity in Jason's strikes were peculiar. It was as if he knew Hitake and hated him with a passion - an undying passion. It was as if some horrible monster had Jason stuck in a cage while he used the dark-haired boy's body to take revenge on Hitake.

Beau raised a silent eyebrow. What an interesting dynamic that was.

It all happened so fast. One second Jason was in for the kill blow after blow, then the next he was on the ground, Hitake looking down on him almost as if in pity. Beau was surprised: how did this even happen?

The Ziitron came out of nowhere, the team player, and got the teacher away and helped Jason up. Beau smiled. That was interesting, too: it seemed Ziitron was a "leave no man behind" kind of guy. Fine then. He'd be a good partner on missions, should they ever get any if the teachers stopped trying to kill them.

Almost absently and definitely out of habit, Beau pulled three black ribbons out of his pocket, along with them pulled three of his throwin knives out of the other. He tied the ends of the ribbons through little holes on what would be considered handles on the knives, making sure the ribbon was tight but not too tight. After he'd done that, he settled back into his seat and twirled a different knife over his knuckles. He wondered who he would have as a partner and who he'd fight. It was a reasonable question: there were lots of students to choose from, only a few of whom he'd met, and some of the teachers looked as if they'd never step foot inside the Arena to fight mere students. Maybe they wouldn't.

Beau looked over and saw Myst sitting down, writing like her life depended on it. He doubted it actually did.

"Psst, Myst!" he whispered, trying to get the green-haired girl's attention. "Myst, heeeeeeey! Can you hear me? Um... This is kind of weird to talk this way, but uh, my name's Beau and I just wanted to say good job with your fight out there. I thought you were gonna die at first. Sorry. Swear it's nothing personal."

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Panting for breath, Myst tried to catch her lungs again. It wasn't the running that was making her loose her breath, but the adrenaline instead.

They had almost lost, almost, but they made it through. Even so, when Myst took her seat, she looked to Miss Salishi. Something about that woman was off. She seemed happy even though she lost. No, she hadn't lost. Miss Salishi had won. Myst wasn't sure what exactly it was that she had won, but Miss Salishi definitely didn't lose. That look in her eyes seemed full, as if she had won her own game that she was playing.

Note: Miss Salishi is not one to think too simply of.

Pulling out her notepad and pen, Myst began to write again. She took note of everything that she did wrong in the fight as well as right. She even wrote what all Skye did and Miss Salishi, as well as their looks and names.

At first, all attention was on Skye and herself, but it then turned to Miss Takameh. This time around, Myst listened rather than just wrote what the principal said.

Note: Miss Takameh says important things.

Two other names were called up, both belonging to males. Two boys stood, one with dark hair and blue eyes and the other brown hair and almost black eyes. Myst had seen them in the courtyard before, but as per usual, never actually said anything to them. Mr. Hitake was said to be their opponent, rather than Miss Salishi. Both boys seemed to be ready to get some form of revenge. This must've been due to the ambush from before. Apparently Myst wasn't the only one that got a surprise visit.

Note: Mr. Hitake makes fast enemies.

Taking note of the start of the fight, Myst saw that it became normal. One went for the doll while the other fought Mr. Hitake. This gave her a chance to look to her side.

The first person she noticed was the boy beside her whom had greeted her before. She felt bad for not having responded to him, so she closed her notepad a moment and got his attention quietly.

"H-Hello, I-I'm sorry I didn't s-say anything b-before...I-I'm M-Myst Lock, b-but I guess you k-know that. I-It's nice to meet you, a-and I hope you d-do well with y-your f-fight." She nodded to him with a polite smile. In place of a handshake, she lightly and only barely touched her index finger to his for a moment.

Hearing the fight continue, she went back to her paper. Writing down everything she saw, she noticed the strangeness of what was happening. The dark haired boy was on the ground and the other coming to him. Did Mr. Hitake beat him? No, even he looked confused.

What was going on?
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You Know Things Get Serious ..... When Something Bad Happens ......

The male stood and stripped his shirt off, tying it around his waist. He pushed his sword into the tightly wrapped shirt and cracked his knuckles. When he heard Jason's warning, he did nothing but nod. A faint glimmer of excitement showed in his eyes, but he said nothing to him. Just Don't Get Too Excited, Cat Boy. He walked out behind Jason, his body tensing up slightly as the timer counted down. Three. Two. Glancing at the small crowd of students behind him, he then looked forward at the door, then Mr. Hitake, then Jason, all in one glance. One. Before Ziitron could even take a step, Jason zoomed in front to attack Mr. Hitake. "What The- Well, Someone Really Wants To Get Revenge, Huh?" He shook his head and took off towards the doll. He could at least use the 'distraction' to his advantage. But .... It wasn't really a good idea to Ziitron to go head on and fight. At Least Have A Decent Plan .....

Running up to the doll that was hanging on a thick rope in air, Ziitron unsheathed his sword and slashed at the rope. The doll slowly fell in his hands, the soft, yarn hair running between his fingers. "This Is One ... Dingy Looking Doll .... I Wonder If It Used To Be Miss Takameh's?"He muttered, looking back at her. Her cold eyes were staring him down. He shivered. .___. "What The Hell ....?" He stared at her back, before his eyes glancing at the time. Oh Snap. We Gotta Hurry! He thought before sheathing his sword back and tucking the doll tightly in his shirt.He looked back over to Jason to see his head getting stomped on by Mr. Hitake. Mr. Hitake Is Already Getting Serious?! Dammit! Ziitron started to dash in but stopped himself. They were turned sideways to him, so Mr. Hitake could probably see him. Hmmm....

Finally, he continued to dash up on Mr. Hitake and jumped, attempting to plant his right foot on Mr. Hitake's side. As expected, He used his other hand o grab onto his foot and Ziitron smirked. "Awww C'mooon .... You Think I'm That Dumb?" Hitake muttered,as if he was stopping what he was saying to Jason, pulling his foot down towards him. Ziitron went into a full smile then. "Hmm .... Yes?" Ziitron flipped off of his shoulders and brought Mr. Hitake into a full sideways flip and on to the ground. Ziitron was trying to hold him down so Jason could at least get on his feet again. Hitake was a lot stronger than him, yes, but if he was caught off guard for even the slightest second, he could easily be invaded. "Hey! Get Up! Get Up!"

