1,000th Summer

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1,000th Summer

The afterlife is a mystery to all, but to those who are dead. Heaven and Hell can only be ideas and theories until one is dead and sees it themselves. However, Heaven is reserved only for those who have fulfilled their lives and were not filled with endless sin. Hell is for anyone who rejected the Kingdom of Heaven, it's Lord, and God. But, the dividing world between Earth, Heaven and Hell, is a limbo. It is specifically for those who did not fulfill their lives, in other words, committed suicide. Neither Heaven nor Hell is ready to welcome them, and since they have released their spiritual soul from their physical body early, they are forced into a state of purgatory. There, they are given a second chance. If they can find the meaning of life and what went wrong in their life, then they will have a second chance to live again. However, the longer one stays in the limbo world, the more they forget about their physical life and the greater chance that they will be there forever.



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1. Each person in limbo has their own private sanction that can not be tresspassed by others. It is rare for two people to come across eachother, but it does happen upon occasion if two sanctions are very similar to each other.

2. A person is sent to this world to try and find out the meaning of their life and what went wrong in it. If they can figure this out, then they are allowed a second chance at life. However, as time passes by, they will slowly forget things from their past, and eventually forget why they are even there. If this happens, they will disappear forever.

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She shook her head. She didn't know where there was any such key and she realized this was another way that this world kept people seperated. But why, she wondered. Again, the thoughts that had gathered dust in her mind had slowly began working again. She had found a way to this saction by the maze. The maze was to keep her from ever finding this place just as the gate was to keep him from ever finding where she was. Which meant that somewhere there were more people. And somehow they were all connected. It really was a strange world she was in. She wished she could have given him the answer he probably wanted, but she couldn't and she shook her head.

"I haven't seen another person in..."

The thought of saying 150 years was embarassing so she chose another set of words.

"Well...a long time."

But for as long as she could remember the Chateau had always been across the lake, so it made her wonder exactly how long Oliver had been there. Surely he must have been there just as long as she had. He might know more about the world she was in or what she was searching for in her mind.

"How long have you been here?"

Her eyes shifted downwards to her toes where they were covered with dirt and dried bits of blood and back to his eyes. Looking at another human face was embarrassing so she quickly found another object to look at. Her hands gripped the steel metal of the gate as she stared at the bark on a tree. It was much larger than the apple tree that she used to relax in. It's branches looked a lot sturdier to as they hung over the gate. She smiled a little and walked from the gate towards the tree.

The closest branch to her was just out of the reach of her arms as she stretched them up. But with a small jump she was able to grip her fingers around the branch just enough to swing until her feet could grip onto the trunk of the tree and pull herself up. From there she shimmied herself over to the next couple of branches until she was over the gate. She looked over each side as she sat on the branch, both of her legs exposed with dirt and bruises as she tried to keep her dress out of the way from getting snagged.

When she was sure of a safe landing, she let her legs drop, but kept her arms hanging on to the branch. And then she let go, dropping the next few feet to the ground. Her legs buckled a bit from the impact, but when she stood back up, she grinned in success.
  Baka / 9y 354d 28m 13s
Oliver realized that she was the same as he, in limbo. He wondered if she remembered that she had died. He bit his bottom lip, nervously. Looking on sympathetically at the girl as she tried to recall her own name but failed to, he decided against bringing up the death part. "Well, that's okay," he assured her, a warm smile on his lips. He listened to her question then answered, "I came from a big city, now I'm here and I live right over..." he pointed to the chateau, then turned back towards her.

He had many questions to ask, but didn't want to bombard her with them. "I'd give you a tour but I'm afraid I don't know how to open this gate," he explained to her, a pout playing on his lips. He stepped back a bit, looking at the gate for hints. He found the keyhole then furrowed his brows in frustration, looking back up to the girl, "I don't know where the key is," he told her.

He paused for a moment, "Are there any other people where you are?" he asked, curious as to whether or not there were others. He searched the ground with his eyes, hoping the key would glisten in the sunlight, but there was no key to be found. He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. Of course, Oliver didn't remember the old, golden key that hung from a long chain around his neck. After all, he had found that key in his past life. Surely that wouldn't be the key to this gate, so it didn't even cross his mind.
  Oliver / pocky / 9y 354d 1h 9m 13s
She leaned back a bit out of fear. She wasn't sure how comfortable she was around another person after so long. She looked towards the dog when he brought her attention to him, but she quickly looked back towards the person in front of her. She didn't know where the sudden feeling of precaution had come from. But when he introduced himself, she felt a bit more relieved until she spoke.

