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When a well known and respected high school teacher named Crystal Rivers in Galveston is found dead with stab wounds in a submerged vehicle underwater by Detective Fairfield and the local P.D. an investigation soon starts to find the killer responsible but he soon discovers that everyone here has secrets of their own and that the town of Galveston has a dark and seedy underbelly of secrets as well.

Only 5 people were the last ones to see her alive, each with a specific relationship to the victim. These 5 people are;

[b Miranda Williams] - [i 16 year old highschool student from Crystal Rivers classroom.] - KB-TheBearWhoMauls

[b Charles Williams] - [i Father of Miranda Williams and is a well known politician running for County Judge in Galveston County. He and Crystal Rivers used to be best friends as teenagers.]

[b Fred Mitchell] - [i The current mayor of Galveston, a lot of people believe he is a corrupt official who takes advantage of the system. Crystal Rivers despised him very much and once even threatened to expose him.]

[b Victor Strauss] - [i The current D.A. of Galveston, he is a family friend of Crystal Rivers family and even recommended Crystal Rivers to the school district so they can hire her.]

[b Eric Strauss] - [i The son of Victor Strauss, he's also a student in Crystal Rivers classroom and best friend of Miranda Williams. It's well known he had a crush on Crystal Rivers for a while. He's one year older than Miranda.] - Kyoto

[b [i [center Only 1 person becomes a suspect in Mirandas eyes;]]]

[b Kyle Callaway] - [i The new teacher that replaced Crystal Rivers. He used to be married to Crystal Rivers sister but divorced a few years ago. Crystal Rivers family never liked him.]

[b [i [center Only 1 person who never knew Crystal Rivers is going to very soon know everything about her life, and her companions;]]]

[b Detective Fairfield] - [i The detective leading the case on the murder of Crystal Rivers. He never knew her or anything about her, but he will soon find everything about her, and find out this city along with everybody...Has a dark and seedy underbelly of secrets and lies.] - Vossler

These 7 people are [b connected]…

Someone out of these 7 people are the [b killer]…

[h3 [b [i [center Character Creation]]]]

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[b Age] -

[b Gender] -

[b History] -

[b Relationship with the victim] -

[h3 [b [i [center Usermade Characters]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center Rules]]]]

No god modding
No killing others/controlling their actions without their explicit permission
Whoever picks the killer will be told they are the killer and told the plot twist via PM. Do not tell anyone or you will be kicked from the RP and the entire RP will be compromised and ruined.
This is a mature roleplay which will have adult themes but if it comes down to straight up sex, please take it off-site.
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[size30 [b [i I]]]t was a dark night in Galveston, Texas. although the night-life was still plentiful the docks at the south of the island were barren save for a lone deep-sea fishing boat out in the middle of the ocean not far the docks.

An idling black lexus car sit motionless in at the back of the boat, two people inside; A man and a mysterious figure. The woman wasn't moving but simply sat there with her eyes open. She was in the passenger seat with dried blood all over her clothes.

The figure put the car into neutral and got out of the vehicle. They went to the back and slowly pushed the car towards the edge of the boat and over it as it plummeted into the ocean until the lights were not visible from the car.

The figure drove the big boat back to the docks and moored it before getting off of it. They called a taxi and went back home.

[b [i [center _]]]

[b [i [center THREE HOURS LATER...]]]

Peter Walters enjoyed to go out late night scuba diving, it was his passion and his escape from the shitty reality he lives in everyday with his shitty job as an office drone. He arrived at the docks and got inside his little motorboat before heading out to the middle of the ocean.

He stopped the boat and slipped on his scuba gear and peered into the ocean and sighed before diving inside. Peter swam deeper down ans recorded his adventure. He got footage of fish and found some treasure too; mostly useless bullshit that wouldn't even sell at a flea-market or a thrift shop. Peter sighed and swam a bit deeper down, his pressure meter going up. He had to be careful.

Peter stopped when he spotted a black object a few feet from him and he swam to it. The black object came into clear view and now turned into a car. The black lexus from the fishing boat. Peter felt uneasy and wondered why there was a current year model Lexus in the ocean. It looked fairly new too albiet it was a bit damaged from the pressure.

He examined it closer and freaked out when the womans body smacked the drivers seat window as her dead eyes locked
with his. He took note of the coordinates on his phone and saved them as well as getting the license plate number.

He swam back up to his boat as quickly as he could and got back on it before fumbling with his phone shakingly trying to call the police. Once he did he told them everything and gave them the coordinates and license plate number.

[b [i [center _]]]

[b [i [center 30 MINUTES LATER...]]]

Police swarmed the docks like flies on shit. A sea of red and blue flashes littered the docks.

Detective Adrian Fairfield who worked for the homicide divison arrived on the scene and stepped out of his personal car and was still in his black and red pajamas, He yawned and waved at his partner who was dressed for the occasion.

"Sorry to wake you Adrian, but we got a bad one here." The chief of the Galveston P.D. Franklin Manderly said. "The coastguard was able to use a crane on their ship and pull up the car...The bodies right there. Crystal Rivers, everybody knows Crystal."

Adrian nodded. "One of the most respected high-school teachers, why would anyone want to murder her?" He asked groggily and was handed a coffee by an officer running a mobile coffee station near the crime tape. He smiled and sipped on it and walked towards the dead teacher.

The coroner looked at Adrian and sighed. "I examined her somewhat but found no signs of rape, no traces of semen anywhere on her or inside her."

Adrian nodded and examined her neck. "Strangulation marks?"

"More like from a pet collar. Found this in her purse." The coroner said showing him a pet collar usually used in bondage.

"I guess our respected teacher loved it rough. Holy shit...All these stab wounds. Is this how she died?" Adrian asked.

"Possibly, that is a lot of stab wounds, too many too count. It also looks like she took some blunt trauma to the head." The coroner said showing Adrian the right side of her head which was caved in. "Could be from pressure in the ocean, but I highly doubt it. Something sick is going on here Adrian, and we're gonna find out."

Adrian Fairfield nodded. He stood up and fixed dusted off his pajama bottoms. "You think Crystal Rivers had any enemies Mr. Manderly?" Adrian asked his boss.

"I know she came to the station once talking about Mayor Mitchell and how he was a corrupt piece of shit who needs to be exposed. I highly doubt our own mayor killed her though Adrian, she was also enemies with her ex brother in law Kyle Callaway. The damn man even signed up to be the next teacher in her place if she ever quit. I'd say he's a prime suspect but we gotta be sure, I'll call you tomorrow Adrian, right now get some sleep, and we'll discuss this tomorrow." Chief Manderly said.

Adrian nodded and soon the reporters and onlookers were gone and the police packed up and left along with the coroner and body.
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