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Jason watched the spectacle calmly, his blue eyes lighting up only when conflict occurred as the teacher sprang upon the girls, but they were surprisingly intelligent. A soft noise of amusement escaped him as he traced the girls' movements. They were agile little creatures, perhaps not the most graceful, but who's to argue with their methods when they work? The corners of his lips rose very slightly as he watched on in fascination as the girls weaved and looped, dodging, ducking, running. In his eyes, they were like prey running away from a predator... but that predator was merely toying with them. If she so wished, Ms. Salishi could easily grab that doll from them... it would be over within a blink of an eye. No, she was toying with them, letting them win. It was almost like watching a parent chase after a child, giving the children a sense of pride as they outrun their parents. This was exactly the same thing... it sickened him a little bit. Why didn't she just take it from her? A cool rage boiled underneath the surface, and the corner of his lips twitched just a little at the nauseating sight.
"What is she doing?" He murmured aloud, his tone significantly different than the tone he had spoken to Ziitron in before. His eyes glowed with restrained fury as the three women danced across the floor, throwing the doll back and forth to avoid capture. Jason watched the sad display of a "test", there was nothing intriguing about this. Leaning back in his seat, he placed one foot against the back of the one in front of him and tipped himself backward so that his chair stood on two legs.

Jason's eyes wandered from the scene and rested upon the girl with platinum blond hair, so very similar to the one outside of the glass walls at the moment. She sat rigidly, posture straight, her body appeared tense as if she were ready to fend off an attack at any moment. He noticed the staff laying by her side, by itself, it's not very deadly... there must be some secret to her weapon. There's no way an assassin would carry such a harmless weapon by their side. Interest found itself within Jason as he noticed her eyes as if for the very first time. She must have suffered a great deal of pain just to have eyes like those. A demon, that's what she must have been called. He chuckled softly at the thought of people calling her demon since the other Jason had called him such before. A demon that resides within his body, but they were very much two sides of the same coin. One that was bloodthirsty, the other could not shed an ounce of innocent blood. That Jason was slumbering deep within the recesses of their mind, and so he shall stay until this task is over and done with. Realizing he had been staring, he let out a derisive snort and looked back at the task. The two girls were still at it, about nine minutes had passed... they were almost done though. Good, Jason couldn't wait to get up and start running around again. With just half a minute left, one of the girls tripped and awkwardly twisted her foot. It looked painful, but he had no pity for her. The girl would face far greater injuries than that if she ever graduates, a twisted ankle is nothing, just like his sprained wrists would not keep him from his ultimate goal. Watching the doll fly up, he could almost see the muscles in Ms. Salishi's body go tense as if she were ready to pounce, but she didn't, and they returned the doll in time. Disappointment shuddered through his body, and he shook it off as the girls separated; one to the infirmary, the other back within the safety of the glass walls. All attention focused back on Ms. Takameh, and when his name was called, his body hummed with excitement. A sinister smile spread along his lips as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of black gloves. Tugging them on, he crossed his arms and chuckled softly as the man from earlier was chosen. This time, Jason won't lose.

Looking over at Ziitron as he spoke, Jason smirked,
"Yeah." Looking up at the male teacher and Ms. Takameh, he chuckled,
"We will only need two minutes." He spoke, holding up two fingers before placing his hand against the glass door and pausing only to say,
"Don't get in my way, Ziitron. I will cut you down if you do." Pushing the door open, he gripped the hilt of his katana and drew the deadly blade out for the second time that day. Its blade was shimmering with a certain deadly power as he held it at his side. As soon as the test began, he ran straight toward Mr. Hitake, not even caring about the doll. His footfalls were light and his body surged forward with speed before he jumped high into the air. Mr. Hitake didn't seem to expect such a direct assault and only barely managed to draw his blade at the last moment. Their swords connected with a shower of blue sparks and the widening of the man's eyes told Jason that he was very surprised. The teacher pushed the young male away, and Jason landed on his left hand and both his legs in a crouched position. Pushing himself off, he left a large trail of dust behind him as he went in again to hack at the man. The man fended him off, they went into a series of feints and strikes, neither gaining nor losing ground as they tried to catch the other off guard, but the other was always quick enough to defend themselves. Performing a feint, Jason quickly backed off, catching Mr.Hitake off guard. This was his chance! Striking down, he felt his blade sink into flesh and then... nothing? Water? Where Mr. Hitake was was now a pool of water.
"What the...?" Feeling the hairs upon his neck stand up, he quickly dashed out of the way and the ground where he had been standing moments ago exploded into a crater. Rolling on the ground, he quickly got onto one knee and watched as the dust cleared.
"You're strong, I'll give you that." He chuckled as the man emerged holding his blade against his shoulder as if he were on a casual stroll.

"You are not Jason." The man knew.

"Of course I am, can't you see? I'm Jason down to the very last skin cell." He stood up and held his arms out, grinning like a maniac. All of a sudden, the man appeared right in front of him, and Jason's eyes widened as the man drew his arm back to stab at his head. Moving his head to the side, he felt the wind rush past his head as the blade sliced through the air. His body jolted into action and he embedded his hilt into the man's stomach, a grunt could be heard, and the man staggered back. A smirk appeared on Jason's face as he walked forward, power surging into his blade. His grip on his blade tightened as he walked in front of a recovering Mr. Hitake. He held his blade up, executioner-style, about to chop the man's head off, but he felt something wet sliding down his cheek.
"Mm?" Reaching up with his left hand, he placed his hand against his cheek and when his fingers came away, they were stained with red.
"Blood?" Turning to the man, he growled and swung down.
STOP! A sharp twinge of pain could be felt and the katana clattered to the ground with Jason holding his head and down on his knees as the pain became unbearable. It felt as if a white hot iron were being placed on the inside of his skull, branding him and bringing him blinding pain. The man stood above him and used his foot to push him onto the ground, his blade was against the back of Jason's neck.

"Don't think for one moment you caught me off guard. I'll ask you again, who are you?" The flashes of pain became so great that for a moment, Jason passed out, but he quickly came to.
"Are you an imposter?"

"No... I'm not. I'm just... Jason." Struggling to get up, he was forced back on the ground, and he scowled, glaring up at the man.
"I wasn't the one fighting you earlier." He spoke in a voice so soft that only the man could hear.
"I've sealed him away... for now. I can't control him... I can't contain him... Once he's out, he does what he pleases and I can't stop him." He explained in a defeated voice, laying his head against the ground, feeling the dust collect his sweat.
"I can't..."
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You Know Things Get Serious ..... When Something Bad Happens ......