"I'm -"

She never finished the sentence, because she didn't have anything to finish with. For the first time, she had to actually think of what she was called. It had been so long since she had to name herself, that her name in fact had slipped her mind. She looked down with furrowed eye brows, moving her lips just slightly as she tried to form sounds, hoping that one would lead her to a name. At last she looked back at him with confusion.

"I don't know. I don't my name."

The thought itself made her all the more aware of exactly how long time was. If she didn't know who she was anymore, then how real was she? How real was this person in front of her? How real was this place? These questions posed issues in her mind and for the first time in perhaps 150 years, she was asking question about who she was and where did she come from. Perhaps this person knew. She took a moment to think about the order of words and how to phrase a sentence, since she hadn't spoken to a person for so long, before actually voicing her thoughts. In the end her words came out very meekly and with hesitency.

"Where...where do you come from?"
  Baka / 9y 354d 1h 55m 38s
Oliver laughed at her yelp, "I'm sorry," he quietly apologized to her, "I didn't mean to scare you." He sighed with relief when she nodded, "I'm real too," he told her, "...I think." She had suddenly become quiet, but Oliver didn't mind. He understood that some people were shy and perhaps she was one of those people. He watched her chew on her own nail for a moment before coming closer to the gate, wrapping his hands around its bars. "I call him Toby," he said, nodding towards the dog. Animals were always a good way to break the barrier.

"He's a little bit rambunctious some times, but he's very friendly. He's just shed his coat too, some times he's fluffy. I think he likes you," he said with a pleasant smile, "When I first met him he peed on me. I don't think he was very fond of me, but he hasn't peed on me since so I guess I've grown on him."

He raised his green eyes to look back into the girl's. Of course, he was very excited to see another person, however, he made himself contain his excitement, afraid that he would frighten her away. That was the last thing he wanted. "I'm Oliver," he introduced himself, his eyes brightly shining.
  Oliver / pocky / 9y 354d 2h 21m 26s
Having been so intent on trying to find a way through the gate, she yelped in surprise when a voice spoke to her. She jumped back a few inches and simply stared through the gate and the person who faced her. When he asked if she were real she slowly nodded her head, but the question remained dubious. She didn't know how that question could be correctly answered, because she wondered often about the meaning of reality. For a moment she forgot her voice and could not speak. Instead she focused on the dried dirt on her legs and scratching it off with one foot.

Having not had any contact with a person for so long, she wasn't quite sure what to do or say. Her appearance wasn't of an importance either because she no longer understood the meaning of proper dress or even embarassment. By habit her hand went up to her lips where she began to lightly bite on her nail. Afte a moment, she brought her hand back down to her side and fidgeted a little as a peculiar feeling of being nervous took over.

Her lips parted once or twice as if she were about to speak, but no words came out. There was a word that she knew to use when greeting a person, but it continued to evade her mind. She waited, hoping that he would speak first and perhaps it would jog her memory.
  Baka / 9y 354d 2h 55m 8s
Oliver watched for another moment, the gate he had never noticed until today. This being the first time he had ever seen it. It seemed as if the girl was unable to open the gate. He slowly neared, trying to avoid alarming the girl. When he was only a few feet away from the gate he slightly cocked his head to the side, he had to ask, "Are... are you real?" His tone was hesitant and doubtful, his voice softer than usual. He wasn't sure if he was imagining her. Maybe he missed people so much his mind was coping by making a person up.

He looked over the girl several times, trying to get hints as to where she could be from. The dark hair that framed her face was littered with debris from bramble. He wasn't quite close enough to tell the colour of her eyes. He could, however, tell that her eyelashes were also dark and long. Her limbs were scratched up, dotted with small specks of red, what he could only assume was blood. Her dress was torn and dirtied with grass and dirt stains. Her elbows, hands, feet and knees were also dirtied with dirt. He looked at her curiously, thinking if Alice from Alice in Wonderland were real, she would have looked like this.

