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Imagine Your Spirit Flying And Lifting Outside Of Your Body. Imagine Zooming Through The Skies, Saying Hello To You're Deceased Family And Doing Literally ANYTHING At All!

You Are Having A Lucid Dream- The Best Thing You Could Ever Do, Dead Or Alive.

Anyone And Everyone Can Do It! You Just Have To Learn It, Practice Then DO IT!


This Is A Game.

This Game Requires Certain People, Who Know Nothing About Each Other.

These People Are In Search for A Certain Power, The Key To Life. Their Life.

The Rules Of The Games Include:

-No Cheating-If You Try It, You Die.

-Can't Kill Anyone, Not Even Yourself.

-You Are Given Nothing.

-You Can Only Create Things When You Need Them. Unnecessary Things Will Eventually Perish.

-This Realm Is YOUR Realm, Even If It Is Shared With Others.

-Everyday, Your Body Must Rest. If You Pass Your Limit Of Power Every Day, The Next Day May Become A Living Hell For You-Literally!

You Start Off In A White Room, With No Windows And No Doors And People Around You. A Voice Sounds, Telling You What to Do And Your Objective For The Game.

This Voice Sounds Different To Everyone, But The Same Message Is Given Just In A Different Way.

Don't Forget, If You Choose To Live, You Live. If You Stay Positive, This Can Become Easy. Don't Let The Outside form The Inside.

I Leave You with These Last Words.-The Mind Is Powerful, Use It To Your Extent-Now Let the Games BEGIN!


Rules Of the Roleplay:


-Follow ES Rules!

-I Am Master- I Have Ability To Change Things Up. =D

-This Roleplay Belongs To YommiNoms! You Take My Roleplay, I Take Your Life. =D

-I Disagree With Those Who Enjoy Godmodding And Controlling Everyone. I Wouldn't Even Do It Myself. So Please, No One's Special Here.

-Try To Make Your Character's Picture Match Your Character's Description.

-Put 'Free-Spirit' As The Message Topic When You PM Me Your Character.

-If The Rules Change, I Will Say So In The Notice Section.Please Make Sure To Post Two To Three-Somewhat Lengthy Paragraphs In Each Post! = There Will Be No Character Limit Though.

-Everyone Gets Writer's Block, If So, Feel Free To Post One Or Two Short Paragraphs. But If You Take Advantage of This, I Will Dismiss You.

-This Game Has Many Twists And Turns. Even If You Don't Agree With Some Rules, You Will Have To Go Along. LOOP HOLES ACCEPTED HERE!

-Use Light Profanity. I Understand Our Characters Can Rage At Times.

-This Is For Serious Roleplaying. If You Think This Is A Joke, Prepare Your Ass For A Kick.

-Try To Post Once Every Two To Three Days. I Understand We Have Lives And School Work And Such, So I Don't Expect For You To Post Everyday. But Try To Make An Effort.


Character Profiles-

The Name Is:Full Name-Middle Initial Or Full

I Been Alive For:Age Must Be Older Than 13 And Younger Than 28

I'm Supposedly:Male/Female

I Was Born On Birthday Without years

My Zodiac Says I'm A:Zodiac Sign Must Be Equal To Birthday-Do Some Research If Need Be.

I Enjoy:Atleast Put 5 Likes

I Can't Stand:Atleast Put 5 Dislikes

People Say I'm:Give Some Personality Traits

My Heart Desires:Give Two Wishes

In My Past:Give Atleast A Full Paragraph Biology

My Master Is:Username



The Name Is: Shikyo M. Flantrine

I Been Alive For: 18 Years, Coming In On 19

I'm Supposedly: Female

I Was Born On: December 31

My Zodiac Says I'm A: Capircorn

I Enjoy: Cats; chess; sitting; spying; Halloween

I Can't Stand: Liars; dogs; adults that think they know everything; hypocrites; most people

People Say I'm: Evil; irritating; sly; cunning; and even mischievous

My Heart Desires: To know all and to understand the thoughts and actions given by others.

In My Past: I was born into a family which already seemed to be all too full. Once old enough, I decided running away to be the best way to find peace and made a living on my own as an information broker. Roaming around the streets learning from others and having my own 'entertainment' along the way.

My Master Is: Akiho

The Name Is:Tommy A. Collins

I Been Alive For:15

I'm Supposedly:Male

I Was Born:Jan. 20

My Zodiac Says I'm:An Aquarius

I Enjoy:Reading,Thinking,writing,hanging out, flirting.