Ziitron, cheering for the two girls occasionally, watched them and the teachers go at it for a few minutes. It wasn't too long before Myst and Skye get back on their feet and the teachers fall back. As they continue fighting, Ziitron stared at the teachers then. Ms. Salishi seemed strange ...... He shrugged. The teachers apparently had a way of changing themselves into completely different people when they fight. It seemed almost funny, however, because she seemed to being toying with them. Just like how a cat plays with it's food before it jumps in to enjoy it's delicious meal. Ziitron smirked, hearing Jason's comment. He didn't say anything back. It wasn't because he didn't feel the need to, but more because he felt as if he wasn't sure if Jason was actually joking or not.

Seeing Myst grabbing the doll sort of made Ziitron relieved. He wasn't sure why, but he felt happy for them. Ohhh But It's Not Over Yet .... Is the first thing he thought when he heard Miss Takameh's voice once again. Now they had to go backwards. They past their blockade's, now they have to pass through them again. Well, he was partially happy that they went first, so now he knew what could possibly happen during their test. There might be some type of twist to his, but you never know. Just as the two began to run, Miss Salishi caught up with Myst, trying to take the doll away. She threw it to Skye after checking the time. 30 more seconds and the test would be over. Things were getting intense and Ziitron was interested on how things would turn out. Just as they were getting close to the other teachers, Skye's foot twisted in an awkward but not harmful position and she fell back. She would've gotten back up, but seeing only 15 seconds left, she did the smart thing and threw the dool over Miss Salishi's head and Myst caught it, finally returning the doll to Miss Takameh in time. Miss Salishi came short, smirked and went back to Skye to make sure she was okay. Myst and Skye were both breathing heavy and looked tired, but accomplished. "Nice Job Girls. You Two Will Get Your Grades After The Test. Myst, Go Back To Your Seat, Skye, Go With Miss Salishi To Get Your Foot Check." The girls did as they were told and the doll was put back where it was.

"Next Group That Will Be Tested Is .... Ziitron Black And Jason Grey." Miss Takameh spoke as soon as the girls got settled. Ziitron smiled. His first actual test was finally here and he was pumped. "Your Opponent Shall Be ...." The principal looked at all the teachers,scanning to see who would be the best for them. A lump formed in Ziitron's throat when he realized who she was thinking of choosing. "Ahah! Mr. Hitake! He Will Be Your Opponent. Step Up To The Plate!" Oh God .... Ziitron thought as a smirk appeared on his face. Even though this may be a bit challenging, he stood and looked at Jason. "Hey ... Time To Get Revenge." Ziitron said jokingly to Jason, even though he was a bit serious. It was the perfect time to get payback for that little 'surprise'. And Jason was the perfect guy to help with it.

  YommiNoms / 7y 44d 32m 14s
A soft chuckle was elicited from Jason's lips at Ziitron's comment and question. To be honest he had suspected this to happen as well... after all, this place isn't exactly a normal school. No... it's not normal at all. This place is a place where they train young kids to be assassins... they are taking potential murderers and throwing them out into a dog eat dog world... not that it wasn't that kind of world to begin with. The world's tainted with so many evils and so many poisonous minds that this has become necessary in order for good and evil to be balanced out. His father had explained to him this concept of this secret organization of assassins keeping the balance of the world. In one hand, the world contains all the evil ones... the greedy, the powerful, the prideful, etc; in the other, the world has all who stand for justice and order. The justice sign, his father had pointed out, was based upon this concept. The balance which represented the justice system in its entirety was created by the behind-the-scenes organization which indirectly has a hand in everyone's life. That homeless guy at the corner of the street could secretly be an elite assassin, the cute girl next door could be an assassin. Ms.Takameh is only proof of that, she is not much older than Jason, and yet she's already on par with his parents. It was a strange thing to think about at first, but slowly Jason started to mold his mind to this ideal of balance. Did the organization work for the government? No... quite the opposite. His father had once said the organization was the one that created a government system. The first presidents and prime ministers of all the countries in the world... members of the organization. Then some fell to greed and lust and pure selfishness because it is only human nature to succumb to the sweet lullaby of evil. That sweet lullaby which can be heard throughout the day, that little devil resting upon a man's left shoulder, that evil which cannot be erased will haunt a man as soon as he draws his first breath. Some find it within their hearts to deny themselves of it... the majority, however, cannot find it within their hearts. Jason was one of them. There was a voice within his head that wouldn't shut up, it started around the time he became aware of his true lineage. There was something in his mind, maybe his assassin's blood, that pushed him to want to maim, to destroy... to kill. He quickly pushed this thought out of his mind as he returned his attention back on Ziitron.
"Nah, not at all. He really... tried to kill me. I think he stopped himself just in time." Jason spoke in a light-hearted manner, but deep inside, he knew that he had failed. If that had been real, and Hitake wanted to kill him... he would've been dead as soon as his blade gave way. The man showed no mercy with him... there was no way he was going to. After all... Jason was the son of two well-known assassins, even in the WAO... not to mention he was almost the spitting image of his father, minus his eyes which belonged to his mother.
"If that was the introductory test, I don't want to know what the rest of the school year is going to look like." He mumbled softly, though he was joking... it's too late to back out now.

Glancing over, he noticed Beau sitting down next to Ziitron.
"I guess being an assassin means no more stylish clothes." Jason grinned and ran a hand over the decorated, polished scabbard of his blade. Noticing Igneous walking in, he grinned and waved at her,
"Hey Igneous!" He called over to her, but she seemed to either not hear him or she was pointedly ignoring him. Either way, she ended up sitting a ways away from him which made him a little bit disappointed on the inside. It would be nice to make friends with a girl like her, she seems a tad bit lonely. With a sigh, he returned his gaze back to the scabbard and rubbed it gently, polishing it with his palm. His father would be disappointed by how easily Jason got defeated... from now on, he just has to work harder. Lifting his eyes from the polished wood once everyone filed in, he noticed all the teachers standing in a single file across the stage. They faced the handful of students with an air of professionalism about them. He felt their stares burning a hole into his head, and he let a faint scowl mar his features at the feeling of being a cornered animal. There's nowhere to run... he can't run... they'll kill him as soon as he even makes a suggestive move. Their murderous auras were suffocating him, it's getting hard to breathe. No, he's going to faint if this continues on. Crap. Lowering his gaze to the ground, he tried to focus on clearing his mind from the evil crowding in. Something was throwing him off, and he didn't know what. Their auras alone? No... that can't be it. At the most, he'll feel the most extreme effects of fear or adrenaline... but not this. Something's coming after him, trying to destroy him. Taking an unsteady breath in, he tried to appear unaffected, though his face was starting to become void of colour. Lifting his gaze from the ground, he tried to take every one of them in. He noticed the male teacher resting his gaze on everyone and yet no one else was feeling this. Jason could only come to the conclusion that they knew... and they were trying to kill or challenge him in some way. He watched the teachers, knowing that someone must be doing this.

