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What happens when a new girl moves into town? Her parents are very strict and she's always following the rules. What happens when she is placed into one of the most prestigious schools of the state? Is it really what it's been hyped up to be? She soon discovers that not only do the kids smuggle drugs and preview their relationships to the public, but they manage to keep good records.

What happens when she is spotted by all the guys who expose the real truth behind the school?

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End 1/22/14
  Roark / ellocalypse / 5y 1d 46m 33s
What we doing now in this rp?
  Penolope (penny) / IrishBlood / 5y 1d 1h 7m 54s
Roark was so upset with everything that happened. Now that they didnt have a baby on the way, their lives would change again and he felt like maybe it would never be the same ever again. When Penny called in for food, he headed down to the cafeteria, buying a breakfast sandwich and a drink before heading back to her room. At least she'd be able to leave today thanks to what the doctor said.

When they were ready to leave, Roark looked her over, seeing what a mess the two of them looked like and he just didnt know what to do. "Ill stay with you Pen, as long as our parents are okay with it" he hugged his arms around her and then he walked with her to her truck. "Come on, you still need rest. Let's get you home and into your own bed. Im not leaving your side, dont worry" he walked her towards his truck and helped her in as he began driving to her place.
  Roark / ellocalypse / 5y 7d 17h 55m 51s
Penny sat there the whole time, looking at her fingers on her lap. Her hair was messy, and her eyes were red and tired. She lost her baby, and almost lost the man she love most. He told her that he would eat when she did. Penny just shrugs. Soon slowly looking up, as he told her, that he could never hate her. Penelope sighs with relief, and then calls to order some food for breakfast. She was starving.

Later that day she was told she could leave, and to come back for a check up at the end of the week. Penny stood there in front of Roark and took his hand.

"Don't leave me Roark...please..stay the night with me..." Her blue eyes stare into his deeply. Begging him not to leave her tonight.
  Penolope (penny) / IrishBlood / 5y 7d 22h 20m 54s
Roark was sitting on the chair beside her bed, making sure that she ate something to keep her healthy even though they were both practically depressed. He just wanted to make sure that Penny didnt let herself go because they may have lost the baby, but he also didnt lose her, so he wanted her to get better.

"Ill eat when you eat baby. I need to make sure you're okay too" he knew that both of them were tired and just emotionally drained with the shock of what happened. Adjusting wasnt going to be easy on the two of them.

Roark took out one of the burritos and then he took a bite, not having the appetite for it at all. He was surprised by her question though "Why would I hate you Penny? You saved my life. YOu did everything you could. I couldnt hate you for that. But if you hate me for being a weakling, I understand that too" he sighed sadly.
  Roark / ellocalypse / 5y 44d 19h 42m 50s
Penny was just sitting there in a daze at first. Though him being there, smiling at her was making it much more bearable this moring.

"I will gladly eat. But have you eaten too? You look like...a mess too baby." Penny sighs and reaches to hold his hand, and presses the nurses button with her free hand. Letting them know that she was up and hungry. Her eyes dont dare not to look down at her stomach.

" you hate me? Are you angry at me?" She sighs slowly and drops her head, fearing the worse.
  Penolope (penny) / IrishBlood / 5y 44d 20h 49m 21s
Roark had fallen asleep at the edge of her bed, watching her relax as he took in a deep breath. He woke up a few minutes earlier than her, sitting on the chair beside her bed as he watched the TV in her room. WHen he heard her, he walks over and then he kisses her forehead. "Hey, morning baby" he slowly hugs her, ignoring the bump in her tummy because he didnt want to think about it.

"Ill head down to the cafeteria to get you something to eat baby" he headed downstairs and then he walked towards the counter, purchasing two breakfast burritos and then some drinks before heading up once more. He took a seat at the edge of her bed and then he held her burrito up to her. "Eat up, we both need our strength. Hopefully the doctor will let you go today and we can take you home"
  Roark / ellocalypse / 5y 53d 15h 42m 34s
Penny sat there, sleeping sounding for a few hours till it was midday the next day, when she finally wakes up the afternoon. She lays there first, eyes staring at the ceiling, then out the window to look at the sunny sky. Her stomach then growls and she looks over seeing Roark sitting there on the couch just staring at the ground. Penny softly smiles, and goes to speak, but her throat is dry so she smacks her lips a bit then tries again.