I Can't Stand: Styrofoam,annoying people, loud noises

People Say I'm: An attenion whore,a flirt, cute, adorable, playfull, quiet, etc.

My Heart Desires: To love the people who love me and to do something great one day.

In My Past: I have had experenced family leaving and going. I have been hurt serveal times to where my heart now is still not fixed. I am broken down. Thats made me. I look kinda evil and dark and mysterious. I am not sure if i would wake up the next morning so i live my life to the fullest. Now i am in a room full of white and nothing around me but people.

My Master Is: PrinceTommy


The Name Is: Amaterasu "Ammy" Kami Tyantrigo

I Been Alive For: 25 years

I'm Supposedly: Female

I Was Born On: February 12

My Zodiac Says I'm A: Aquarius

I Enjoy: Being with friends, cooking, sketching, dreaming, reading

I Can't Stand: Bullies, criticism, "non-dreamers", lazy people, bad books

People Say I'm: A dreamer, kind, caring, motherly, sometimes immature

My Heart Desires: To be individual, to find my true love

In My Past: I had a normal childhood, nothing special. Many friends, but none overly close. Then I hit high school. I was bullied to no end and harassed beyond belief. Men all wanted my body, and I hated it. I was raped at age 16, by who I thought was my best friend. I learned not to trust anybody. I shrunk into a reclusive shell, in which I became a dreamer, dreaming of a life I could never have.

My Master Is: Oceanglory

The Name Is: Taylor M. Pein

I Been Alive For: 22

I'm Supposedly: Female

I Was Born On Birthday Without years: June 28th

My Zodiac Says I'm A: Cancer

I Enjoy: Ramen, Comics, Dressing Dark, Poetry, and philosophy

I Can't Stand: Happiness, people who whine, Goody-two-shoes, people who hate others for no reason, and television

People Say I'm: Dark, depressed, moody, and violent

My Heart Desires: To watch the world burn, to curse those who cross me

In My Past: Who am I? Are you sure you wanna know? Look, Im nothing special, I've been dressing in a dark manner since I was a kid, and I was called Goth or Emo, but it doesnt matter, because I really dont care what people call me. I've written notebooks on top of notebooks of poetry and every time in my younger years my so called friends asked me to read one aloud because they were posers, Im 22 now and I've started to drink, which makes me want to sleep more. I dont want to be happy on my own, I would rather find it at the bottom of each bottle. Who gives a damn right?

My Master Is: Sinner

The Name Is: William Todd

I Been Alive For: 17 years of age

I'm Supposedly: Male

I Was Born On: October 31

My Zodiac Says I'm A: Scorpio

I Enjoy: Violence, sweets, daydreaming, Messing with his bandages, Vendettas.

I Can't Stand: People who complain, Stubborn people, overly rude people, Crybabies, children

People Say I'm: Honest, mischievous, difficult, hard headed, stubborn, strange, scary

My Heart Desires: To be free of this world and For people to be happy.

In My Past: Growing up for William was always a pain. He was an orphan who had a terrible upbringing. He was abused by his adoptive parents and eventually after years of the pain he ran away. He was founded by an old man who brought him up the right way. Though William couldn't help but act out against others because of his past. One day william got into a fight with some thugs and his right eye was cut. It's perfectly fine however but he just keeps it under wraps as he does for his other scars.

My Master Is: LimitlessAngel

The Name Is: Rocket Reason Flylilly

I've Been Alive For: 17

I'm Supposedly: Female

I Was Born On: March 13

My Zodiac Says I'm A: Pisces

I Enjoy: Guitar, Food, My own Independence, Fires, People who don't talk too much, Memories

I Can't Stand: People who talk too much, Feeling numb, Hunger, Being deaf, Cowards

People Say I'm: Persistent, Pessimistic, Dark, Arrogant, I Only care for myself. I have a big ego. Strong.

My Heart Desires: 1.To live in the past and relive old memories. 2. Never ending music.

In My Past: I was born somewhere that I can't remember. I can't recall anything from that life. Just an average life I guess, but then I ran away sometime in my later years. I forced my old memories out, and that's why I can't remember anything. After running away, I met some friends in a town farther away and convinced them to run away with me. We lived a good time, but when I turned 16, I faked my death. I always had the knack to start new beginnings, even when things were going good. I made some fake paperwork and such, and living under a name I made for myself when I was 10. Rocket Reason Flylilly. I was 18, and I applied for a job in New York I believe. And that's where my story leads here. I am Rocket Reason Flylilly, and if I had a name before with significance, I cannot remember that.

