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She comes from Japan.

Doesn't mean she's a cute girl with an obsession in anime and manga.

Doesn't mean she's the shy one, sitting in a corner and smiling sweetly at boys.

That was exactly what he had been thinking about all Japanese students.


Once a Japanese girl transferred to his English school...

He started realizing the 'Sadako' in real life.

And he started avoiding her, trying to pretend there's no Japanese girl in his class.

Only blonde, beautiful girl who's willingly become your girlfriends...

But once, once...His curiosity betrayed him.

Her parents, where were they?

Why did those brave ones who picked fight with that newbie lost one teeth or broke one arm days later mysteriously?

Why did she walked in highschool in a confident way, like all the students and even teachers there are her pawns?

Why she held no fear in spitting in the bully's face?

Why did bullies all ended up joining her group as her bodyguards.

Why was she here?

There, he found out.

And he wished he never had.

"Maybe I should cut your nose off so you wouldn't shove it anywhere."

Have you heard about Y A K U Z A?

Well, her father's a member of it.

And he simply sent his daughter to a foreign country; So she would be safe and rule over the highschool.

"Or Maybe...I should be kind enough and follow you everywhere, to make sure you won't live after telling anyone about it?"

She lives with her grandmother, who spends most of her time watching super boring TV shows.

So she'd have a lot of time to stalk him.

"If anyone was as nosy as you, tell them I'm your girlfriend."

Ngh! Now what the hell he should do when this 'Sadako' pulls him in a dangerous method of life?

Needs a poor boy~
Be Comedic~
Use Anime pics~
Spread your imagination~
Do not follow, Help me make a story together~


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"Wait, Jimmy-kun." I call sweetly, remembering what a bastard he is. "I'm sorry, Jimmy kun."

Sorry for forgetting you.

Seems like he doesn't want to stop. Seems like he wants to ignore me. So Yakuza is a cliche, Ne? Maybe those big boobs were Japan. Maybe those naked chicks were Japan. Maybe that monster is Japan? I walk to him with long steps. My leg flies between his legs and forces him to kneel in a horrible pain only men feel. The moment he's caught I grab for a branch-which is plenty in park- and try to hit his leg with it. My lips are twisted in a smirk, the rain wetting my hairs. "You may lose that dick of yours if you don't watch your tongue, Jimmy kun. Be happy, I can't do that in public. For now...I've to visit on a poor boy in hospital. Do you know a good place to buy flowers, Jimmy kun?" I don't wait for his reply, walking off.

What the hell was he? He didn't come after us. Well, never mind. As expected, he just thought of it as a joke. I'm heading to the hospital.

Because I've found a new friend.

A new bodyguard.

For the sake of himself, if he wants to be able to walk in the rest of his worthless life.
  Higurashi / valkyira / 6y 83d 9h 44m 4s
I had been walking at a sedate pace, counting in my head how much money I had in my piggy back to buy the replacement manga that the girl had ripped to pieces but at least I had paid her back in kind by calling her a bitch in class and making everyone laugh at her- though rachel had gotten mad I gotta admit it had been rather fun. I had felt heroic afterward and some people now thought I was a cool guy.

Suddenly someone grabs me by the arm. its that japanese girl. I try to pull away but she cries something crazy that leaves me stunned.
"That what?" I ask confused but it is too late she is already dragging me away and I have no time to complaint or dig in my feet. For a tiny thin girl she is surprisingly strong. We come to a stop near the park and thank goodness for all the exercise I do still I was slightly angry that she had done that to me.

"are you crazy..there was no one behind us. shit I thought you were all about dispelling all of the japanese cliches. But now the yakuza is after you..what's next? you are a princess in disguise? please." I moved away in disgust. I really did not like this girl. She was everything I have ever disliked in anyone else.
Arrogant, conceited and delusional.

