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The Embassadors of The world have been killed in the Vampirian Country Of Daray , The World has declared War On the Vampirian Race But they were framed, The ambassador's Wern't Killed By the Vampirian's But by an ancient race of people known as the Delano who are very similiar to the vamparians, except for when they feed, They are forced to kill whoever they have fed off of, It was thought they were extinct, Therefore the vampirians took two of there finest soldiers A leutenant named Abel Clarimonde, And a Recruit named laura, To Exterminate the remaining two delano, lenalee and Corey. When they are brought together for the final fight, They are ambushed by An Onslaught of soldiers, It turns out that both parties were framed and the ambassadors were killed by there own Men! they are forced to work together to fight there way back to Daray!

Rules: HAVE FUN!!! woo! act like your character would and this should be fun ANIME PICS!!! ask to join Here is the skelly:

Age: (18-27)
Short bio:

Name:Abel Clarimonde
Race: Vampirian
Short bio: When he was young he once was Infuriated so badly he killed his brother Cane, He unleashed extrodinary powers, Ever since he Was raised to be a soldier in the vampirian military by The Vampirian Captain Adam, He loves adam like a father, one day Adam was killed by a delano the same day the human ambassadors were killed, He was extremely happy to be selected for the mission so he could Take his revenge on whoever killed adam!
Personality: Lazy, Comedic, Sarcastic, Protective, Short tempered

Name: Laura Linaca
Race: Vampirian Exterminator
Age: 21
Short bio: Laura was a sadistic child that grew up to be one of the top Exterminators. She hated those that los themselves to bloodlust and was thankful that she could control herself and not give in. She has a strong will and can be a brat sometimes. her attitude and will to fight gets her into alot oftrouble. Very few can calm her down...her weakness is candy
Personality: moody, sarcastic, envious, malicious, carefree

short bio:lenalee has never really cared about general life as long as she was satisfied with how she was.for the most part shes peaceful with people who she wont feed off of but is an extremly good fighter due to her light body weight.

Name: Corey Shadows
Race: Delano
Age: 24
Short Bio: Corey has always been a fantastic thinker and fighter, though he may sometimes seem eccentric and withdrawn. He loves messing with people.
Personality: Withdrawn, humorous, gentle, sly.

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Im sorry ive been gone for awhile)
  Laura Linaca / blissforarc / 10y 49d 16h 23m 37s
arya looked off in the distance hearing a plane land somewhere."huh weird i thought i was in the middle of nowhere"she mused and continued walking.she yawned."im gonna go insane theres nobody to talk to!"she yelled throwing her hands up n frustration...
  lenalee / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 53d 16h 52m 18s
As the plane landed abel wass unaffected, He continued to look straight ahead, "the delano", abel new that they were supposed to meet some one else at the refuel and he wasnt tooo happy, he also new that she had heard him, And he already had hated working with a partner
  Lieutenant Abel Clarimonde / Arrekusu / 10y 53d 16h 57m 12s
Laura looked at him confused as she buckled up and prepared herself for the landing. She bit her bottom lip wondering if he had guess she was listening earlier when he mentioned eavesdropping. She sighed and sat back feeling him next to her. "Do you have any idea what we are searching for?" she asked him as she felt her stomich give on her. She felt the descending pressures that made her ears pop and her head light with nausea....
  Laura Linaca / blissforarc / 10y 54d 5h 1m 31s
Im sorry Ill post tomorrow, I spent the night in the ER)
  Laura Linaca / blissforarc / 10y 55d 6h 4m 39s
Abel heard the generals words on the intercom, ignoring her questioned abel shot a smile in the direction of the girl, "enjay the Show?" he said has he sat next to here and buckled in he didnt really look in her direction as he said "eavesdropping isnt very polite?" He saounded annoyed but happy. The plane began to shake slightly as it landed.

<sorry for The short post still busy>
  Lieutenant Abel Clarimonde / arrekusu / 10y 55d 11h 49m 27s
hey i might be gone tomorrow, i have a major english project also due friday >.<)
  Laura Linaca / blissforarc / 10y 56d 12h 13m 9s
Laura looked at him and blushed abit as his soft words on her appearal. She listened to his words on his own attire and the old days. She rested back on the seat still figity and uncertain of what info she would need to gain once they had landed. She looked up alert when he stood. Laura heard the words "sleep" as he walked off. she thought abit irritated.