All of a sudden, when Ms.Takameh spoke, the tension drained from the atmosphere and he felt fresh air rushing in to his lungs. His heart beat rapidly and tried to send oxygen to all parts of his body, he was okay. At the mention of a test though, that voice... the voice which whispered in his ear to maim... to kill... it was back. It had been gone for a long time, but now... it's there again!
Test... can't fail another test. Imagine the shame. Imagine the dishonour. Jason squeezed his eyes shut, but it wasn't working. It was there... he had brought the beast out from its slumber and it's on the prowl now. It's waiting for the perfect moment to take over, and he wasn't sure when it would strike. Normally, he wouldn't hurt a fly, but it's because of this stupid thing that forces him to grow restless and agitated. Ms.Takameh was talking on and on, and it wasn't helping Jason's concentration. Force it back... put up the mental barriers... he had to...
Let me... Its voice was becoming clearer...
... take over. Stop!
Jason... At the sound of his name, his eyes widened with shock and he leapt out of his chair when the principal called for the test to begin. In that moment, his entire demeanor and visage changed. Lightening blue eyes turned darker and his lips curled up in a strange, dark smile.
"So... a test, huh?" He smirked and strapped the katana to his waist.
"I've been wanting to test the true power of these teachers." His attention was stolen by Ziitron as the man suddenly stood up and cheered for the girls. Jason returned his gaze back to the scene ahead and watched the girls attempt to steal the doll, he wasn't even fazed by the glass walls all around. Calmly, he sat back down and watched passively from his chair without bothering to cheer for the others. His hands folded neatly in his lap and he had an air of aloofness as if he were merely an unimpressed spectator who would not cheer like the dogs beneath him. The aura around him was different, and if anyone had the ability to sense the spirit or aura of a person, they would know that Jason was still Jason... but something was completely wrong about him at the same time. Jason was Jason... and at the same time, he wasn't. Zion popped out of his hoodie and sniffed at him curiously before yowling and running away. The cat understood. Zion immediately went toward Igneous and curled up on her lap, though he was distracted by his master's strange aura.
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As the principal spoke, the girl slipped the mini notepad out of her boot along with the pen yet again. Miss Takameh said many things and it took all the speed in Myst's hand to write everything down without missing any important details, which was most of what was said. By half-way through her speaking, the young girl became more focused on writing the words, rather than hearing them and listening. Her attention was wandering and almost blank in her head. She would be able to read all of this later, though she didn't quite realize that later was too late.

Black ink tracing words in line on the paper, pages being flipped to fit all of what was said. As she finished speaking, Myst was finally able to rest her poor hand. She glanced over to skim what was said. At the very end, on the last page, something caught the green haired girl's eye.

"M-Myst...Lock..." She spoke to herself, voice barely audible and confused. Her name was there, on the paper, in that permanent ink...but why? She read over that sentence multiple times, trying to see if she read it correctly. She did in fact, though what was worse, was that it was saying for her to do something. She and another girl named Skye Brooks. It said that they, or Takameh said that they, would have to get to a doll before the teacher gets them within ten minutes...but Myst was never used to a time restraint. Usually, when it came to this kind of thing, Myst would take her time. Especially with bloody kills. Although, most of the time, something made it seem like it wasn't Myst doing the work. As if someone else was doing the fighting, wrote it down after, then let Myst back to read it. A chill ran down the girl's spine, trying to decide how on earth she could do this and actually succeed. If she didn't, what would happen? Would she die? She almost got hurt when the first teacher attacked, but now another? Oh, this was all too stressful on her.

Putting away her tiny notebook, the girl's hand shook. She was scared. She was really scared of what was going to happen here, and why she had to go first along with this Skye girl. Looking over, she saw the person that must've been Skye, due to her noticing her name was called. The girl also seemed a bit shocked, yet got up.


Someone was cheering them on. Someone that seemed to be the boy who looked more relaxed than most here. Maybe he was just trying to make light of the situation, but this was still stressful.

Suddenly, the other girl started to run out that door.

Myst was caught up in confusion and stood as well, running out the door, following the blonde girl in front of her. She could see the doll and made that her target. Of course, there was also the problem of the offense teacher. Almost tripping, she pulled out her short sword and held it close to her whilst running. The doll, it wasn't much further ahead. But then another thought came.

Where was that girl, Skye?

She wasn't in front of Myst anymore, so Myst looked back, pulling her green hair out from in front of her eyes out of habit. It seemed that Myst had caught speed somehow. Was she really that fast? A bit of an over shot compared to her trying to follow the girl. But wait, this was no time to be wasting thinking on this.

Myst turned back around and was quickly intercepted, only seeing wisps of dark hair before she was thrown back.

Gaining her senses again, Myst sat back up and saw that lady from before there. She was the one that looked more like a seductress than anything. This was miss Salishi!? This was the person Myst would have to fight!? Though..wait..Skye, if she remembered correctly, she was there, in front of miss Salishi. She seemed to be crazy enough to fight this lady up front!

Wait...would this really work?

Myst stood back up and coughed a moment. She had covered her mouth with her hand, then looked down to her hand again.

Her gold eyes went wide in shock.


Myst wiped what was a thin stream of blood trailing from her mouth. She shook her head, neglecting this thought, and allowed her eyebrows to furrow together with determination as she bent one leg and let the other back, as if getting ready to run for a track race of some sort. Kicking off, she raced ahead, speed being evident. Within less than a second, she made it to the fight, and tried to get past. Myst fell and scraped herself up bad enough that her right shoulder started to bleed. Getting up quickly, she kept running. It seemed like something was being thrown at her. Was this miss Salishi's doing? The girl wasn't about to turn to find out, and made it to the doll.

Her hand rested on the doll's soft hair, which tickled at her fingertips.

Grasping as tightly as she could, Myst took hold of the doll. She held it close to her, as if her most prized object, short sword still in hand.

Looking to Skye and Salishi, she noticed that they didn't stop fighting.

"Alright, you got the doll. Congrats congrats. Though now, let's see you get the doll back to us." Myst looked to the voice which was Takameh again, from inside the glass shield.

P-Past that door again!? I-I-I don't know if I-I can... Skye looked just as confused, but held up her guard, which started to fail against the great teacher, who seemed to be smiling.

"...Fine." Eyes more narrow, doll in hand and sword in the other, Myst rushed to where Skye was. She sliced at miss Salishi from behind, and whilst the teacher turned to see her, passed the doll to Skye.


