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On a planet, in galaxies beyond, there is a country, if you may, with the name of Fryenien. This country is inhabited by various creatures. The country is ruled by Elves. Treana Lii is the daughter, and princess, of the King Froderick Lii, and Queen Reballia Lii.

There is andother conuntry, run by Vampires. In this world, Vampires, and Elves are sworn enimies. Elves are all about living creatures, and peace. And the vampires....well aren't.

Except for Raxxon Prii. The prince of the Vampirian country, Vrioniam.

What will happen??

1. No Godmodding.
2. Cussing is allowed.
3. No cybering.
4. Romance is allowed.
5. Please be punctuate, and literate. Character set is 750.
6. Anime pics preferrably. I haven't any preferances.

Brief Bio:
Special Abilities:

Please request permission, after I say you're added to the rp.


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