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I'm looking for someone to be Damon Salvatore. After they join we can make up a plot and how the rules for the thread will go.


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Britt heard Damons question "kinda." She said though she wondered why he was asking. She then heard what Stefan and Damon said "yeah maybe." She said. She noticed Nina was going overboard with drinking she does love to drink. I could always come back for her later. Britt thought. She heard what Damon said and she was aware he seemed to be getting annoyed. "yeah. sounds like a good idea. I can always come pick her up later to make sure she gets home safely. she'll never know i left ." Britt said
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Damon's attention went immediately to Britt's friend when she came over to pick up Britt's phone. When he heard her talking to some one on the other line, he smirked. "So... Britt. Basically you're just waiting for some one better to come along and show you what love is really about?" Stefan looked at Damon. "I'll be going now." He said standing up, he patted Damon's shoulder. "It was nice meeting you, Britt. Maybe later we could all have dinner at my place." Damon looked to Stefan. "You mean OUR place." Stefan nodded, then walked out of The Grill.

He noticed Britt was quiet now. Looking to her friend, who he thought was being rude his tone changed quickly. "So, Britt. Let's say we get out of this hellhole and go exploring?" He looked to Britt. He was obviously agitated by her friend, and wanted to leave before he lost his temper.
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"She looks out for me and I look out for her. we treat each other like sisters." Britt said to answer Damons question. She noticed he was quiet after they had sit and she finished her drink. When she seen Damons brother come over she smiled "thanks. You both have been very welcoming. I'm Britt Petrova." She said to stefan figuring she should tell him. Nina finished her dance and came over and grabbed Britt's phone. Right on the hour it rang "yep I knew that." She said as she answered it. Joey told Nina to put Britt on the phone but Nina just smiled "She'll have to call you back. She's busy." She said then hung up. Britt just smiled "wow. that was fast." Britt told Nina. Nina handed Britt her phone back and she took it as she put it away. "we're here to have fun. Not being bothered by a guy you'll probably dump." Nina said then walked to get another drink. Britt was quiet to her saying that.
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Damon smiled, he was actually enjoying himself for once. As the music ended, he spun Britt into him, then Dipped her. It looked like they were going to kiss. Stefan watched Damon closely. He knew how manipulative his brother could be. Damon wanted to kiss Britt oh so badly, but chose against it for now. Letting her go, he looked over at her friend who was watching then like a hawk. "I'm assuming your friend is watching to make sure no one gets too touchy feely with you?" When he asked this, he looked to the ground. Grabbing her hand gently, he walked back over to the table they were at. He pulled out a seat for Britt, then sat in the seat across.

He sipped at his drink, and his mind seemed to be elsewhere. It was only two in the after noon. His thoughts were swimming around Britt for some reason. Before he knew it though, his brother walked over. "Mind if I sit?" Damon shrugged. "Pull up a seat. Britt, this is my brother Stefan." Stefan sat down, and looked to Britt smiling. "You're new here. Welcome to Mystic Falls. If you need any thing feel free to ask my brother or me." Damon glared at Stefan. "Always the perfect gentleman aren't you?" Stefan shrugged, and sighed. Damon sipped at his drink a little faster now.
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It surprised her learning how long he was with someone. She didn't give a lot of thought to it at the moment as she let him lead her in the waltz. She smiled having fun even though it was dancing with someone she just met. I never had this much fun with Joey. She thought

Nina was all happy and she seen that Britt was actually having fun. It was a first she seen Britt having fun in awhile.
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Damon stopped dancing, then heard a classical song come on. "A year and a half? That's nothing try being with some one for a half a century.." He smirked, then got into position to Waltz. "Well, if you did take a few dance classes. I'm guessing learning shouldn't be that hard for you." He grabbed her by the waist, and grabbed her one hand. "Now, all you need to do is follow my lead.." When he looked into her eyes, he realized he was actually beginning to like Britt. When the music began playing, he started leading the dance.
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"I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half." She said to answer his question as she danced with him. She didn't give a lot of thought about her past. But she felt her friend watching and knew what she was probably thinking. Nina concentrated on dancing with the boy infront of her. Britt heard what Damon asked her about waltzing. "I took a couple dance lessons to learn. But I'm not that good at it." Britt said. She felt him pull her closer and she looked up at him.
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Damon held Britt's hand in his. Her touch was warm, and welcoming. Was he actually beginning to like this girl? The song that was on was kind of a slow moving song. Letting go of her hand, he began to move with the beat swaying his hips a bit. "So how long have you been together with your boyfriend?" He asked as he still danced, smirking waiting for her to dance as well. Usually girl's were all over him, but this one was different. When he saw her friend, he arched an eyebrow at a blonde that came out of the bathroom. What really caught his attention was Stefan coming to The Grill.