I started walking away from her ready to just leave her behind with her strange ideas.
  Jimmy Valentine / apple / 6y 83d 16h 30m 19s
How can I put my anger in words? How can I describe the hatred I felt towards the whole England? How can I explain the boiling in my blood...blood? Oh, yes!

This blonde boy wanted to see his blood splattered on the wall, he wanted to hear his bones break in a wonderful sound, he wanted to hear his own screams ringing in his ear like a melody.

He wanted his life to end. That Rachel, the giraffe, she saved herself. She's a smart girl. I sit down, having a stupid smile on my face, yeah I haven't got what you have said at all. I'm an innocent Japanese girl, I just start writing in my notebook, like nothing has happened.

Because, I love surprising people.

The bell rings and it's time to go back to Oba chan. But first, that bully. He exits the school with his gang of friend and I become his shadow, following him silently and waiting for him to separate from the bunch of pigs around him.Finally, my patience gives a result and he's finally waiting for the bus at bus stop. There are people around him. It's going to rain. Bleh, dull country it is.

But soon, fun shall begin. I approach him from behind. Nobody's paying attention to me, great. They're all waiting for the bus to come, looking at their watches...The cars are going pretty fast and if somebody just...

I hit myself against him, he loses his balances and falls in front of a car, the car hits him as expected the bully screams like a bitch, blood covering the street. His head is injured and I bet he's broken a bone or two. Oh, I start yelling for help, begging people to call an ambulance and enjoy the victory in this scene. He looks up to see my face and I also see the fear in his eyes.

Yes, I am dangerous.

Well, the ambulance takes him away and once more I've to head to my house. Geez, I feel lost. Following this useless boy dragged me to strange places. I don't know where to go. I just walk and walk. It starts raining and I start hating god too. I keep walking, trying not to look like a lost cat. I pull out my phone and call my grandmother but...Oba chan doesn't pick it up. Probably she's hypnotized by those boring series again.

Oh, I see a familiar face...that blonde...who called me a bitch. What was his name? Jimmy? Maybe. I step forward, but a voice attracts my attention. "Higurashi Akumu?" I look back to meet a man, the umbrella shadowing over his face. I nod automatically and decide to ask direction but wait...

How come he knows my name?

He called my family name before my name so...

A Japanese man?

Father didn't say anything about...

I run before his hand reaches me. No cop, No cop around...in what alley am I? In this shower most people prefer to stay at home...In japan there's no empty area but England.

"STOP!" He demands in Japanese.

Like hell I would.I run to the only person around, the blonde pig and say the stupidest thing in the world. "RUN! THAT YAKUZA'S DANGEROUS!" Means if he kidnaps you, you'll spit out everything about me and my class in seconds. I push him forward, trying to make him run.


And the damned-sorry dad- word of Yakuza slipped out of my tongue.

I didn't even realize the man wasn't even lifting a finger to catch us.

Any human can make a mistake, really.

Mistake? I'll tell about it later.
  Higurashi / valkyira / 6y 90d 5h 47m 18s
You know there is one thing I clearly failed to understand. Why is there a girl bitching that we lack respect and shit when she is the one disrespecting us the most? Like hell, she should know that countries have different social structures and customs, you can come in here wanting things to be like back in your country. It just does not happen that way.

But she is a bitch and bitches have to bitch. No?

In english I take notes and try to listen to the teacher until whats her name acts stupid and like she does not understand- though the teacher is very clear. I mean crystal clear.

"Oh god leave the girl alone ma'am. She is a stuck up bitch and nothing will change that" And crap I spoke my mind. The class erupts in laughter and the teacher glares at me- though she wants to smile. Because bitch is a no no word in school.