To him, she seemed much like a disobedient child, who, against her mother's wishes had gone outside to play, dirtying her pretty dress and pretty self up. He gave a slight chuckle at that thought, his mind now blooming with stories of where she came from and who she was. He particularly liked the bottom half of her- the hem of her now ragged dress, dirtied legs and particularly her dirt caked feet, it made his mind go wild, imagining what she had been doing before she stood here at this gate.
  Oliver / pocky / 9y 354d 3h 22m 9s
The gravel beneath her feet made the journey a little more difficult as she had left her shoes behind. But she figured that she already looked like a mess with tangled hair and scratches up and down her legs and arms. She was close enough now that she could even see the detailed paint of the cheateau. And from the door that stood far behind a large gate, she could see the same puppy that she had seen before, bounding towards her.

She was a bit surprised that he would come back, since he had previously been running away before. Then again, she realized that he simply could have been prioritzing finding his way back home. And now that he had gotten back, he was concerned with greeting his new guest.

He danced around her and she cricled with him with a smile.

"Now you are more friendly, aren't you." she laughed.

Nothing else appeared from the direction of the dog, and she walked towards the closed gate and speculated on how to get in. The dog had been able to go through the gaps in the gate, but she hardly believed there was enough space for her to get through. The thought that someone might have lived in the chateau didn't cross her mind. It had been so long since she had seen a person, she had nearly forgotten anything involving social rules.
  Baka / 9y 354d 4h 23m 25s
In the distance, Oliver had heard the yap of his four legged companion. He furrowed his brows, trying to gauge where the noise had come from. "Toby," he called, Oliver having christened the pup Toby. After a moment or two, Oliver heard the galloping that normally accompanied the dog when excited. It wasn't much longer before Oliver saw the large beast, racing towards him, Toby's spotted coat glistening in the sun like silver, ears flopping, tongue lolling out of his mouth, tail attentive and upright and those bright, golden eyes, shining brilliantly. The dog slowed to a trot to greet Oliver, who in response, patted the dog's head.

"And what kind of mischief have you been making, Toby?" Oliver asked with a lopsided smirk. Of course, the dog didn't reply, but instead wagged his tail enthusiastically. "I see you've shed your long coat," he mused, a curious look dawning in his sage eyes. Toby would sporadically, throughout the year, shed his long hair, making his coat short and sleek. When he donned his shorter coat, his muscles showed and his coat almost glimmered, it had a majestic effect. Oliver didn't hesitate to let his hand skim over the dog's smooth coat, Toby nuzzling against Oliver's side in response.

"Alright, you hungry then?" he asked with a smile. Toby was fully capable of hunting his own dinner, but Oliver enjoyed the company. He turned back towards the chateau, finding the dark mahogany doors, letting Toby pass through before he followed. The crimson and gold flecked wallpaper painted the halls he walked down. Oliver felt like this structure was old and had been lived in before him, it just gave him that feeling. The two walked slowly, the floor boards gently creaking beneath them, the sunlight that poured through the windows illuminating their figures, casting shadows on the walls. "Toby," he quietly spoke, "Isn't life too..." he looked down to his companion who, in return, looked up to him, a happy stupor on his face. Oliver gave a slight chuckled then shook his head, "Never mind," he dismissed his previous thoughts, trying to block the fact that Toby probably didn't come from the same life he did and could very much just be false.

He didn't fully understand every thing, yet. He had theories as to how it all worked. Heaven, Hell, and limbo... He didn't understand. But remaining here forever, he did not want that. In his previous life, he had done several bad things, but, he was a good person at heart. His lifestyle was that of a sinner. There was a devil that pulled Oliver into it all, and that was his own devil. He tried fighting it, he tried working with it, but Oliver would never win and so... He woke up here.

As he stepped into the kitchen he sighed, trying to make his thoughts scatter. He reached towards a cabinet, opening it and picking out a white plate. He became lost in thought again, standing there, staring into the plate's center. His own image was caught in its reflection and he looked at himself. He studied the contours of his face, Toby lightly nudged at his free hand that had gone limp by his side. Oliver blinked, "Toby, are you real?" he asked, still half in his daze. Of course, the dog didn't reply, instead cocking his head to the side. "Oliver?" he then questioned himself, "Are you real?" A smile cracked upon his own lips and he glanced down at Toby, fondly patting his head.

