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ooc- alright good night~!
  Krystyna Lavelle / billiebelle / 10y 50d 38m 28s
Ooc- I have to go now, sorry. I might be on later tonight though. Byez.
  "DK" King / tai_clearwater / 10y 50d 39m 21s
Krysta gasp softly as his tounge slipped into her mouth. Blushing, she rubbed her own against his, while a soft moan came from her.
  Krystyna Lavelle / billiebelle / 10y 50d 43m 24s
He chuckled and kissed her back deeply. He hesitated, before slipping his tounge into her mouth.
  "DK" King / tai_clearwater / 10y 50d 44m 34s
Krysta leaned into his hand, as she smiled back. Her fingers gently brushed along his lips. "What a nice smile, Daniel. I love it." She said kisses him again.
  Krystyna Lavelle / billiebelle / 10y 50d 53m 7s
He kissed her back softly, his hand gently caressing her cheek. He could feel his previous anger simply melt away as their lips touched, and a sincere smile crossed his lips.

  "DK" King / tai_clearwater / 10y 50d 54m 27s
"Don't worry. I'll be alright I promise." She said softly. Leaning up, Krysta kissed his lip gently and sweetly.

  Krystyna Lavelle / billiebelle / 10y 50d 1h 7m 1s
He sighed and kissed the top of her head lightly as he loosley hung his arms around her.

"You poor thing..." he whispered softly.
  "DK" King / tai_clearwater / 10y 50d 1h 10m 5s
"A bit. I'm kinda in pain. But its numb now." She said, then pushed him gently back. Krysta put her head on his chest, and laid there as her breathing rattled in pain.
  Krystyna Lavelle / billiebelle / 10y 50d 1h 16m 18s
"I was just on the phone, no biggie" he lied, sitting beside her and smiling softly.

"Feeling better now?"
  "DK" King / tai_clearwater / 10y 50d 1h 18m 55s
Krysta looked up at him, and smiled weakly. "I'm glad you are here." He helped her over to the closet, and put on a very loose red dress. The blood wouldn't show up on the red dress, which was good. "Where did you go?" She asked as she slowly walked over to her bed.
  Krystyna Lavelle / billiebelle / 10y 50d 1h 20m 2s
He pulled his belt back on before dragging the injured man around to the side of his house and whispering in his ear.

"If I ever see another bruise on her...I will you..." he whispered before walking away and climbing back in the window. He walked into the bathroom and helped her up, blushing as her naked body pressed against his.

"I'm right here, don't worry" he said in a kind voice.
  "DK" King / tai_clearwater / 10y 50d 1h 22m 11s
"DK, where are you?" Krysta's voice called out. She was trying to get out of the bath, but her arms didn't have the strenght to pull herself out of it.
  Krystyna Lavelle / billiebelle / 10y 50d 1h 30m 51s
DK stamped down on the pathetic excuse of a man's jaw, snapping it in two.

"I will make you swallow those words" he said as he began to hit him repeatedly in the chest and stomach with the belt.
  "DK" King / tai_clearwater / 10y 50d 1h 33m 35s
Krysta's dad lost his balance and was knocked down to the ground. Blood spilling his his mouth as his eyes glared up at him. "She's not a person. She's a whore and a cunt! Just like her mother!" He said as he spit blood at DK, only to get it on hisself.
  Krystyna Lavelle / billiebelle / 10y 50d 1h 38m 27s

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