Myst hurried in the same direction that Skye would run, seeing if the blonde would notice to pass the doll like a ball back and forth. If they really saw the same and could work together, couldn't they both see this plan?

Only fate would decide.
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It's Such A Crazy World We Live In ....... Somehow All The Craziness Has Made It's Way Into One Little School ....

Ziitron quietly watched as the others came in. He saw Jason come in a few moments after him and plop down into the chair next to him. Shaking is head then chuckling, Ziitron replied "Very Unexpected. I Knew Something Was Gonna Be Up Though. I Would've Never Know The Only Male Teacher Would Stoop So Low As To Attack Students On The First Day. At least He Didn't Cut Of My Head." He laughed. "I'm Sure He Didn't Go Easy On You Either?" He asked as other students continued to come in. He was a bit surprised when Beau came and said that he was choked by his own clothes by Mr.Hitake. He smirk, wanting to giggle, but held it in, not wanting to make him madder than he probably was. "I Doubt He Choked Anyone Else With There Own Clothes. Maybe He Was Picking On You Because You Have An Eyepatch .... Like He Does." Ziitron said, with a now serious face. After a silent moment, he smirked then chuckled. "This Whole Place Has Cruel And Unusual Punishment Written All Over It. I Guess We'll Have To Get Used To It." He said and shrugged,his eyes continuing to stare at the teachers and the door, waiting for new students to come in.

Eventually, all of the students came in. Some with embarrassed looks on their faces, a few new students Ziitron didn't see earlier, some with broken weapons and cuts and bruises. Ziitron glanced over to the woman in the white dress again and smiled. He was sure she had caught him earlier, but he soon corrected his stare when he realized his possible punishment for staring. That woman ..... she had a similar feeling like Ms. Takameh. Wild and Dangerous. But it was something else .... He wasn't sure. He kept pondering about it until his thoughts were inturupted by Ms. Takameh's voice. He looked up to see all of the teachers standing beside one another, the male teacher at the very end. His eye seemed to be on all of them at one time, but on one person specifically. Ziitron wasn't sure exactly who though. His main focus now was on Ms. Takameh, who was speaking loud and clear on what was gonna happen next.

"Alright. Now That Everyone Is Here, We Will Begin With The Opening Test. First Off, I Will Give You A Little Bit About The School." Ms. Takameh began. Ziitron thought to himself. So .... She Is Gonna Tell Us Something .... I Thought My Dad Said It Would Be Just Full On Fighting ..... No Intro Or Anything .... Oh Well. He shrugged and continued to listen to her. "Although Some Of Your Parents May Have Been Introduced To The School, You Are The First Students Ever Here At The Academy, So There Isn't Much Of A History Here. We Usually Only Take In Certain People Who We Have Kept Under Surveillance For Many Years And Think Have Talent To Fight, Then Train Them Individually. However, Many More Threats And Criminals Have Emerged, More And More Coming From The Government. The Amount Of New Assassins Being Trained Has Decreased As The Crime Rate Has Increased. We Need More People, Fast, And A School Is Really the Only Way To Get More Students. And No, We Have No Affiliation With The Government If You Were Wondering. However, Who We Affiliate For The Time Being Will Be Held Secret. Hopefully, You All Understand How Graduation Will Go. Only Three Of You Will Survive. Those Who Do Not Continue To Each Rank Will NOT Be Released, Unless You Are Willing To Live Here At The Academy Until Next Year Comes. You All, No Matter What You Do, Will Be Under Surveillance, No Matter Where You Go. You Cannot Hide, And You Cannot Escape. We Cannot Risk Our Plans And Where-Abouts Getting Out. If We Find You Suspicious, You Will Be Questioned And Probably Executed." When she said that, Ziitron got goosebumps. This really is a sort of last man standing thing. And if we try to escape .... We die. There is no way out of this .... He sighed and shook his head before looking up once more. "If You Wish To Leave, You Should Do So Now. And We Would Not Hesitate To Help With Your Departure." No one budge. They were smart enough to figure out what kind of 'help' she was talking about. Not the hold your hand and walk you out, but more of put a knife to your throat and cut you to pieces, limb by limb. After an extremely awkward silence, She continued on. "Okay! Now, To Begin With The Tests! These Test Will Be Fought Against ..... The Teachers. We Will Test Your Strength. Mr. Hitake Has Reported Me On Who Has Potential Strength On Certain Things, Your Weaknesses, What Teachers You Will Be Tested By, And What Groups You Will Probably Be In. You All Are Strong. None Of You Will By Tested By Ms. Sishimo, So You All Have A Chance To Quickly Advance To Rank 3, If You Exceed Ms. Salishi's Expectations. To Make Things Quicker, We Will Be Testing You By Twos.First Two To Test Will Be ...... Skye Brooks And Myst Lock." As soon as she said this, a thick glass shield began emerging from the ground, around the set or chairs that was in the middle of the stadium. A door was carved in the glass, waiting to be opened. Another object appeared. A small doll sat on a little post, far from the glass shield. Ziitron was amazed. He had no idea the testing was going to be against the teachers. And the fact that they were being tested like this was like Beau said. Cruel And Unusual Punishment. "Think Of This As A Game. You Can Work As A Team To Get Past Ms. Salishi And Get The Doll Before Time Runs Out.If Ms. Salishi Puts You On Your Last Knee, Or If You Fail To Get The Doll, You Lose. And Your Grade Is Greatly Effected. Good Luck. You Have 10 Minutes!" She called out. A clock that was set on the wall began ticking.

Miss Salishi was standing in the middle of the arena, waiting for the students to come out and attack her. The students, a bit surprised, stayed silent in shock. Ziitron sighed and shook his head. "Are. You. Kidding. Me." He said, surprise in his voice. His mind eventually caught up with the current event, and he softly slapped his face. Woooow ..... Okay. I Guess I'll have To Root for Them. Don't Need Anyone Getting Killed On The First Day. He then stood slowly and smiled. "GO MYST AND SKYE!!! WOOOO!" The teachers looked down at him, Ms. Sishimo giggling. Ziitron hopped the others would pitch in eventually. Otherwise, he'd end up looking like an idiot already. And that's really not the best look.

  YommiNoms / 7y 89d 20h 56m 48s

Beau followed, at first a little unsteadily, after Ziitron as they walked across the yard on the way to the cafeteria. He could feel the man called Beat behind him, then in a movement of air particles, realized the taller man was gone without a sound, off into another direction. Beau watched him walk to the dorms for a moment, analyzing him from afar.

When the man decided he had enough information, he turned back to face front, only to find that Ziitron... was not there.