Stefan spotted Damon dancing with Britt, and tilted his head a bit confused. Damon simply rolled his eyes, and grabbed Britt pulling her closer to him. "Have you ever Waltzed before Britt?"
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She hesitated at first but then she figured why not and then she put her hand in his. She felt sorry for him that someone had hurt him. Her friend Nina was still dancing but she was surprised when she noticed Britt was going to dance with someone she just met. well this could be a good change. Nina thought.
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Damon could sense the nervousness in Britt. He smirked, the more nervous she was the less effort he'd have to put into convincing her to do any thing he wanted. "Boyfriend?" HE sipped at his drink, and shook his head. "I never really was the one for love, last one tore my heart out with meat hooks.." Shaking his head, he heard a song called Stand By Me by Pennywise come on. "Hey, we should dance." He stood up and held his hand out to her. His bright blue eyes met her dark brown ones. She was really beautiful, he couldn't decide whether he wanted to kill her, or make her his own little pet.
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Britt smiled and she shook his hand "I'm Britt Petrova" She said. She found Damon quite handsome and his blue eyes caught her attention. She never seen someone with such blue eyes before. "Yeah, I'm new. I just moved here with my boyfriend. We wanted a fresh start in a new town." Britt said

this is odd.I think he's more handsome than my own boyfriend. Britt thought. She too a sip of her drink. She couldn't deny there was time she thought of leaving her boyfriend but she never found anyone in her old town that as attractive. She took the chance to watch her friend since she felt the need to be a little protective of her best friend. When she saw she was still find she looked down at her drink as she took another sip trying to calm her nervous feeling of meeting someone new.
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Damon looked over his shoulder, watching the new girl and her friend very closely. He saw her friend go up and dance with some guy. Standing up, he grabbed his drink and walked over to where the new girl was. "That was rude.. Leaving a pretty girl like you here all alone." He sat down in the chair across from the new girl. Leaning back in the seat, he watched the girl's friend and the guy dance. "So... I'm assuming you're new here otherwise, you'd be at a much more entertaining place." He extended his hand out, and looked back to her. "My name's Damon Salvatore. You are" He was trying to be charming, and he was hoping it was working. An afternoon snack sounded delicious right about now.
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it's ok)

Britt looked around to check out what was all here. she knew Joey would never come here so she felt good about it. She thought at first she didn't know anyone but then her best friend who agreed to move to mystic falls came in and put an arm around her. "let's have some fun Britt." Nina said. Britt nod "yeah. Enjoying our first night in a new town." Britt said.

They went over and got a table to just relax. Each of them got soemthing to drink and started talking until a guy came over and asked her friend to dance. "is it ok with you?" Nina asked Britt. "sure, go have fun." Britt said. Nina went with the guy leaving Britt by herself as she took a sip of her drink. I need a job now that I'm in a new town. Maybe I can find one here. Britt thought knowing Joey would probably make some excuse why he get a new job from the one he had back where they used to live. She sighed after a few minutes of being alone.
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Sorry for the late reply D:

Damon woke up and rubbed his eyes. Rolling out of bed, he walked over to the collection of alcohol he had and poured himself a drink. Elena and Stefan were awake already. He rolled his eyes, and sipped at his Burbon. "Ah. Now that's a wake up call." He said placing the glass onto the night table. He sat back down on the bed for a few moments trying to figure out what to do. The boredom in the house was almost enough to drive him mad...almost.

Getting up, he finally got dressed in a nice black button up shirt, black jeans, and his famous black shoes. Taking a gander at himself in the mirror, he smiled satisfied. Walking downstairs, he made sure no one was there to talk to him then opened the front door, and was free. The Grill was his favorite place to go. Especially during the day.

When he walked inside, he saw it was nearly dead. Shrugging, he took his normal seat at the bar and ordered a drink. A few minutes later, some one caught his attention. A beautiful brunette came waltzing into The Grill. He smirked, then sipped at the drink which the bar tender slipped in front of him. "This should be a fun day, eh?" He turned back around and waited to see what the new girl would do.
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rp here and ok)

Relocating to a new place sounded fun to Britt. Her boyfriend drove the way and she slept most of the way there. When the truck stopped she opened her eyes "huh?" She said and then looked over at Joey. He smiled "we're here." He said. Britt nod in understanding then got out of the truck. They immediately started unpacking since Joey had bought their house in advance. Soon day turned to night so Britt decided to go exploring the new area. She didn't fear anything at that time and she never feared the unknown. She found the place called the grill and decided it was a good place to start as she walked inside the place.
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