My Master Is: Midna

The Name Is: Andrew Ollins

I Been Alive For: 22

I'm Supposedly: Male

I Was Born On: April 10

My Zodiac Says I'm A: Aries

I Enjoy: Movies, Skating, Reading Action And Romance Novels, And Anything Interesting And Fun.

I Can't Stand: Rude people, Smartasses, Sad Stories,Waiting, 'Weaklings'

People Say I'm: Moody,Sort Of A Hot-Head, Optimistic, Independent, Generous, And Impulsive

My Heart Desires: To Be Look Up To And To Find A True Friend and Love

In My Past: Both My Parents Were Busy, Busy Business People. Never Really Stopped To Pay Attention To Me. They'd Spoil Me;Buy me What I Want,When I Wanted Yet. Yet, I Always Felt As If That Wasn't Enough. Like, There Was Something Missing In My Heart That Toys And Money Couldn't Fill. I Wasn't Sure, But Maybe. . . Just Maybe. . . It Was Love And Affection. And This Game Might Just Help Me Find It.

My Master Is: YommiNoms

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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She narrowed her eyes, What was he doing? Rocket cocked her head, trying to figure out his motives. When he asked the first question, she couldn't help smirking a little. Of course I'm cold!she thought irritably.

"Yeah, it kinda was..." she led off "If you don't mind. I would prefer not freezing to death in this empty hell of a place"

She uncrossed her arms as she said this, and looked around wondering how in the world she got there. It was so empty! I mean, sure, there are a few people here. But this is like an empty void! Whatever a void is. This place, it didn't seem bad. Or necessarily good. That's what she hated about it. It was just there, no presence. It was almost like being on a big, blank, paper. A thought occurred to her, If this place is like a paper, then maybe... She shook her head and waited for the guy to respond.
  ~Rocket Reason Flylilly~ / midna / 6y 363d 4h 19m 20s

I Didn't know Everyone Was Alive .... I Thought I Was STuck In Time ... Until I Made A Pretty Cool Discovery.

For a second, Andrew blanked out. He wasn't exactly sure why he stopped her, maybe cause it was the voice ... or just an overreaction. But he backed up a step when she turned around. Heh ... She's Pretty Cute ... But ... Why AM I Here? e_e He thought to himself then scratched his head. She looked a bit young too. He sighed. I Have To Say SOMETHING ... Just going at what he first thought of, he answered her question. "Umm ... Heh .... Are You Cold?" Once he realized what he asked, he took another good look at her. Of course she was freezing ... she was shivering and all ... Andrew sighed again. "Sorry ... That Was A Stupid Question .... Umm ... Wan Me To Tell You How To Get Warm?"

It's Alright. xD Mine's Is A Little ALOT Short Too. o.o

  Andrew Ollins / Yonodere / 6y 363d 6h 55m 3s

Rocket shivered, forcing herself to keep walking. She was really trying her best to forget the stupid cold, but that was impossible. Left foot, Right foot, Left foot, Right foot, Left.. That went on and on, she was trying to only focus on the movement. I mean, if I walk a long time, maybe I'll get out of here? But then another voice whispered in her head Stupid, look at this place
Rocket scrunched her eyes closed harder and sighed. Just keep walking, walking.
But of course, she knew herself she wouldn't be able to walk all the way. Yet, she didn't know that she would be stopped by a random voice.
At the sound of his voice, Rocket opened her eyes and stopped dead in her tracks. She really hadn't expected the other people to be "active". Suppose she had figured they were fake, or dead. Who knows what.
She narrowed her eyes and turned around, just watching him run to her.
He looked as if he had just found the cure for cancer, Rocket thought to herself smirking. She crossed her arms and replied, "What? What do you want?" in a casual tone.
  Rocket Reason Flylilly / midna / 7y 2d 6h 41m 38s

It Feels Like I'm In A Box ..... More Like A Freezer ...

Sniffling now, Andrew glared at nothing in particular, or the voice if you insist. He sneezed, another shiver coming back. "HELL YEA I'M FREEZING. IS THERE A THERMOSTAT ANYWHERE?!?" He yelled, not caring if anyone else heard him of thought he was crazy. He glanced at the people around, and they were looking just as confused as he was. Maybe they could hear what he was hearing. So he wasn't going crazy.