Beau turned in circles, a little panicked at first. What could have happened? How could he have disappeared without a sound? Who could get to an underground academy for assassins unnoticed and just take on highly trained student of many?

The pale-haired man took a breath, stopped spinning, and twirled one of his knives over his knuckles. Okay. Calm down; keep your composure. That’s right.

He figured it would be best to ask Ms. Takameh about the problem before jumping to conclusions. To do that, he’d have to go in the cafeteria and attempt to steal a word with her. Even if it wasn’t her, that would be okay; just somebody, anybody that could possible tell him what just happened and why people were being swallowed up by the ground or whatever. The explanation didn’t need to be believable. There just needed to be one.

Taking another breath to reassure himself, Beau straightened his vest and pushed open the great doors.


Instant, searing bright light beamed straight on Beau’s eyes from dead ahead. He let out a groan and stumbled back, covering his eyes. His mind worked a mile a minute and told him it was some kind of setup or trick of some kind. He was going to be attacked.

The man straightened his spine, blinking profusely, but all he could see were weird colors of afterimages. He sniffed, entering a fighting stance, pulling out a second knife and holding it in what he called the ‘slashing’ position.

“Boy, what do you wear an eyepatch for?” A male voice asked in a cold tone. “It will impair your ability to fight.”

Beau pinpointed the voice using his ears and threw the knives he held into the air, snatching them up and throwing them as hard as he could at his attacker. He was used to not being able to see; he’d been preparing for going blind for at least a year. He had to hone in all his other senses.

“Nice try.”

Beau took out another of his six knives, holding it up as he rubbed the rest of the moisture out of his eyes. He could see now--but he hadn’t seen much before there was a sword headed straight for his head.

He ducked, but was quickly kicked under the chin and sent to the ground. The attacker did not advance, so Beau had time to roll to his feet and back into action, three knives between his fingers. He wasn’t deterred at all that he only had one left hidden after these three, just that he slowed down this man enough to pick up the ones he discarded.

He threw them with deadly precision and accuracy: the eye, the chest, and the foot were his targets.

He was feeling triumphant because he never missed.

But then he did. The man dodged every single one of them.

Who is this guy...”

The man was on Beau in a second, punching him in the stomach.

“You dress nice, Beau.” He pulled on young Beau’s tie, making him double over and choke. “Unfortunately, keep dressing like that and the last suit you wear will be at your funeral. The test is over. You’re a worthy adversary, for such a small guy. I don’t doubt you have much potential. I am Mr. Hitake. You will see me soon.”

Hitake let Beau go and brushed off his shoulders and fixed his tie. He gestured to another set of doors behind him. “Go on. They’re all waiting for you.”

Beau sighed, producing a handkerchief from his pocket and swiping his forehead. He gathered up the knives he had lost, promptly bowing to a stoic Hitake before opening the extra set of doors that led to the cafeteria.

Of course, there was Ziitron, as if nothing had happened.

He collapsed into his seat next to the other boy, exasperated.

“Ha... you’re telling me. I just got choked with my own tie a second ago.”

He looked around at all those entering, giving them polite smiles and nods of acknowledgment. “I wonder if Hitake choked all of them with articles of clothing, too... That is just so... rude. Like cruel and unusual punishment or something.”

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Skye rose from her seat on the ground, looking around to find most of the students already gone from the courtyard. She had been so focused into her drawing that she hadn't noticed their leave.

The wind blew softly around her, bringing a warmth like a blanket wrapping around her body, comforting her like a mother would a child. Her hair blew about her face, it's silver threads waving in the breeze. She reached for a hair band on her wrist and pulled her thick unnaturally colored hair into a messy bun, trying to keep it from her face in vain.

Skye turned towards the building, she might as well go after everyone else, right? She hardly new her way around yet, and had already gotten lost in the labyrinth of a school five times since she had shortly arrived. But it was better then no home at all.

A low rumble echoed in her stomach, signifying her previously missed meals. "I guess I might as well head over to the cafeteria.." She murmured.

Her feet carried her closer and closer to the building, but her mind seemed far away in her own mysterious fantasies. What would become of today? Or the next day? How would her life end while she lived in this school. Would she prosper along with others and lead healthy lives, and possibly find someone who loved her for who she was? A killer. A murderer. Once who unconsciously murdered her own family with a simple flame. She was an assassin, of course she was a murderer, as well as the rest at this school. The school itself was another topic to ponder. Mysterious in its own, as well as the truth that through doors held many who could kill another being in a matter of seconds. When Skye truly left herself to think of the matter, she herself was a killing machine. Used by parts of the government to take the lives of those they despised.

Skye wondered what her parents would think if they saw her now. A somewhat trained assassin-in-the-making. They would probably ignore her like they used to and call her a disgrace, someone who should have never been born. They would treat her like they would when she was alive, like she wasn't there. Skye remembered the maid, Abby, who had taken her in after the fire. The dear woman had cared for Skye like she herself had given birth to the child until it was time for her to leave to a better place. Before the maid's death she had sent Skye to this school so that she could learn to protect herself as well as others by eliminating all evildoers that inhabited the planet, along with many others. That had been her plan..

Skye's wavering thoughts were interrupted as she reached the door leading into the cafeteria, which she opened with short delay. The room was oddly dim, she would have thought that if everyone else had been in here then the lights would be on. Everyone else. Where were they? Her mind sharpened, recognizing the signs of a trap. "Just like with Abby.." Her mind briefly flashed to the past, remembering Abby training her out in an old corn field and setting dangerous traps for Skye.

Skye's slim fingers moved to her thighs, feeling the familiar steel touch of her dual blades. Her hands gripped both hilts just as a sharp whistling sound came from above her head. Steel clashed with steel as she combined her blades together to block the attack from the invisible adversary. The clinking of chains echoed off to her right. Was that on purpose? She instinctively ducked as a glinting blade of a sword swung expertly at her head, missing by a hairbreadth. She countered by swinging her legs around her own body to kick her opponents feet from under him or her, but the clinking chains signaled that the attacker had jumped just in time and was aiming for another strike.

She raised her blades as her rival attempted to strike down on her, she managed to keep her own against the others brute strength, but her arms trembled at the effort. Whoever she was fighting was strong, and seemed interested in disposing of her. Skye slashed the dual blade in her right hand at her adversary's lower section, hoping to reach a vital organ, but in vain as she only slashed through air.

Skye felt the other's blade brush against her cheek just as she rolled to dodge the oncoming attack, drawing blood from its sharp trail. The opponents blade hit the floor, cracking the weak substance and lodging into it. In a split second Skye analyzed the dim figure of her rival, recognizing the broad shoulders and tough stature as a male human, before she lunged and aimed a kicked to his stomach, sending the opposition away from his weapon before he could retrieve it, and she heard a faint grunt as he hit the floor.

