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She vowed to find her uncle Scar and kill him. Her father pirate name Pantomime died she was told to find the dragon rose ship and find the boy name______. That night when she was asleep that same boy fell through her roof as she woke up she pulled her knife out on him to protect herself. Once she realized that is was the prince she backed down and sigh. They soon became best of friends. As soon as he left she began her epic journey to find her uncle and his crew to kill them for what they did to her life.

17 years later

Rikka's head is out on the block for half a million and every day her bounty grows. She escaped from prison 10 times stole food and money as well as Disturbing the peace. The only thing she had not done was killing. Rikka never even like holding a gun or a blade unless it was to practice with it. Even then she didn't like it. But her past has been fallowing her ever since she was stolen from her home to become a female warrior but the pirates found her.The pirates who she knew very well and loved dearly, Till they killed her family right in front of her. Now with a new crew, she set sail with a new boat called The Rose Fire

Her best friend is now a captain of his own pirate ship. He inhabited the titled the Prince of Pirates from his mother and father. He also owns the fastest and dangerous ship of seven seas. That ship is called The Dragon Rose. What will happen if he finds her...Will he turns her in or will he let her go? Will they fall in love or be enemies? it up to the up.

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Lee reached out for Rikka as she broke the kiss but as he did so he felt like he was grabbing nothing but air. When she summoned a dragon and offered it pearls he couldn't stop himself from turning his back before following after her and stood on top of the mighty beast with her. Staying silent he knew that once they got back to their own ships they'd be apart again, for how long this time? He didn't know, all Lee knew was that he'd soon have to come to the realization that he'd have to fight alone again. Alone in a losing battle where one of them would die first and the cycle would continue all over again.

"But…what if…what if we can break the cycle?" he muttered to himself. He turned to stare after Rikka one last time before he took a seat waiting to be back on board with his crew.
  Lee / AerotheRedDragon / 3y 289d 1h 57m 42s
Rikka would patted his head gently. "Oh Lee" She said softly as she put her head down on top of his. and smiled. "We are always destine to love each other no matter who we are" she said softly and pulled his head up to hers. "But I will find you no matter what" She said softly and kissed him on the lips "That is a promise" She said softly "We lived before time and we shall live after time. Always fighting to have each other. keeping each other alive" she added as she gotten up "We need to stop this now our people fight each other needs to stop I am sorry for any harm I done to you" She summoned her dragon as it was a pure white color. "Queen or dragons pearl please take us back to the ships" She said as she handed her some pearls to her.
  Captine (Shadow) Rikka / lunalight / 3y 307d 21h 42m 10s
"Rikka," Lee looked at her with defeated eyes as she kissed his cheek. Staring at the woman it was like she said: she was the light and he was the darkness. Always wanting to be together but always forced to be apart every cycle he'd been through was always the same. Always so close to the light only for it to be taken from him and every restart that occurred he would try something different to stay with the woman.

Gently taking the woman in his arms he began to sob softly against her. "Rikka," he muttered her name again as he held her. Even if it was to never be every moment that he had with her he treasured for he knew it could always end up being his last til the next cycle happened.
  Lee / aerothereddragon / 3y 308d 11h 21m 2s
Rikka would look at him and smiled. She hear him talking as she sigh gently. "You said this to me several times all ready. When are you going to learn that I love you to much for you to give up?" she asked him as she sigh gently. She walked over to him and smiled as she lean in and kissed him on the cheek
  Captine (Shadow) Rikka / Lunalight / 3y 317d 14h 57m 59s
Unable to move Lee merely kept his gaze to the ground. They really were opposites of each other: she the light that was hope and he the darkness of despair. Maybe in one of their lives he WAS part of that light that was shone to be hope, but how many times must he be broken before he could truly be happy? How many more of these cycles could Rikka take til she broke from the light? No, Lee wanted to be sure that would never happen to her and that was why he stayed away from her for so long in this life time. Even he saw her again when they were kids for this cycle Lee couldn't bare to bring himself to stay with her as much as it killed him.

"Rikka....i couldn't do it to you though/ I couldn't afford to keep seeing you cry. Even if you're happy that i came back searching for you, i...i didn't want to see you hurt anymore. You have no idea how i've felt having my life taken every time we're so close to being happy. That's why this cycle...i decided to stay as far away from you as possible so that maybe...somebody could make you happy and not be taken from you."
  Lee / AerotheRedDragon / 3y 322d 13h 9m 21s
Rikka would stop singing as she turn to see her love. "I don't care" She said "Life and death will always be there no matter what. Us gardens I should say have a duties for that. If you die and come back I will always find you till the end of time" She said softly with a smiled "I wish to see the smiles you have. I wish to kiss you like you did me the first time" She would walked closer. "Lee for every life you take even if it your own It brings me joy that a new life is born.' she said softly
  Captine (Shadow) Rikka / lunalight / 3y 322d 18h 11m 53s
Seconds, minutes, hours raced through Lee's mind as he began to recollect thoughts of what seemed impossible to happen. Soon time turned to days, to weeks, months, and eventually years. Every smile, every tear, and above all every death Lee felt came rushing back to him. All his lives, eventually leading up to who he was now: a Pirate King. He was tired, tired of all the death he faced, tired of seeing Rikka cry, tired of the fights to keep them apart. How could he keep someone happy when he himself couldn't even stay alive to wipe away her tears and tell her all would be okay? He just, gave up hoping it was the best choice he could do for the woman and that in this life she'd be happy with someone else, someone that wouldn't be put to death just because of some fate. 'Goodbye,' he remembered muttering as he felt life drip from his body in his last life.