The voice giggled. " The Thermostat Is On You Silly. On Your Head." Andrew was growing impatient. He didn't feel like hearing crap or doing any type of labyrinth from this 'voice' just to feel heat. "ON MY WHAT? ... -sigh- Why Can't You Just Tell Me Where It Is?" The voice just chuckled. "Okay Okay ... Since You Can't Seem To Figure It Out, I'll Give You Onnnne Hint. Imagine." Imagine?! What The He- Andrew sighed again then shrugged.

Okay Okay ... If She Is Talking About What I Think She Is ... Then I Must Be Crazy. He thought to himself, not sure to try it or not. Finally realizing that he has nothing to lose, he imagined himself taking a nice, hot bath with bubbles and candles. "You Aren't Crazy, Andrew. Just Imagine ... Think ... Use Your Damn Brain For Once ..." For Once? Well, Gee. Thanks. He thought. He was still cold, mainly because 'she' ... 'he' ... whatever gender it is interrupted his thoughts. "Oh I'm Sorry ... Think Harder." It was almost as if ... it was reading his mind. He shrugged again, but his arms beside his body and relaxed, thinking of the nice, relaxing bath. He kept thinking and thinking and thinking ....

Then suddenly, he started to feel warmth circle around his toes. Then his torso, then his back, and finally his face. He kept thinking, and thinking and thinking, not noticing the voice was yelling at him."THAT'S ENOUGH THAT'S ENOOOUGH ..." Andrew abruptly opened his eyes to see that he was in a different room .... a bathroom just like the one at home. And he was soaking wet. The voice sighed. "Opened the door and just stand." Andrew did as he was told and found the white room again.Even though he was soaking wet, he still felt warm."Okay .... So .... Whatever I Think Of, Can Come Out Into The Real World?" He asked to no one. "Mmhmm .... Except This Isn't The Real World .... It's An Empty Dimension. -Gasps- Oops .... Didn't Mean To Say That." The voice chuckled, and Andrew did an awkward laugh, feeling powerful. He wasn't really paying attention until she spoke again. "The First Step To Getting ANYWHERE Here Is To create It. Why Don't You Start In The Middle Of A City? Ask The Other People Around You. The More Minds You Use, The Stronger The Power. The Stronger The Projection. I Have To Go Now, But I'll be Back Later! Ciao.♥" Andrew, clicking from his amazed daze, he saw one of the girls walking forward. He glanced at her, and started walking towards her unconsciously. Talk To ... Those Around Me. "H-Hey! Wait ...." He muttered, trying to stop her.

  YommiNoms / 7y 2d 21h 30m 58s

After the voice was done booming whatever it said, she cursed under her breath and quietly assessed the few people standing in the.. whatever it was. On the outside, all of them seemed to be freaks. But of course, she couldn't judge. It wasn't very hard to see that all of them were social outcasts as well.
Rocket sighed and dragged her left foot off the blank floor. Instantly, she felt a jagged chill run through her body. She was feeling the cold in that room for the first time. She yelled out "Why is it so cold in this place?! " Without checking to see if she had responses, she closed her eyes, hugged herself, and walked forward. Not caring where the hell she went. Maybe somebody would stop her.
  Rocket Reason Flylilly / midna / 7y 3d 23h 6m 0s
He continued to walk to that person. Then suddenly they vanished from his sight. He rubbed the back of his head annoyingly. This was going to be difficult. He hated associating with people but now this was getting to where he would have too. As he walked something fell on him and he cursed out loud. He looked at what fell on him, it was a paper airplane. He glared at it and looked around to see if anyone could have thrown it at him. Why the hell are there things falling on me.?!?! He thought and picked it up. He unfolded it and saw a message.

Welcome to a place where your reality is what you make it. Your will, will show you the way to you true calling. What do you want most in the world? This place is a gateway to the thing you wanted most.

What the hell was this bullshit? He crumbled up the paper and growled slightly. He needed to think clearly or else he was going to lose it. He noticed that the person he saw earlier had become people. He wanted to call out to them but that wasn't something he did. So, he looked at the crumpled piece of paper and fixed it. Now back in a paper airplane form he threw it as hard as he could. He watched as it fell short of a person by just a few inches.

He decided it was best to walk over and try to figure out what was happening. He had things to do back home and this, fooling around was cutting into that. He thought of the old man that took care of him and wondered if this was his punishment for not being good or behaving like he was expected to. He sighed and just continued to walk. He was glad that he wasn't close to anyone, because a tear fell from his eye that he kept covered. He quickly wiped it away. He only cried infront of one person and that was the old man.