He went about making Toby and himself some thing to eat then stomped back out of the kitchen and through the hall and back out the doors into the sweet air. "Where shall we eat today, sir?" he asked Toby, looking down at him questioningly. Toby gave a small snort then trotted ahead of Oliver, down a path. Oliver followed, humming as he did, mindlessly watching Toby's tail as it twitched from side to side. When Oliver looked up, he could see some thing in the distance. No, not some thing but some one. Some one who walked on two legs and looked to be wearing a dress.

First his jaw dropped, next the plate, shattering into a thousand pieces before him. The sound of the plate shattering made him snap to, closing his mouth. "Toby," he whispered, "Is there a girl standing at the other end of this path?" He couldn't even peel his eyes off of her as he spoke. He hadn't seen another person for a long time, so he could hardly believe this. He wasn't sure if she had taken notice of him, though the shattered plate reminded him that he hadn't kept too quiet. Toby bounded towards the girl, leaving Oliver standing there in his tracks, unable to move.
  Oliver / pocky / 9y 354d 5h 2m 2s
For 998 years, -supposedly, because it was hard to tell how fast or slow timed passed- she had sat up on the same branch in the apple tree and thought. The thoughts changed from day to day, but they eventually all centered around a missing thought. There was always something missing. There was something missing to this queer place that made her wonder about who she was and what she was doing there. Perhaps at some point, she had the answer to that thought, but for now she couldn't remember. She mused about this as she gazed into the distance at the chateau. Her thoughts trailed from the purpose of this world she was in to that chateau. She wanted to know what was there. Something gave her the feeling that if she could get there, she would find what was missing to whatever she was looking for.

For a couple more minutes she simply stared out across the vast pond. It was more like a lake, except that there was no running stream of water that lead to an ocean. There were only trees and more trees in all directions of the orchard. She continued to stare out at the lake until a "yap," that sounded like it came from an animal distracted her. The noise came from the maze hedge and sure enough, a pup was sitting at the edge, whining. From her position, she couldn't tell what type of pup it was, just that it closely resembled a dog, but it was much too large to be any type of dog she knew.

Curious, she carefully let herself down from the apple tree and walked towards the pup. Quietly she tried to approach without being noticed, but the pup could smell something new in the air. When it caught site of her, it did not hesitate, but immediately ran into the maze. Desperate to not lose the strange animal she had never seen in her orchard before, she sprinted after the pup. It had appeared lost and as if it was looking for something, but she just couldn't lay a thought on where it might have come from. After turning numerous corners and traipsing down countless rows of foliage, she was completely lost of direction and had lost sight of the pup as well.

She stood still for a few second and turned back and forth around in a circle, scanning and listening in all directions. At last she heard the familiar whine towards the right. She chased after the sound and soon caught sight of the grey and white blur. Running at her full speed, it was not long before she was out of breath and she had to slow down. But she was in luck, because the pup had run out of energy, or perhaps even hope of finding whatever it was looking for and had slowed down too.

But when she caught sight of the pup again, it didn't look as if to be in despair at all. Rather it was sniffing the ground, like a hunting dog on the verge of catching its prey. She watched silently to see what the pup would do. At last it looked back at her and began to run again. Without hesitation, she followed until they were both facing a dead end. But instead of the wall of green leaves and branches that she expected to see, there was a golden gate. Wrapped around it were vines with thorns and roses that were losing their petals. Here, the pup stopped and tried to get through a small hole that had been dug underneath the gate.

She got on all fours as well and peered through the gap in the ground. She could see a clear path way and more trees, but nothing that really sparked her interest. What aroused her attention more than anything was the fact that she had never seen this gate before, nor what was on the other side of it. The pup, was as well an enigma. Once the pup had gotten all the way through the whole, she began to dig a wider breach for herself to get through. Dirt filled the underneath of her fingernails and her dress was left with grass stains down the front of it.

Once the hole was big enough for her to fit through, she wiggled her body underneath the fence. The thorns poked and tore at any exposed skin and prodded holes and tears through her dress. But at last she was through. She stood up and brushed herself off. The pup was out of sight and she could no longer hear him, but it didn't matter to her anymore. Her attention was drawn to the new millieu of forestry.