Hearing the ocean slowly sing her song of peace Lee opened his eyes. His vision blurry, but he slowly stood up looking around for a moment before getting the strength to rise to his feet. When he saw Rikka he thought he'd smile, but his body and mind did nothing of the sort. Instead he felt himself look away from the woman as the words just started to spill out of him, "You shouldn't be here. WE shouldn't even be together. I did what needed to be done so you could be happy with someone else. Someone who won't always be put to death in front of you."
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Rikka would smiled as she nodded "You also know I only give the best of the best of what I can get" She said as she smiled more brightly. She petted the dragon one last time before he disappeared. She went to the well as she dipped herself into it as if it was calling for too her. "It been awhile" She said softly as she looked up and finally dunk her head into it. She would feel a pleasant wave over her face as it takes the cursed off of her. She would soon arises as she smiled gently. Her face was flawless she would step out a white golden trail of sparkles seem to fallow her. Rikka would walk over to Lee and sat down as he came around from the power surged
  Captine (Shadow) Rikka / lunalight / 3y 329d 16h 22m 39s
As if understanding the situation Lee's dragon nodded to the woman as it began to descend to the earth below looking for an island to land upon, "You're lucky i trust your word when it comes to payment for treasure," the beast growled. Once on land the dragon began to slowly fade away returning to Lee's arm as a tattoo as the man rested still regaining his strength.
  Lee / aerothereddragon / 3y 337d 10h 37m 39s
Rikka would look down at him and sigh gently. "You did all you could" she kissed his forehead and sigh once more.she would lean down on the dragon and whisper it name in it ear. "Onyx the King of dragons Please take me to the well so I can help your master" she said softly "I will reward you with jewels beyond belief" she said as she patted his neck. She always did what she promised even to his dragon when she needed him.
  Captine (Shadow) Rikka / lunalight / 3y 351d 6h 37m 46s
"Rikka i," listening to everything his head began to throb with pain as he began to see images of their past lives together, "I can't....keep this up. P....please....take the reigns...for...m.." even with the drug to keep his body going Lee was feeling his body starting to become heavy. His head was burning with the memories and combined with his dragon being used was overtaxing his body and he couldn't even form coherent sentences let alone words. "Sorry..." he muttered releasing his dragon and falling into Rikka's arms as he went unconscious.
  Lee / AerotheRedDragon / 3y 351d 18h 4m 42s
Rikka would look at him and sigh gently. "It time for you to know the truth" she said softly " I am life you are death. That is why they capture me so they can kill you again" she said as she raised her arm and dust her arm off as it relieved the same tattoo expect it was white and longer. " we keep on being reborn as different people. We recently stop fight each other last few hundred years we been well getting along if you know what I mean" she said softly. "These pirates are your followers they don't agree of us being with each other" she said softly as she looked at him as she sat on his dragon "the more you used your magic the more you remember from what our past lives"
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The crew cut the lines off the dragon allowing Lee's dragon to fly freely putting distance between itself and the crew. As the pirates began to get into a two ship formation Lee's vision slowly came back to him are he looked to the ocean below to see his men and Rikka's crew scramble to shake off the ambush from the enemy. "Rikka….where….where are they?" Lee began to force his body to rise as he stood on the neck of his dragon, "As pirates we live by a code, one that isn't so easily broken. If a pirate steals something from another pirate they don't just let it happen. Nor would any pirate just kidnap you. Who are these guys and why did they take you?"

With what little strength Lee balanced on the neck off is dragon staring at the emptiness before him as he spoke to Rikka, "People like these pirates….need to be put down permanently."
  Lee / AerotheRedDragon / 3y 360d 2h 43m 14s
Rikka would gain concuies as she would see what's going on. She would call out all her might. "I'M HERE WITH YOU" She scream as her power began to flow into her. She would touch the rope and all of them seem to snap "LISTEN UP" she yelled "ONCE THE DRAGON IS FREE I WANT YOU ALL TO START MOVING THE SHIPS. WE STILL ARE PIRATES WE STILL HELP OUR LEADER" she screamed as a white glow fill the air. She hope that Lee would feel better after this power over load on her. " Hear me and you will feel better" she added
  Captine (Shadow) Rikka / lunalight / 3y 360d 20h 27m 6s
[sorry i misread your post]

Lee could feel a liquid shoved down his system, yet even as it entered his system the man was still barely holding on as he began to regain some of his strength, "Where…where are they? Where…can't…can't see too much. I only have….point me in the direction to fire. I can't…hold on much longer." The man was going beyond his limits and even with the potion and merely numbed the pain enough for him to be able to just keep his conscious from just going out.
  Lee / AerotheRedDragon / 4y 1d 20h 23m 59s

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