William stretched and looked around. He was still a few feet away but he was getting there. He really needed his bandages. He was very close to taking off the bandages that were on his arms.

  William {Smaller} / LimitlessAngel / 7y 148d 12h 20m 15s

"Give yourself too much time, and you'll be left to nothing. Too little, and you'll be used up. Stay in the middle and you just might make it, but do you know how?"


More of those living creatures. They all littered the floor that she stood upon. Some didn't seem as filthy as others, though they weren't the nicest. Probably everyone here has a messed up life. Something that caused them to also be here. These others, they weren't simply within the crevases of her mind. No one is, well, other than...

A chill of remains. Something was there, though unseen. Any common human could tell. It was instinct to know when you're being watched. Though maybe that was animals. No wonder clients described her to be a...A voice came in. Something of an almost bored and possibly regretful preson. A female maybe? No, maybe male. When in such as business as Shikyo is, you must never judge by vocals or apperance. That could get you killed, and so she left the voice as simply that. Looking above her to wherever it may be, Shikyo listened to the calm tone.

"It seems as though you all will be playing the game this time. Aren't you rather cold down there, or is it nothing compared to hearts of some?"

A smirk traced Shikyo's lips as she listened. Not only was she being insulted, but being spoken to as if this person knew her. As she parted her lips, words escaped.

"Well, glad to hear someone knows something about this place." Her grin only grew wider with the words, "Now instead of insulting me, I would appreciate it if you explained a few things. Such as why we're here and who you are." At this point, it didn't matter what face she put up. She would learn of what's going on and be able to go on her own. Besides that, the sweet act was just ridiculous. No one would have believed it for too long.

"Some of you still don't understand anything about interacting with others in a civil way. Understand, you are here for a reason."

The voice continued.

"In this realm, there are also other people. They too are here for their own reasons. Each of you will be left to your own minds in this world, and you may work together if you wish. You must also abide by rules as you would in any game. There is no cheating, or you will die. Everything here will be created from your mind, not made for you. Also, you may absolutely NOT kill anyone. Now, in this game, you must-"

"Must what? Wander until we find the buried treasure and then ignorance such as that can continue ruling the patheticc existances we call lives-" A shriek of sorts. Yes, the information broker was a strong woman, though nimble and fragile none the less. For having interrupted a second time, Shikyo was punished. Somehow, a sort of small rock-like structure had formed behind her. To anyone else, it was just a few rocks. To Shikyo, this was a pile of rocks that originally marked a dead girl's resting place. As the blonde was somehow thrown back, she had tried to catch her balance and failed. It was almost as if the ground itself had pulled out from below her. The very moment that her spine rammed into tje sharp rocks, she had let out a quick, but loud screech. Quickly turning on her side, she came off the rocks and stayed curled on the floor for a bit. Something about being shown how weak she really was not only got on her last nerves, but struck her worse than most anything.

"The goal being that each of you wish to find the key to your life. This is your chance. The goal in this game, as I was saying, is to find that key. People fear you, but for what reason? What is it about that, that you cherish? Do you really take pride in that, or do you wish otherwise? As well as that, what is really important to you? Yourself? We know there is more than simply that. Find that, and you may just win. Good luck, and remember to use your.mind to your advantage. Now, let the games begin!"

That tone, that attitude, all of it..the voice Shikyo heard belonged to..that person. Why were they beginning to haunt her all over again? No matter.

Raising with some bit of wobbling balance, Shikyo began walking away from where the people were. They didn't trust her and probably wouldn't. Didn't need or want her and probably wouldn't. All that she needed was herself right now. That's all that mattered, right? That person's voice was wrong. Wasn't it?
  Shikyo Flantrine / Akiho / 7y 148d 21h 7m 38s

What Is This Place ..... Where Am I .... Maybe I've ..... Just Maybe ..... I've Gone To Heaven .... While My Eyes Were Shut.

People started appearing. For a moment, Andrew thought he was really going crazy. He kept hearing voices and feet tapping, as if ghost and mice had decided to work together and scare the shit out of him. However, after Andrew's eyes adjusted under the slim, black frames and clear lenses of his glasses, people started appearing. Three Girls .... Two Boys .... Wait, Where The Hell Are The Coming From?! Andrew thought to himself, shivering. Shrugging and deciding to take the risk of going towards one of the strange people.