"Valentine, you say that word in my class again and I will have you suspended" I bow my head shamefully though I am grinning "yes ma'am"
Rachel is quiet. She is not laughing at all suddenly she says "That is not funny at all! She is new and doesn't know our language quite well. I think its despicable for you to make fun of her like that James Valentine. i thought better of you. I thought better of all of you"
If it had been anyone else, people would have said stop getting your panties in a wad kid, but this was Rachel- nice popular, Rachel who hit the bully with the back of her lacross stick last year

Damn. Now I did feel shameful.
  Jimmy Valentine / Apple / 6y 91d 5h 38s
"Don't worry, I do not get angry since I know your whole reign lack in respect." My voice shut her up. She's getting too close. Yeah, why should I like English people? They're selfish. During wars we've been enemies. I bet he wishes we were in 1940. So why should act like a retard and let them ruin my private life? I don't fear their hatred; They're just some crying babies. I have to leave them now but...wait...something's vibrating? The cell!

I've received a call.

I quickly pull out the mobile out of my pocket and answer it asap. It's sis. She can call me because she's less under the watchful eyes of them. Not like they'd bother to check the calls just for me, so it's not worthy to track down my 'innocent' Nee-san. She tells me father's become busier, in the danger of losing his job. Losing the job in Yakuza simply means losing your life but she keeps it short, not liking to say that. I answer her in Japanese, confident that nobody would understand me here. "[Well, this is translated, smarties.] Can't father just kill them off? They shouldn't be so important." She gets nervous and warns me to stop talking so clearly. "Nobody knows Japanese in this madhouse." I assure her but end the call anyway. "..." Does it mean I have to stay here more? I feel down but remember to hold up my head and grab my bento to make my leave.

Geez. English class.

The teacher zooms on me, forcing me to understand her 'original accent'. I stare at her and act dumb on purpose, pretending that I can't understand her.
  Higurashi / valkyira / 6y 99d 7h 22m 18s
She sits by us, but there is an aura around her that give me the shivers. She is eating riceballs. Contrary to popular belief I am not an Otaku- hiding in my room, reading manga all day and night, playing ecchi games.

I am actually a sports guy- glasses or no glasses. I have track and chess to take care off.
I say no to her food "no thanks, I brought my own"

Rachel accepts her food cheerfully enough, biting into the rice ball "this is really good. " She sits closer to the japanese girl "what do you put in it"
Actually Rachel is not one for cooking, or for knowing recipes, but I think she is trying really hard to be friendly.

"I am James" I say. People just call me Jimmy. Because we are friendly like that.

"I am sure you will get better" rachel says stealing some of my chicken. I don't mind at all. She can take the whole lunchbox if she so pleases but I act grouchy "get your own food. She grins.

"here taste some chicken Akumu" Rachel pushes my lunch towards her.

"call her Higurashi Rachel..she might get offended"I say eyeing the girl.Yes I know her name, but only because I like to hear of her demise. How she got owned by a bully.

Its just that I dislike uppity girls who think they are better than you.

Thats why i like rachel. She is very nice, and happy and likes people unlike that Japanese chick who makes me want to make her pay for my dear manga.
  Jimmy Valentine / Apple / 6y 105d 2h 30m 13s
And there I was standing, clueless where to sit. A corner...A corner to able eat peacefully.
Oh, the giraffe...that redhead is coming to me. Again, I step backward. She steps forward and asks me to join them. Them? I look behind her and see that blonde. Well, well...I hope it's not another tricky chair or else I will add your names next to that bully's.

I walk to them and put my bento on the table, sitting in front of him. I open my box and reveal the riceballs my grandmother cooked. I also pick up the chopsticks and break them apart.

My family, my important family, my respectful family...are traditional. I can see some students' gazes on me. Watching the blonde carefully, I chose to eat the salad first. Yes, a normal salad.

Skillfully I used the chopsticks, still staring at the blonde. He may use any chance to attack me, I can see the hatred in his eyes. Then, I act nice. My father always tells me to be kind to the weak ones. Because they can make awesome pawns for you. I push the box towards him, offering the riceball. My eyes were glued on him. Dare and reject my kindness..."Have you ever eaten riceballs? Your manga heroes eat them a lot. Here, taste." Again, I'm demanding him. I smirk at him mockingly, offering the giraffe too. "I will work hard on Lacroos." I promised her with an emotionless gaze.