"Good morning baby..I'm starving." She goes to rub her stomach and then sees her baby bump, she sighs, and just looks away and doesn't touch it no more. Her hair a mess, her eyes sad and empty. Though warmer when she looks into his.
  Penolope (penny) / IrishBlood / 5y 53d 21h 40m 4s
No pic :(

Roark was buried into his mother for a while, just trying to get a hold of himself. They were going to be starting from square one again and he didnt know if he could ever recover from this. THey lost their precious baby boy, the one made from their purest love. He just wanted to protect him and Penny and now that Chance proved that he could take it all away, he was scared someone would do the same. Biting down on his lip, he listens to Pen and then he just kept her in his arms. He never wanted anything to happen to them, but now that they had thier baby taken away, anything could happen. THey were no longer tied together anymore and it was just going to be different.

When Penny fell asleep, he watched her parents and he knew nothing would ever be the same. He felt the same way. He didnt think he would ever be the same again and the fact that they lost what was holding them together made him worry about the future.

Roark stayed at Penny's side, his head resting against her bed as he rubbed his eyes. He wanted to just fall asleep and forget that all of this happened. He wanted to wake up to Penny's smiling face and hope that they could make it through this.
  Roark / ellocalypse / 5y 58d 23h 7m 24s
Penny hears everyone saying they are glad she is ok, but they all seem to be nervous and scared to talk about them losing their baby. Penny, feels Roark trying to cheer her up. Feels him hugging her, and sitting there by her. Her head just hung low and she sniffles and had tears still going done her cheeks. Penny didn't know what to do or say. THough when Roark starts talking about how it was his fault she shakes her head and pulls him closer to her.

"Baby no, we were both stuck and there wasn't anything we could have done...I just....I....killed him.....for our baby...I dont care what anyone says. Thats justice for killing a child. Our...little love baby..." She rubs her lower empty baby belly, and cries harder. But the drugs the doctors gave her started kicking out and she slowly lays back, and starts falling asleep. Soon sound asleep with tears on her face. Her mother couldn't help but cry softly, and her father hang his head low too.

"She wont be the same after this....she may get better one day..but never truly the same.." He says and they go to leave Roark and Penny alone to themselves. Her parents were just worried and knows she needs rest.
  IrishBlood / 5y 59d 4h 5m 7s
Roark couldnt help it, he had grown to love the little baby inside of her and since they were going to be half him and Penny, he just adored the thought of being a father and showing them the world. He was used to it already and he had done his daily routines keeping the two of them in mind. He'd work weekends to support them and he'd even thought about baby names with Penny and had even gone out to buy some furniture for them.

When he sees her crying into his chest, his eyes looked down at her and he just buried into her hair, not wanting to let her go at all. "Im sorry for not doing anything Pen. Im really sorry our baby is gone" he didnt know who to blame, but he was just upset and sick that their little boy was gone. They had been preparing for so long, loving them so much and now they were gone.

He sees their parents come in and his mom wraps her arms around him. He buries into her and then he frowned, trying to stop crying but he couldnt. It was hard to think that they had killed someone and that their love child was taken away from them. He didnt know how to just a normal couple all over again.
  Roark / ellocalypse / 5y 61d 22h 6m 36s

Penny sees Roark crying and it just broke her hear. Penny held his hand tightly in hers, and couldn't do anything but cry with him. She pulls him up on the bed to her side, and curled up to his side. Her hand holding his, and naturally was going to rub her stomach. But, their love child wasn't there no more. Penny felt sick, really sick. Her baby was gone. She felt so angry, she couldnt remove her face from his chest. Just, sit there with him, crying hard. When he told her that their baby was gone, and that she saved his life. Penny smiles weakly up to him.