Hearing the female speak, her blonde hair bouncing as her white skinny jeans blended in with the rest of the room, the black-haired boy continued towards her. If I Can Hear Her .... She Must Be Another Person ... And Maybe She's Not Too Far Away .... I Just Hope I Don't Die. The male thought quietly with a sigh. He stiffly walked over to the slim figure, others wandering around.

Andrew rubbed his hands together then blew on them, hoping to warm them up. He then waved to the female, as he approached her. As he got closer, he started to see her more clearly. Her face, her hair, her bright-red eyes. She was quite pretty, to Andrew at least. No Wings .... Maybe I'm Not In Heaven Then ....He joked with himself. As he finally was a few feet away from the girl, he stopped. Speaking loud enough for her to hear, Andrew said, "I'm Not Dead Am I?"

As soon as he spoke, a voice sounded throughout the infinite space. Thinking, Andrew looked around. W-What Was That!? A-And ..... This MUST Be A Room. If This Place Was Any Longer Down, I Would've Heard An Echo ..... The voice spoke once more, and much more clearly this time. "Well! I'm Glad All Of You Made It! It's Time For the Games To Begin! It said. Andrew sort of glared and looked around. The people he faintly saw a moment ago was now a lot clearer, and looked just as confused as he did. "Seems Like You All Are A Bit Cold Now Aren't Ya, Nyahahahaha~♥

  YommiNoms / 7y 151d 21h 31m 1s
I woke up and I thought I was dead, in heaven. It was all white and blank. I was so confused. I had nothing on me but the clothes I was wearing at the park. There was dirt on my pants and my shirt was kinda torn. I walked around aimlessly. I saw two other people and I didn't approch them knowing that I might be hunted and that they are bad. So I sat alone wiht my knees up to my chest. staring at nothing.
Tommy remembered his note.
It said something like this: Dear Tommy
You have been too nice to all the people you met. Your too perfect. You've never had a girlfrined yet so you dumb. You will be put on a test that will change you forever. You might not make this test or not we will have to see.
Then all I remember is waking up here.
I looked up and saw a girl she was naked at first. Then clothes formed near by and she put them on. I looked back down hoping she didn't see me. I had no idea whats going to happen but it was going to be bad.
  PrinceTommy / 7y 155d 12h 9m 25s
Rocket. Rocket Flylilly. A name that used to give her hope. A name that she had created, with no significance other than the ring it gave. The sound it made when uttered aloud.
Now, it was something of hatred. It used to be something she could escape to. She was Rocket Flylilly. Something to cling to, as she had no other memories of happiness at the time. But now, it was her name. Plastered on fake cards, paperwork, and the tag pinned to her vest. She was now known as Rocket Flylilly, or at least, to the people in New York City.
Her old friends, family, random people that she had met when on the run. Always moving, might have called her Devynn. Or Melody, or even once, Rihanna. She had fancied that name in the early stages of her life. A lover of music, that girl was. Nameless of a sort, as her name was forever changing.
But now, it was stuck.. And she hated that. It had never been stuck on something. She could always change whenever she wanted. Now, she had a persona to care for, it seemed. She could not remember her old life, just that it was a melancholy boring thing, and she craved Difference. Life had brought her here, and she regretted it. Memories are the only thing that dear Rocket held onto, cared for. Yet, that seemed to be the only thing she was missing. Something so close and precious to her. She was different. Always was.
After finishing her everlasting shift it seemed, she went back to her apartment. Sleep seemed the only thing welcome in her life lately. She seemed in a cloud, she drifted to her room. She fell into her bed, ignoring her clothes and the open, cold windows. But she fell on something unwelcoming. It stuck into her head. She was so tired... She just wanted it to go away. Sitting up, rubbing her eyes, a distant memory floating in her head.
She picked up the strange thing, trying to make sense of it. White, plastered with words. Words, the thing she hated so much. Music was much better. It gave a sound to the dull noise, making everything much more interesting. Her eyes focused on the thick paper, trying to make sense of the words in her groggy state.
Rocket Flylilly,
(i When your eyes close, they will for the last time. It may seem. You will find things, that you will never find in Cities, or towns, or even the Countryside.
Memories are hidden in your dark mind, hidden from you. Locks will be opened, vaults will creak and cold wind will rush through. Giving you the keys, you will be awake, inside your mind. Close your eyes, sleep. But be ready.)
Rocket stared blank at the card. Not able to make much sense of it, as she was so tired, she fell into sleep. Still holding the card.
The moment Rocket fell into her bed however, she felt a sudden frigid chill wash over her body. She suddenly felt more awake and ready to start a new day. She thought to herself, that perhaps, she had missed falling asleep. And she was already awake. Rocket opened her eyes. A bright, whiteness seemed to go on forever. Random people stood around. All seeming lost. Absent.
She looked around in confusion. Looking around for the card, she found nothing. It seemed to have disappeared. But the words seemed to stick in her head for some odd reason. But seriously, where the hell was she? She stood up, searching. How did she get there anyways? She called out, "Hello?" But of course, no answer came. The people just stared off, looking at nothing in particular.
  Rocket Reason Flylilly / Midna / 7y 155d 20h 50m 17s