Lying is quite easy for me.

I push away my bangs, suddenly feeling homesick. Now, what's my father doing now? We always ate together. Now I'm eating with two pigs.

The boy in front of me, needs a slap. He's too spoiled. I suppose eastern punishments would shove some mind in his head. The giraffe next to him is an idiot, eating with a spoiled brat. I hate them both.

Suddenly I ask the boy, "What's your name?" I already know Lacher's name. Damn...R and L confuse me.
  Higurashi / valkyira / 6y 105d 3h 54m 49s
I hear from the school's gossip vine that the Japanese student does not play Lacross too well. Actually that she failed big time. This makes me snicker- just like the last time when she fell on her ass. Thank you school bully. It seems there is such thing as divine justice.

I sit in the school cafeteria and unpack my lunch. Some people like to buy lunch from the cafeteria. Not me.Nasty food that one. My mother packs me lunch. Make fun of it if you will but my mother loves me very much.

Oven baked chicken, dirty rice, baked beans. My mother knows how to spoil me. Rachel sits by me gnawing on a chicken leg. She is a big time meat eater. She says its to give her muscle and protein for all the work out she does. I say she only likes the taste of meat in her mouth. Insert dirty joke in there. Punt totally intended.

She looks up and calls someone over. She seems to be actually want that person to sit with us very much.
I look up and go pale. Its the manga-ripping-bully-hitting-angry-japanese-chick.
"Don't " I murmur. But it is too late. Rachel is already standing up and rushing to her. "come on, sit with us.."
Maybe it is because she is new and Rachel loves to help the new people, or rachel really wants to kill me. I dislike that Japanese girl whatever her name is. As racist as it might sound she should just go back to her country.

So much angst over a manga, but seriously I just tried to be kind to her by giving her my notes. She should have been grateful.
  Jimmy Valentine / Apple / 6y 105d 4h 31m 32s
Again, choosing a seat. Thankfully this time somebody had sat next to the Manga lover blondy. I have the freedom to sit...among some girls who invite me to sit with them, among some nerd guys who are afraid if I would take their place, or...oh, yes! I sit next to my future pawn. The bully who I had hit in stomach.

Strangely, he's glad to see me, he's offering me a chair. Everything smells fishy, I wrinkle my nose but act careless and sit on the...


My ass hurts, the chair...broke apart the moment I sat on it. The pigs are laughing loudly at me, very loud...will they keep laughing with an arm or two missed? My face is emotionless, whenever I'm ashamed I'm like this. I let my hairs cover my face. This big pig needs something more than dojo.

I stand up and pick up my bag, dragging my injured soul towards the worried girls. Fine, I'll tolerate your idiotic chats. I sit among them, they talk too fast. I can't understand a word. I just and nod, tapping my fingers on the desk. That big pig...where does he live? I glance over at the earlier blond pig. He's talking with a giraffe.

Racloos...is my enemy.

I'm standing in a corner, staring at the Racloos racket with pity towards the English people who pathetically tried to invent a game for themselves. I look at all those energetic kids.

I have chosen a wrong club.

I had thought Racloos is a kind of self-defense. I've been told several times it's not 'Racloos' It's Racloos...It's...nevermind.

The giraffe 's the captain, I realized. With that red hair...what kind of monster she is? When she approaches me, I step backward. When she's explaining me the rules, I'm averting my eyes. The rules are silly.

Can I change my club? Like...theater? Cooking, environment...

I can see the admire in the players' eyes when they stare at the redhead giraffe. My ass still hurts...A ball is thrown at me and skillfully I dodge it. Are you crazy? Do you want me to catch with this lame racket?

I've been taught to anything that flies to me. Sorry, it's automatic. Politely, I'm kicked out of the game to learn it in a corner. Well, I need a partner to work with.