"He..he was going to kill you baby..I..I couldn't let you die......I couldn't....I love you." She kisses him hard and long. Their tears staining each others cheeks. When the door to the the room opens and in walks everyone else. Her mother rushing up to her to hold her baby tightly kissing her all over. Her father right behind her to kiss his baby girl's cheeks and forehead too. Penny tells them she loves them all, and that she feels fine. But then they all get silent about the elephant in the room. Penny and Roark's baby, is dead. Gone, just like that. Penny, was just sitting there, blanking out.

"I killed him..I had too..he..he was going to kill Roark!! I couldn't lose both my boys in a matter of a few minutes apart!!" She felt sick again.
  Penolope (penny) / IrishBlood / 5y 61d 22h 35m 24s
Roark felt her arms and immediately kept close to her, worried sick that something terrible could have happened. What if Chance ended up killing her instead of him, he didnt know how he was going to live. He could hear her crying into his shirt and he just hugged her close, holding her tightly in his arms. He understood that they had lost the baby, but he didnt know how else to deal with it right then than to face it with Penny.

Seeing her running her fingers over her tummy made his heart ache. He slowly pulled away and then he sat there, just staring blankly into space as he frowned "I know he's not there baby. The doctor said he died at the park" he felt tears stream down his cheeks and his hands balled into a fist. "That bastard took our baby boy away" he held her hand in his, not wanting to let her go just yet.

"Penny dont blame yourself. I couldnt do a thing either, but you saved me. You saved me from Chance" he assured her, not wanting her to think this was all her fault. "THat man is dead. You killed him and saved me, so please dont think this is all your fault. We couldnt do a thing, not when Chance was holding a knife to your throat" he knew he could have ran after and saved her if he just had more courage to do so.
  ellocalypse / 5y 61d 23h 6m 42s
When his arms held her, she hugged his neck tightly, gripping his shirt and pulling him close. Crying, and just a sobbing fool in his neck. Tears staining his shirt. Her nails gripping at his shirt to keep him close. Her hair brushing his jaw and cheek. THough sitting up straight so long, was starting to hurt her lower stomach. She winces and had to lean back down in a comfortable way. His voice, was amazing to her. And when he was holding her and telling her he was glad for still having her. Penny, gives a weak smile. And looks down to her, still there baby bump. Her hands rest on it, and there was no kicking no moving. Nothing. She drops her head and talks through the sobs.

"He's gone.....Roark...he's gone..he's not there..." SHe says searching her stomach wildly. Rubbing all over to try and feel a kick, something. TO feel him move. Nothing. She slams her firsts on the bed, and screams at her self with groans.

"I failed..I failed!!! I didn't protect our baby..please.....please Roark....forgive me...please......he's...gone." She was a mess, the doctor was right. Looking at him with tears down her face more.

"Chance...where is he? Is he?...Dead?"
  Penolope (penny) / IrishBlood / 5y 62d 5h 19m 58s
By the time they were at the hospital, Roark was feeling so sick at that point. His girlfriend was nearly dying and Chance was announced dead. This wasnt supposed to be happening. All they wanted was to relax today and have a nice date with their baby boy. WHen he walked into the waiting room, it felt like hours just sitting there and hoping that Penny and the baby were okay.

WHen his mom arrived and her parents, he explained to them everything that happened. He told them about Chance and how he was always jealous of him. He wanted everything Roark had and that's what caused all of this mess. He sat with his mother, his head on her shoulder, finding no comfort in anything they were doing. WHen he saw the doctor head outside, he walked up to him with Penny's father and heard the horrible news. Penny was fine, but their baby was.....gone.

Roark stood there frozen, still fathoming all that had happened. When he was led into her room, he didnt even know what to say. He knew that they were both devastated they had lost their baby. After everything they've been through, their love child was gone. He took in a deep breath and walked over to Penny's side. SHe looked so broken down and he knew that she knew about their baby. He wrapped his arms around her waist and frowned, holding her close "Baby! Im so glad you're okay. Im glad you're alive and okay" he said softly, staying at her side. He didnt want to mention anything else just yet, he was just glad she was okay.
  Roark / ellocalypse / 5y 62d 5h 35m 37s

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