"A price you pay must be equal to what you gain. Otherwise, you'll be killed."

A rarity known by the word 'sleep.' Slumber; rest; napping; shut eyes. These things describe the rest and revitalisation you possess when your mind in is another realm and your second set of eyelids are completely shut. A blessing of sorts, that is for those who seem unaware of a habit of sleeping. Those that are examples of this have mostly busy and somewhat if not always hectic lives. If a personal example is something you seek, then look at an author for example. They always are up and barely get sleep. Another example? Well aren't you a greedy soul...if it's an example you want, then she is not it. This she to be known is a rather demonic woman that goes by the name Shikyo. The name Shikyo Flantrine is not her own. Identity theft you could say, though say it to her face and you just may lose those vocal cords. Shikyo isn't exactly the most kind or forgiving person. She would be the first to decapitate a person for insulting her. Take that as a metaphor if you wish to percive it that way.

Earlier that day, Shikyo had been roaming the streets as she always did. Both eyes open, she watched all that occured. Every detail, every event that occured, she knew all too well. Passing on information she found at just the right price, she made a killing. That evening, her feet were killing her and she immediatly gravitated towards the bed. Beside her bed, closer to the window really, was a note of sorts. Picking it up and opening it, she read aloud the contents to herself.

Shikyo Flantrine,
(i Tonight you will wander an unknown land, learning of things you've never known to be real or even exist. Since you were on your own, you became reverred as an information broker who always knew everything. They are correct to be afraid, no? Though you seem to want more. This wish of yours shall be granted. The moment you shut your eyes, you must be prepared.

Tossing the paper across the room after a moment's silence, Shikyo shifted to a corner of her bed. Curled in a ball, she shook scared with wide eyes. How did anyone know anything about her wants in life? Who even knew where she lived? Minutes later, she had begun to chuckle to herself, then laughed at her own reation. Whatever that note was, it must've been some stupid prank. She would figure out who did it soon enough.

Of course, asleep was a whole other story. A sudden chill licked at the bare skin of her arms and legs. Immediately looking aroud and down, she noticed herself to be in her top and undergarments as she was when going to sleep. The people around her she didn't mind. More so, she cared about not dying of frostbite. Her first thought was wanting her other clothes back, or at least something warmer. With that thought in mind, something of denim material fell onto her shoulders. Looking fown, she saw white skinny jeans and a long sleeved green shirt. On her now was a white denim half-jacket. Ignoring the others around her, she tugged on the jeans and switched shirts. Once her coat was on, she felt fine again. Cold wasn't her worst enemy. Though these clothes..these are the same as what Shikyo had worn. The real Shikyo. A smirk crossed her lips at the thought of how pretty the blood of that girl looked splattered on the white. Maybe she could make it just as beautiful again.

Taking a single step forward, she heard a person's voice. Taking this as a chance to learn something of what was going on, she put up the same face that other girl had. Might as well wear the mask with the clothes. In response, she rushed over to them and gaved a gleeful expression.

"Great, another people! It's great to meet you, but do you know where we are?" The bright smile quickly turned to an almost worried expression as she spoke to the boy. He must've been freezing in that tee and shorts. How unfortunate for him.
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Taylor Pein was walking home from work, she was down to her last portion of vodka, she hated life, there was no real reason to care anymore. As she jingled around with her keys she unlocked the door to her building and went inside to find a note with her name written on it. Curiously she walked over and unfolded it.

Taylor Pein,

Tonight you will take a journey, a journey through your wildest dreams, youre sick of everyone, because they all gape when you have a piece of art that you wont publicly display. People tell you to stop drinking you will damage your liver. Still to you that doesnt matter to say the least now does it? Right when your eyes slip into the nothingness, you must be prepare.