Sorry, pervert pigs. My boobs don't bounce when I jump. The animes and mangas lied to you. If you're angry, I can always ask dad...to get rid of one of them so the others would learn a lesson.
  Higurashi / valkyira / 6y 105d 10h 55m 1s
The bitch! Does she even know how much a fucking manga book costs? Is she going to pay me back those twelve bucks? Or the time wasted going to the bookstore to look for it. Is she?
No she is not because she thinks she is better than us. I can see it. Just because she is black haired and japanese she thinks she is better than me. She should be glad she is not fucking living in the 1940's where I could legally be racist towards her.Call her odd derogatory names that would make her blush from the tip of her toe to the roots of her hair.

I pick up my notes and see her bully the school's bully. How very charming?
Meaning i don't want to talk to her ever again. I won't even tell her about my manga.
The best thing to do with bullies is to ignore them and make sure you never cross your path with them.

So I walk to my next class already suffering in silence because of her. I even sniff and settle on my chair. Frigging tiny midget bitch. I hope someone eats her up. I hope someone teaches her a lesson. I mean she really needs to be taught a lesson.
If only I knew karate or something. I mean there has to be someone in this school who can stand up to her.

Then I see her. In all of her glory. The lacross team captain who also does kendo after school and rescued a girl from getting raped last year. She is everyone's hero. She is nice and popular and if I didn't have my internet girlfriend and If I was not such a coward I would ask her out.

"Rachel" I murmur enthralled. She is tall and toned with short red hair framing her face. She is also tanned and has freckles on her face and the most important part- her chest is pretty awesome too.

I saw her last year running at the school festival. She won of course, but i remember her in that tank top and tiny shorts.

She sits by me "Hey Jimmy.." She is always so chirpy and friendly. "can I borrow a pencil?"
  Jimmy Valentine / Apple / 6y 108d 1h 3m 41s
What's...this pig saying? I raise up an eyebrow and think if a slap would give back his senses. This boy's English seems to be worse than me. Maybe he's a retard? I was going to ask him this when something poked my shoulder. I frown and want to react...but oh, some notes. I take them and look at the nice handwriting. At least somebody knows how to write. I wonder how will he write with a broken wrist. I look up and glance at my helper. A glass wearing, blond boy. Completely English, it seems.

I nod my head and mumble out a "Thank you very much, sir." Before noticing something...Big boobs? Barely wearing anything?Huge eyes? ancient demon? Don't tell me...Another fucking manga? God, I told my father so many times to get rid of the mangakas but he just laughed and told me they're so entertaining in their own ways...he's too soft.

I narrow my eyes, quickly changing my idea about him. I just scan his notes and find the damn word and check it in my mobile. With a flick of my hand I throw the papers at his head. While he's distracted by my misbehave I throw my arm to his lap and snatch away the manga book,... The teacher looks back to see what has happened. I just hold the book in my hand...when he turned to the blackboard again I tear the stupid thing up. Now he won't dare to read these shameful stuff in my presence again.

The bell rings and I stand up, packing my stuff. Some boys aren't leaving the class, watching me. Some girls are asking me stupid questions about animes. I push the girls away, telling them I don't watch anime and walked out but a huge guy blocks my way. Huge...really huge...His stomach is inches away from my face.

I see, he's trying to abuse my shortness.

He's spitting out something but I can't focus on his big mouth. Let's see...what did my dojo sensei say...

The boy's holding his stomach, trying to catch his breath. I walk off, memorizing his face. Maybe fewer fingers would be more useful for him.

Yes, fear me.

  Higurashi / valkyira / 6y 108d 1h 30m 20s
"hey Jimmy! " Someone whispered next to me. I was too busy reading this new manga I had bought.
"what?" I answered looking up to see the new transfer student. Japanese and all. She had no tits. I was not interested.

