Pirate Wars

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Pirate Wars

The rule of the pirate's life is that no one is an exception to pirating, and no women and children die. Pirates steal from the poor, the commonfolk, the royal, and eachother. The life is not just about being wealthy, but about the exhileration and the freedom of the sea. The rest of it is about the gold, though. However, even though pirates stole from each other, there had never been a full blown war. That is, until it was discovered that mermaids and cities under the sea existed. Not only that, but these cities hold the key to the greatest riches and eternal life.


(b rules:

1. All posts must contain correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Each post should consist of at least two paragraphs. And there will be a 500 character word limit once the role play begins.

2. There will be no god-modding, auto-hitting, or one-lining. Any post that contains this will be deleted and will have to be re-written.

(b notes:

1. At the start, the cities underwater have not yet been discovered. However, there are people who are looking for the entrance to a great city, by using various clues and maps. It becomes a race among the pirates to get there first, in there own ways.

2. The time setting is back during the 1500s or 1600s. There are small forms of "magic," but the use is very limited. Magic only becomes possible after visiting the city under the water.

(b characters:

All characters must be human at the start of the role play. Once the merpeople are introduced, then second characters can be made, but only in a limited amount. Character information should not include a full personal history. That will be revelead through out the role play. The minimum information allowed, should actually be all that is needed. Simply include a name, age, and gender. Pictures are optional.

Join and have fun!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Red raised his eyebrows at her announcement, as it was quite out of the blue. he couldn't help but ponder her reasoning. It was most likely self doubt. He knew the mantle of responsibility could weigh heavy on one's tired shoulders. And no man or woman could possibly wish to be put into the situation that she had been.

But he felt a loyalty to his captain, that made him regret her decision. Gathering most of the crew, he held a small meeting belowdecks, away from the captain.

"Alright, you lot. You seem to be havin a right dandy time furrowin and floppin about this crate," he began, standing on a table and taking another small swig of his drink. He never got drunk, seemingly. "And rightly so. Tis a fine thing for a man of any measure to flop and furrow and calloo about a ship what he pleases, freely as a bird on the wing. But mind you, not one of you lot has the brains-" he dodged a thrown bottle- "to command said vessel. It is MY impression that our dear captain has cold feet. Which in and of itself is possibly the sign of weakness. But again, tis a sign she wishes to take care of her crew, held in her heart like a mother holds her children. Now if any of you lot, with your fanciful ideas of captainry and command, wishes to claim the lead. Do so now." He drew his sword and grinned. "Because I say ye can't be."

  "Red" Jack Calibur / mynameisl / 9y 356d 14h 36m 45s

As the stars fell into the sky, more lights were lit upon the deck of the Duchess and soon singing could be heard above the crashing waves. Dianna stood up from her solitude and walked briskly towards the small row boat that had carried her alone to the island. The rest of the crew had stayed aboard the ship while she gave herself time to think about the future of her father's men. It was not yet her crew to demand. Even if she was a daughter of the captain, she was only an illigitimate child at best. While she had the wit and intelligence to command a deck, she hardly had the correct authority. Most of the men had cared for her like a little sister as she grew up. She knew that they would not voice their complaints if they had any. But it was hard for her to believe that there were none. She was not even seventeen. To another woman, she was more than old enough to have a child, but it did not make her old enough to command an entire crew of pirates. Sooner or later, she knew that she would have to entrust the ship to someone else.

Of course, she did not want to leave the life she had. She would still remain on the ship and look over the affairs and conditions of the men, but someone else could take the direct leadership. Yes, she thought. That would be what she would do. She had no problem being a leader if none of the others had a problem, but eventually, she knew it would create problems. And as a dutiful leader, she was doing her job by passing the torch to someone else. But she didn't know who.

As she rowed the small dingy to the ship she thought about who her father would have entrusted. Connor was the oldest and had the most experience aboard a ship, but he took to drinking too much. And Avrick had a horrible temper. By the time she had reached the ship and the deck, she still hadn't thought about who to choose, but she needed to say something.

"Attention! Men!"

It took a couple of more shouts to actually quiet everyone down, but when they realized that she had an announcement, they finally quieted down long enough for her to speak.

"Uhm. Well, you know my father, your captain Rupert has passed the leadership down to me. But-"

Dianna thought about her next words carefully, before she spoke and she hesitated.

"Well, someone else needs to be appointed as the captain. While, I would still enjoy being your captain, I think it would be better suited for someone else to take the job. I haven't decided who yet, and I don't intend on leaving, but I think it will be best for all, aye?"

Whether it was out of confusion or shock, there was no response. Dianna hadn't expected one either and so she dismissed the men to their drinking and herself back to the cabin. It was too big of a decision to make alone, but Dianna didn't know who to entrust.
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Red lazed about on deck. The stars shone like diamonds above, casting enough light to allow him to watch over the crew. Only a few were still about. But he trusted no man. His only trust rested in the hands of his captain, whom he would follow to the death.

But despite his wariness, his eyes began to droop. Taking a swig of rum, he rested his chin on his palm. What fates had drove him to this day were a mystery, but he couldn't help puzzling over the series of events that had led him to be the subserviant, self titled slave of a woman. What nonsense that would seem to anyone but himself.
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You could walk around the entire circumference of the island five times before night would pull a blanket over the sky. The moon and the stars could continue to light your path, but you would have to light a fire too, because the animals on the island were used to humans and were not afraid of them. But there was no stick or branch to ignite and so Dianna accepted the fact that she would not be having any midnight walks that night. Instead, she settled down in the sand and watched the sun's ray cast a golden gleam on the Duchess.

Her sails billowed in the sky as the wind ruffled them like a gown. Indeed, her father had named the ship after his wife, who was beautiful beyond any asking of it. She wondered what her mother looked like and what type of woman she was, but no one on the ship spoke of her, not even her father. Of course, her father wouldn't be able to answer her now if she asked. And she was content with the knowledge that her father loved her dearly enough to give up pirating for her sake while she rested on her death bed.

It was inevitable though, that he would again sooner or later embrace his old habits and raise his daughter in the like. Dianna cherished the thought and continued to keep his memory alive among the rest of the sailers who had no qualms about continuing their common hobby of theft, drinking, and merriment all in the name of their ship master Rupert Sawyer.
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Hallo there! This would be the umm, Devon guy. That you asked to join. So hallo!

Name: You can just call him Red.
Age: 19
Sex: Male
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Age: 24
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Name: Dianna Sawyer
Age: sixteen
sex: female

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