Waking up to a white room, with nothing on, and only covered by her hands, she was freezing. At first she didnt know where she was because she had never been in this room before. As she thought that she needed some clothing her favorite shirt, jeans, and other cloth had appeared, so she individually put her clothing on, but when she started to put her pants on, she let out a heavy sigh.
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William was up and looking around this strange room. He tried to rack his mind around how the hell he got there. It wasn't exactly a successful moment for Will. He checked his pockets and his shirt making sure that he had his most important necessity, his bandages, but they weren't there. He peered around the room. There was nothing that he could see. Just a room full of absence.

He could remember what he was doing before waking up in this room. He was out walking around late at night. He was having problems with social services about him being too young to live on his own. Since the old man died he was just wandering around and around without a care in the world. As he was walking he saw some old man getting mugged.

So he went and handled it as he would any problem. He had gained some new scars in that fight. That was why he fought other then for acting out. He stopped remembering that deeming it useless to him in this situation. He was without his bandages and that was going to piss him off to no end. Got himself up thinking he might as well try to looking for people.

As he walked around the room he started to mess with his bandages. Soon he realized that he was once again without another necessity to him. His weapons were all gone. One more things to add to the list of pissing off William. He ran a hand through his hair. The majority of skin under wraps. Oddly that brought up a memory for William. About how he was teased over the bandages. He chuckled softly at how in the end the situation was handled by William personally.

William thought he noticed someone walking. He ran to catch up to them. Maybe they could answer his question or explain to him what fucked up scenario he had gotten himself into

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I'm Drifting Away ..... Into A Nothingness .... With Nothing To Catch Me ....Nobody To Hold Me Down ...... I'm Drifting ......

It Was Cold. Freezing,actually. And a bit scary, as an eerie white nothingness sounded in horrifying silence. Light blue eyes opened, a skin so pale, it could have blended in with the background. A young boy, apparently frightened gasped and looked around nervously, cold beads of sweat forming on his forehead. "W-W .... Where Am I?!"He muttered to himself in shock. He shivered, for he only wore a black tee-shirt, some soft,satin ,dark blue shorts , and a pair of fleece slippers."W-Why Is I-It So Cold. . . .?"He asked the non-existent people that surrounded him.

Andrew stood slowly and cautiously. He didn't like where he was, why he was there and what brought him here. All he could recall that could have something to do with him being in such a place was the mysterious letter he received before he went to bed. As soon as he was to get settled and rest, a small envelope containing a card was laying on his pillow. It read:

Dear Andrew,

You're on a search. You are tired of the easy-going life. You want to get out in the world and find your puzzle piece. Your other half. You're seeking love. We can only show you the path. It's your decision to continue on or stay back and stay incomplete. When your eyes shut, be ready.


He wasn't sure if it was a prank. However, he didn't pay much attention to it. It did puzzle him and made him wonder, 'Why would someone give me this,Let alone prank me?'.Andrew didn't have many friends, due to the fact that he was home-schooled and his parents really didn't expose him to the outside world. He had no siblings, and he knew his parents were too busy to do such a thing as to play tricks on him.Anyways, he just set the letter aside and went to bed.

What was even stranger was that he didn't feel awake. It felt like he was drifting .... Floating in mid-air. There was nothing around him but blankness, and it frightened him so. 'Who Else Could Be Here .... ? This Place Seems Like It Can Go On For Miles. . . ' Andrew thought to himself, flicking a loose strand of black hair out of his eyes. He sighed and walked in a straight line a little bit. Wherever he was, the blankness did give off a slight glow, as if things were shimmering. Or someone poured light glitter onto the walls. It was strange, but it didn't seem like Andrew could make any further observations besides the fact that there were no windows .... No walls .... No anything, but white blankness.

A pale, ghostly and tired look on his face, Andrew continued walking, in search for something .... Anything. He hugged his elbows in an attempt to warm himself up, but the results were unsuccessful. He continued to have tremendous shivers, which made him want to search for anything else that could help him warm up. Another person would probably be perfect. Andrew cupped his mouth with his hands and stared into the nothingness before shouting a loud and long,"Hello?" He continued hugging his elbows, waiting silently for a reply.

Sorry You All. Had Quite A Bit Of Homework, And My Post Was Delayed. ^^ Anyways, Your Intro Doesn't Have To Be As Long As Mines, But I Expect Something Close. =D 700 To 1000. Post Away!

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