Skye cautiously approached the man, her eyes finally adjusting to the dim lighting. "Practice your agility. It may come in handy during a fight similar to one such as this one, where your opponent has a weapon longer and sharper then that of your own." The man spoke, rising from the ground smoothly as though nothing had happened. She took a step back "And why are you giving sparring advice to the one you just attacked?" she asked warily, unsure of how to react to the situation. "Because I am neither your friend nor foe. It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Skye Brooks, and welcome to our school. I am Mr. Hitake, a teacher here to advise you in all that there is to be known about our tactics." Skye could have sworn this guy was joking with her, but as he stepped forward, weaponless and looking completely relaxed, she lowered her dual knifes ever-so-slightly.

"Congratulations my dear, you have passed my little test. But be warned, this isn't the last one. There are far worse to come." Skye watched as Mr. Hitake picked up his sword and slunk back into the shadows, almost as though he was never there in the first place."Some place this is.." She murmured before going through another door to find herself in an arena. Chairs were lined up and nearly all were taken by other students. A cold voice spoke in her ear, "Get in your seat already. Your late." Skye turned to see the principal glaring at her with cold eyes, and all she could do was nod stiffly before taking a seat towards the end. She looked around for Beat, and noticed him sitting and talking to others. She couldn't help but suppress a smile, remembering their conversations earlier that morning, she had been at peace then. She moved her hand to brush a strand of hair from her eyes and felt blood dripping down her cheek from the fight. "Great, now everyone with see me with a bloody face. Perfect." she murmured before turning in her seat and facing the front.

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Gilde looked down at his watch as he walked along the path. Looking at the minute hand tick along he thought to himself, "Huh. Looks like I'm late on my first day.."

Ever so nonchalantly did he approach the airport where he was told to go to enlist, where he saw somebody off in the distance, holding what looked like a sign. It had looked like he just recently sat down. Maybe from guiding other recruits to the destination? Who knows.

As Gilde approached, the sign evidentally had his name plastered on there. The guy, who had red hair and a distinct pair of glasses, looked up at Gilde and gave a sort of half-assed smirk. The way the man said, "You Gilde Artes?" sort of bugged him, but it wasn't going to make his case any easier if he were to provoke the guide. He clenched his teeth lightly and nodded, then the man turned around and began walking. Gilde assumed the placid man expected him to follow, so he started to walk slowly behind.

Walking along the airport strip, they eventually came across a dead end, at least, that's what Gilde had thought. The man opened up a random door and just stood there, "You might want to hurry. There was one other not even thirty minutes ago. I'll tell you the same I told her, you don't want to get on your principal's bad side."

Gilde cocked an eyebrow, "And what if I by some off chance do?" Normally, Gilde wasn't so standoff-ish, but this man had been plucking at Gilde's nerves in this short time of seeing him.

"Well, why don't you go inside and find out for yourself, hotshot? This is as far as I go, so.."

Gilde shrugged ever so slightly and entered the underground passage. When the door slammed shut behind him, the area around lit up. What Gilde saw almost made him stagger in awe. Was this really supposed to be a place to train assassins? It looked more like an resort island, or some vacation plot. What ate at Gilde even more, he could tell this wasn't artificial at all, it was all real. How did all of this fit under a facade airport?

After taking in the view for a while, Gilde looked around in confusion, just noticing the vast emptiness. He took a deep breath and bellowed out, "H-hello??" Nothing was given as a response. He looked around once more, "Where the hell am I supposed--" Suddenly his stomach began to growl. He rubbed at his belly and quickly pointed out the cafeteria. Smiling, he began his trek toward it, "Oh well. I'll find them after I get me some grub."

Entering the cafeteria, he noticed it was grimly darkened. This alone raised a few questions, but Gilde continued on. As he approached the main grounds, he faintly heard a shuffle across the ground and quickly unsheathed his blade, only to counter an attack from an unknown assailant. Gilde slid back and grit his teeth, waiting for his eyes to attune to the darkness, but the enemy didn't leave him much time to cope. He blocked yet another attack and leaped back to get some distance between the two. His teeth grit tightly and he pulled back his blade. After taking a deep breath, he lunged forward and began unleashing a flurry of jabs at the shrouded enemy. He recognized that the target was blocking almost every hit flawlessly, which frustrated Gilde even more.

Gilde kicked up the attack speed to the point where you could hardly see the motion of his hands, still hearing the faint clinks and clangs of blades touching. Out of the blue, the noises ceased, as if he was only attacking thin air. Suddenly, his blade stuck into a wall, leaving Gilde at a major disadvantage. He began to panic and tug at his blade tightly, when he heard a light footstep. He looked up to see the assailant clear as day, smiling ever so calmly. The man tapped his blade on Gilde's sword, and it practically split in half, causing Gilde to fall face-first on the floor.

Gilde sighed tried to raise up, but apparently the man had gone to even greater ends to humiliate the loser of this spar by sitting on him. Gilde grunted out, but all he heard was, "Your dossier says you were trained in Bushido, but your aggresive and eccentric fighting style is more a lancer or halberd style. Even so, you attack too recklessly. That and you treat your blade poorly. Final deduction: You're quite immature for someone who fights so seriously."

Gilde felt a weight lifted from him. He sighed out and looked up to see the man offering his hand; naturally he respected the winner of the outcome and allowed him to be raised to his feet, "Okay, you beat me. Broke my blade. Humiliated me, even. Now.. Who are you again?"

The man smiled and nodded, "Quite a bold way to speak to your instructor, Mr. Gilde Artes. I am Mr. Hitake, that is all you need to know. We'll grant you a weapon more suiting to your fighting style, if you so choose. But until then, please enter the adjacent room and take your seat."

Gilde brushed off and walked past Mr. Hitake disgruntledly, and entered the room. When inside, he saw a small group of people in chairs, with one coincidental open seat at the end of the row. Pegging out the people from first glance, he noticed he was sitting next to a girl of green hair and particularly striking golden eyes. He looked towards her and smiled, then took his seat next to her. From there he quickly pointed out an older-looking woman who had a distinct anger in her demeanor, directed at Gilde. Must have been the Principal the first guy spoke of? He turned his gaze away in intimidation and looked to the green-haired girl and smiled, "Hey.. I'm Gilde Artes. Based off of the seating.. You got here not too long before me, didn't you? Nice to meet you."
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"I-I'm so late!"