She glanced around the cabin wondering how much longer till they hit the port to re-fuel. Faintly, she heard someone talking at the end of the hallway. She crept quietly down the hallway and stood outside the door of the room Abel was occupying. She heard his rapsed words and paniced tone as he spoke out in his sleep. She bit her bottom lip wondering if she should reach out to him and help him from the dream. She waited a few minutes, then left the door and went back to the cabin. She had a feeling he wouldn't like her listening in on him.

Laura waited to hear the captain on the intercom "we shall be landing in the next fifteen minutes, please refrain from moving around the cabin while we proceed to land. Thank you for your patience" The com went silent. Looking up Laura saw Abel walk into the cabin looking abit paler then he usually was. "Im sorry, did the plane wake you up?" she asked knowing full well why he woke up.
  Laura Linaca / blissforarc / 10y 56d 12h 33m 41s
Abel sat up and turned to the girl, "I think you actually look quite amazing" he said with a smile, "I guess i'm just old school, The captain.." he paused for a moment in melancholy. "he always made me where this thing and i guess it just grew on me, I know its not regulation now, but it was back in the glory days." Knowing the refuel was going to be in a few hours he decided to get more sleep in his cabin. he turned to the young lady. "Do as you wish, I will be in my cabin." he saaid with yet another elequant smile as he turned off and walked down the hall into a small bed he pulled a cord and a curtain came down and gave him some privacy.

Before long Abel had passed out, His dreams were clouded with thoughts of his brothers death, he began talking in his sleep "no! I didnt mean too! Im sorry Cane I'm Sorry" his nightmare soon became worse as he began to think of his mutilated father figure Captain Adam Philip Eve, he began to talk a bit once more, "I was to late, I wouldve Saved you!" these things were so heavy on his heart because he couldnt care for anybody, And now that he had to work with a partner he was afraid he'd let her down too.

He woke up, right before the plane had to land, He had woke up because he began thrashing in his sleep, Now he couldnt find sanctuary in his dream, and he was almost certain the gorgeus young lady with him had heard something, He was thirsty, he need blood, He new the fueling station was in Canada and at this point they were neutral, So there was a possibility they had blood, Although there was a greater possibilty they didnt, And he would have to do things the old fashioned way.
  Lieutenant Abel Clarimonde / Arrekusu / 10y 57d 5h 54m 38s
<sorry i wasnt on today i was working on a project >.< >>
  Lieutenant Abel Clarimonde / Arrekusu / 10y 57d 6h 17m 44s
Laura blushed lightly when she felt his lips on her hand. she thought as she was escorted onto the plane by him. She sat closest to the window, ready to see new sites below. She was always looking to see new places as the plane was getting ready to take off. She glanced over at Abel who was sleeping so deeply. She smiled softly at his sharp features and elegant looks. she thought as she glanced back out the window. She could see the clouds already as they took off highier into the sky.

Moments later the general walked into the sitting area and addressed her "laura were ging to be landing to re-fuel, I would recommend looking around for any information." the general turned and looked at Abel "and if you don't mind, waking him up. A womans touch can work wonders" he said smiling with a wink. He left soundly, leaving her to wake up Abel. She sighed softly "Should I....?" she mumbled as she watched him stir.
"uniform?.......which one?" she thought as his words made her wonder which one she should grab. She smiled slyly "you don't lie what Im wearing?" she thought as she looked down at her lolita outfit and stocking. She always loved alittle bit of a sexier appeal....
  Laura Linaca / blissforarc / 10y 59d 10h 37m 50s
thanks, for letting me join
Age: 23
Short bio:grew up among humans, only to find out he was vampirian, has yet to get to alaska, and carries a machete or staff under his trench coat on fear of humans
Personality: quite, but personality changes around other vampires
  RATIO / mekazou / 10y 59d 11h 34m 3s
<i'll bbl>
  Lieutenant Abel Clarimonde / Arrekusu / 10y 59d 11h 42m 54s
<its closed but yeah i guess you can, i'll have the plane stop to get gas and you'll meet us there, K? post your skelly again>
  Lieutenant Abel Clarimonde / Arrekusu / 10y 59d 11h 44m 10s
lena sghed as she walked and walked and walked."wow this really is in the middle of nowhere"she sighed her red dress flowing behind her.she was a regular heght had short green hair,she was shockngly skinny and apeared to have no muscle."last of the delano"she mumbled to herself as she contnued to walk hearing animals run away in fear.she giggled deciding not chase them.she was pretty full from the bear she caught...
  lenalee / allenwalkerxxx / 10y 59d 11h 46m 14s

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