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She's the girl who isn't noticed unless she is on the soccer field, or getting into trouble. Mika Davis isn't anything extraordinary. She drinks, she smokes weed , she parties, and most of the male population knows her as one of the "easiest" catches around.

He's captain of the football team. Tall, handsome, and the guy every girl wants. He's popular, well-liked, and has the world in the palm of his hand. Guys wanna be him, girls wanna be seen with him. When the homecoming dance is just around the corner, he didn't wanna pass up the chance to take Miss Davis for a spin. Why not? All his buddies on the team said she was a good lay. He'd take her there, dance, get her drunk, have fun with her, and throw her out like yesterday's chinese take out. Easy right?

But, then she flat out said no to him. How could she not wanna go with him? Any girl would love to have the chance, and this chick blew it. Instead of just shrugging it off... He goes after her? Why?

Basically it's your average Highschool RP. I'm playing as Mika, being that I am usually asked to play as the guy in other various RPs. I made this as a low-stress, easy going thing. No set limit on how much to type, but let's make it at least a paragraph on average. Ya know, so there's something to work with. Please have decent spelling and grammar. Anime/Illustrated pics, please. If interested, PM me or post below. :D

I am looking for someone to play as the Captain of the football team. Meaning, A preppy looking dude. Ya know?

NAME: Mika Davis

AGE: 17

GRADE: 11/Junior


FAVE MUSIC GENRE: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Techno, Dubstep, a small bit of rap

LIKES: Weed, Chocolate, Going to gigs, parties, stars, climbing trees, playing soccer, drawing, bubblegum, bubblegum flavored candy, dark clothing

DISLIKES: Losing a fight, people mostly, Math, sleeping in late, cold weather, being told what to do, not having weed, "babysitting" her older brother, football

PERSONALITY: Mika is a stubborn girl, who isn't afraid to speak her mind, kick ass, and take names. She is determined, a smart ass, and in general can be a pain in the ass. She can also be nice, and easy going... depending on who she's around and what she is on.

BIO: Mika Davis is the younger sister of Joshua Davis, a college freshman who is a full time slacker, and also her drug dealer. Her mother "works" and is rarely home, unless she has brought a guy over for the night. Her father lives half way across the country, and only talks to her on special occasions. Mika has always been a bit of a trouble maker ever since her first year of middle school. She isn't afraid to run along with the boys, and thinks women are a little too insane for her, personally. Somewhat of a loner, she usually is only seen around others if she is at a party, or smoking weed in the janitor's closet instead of attending class. She is the first midfielder on the girl's soccer team, and a regular visitor at the principal's office. It's a wonder how she is still on the soccer team with all the trouble she is usually in.

SCHEDULE: 1. Maths 2. English 3. German 4. Art 5. Home Ec. 6. Biology 7. Study Hall

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If anyone were to walk through the halls of West Hills High, they would see almost every wall plastered with the bright neon posters depicting that homecoming was only a week away. Mika Davis was one of the girls who sworn off such a horrible occasion, and was planning on not going. No way in hell.

Brushing her red hair over her shoulder, she walked down the hall to her locker. No one really paid much attention to her unless that just so happened to be male, someone she got high with, or was on the girl's soccer team. This early in the morning, though it was only the guys that were looking.

"Heeey, Mika~" slam. Her locker door was slammed shut just as she opened it, and she looked up to stare angrily at the male who was bothering her. "Tyler... Football. Freshman dance. Got to grab my boobs. No luck since." She thought to herself, and rolled her eyes. "What in the hell do you want, Tyler? You're keeping me from getting my things. Move over." She forcefully shoved him to the side, and opened her locker once more to pull her books out. She managed to get her books just before the brown haired male slammed her locker shut again. "Rumor has it that our captain has his eye on you. I'm thinking that you should go to homecoming with me instead." The male grinned, and Mika pulled her right arm back, and punched him square in the chest.

"Not in your dreams, lover boy." She grunted and walked past him towards her first class. She had about fifteen minutes before school began, and made her way towards the janitor's closet once she was sure the coast was clear.

Mika pulled a few pins from her pocket, and picked the lock before shoving the door open. "Mornin' Missus Mop. Mister Bucket." She greeted the cleaning supplies, and slammed the door shut behind her. So far so good. Rummaging through her back pack, she pulled out her pack of rolling papers, her sack of bud, and took a seat on a box of paper towels. "Alright. Ten minutes. Ten tokes. Let's do this."
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