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Raine was schizophrenic, having grown up in a brutal household can do that to a person. Her mother was abused by her father, as Raine was, and wouldn't stand up for her daughter. Due to this, she created an imaginary guardian to watch over her and comfort her on the days where her father hurt her more than usual, which is where her disorder began. Eventually, she was 'saved' when someone witnessed one of the beatings by accident through the kitchen window. When they found Raine and heard her talking to someone not there, Raine was sent to a mental institution.

Now, Raine is cured, more or less. She no longer sees things or hears voices. She does however, often daze off and lack emotion. The problem with her now, is that she won't let anyone touch her without having a violent outbreak. Her father often beat her to the point where she would cling to life, and after a while, she grew afraid of anyone touching her and acts out of instinct. She was released into foster care, and warned about her problem. Now, she's going to highschool. A lot of the kids are either scared of her, or think she's a freak. One boy however, decides to work to try and be her friend and maybe even break through her problem.

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Raine jumped a bit when she heard a voice and glanced over to him, blinking curiously before she sighed and nodded her head when she was asked her name. She listened to him talk about working alone and splitting up the work but shrugged a bit. "Okay... Um" She said, glancing away and staring down at the desk, trying to figure everything out, how they would divide it.

Before she could say anything else, the teacher was walking around with a hat, slips inside that had the culture options. When he got to the two of them, he put the hat in front of her and she glanced up at him. Slowly, she put her hand inside and pulled out a slip of white paper. She opened it up and rose an eyebrow as the teacher moved on.

Looking over to Seto, she turned the slip around to show bolded letters spelling 'Japan' on it. "How're you wanting to split it all up?" She asked curiously, tilting her head to the side a bit as she rose an eyebrow.
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//Sorry it's taken so long to get up, but I hope it works out!

Soon, the teacher started to ramble on about a project they were suppose to do with a partner. Seto wasn't all that good working with people and usually tried to work by himself - if it was duable. The project was on different cultures that required you to put on some type of visual aid and explain what the culture you got, was about. It seemed rather interesting and it seemed to him like Raine might just have to be his partner.

Pushing himself from his desk and standing from the chair he sat on, he walked up to the teachers desk and stood there for a moment, before asking his question to her. "Mrs. Tyrant, is it possible for students to work alone on this project or is it required to have a partner?" he asked, hoping she would give him permission to work on it by himself. Soon, Mrs. tyrant shook her head and smiled. "Thia project requires you to work with a partner so that both of your inputs can be shown clearly. Why don't you ask Raine with she would like to work with you? I know that you don't usually work with people on projects, Seto, but Raine is new and I would like it if you worked with her on this project, she smiled then waved off Seto.

Seto went back to his desk and sat down for a moment, staring at the project, then looking at the new girl. "Seriously...?" he groaned and got up again, making his way over to where Raine was sitting alone. Everyone else had found a partner and were already shooting out ideas. Once he found himself standing in front of her, he took a seat in the desk In front of hers and sat backwards on the chair. "I'm Seto.. You must be Raine, right?" he asked, not really caring if she responded or not. "It's nice to meet you.. Mrs. Tyrant said it is required we work in partners and mentioned the idea of working with you.. You and I both seem to not like the idea of working in partners.." he chuckled, peering out the window for. Second to watch the clouds slowly drift by. "We can always just split the work load fifty fifty and do it at home. We wouldn't even need to talk to each other about it that much.. Just make sure we're on the same page.." he said, slowly. He didn't want his words to jumble altogether and get mixed up.
  -Seto Koba- / Kiyoa / 6y 53d 11h 26m 46s
~{It's good^^}~

Raine glanced over, seeing a boy with unusually white hair looking at her. Narrowing her eyes slightly, she shook her head and looked away, heaving a soft sigh and running a hand through her hair. The class started and she only half tuned in, at least until the teacher mentioned a project requiring a partner. Raine frowned at the idea and looked down at the project. For their History term project, they had to put some kind of visual aid up about a different culture, or at least a part of it.

Seemed interesting enough to her, the fact it was a partner thing though, kind of bugged her a little bit and made her sigh. She read over the sheet, passively hoping there would be enough for everyone but her, allowing her to possibly work alone.
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His white locks of hair covered his eyes, cutting half his vision. A hand was moved to move the pieces of hair there were in his way. A new student? This might be interesting. Seto was sitting in the corner, at his desk, doodling when the new student walked n and picked a desk close to the window and instantly started to look out of it. Hen without a moments hesitation, she had started to doodle, from what e could see. She looked different to her.. Not in one of those bad ways.. Just looked like she had gone through one hell of a life to wind up in a high school full of stereotypical students. He had heard the teacher say hat she hadn't been to a regular school in a while. What happened to her in her childhood that made her not go to school? A normal school.. She wears such weird clothing to. As if she's emo or both or something..? I shouldn't be too quick to judge though. She might be going through something really bad at home.. Maybe I should go over and say hello before class starts or in a few days, since she's probably scared shitless... he thought to himself.

Letting himself slip into his own world and tune out the teachers lesson, he wondered about the girl. I was all he could think about as of this minute. She looked so strange to him, yet had that mysteriousness that drew him. He wanted to get to know her fpbetter, befriend her, help her with the problem(s) she has? He didn't know. All he knew right now was that he wanted to be friends with his new classmate.

//Sorry it's stinks! ^^"
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The teacher stepped into the class room five minutes into class, having been busy meeting the new student and being told about the dangers. Walking to the center of the class, he addressed the class and cleared his throat to get their attention. when they finally settled down, he smiled a bit and put his hands together. "Okay class, listen carefully. We have a new student coming into the class today. Now, she hasn't been in school for a while so she's probably a bit lost and confused. However, whatever you do, do not get too close to her or touch her. Try to avoid talk of parents, but be nice. She's a bit troubled, and must be handled carefully, okay?" He said, looking at them all with a serious expression, trying to show that he wasn't kidding.

Going to the door, he opened it and waved. Soon, Raine stepped in and glanced around at the class with a relatively blank expression. Stepping in, the teacher nodded and smiled to them. "This is Raine everyone, she's with us all year." He said before waving for her to take a seat "Sit down anywhere" He said.

Raine nodded her head and slowly and walked through the class, getting stares from a lot of them. Soon, she took a seat next to the window and looked outside of it. Getting her notebook out, she put it down on her desk and opened it to doodle on the sides.
  Raine / HeadlessGummyBear / 6y 74d 43m 1s

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