The girl rushed herself ahead as she found herself to be hated by time. Clocks around her ticked on and on against her, as if they were trying to cause her to further forget. To forget so much more as to where she was going and why she had to be there. Who, what, when, where, why, how, these things twisted together in their own spiral, encasing her below them in a coffin of loss.

Feet aching, lungs panting for air, she stood at the entrance to the airport. Her tiny voice heaved after having ran for miles, her legs shaking and arm doing the same. Amazing that she could even stand. Even more amazing, she could write.

Slipping her hand into one of her tall shoes that covered the majority of her legs, she pulled out a miniature notepad, along with a pen attached. She wrote down the time that she got there and her reason for being late, keeping it on the paper so she wouldn't forget later. She decided to keep out the paper and held that in one hand and a brown paper sack in the other. Ahead, someone with her name on a paper in big letters beside them was asleep in a chair. She came up and tapped on them, gaining a startled response. They quickly stood to attention, swinging their arm to move her's away. The impact hurt and she held her arm close to her.

"I-I'm sorry!" She bowed.

"I d-didn't mean t-to scare you.."

"I wasn't scared." The man with glasses and bright red hair quickly claimed and fixed his jacket. He glared to her with a look of disgust for a moment.

"Tch. Myst Lock?" She looked down and nodded still slightly shaking. She must've seemed horridly weak to the person. They already seemed to hate her. Then again, she did have that effect on people. If they didn't entirely love her, then they instead hated her. She knew, because it was all written in her tiny notebooks. The encounters she's had and people's reactions to her as well as many other things. Apparently, people loved her entirely before. Women considered her a sister or daughter or even mother for the younger ones, and men considered her a lover or a sister or even a mother if they were small children. Of course, if they weren't this way, then they simply hated her. She was demon to them. A monster, or a weakling that was filth and only worth trash. Recently, it has been latter. Such as exhibited by the man standing before her.

"I've been waiting plenty long enough. Most of the others are already here, and I doubt you want to get on your principal's bad side...follow me." He turned his back to her and walked strongly ahead. She followed, taking note of the things he said and did, the emotions she saw and also where she was going. He seemed annoyed by her writing, yet kept his mouth shut.

In front of her were doors to some sort of underground. He opened the doors, told her to keep going, then pushed her in, allowing her to walk the rest of the way.

"Hm..well, meh!" She stuck her tongue out to the door behind her and kept walking ahead. Myst found that man to be quite rude and hoped the others to not be.

Before her eyes rested some form of and oasis. What was this place? It surely didn't seem like a school for killers, but more so a resort for those that were rich and wealthy and needed a break for life's troubles. Even so, somehow the place seemed..empty. Everything was quiet, even the nature around. Was she really this late? With this in mind, she wrote down what this place looked like and the time, as well as there being no one there. She then put away her notebook and pen, walking around. Where was she supposed to go from here? Was she supposed to go inside somewhere? To a dorm or something? Was she supposed to go to some main building? The largest building here is what looked like the cafeteria. She made a note of this quickly pulling out her notebook then putting it away again after writing.

The air around this place had restored her breath from before, and now she walked to large double doors to what seemed to be the cafeteria. Myst was quite nervous, though she still opened the doors. Hiding behind them a moment, she peeked her head out and saw that the room was dark. Something about this gave her the chills and so she pulled out her short blade from her other boot. Inside she went, short sword close to her chest.

An attack quickly came and she was facing what seemed to maybe be a katana. It bared its fangs at her as she starred with wide eyes a moment. Little did she realize that the blade was only getting closer. Quickly, she spun away and her shock turned to a stare at whatever attacked. She waited for the person to come again and knocked her blade against the sword, trailing the blade quickly up the katana until it hit the hilt. She knew where the person was now, and so she flicked her blade to slice at their arm to disarm their weapon, but the person lowered themselves quickly then rolled out of the way on the floor below.

She looked confused and a bit shaken up as he went to attack at her feet. She quickly jumped and moved to the side and allowed herself to slip and land on her knees, quickly slicing at where he should be. He must've moved, because she hit nothing. Myst was hit from above and now had a blade to the back of her throat, a knee holding her back down, and a hand keeping her arm that held her short sword against the ground still. She held her breath and bit her lip, cursing herself for this.

"A lesson to learn, rely on more than just your weapon. You as well as others have this problem and need to overcome it. Also, don't be afraid during a fight. It makes you appear weaker and more vulnerable." The weight above her lifted and she got up. Looking to whomever was there, she noted the man's voice and guess with the way he spoke, he must be a teacher. Wasn't there only one? Then this must be Mr. Hitake.

"If you can really win against them though, maybe pretending to be scared or vulnerable would work. Then you could use some form of sneak attack. Nevertheless, you're going to be late. I suggest you hurry up and get to where you need to go before you're in trouble."

"S-Sir, do you know where I'm supposed to be? I only just got here and don't know..."

"Hm?" It almost sounded like he stifled a laugh. "Well, you're probably already on her bad side then. Kid, go through those doors over there and hurry with it. Maybe she wont noticed, but you had better count your blessings that she doesn't, or you're in for one hell of a lecture." Nodding, she said her thanks then scurried off quickly.

Past those doors was what seemed to be some type of arena. Pulling the notebook out again, she wrote what had happened and looked down to the area, now writing what she saw, taking note of faces, actions, and places. Going down there, she found herself being watched by two female teachers, and than what must've been the female principal stood on the ground with them. That woman..she caused Myst to get the chills. Something about just being near her excited the nerves. Is this..is this how people felt towards Myst? No, this was entirely different. People loved or hated Myst. This woman though..you simply feared her or admired her, yet even through admiration, you probably still were wary of her. She must lead a sad life due to this.

A sad and lonely life.

"Like..me..?" She didn't mean to say that out loud, but it gained her some odd looks from the principal. Myst almost flinched then went to find an empty seat. There were only six. Looking up, she noticed the nice and kind looking lady from behind a podium was gone. Confused, Myst simply took the last empty seat. Was she really the last one here.


Glancing over, Myst noticed the nice lady from before put down a new chair. She smiled noticing Myst watching and waved. Myst waved back, slightly embarrassed for getting caught.

A new chair; she must not have been the last one then! This filled her with relief as she slunk back in her chair, green hair cascading over the back. She waved again to the nice lady and the principal turned and saw, then rolled her eyes and slumped her shoulders in reaction. She seemed to find that other lady to be soft or something, or too nice. Her attention turned to the front again as she huffed lightly. Myst almost wanted to chuckle at how the principal's attitude was almost too cute for her mean aura, yet didn't. She simply kept her herself in her chair, quietly waiting.
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