"aren't you all into that japanese stuff...well here is a real japanese girl..maybe you can bang her and stuff" He seemed very excited about it too.
"dude I have a girlfriend" I replied trying to concentrate on my manga."but she is not even real!" He protested.
"she is too!" I was turning red. I should have never told him.
"but she is on the internet. she could be a guy for all we know? I mean you gotta stop living in dream land..you will never meet, and get married and have babies together..that just won't happen"

I try to ignore him but he continues "do you guys have cyber sex and all of that stuff..does she send you naked pictures..'ey...'ey don't ignore me"

"leave me alone!" I am blushing now because that is exactly what we do.

A voice interrupts us I look up and see the Japanese girl. She has no tits I am not interested. I go back to reading my manga. I hear Ralph trying to explain to her what the teacher said but ralph is an idiot and ends up confusing her more.

I grab my notes and pass them to her. Though i am reading I am also taking precise notes. People make fun of me sometimes because my handwriting is so very girly. Neat and pretty.

Its not that I want to help- but her bickering with ralph is not letting me concentrate on the demon about to devour the poor innocent girl.
  Jimmy Valentine / Apple / 6y 108d 4h 13m 45s

If I had the chance of choosing a foreign country, this rainy dull place would be in the end of my list, in a bad handwriting.


'Hello, Nice to meet you.' don't hold out your hand, I'm not going to shake it. It's sweaty, shaky and quite pale comparing to mine. Your face is pathetic, with that large smile and those light color eyes. I barely understand the phrases I'm using. How can you understand such idiotic language? Don't bother yourself giving a friendly face because I'm not seeing it. If I stare at you all the time, My neck would ache. If I needed to see your eyes, I'd kick back of your knees; It's easier for both of us.

Still, your hand is out. If you weren't sens- T-e-a-c-h-e-r, I'd have cut off that so you wouldn't dare to force a traditional girl 'shake hands' with a blonde creep like you. I only bow my head slightly, I feel their gazes on me. They? Well, the rest of pigs who whisper in their alien language. The sensei, I mean teacher...whatever that geezer is in English starts explaining something. My trained brain starts catching the words and translating them.

I wish I hadn't. He's talking about 'Cultures, bowing and Japanese respect'. Those were the keywords. It seems I have make them believe we never shake hands. It seems they only watch those huge eyed, colorful hair anime girls who keep bowing and giggling.

I can see in their eyes they expect me to do the same. I take off my glasses and clean them with a piece of tissue. Their eyes are too nosy on me. Maybe they wish them to be pried out?

They're all staring at me. I glance at the teacher. I see, introducing time. I've practiced this moment a lot...even though my complete introduction takes a long time to be felt. I don't need to smile, this would only gave them a green light to shove their noses in my business. Watashi...ah, no. They won't understand it.

"Good morning, I'm Higurashi Akumu...I mean Akumu Higurash."

I send a glare at those baby pigs. I wish country would be drowned. Why don't they have tsunamis like us?

God sometimes isn't fair.

Never mind. I'll start destroying this country from this school but I've to wait until father's done with his 'business'.

I have to choose a seat? Oh, no. The geezer shows me a seat between two idiot males. Two pale idiot males. Two tall pale idiot males. My eastern shortness is obvious as I sit between them firmly.

Their long legs need to be cut off.

I put my notebooks on the desk and open them. From now on, I've to write in English.

My notes are half Japanese-half English. Sometimes this teacher says a weird word and I've to check it in the mobile.

What...? What did he just say? I frown and bite my lips in frustration. His accent...annoys me...My stupid English teacher has taught me English in American accent. I have no choice but to rely on these foreign boys' ears.

Slowly, I stretch towards one of them like a hebi-snake.

"Excuse me, sir. What did this Mister just said 34.41 seconds ago? Spell it clearly!"

My last sentence is a demand. I wonder if this English I'm using...is too formal. Let it be.

As long as this pig understands it, I'm okay with it.
  Higurashi / valkyira / 6y 109d 4h 35m 17s

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