Nevermind that there was now small trickles of blood down her legs and arms. Or that her hair had small broken twigs and leaves tangled in the curls. Her only interest was the pathway that lead straight through the over hang of trees, like a canopy. Perhaps she would find the pup again following this direction, and perhaps she would find what it was looking for as well. Perhaps she would find whatever it was that she seemed to be looking for too.
  Baka / 9y 362d 15h 9m 7s
Light filtered through a small window, bathing a sleeping boy who took his rest in a Victorian style bathtub. The boy shifted, and upon doing so, cracked his cheekbone against the edge of the tub. "Piss," he softly groaned as he began to sit up, his hand already cupping his now sore cheek. He blinked stupidly, trying to collect his thoughts as he took in his surroundings. So, he had fallen asleep in the bathtub, nothing too unusual.

He rose from his strange, makeshift, porcelain bed and stretched then awkwardly climbed out of the tub, stumbling a bit as he did. "Oli, Oli, oxen free," he quietly mumbled to himself, finding the bathroom door and passing through it. He had a habit of talking to himself, as to fill the silence. A smile played at his lips as his eyes took in the familiar paper that hung on the walls as he stomped through the halls. He had spent about a year or so in this place, and, still, he couldn't help but feel nostalgic. It seemed rather familiar but he could never quite place his finger on it.

Though he was still a bit groggy, he had an urge to watch the clouds instead of going back to sleep. Stepping out, his smile broadened at the giant white puffs that littered the periwinkle sky. Every thing that made up his surroundings was perfect. He saw himself as the only flaw and could only assume that he was placed here to take after the perfection he had come to know. And, God did he hate it.

Yes, this was as close to paradise as any body could get, as far as he could see. But, he missed the grime of the city streets. The filth that filled his lungs with every breath he took. The stench of living. But, you don't find cleanliness there. You become tainted with the antics the city life is associated with. Oliver being no exception.

And, though he hated the lack of filth he had grown so used to, he didn't show it. A smile always seemed to play on his lips, no matter the situation. It wasn't that he was always unnaturally happy, but, rather, he couldn't find the effort to act upset nor did he see the reason. Acting upset wouldn't make any thing better, not that acting chipper would, but it was more natural to him for reasons unknown.

The clouds rolled by as he imagined some to be tall skyscrapers. His thoughts were disrupted when a flock of birds grazed the sky overhead, a new train of thought beginning to blossom inside his mind. He could recall every thing of his previous life. Every thing except his last name. That didn't bother him, though, it wasn't like any body was going to ask him for it here. He gave a slight chuckle to that vaguely depressing thought, his laughter carrying in the gentle wind.
  Oliver / pocky / 9y 362d 15h 52m 44s
The birds were singing again as they always did every morning she was seated in the highest branch of the apple tree. The morning dew had already evaporated from the everglade grass, the air was crisp, and the sun was tender as it warmed her back. She closed her eyes for a moment and waited as a gentle wind blew across her cheeks. Her eye lids flickered from the gentle touch and her lips creased in a smile from the delightful tickle of the leaves against her shoulders. It might have been the 1,000th summer she had spent there, but each morning only grew more splendid and beautiful than the last. It was neither boring nor lonely, either. She did not need people for company. The last time she had seen even the glimpse of another human face must have been over fifty years ago. The birds and the trees more than compensated for the loss.

Even if fifty years had passed around her, no more than twenty had passed over her seemingly ageless face. Freckles sprinkled her golden cheeks and nose, the glint of yourh shimmered in her hazelnut colored eyes. Russet curls brushed over the tips of her shoulds. To be exact it was her 998th aniversary in the orchard, but she had only lived 18 years, so not a day more would pass on her youth.

At last though, the impetuity of time sitting in the tree watching the grass grow, the clouds move, and the wind blow, took its toll on her patience. For nearly 1,000 years she had done almost the same thing every day. She had seen and memorized every inch of the orchard. She closed her eyes again and there! She could see the furthest field of flowers, that accounted for every single flower she had ever known, except for the lilacs. She was allergic to those. Then, she could see the hedge maze that had taken her almost eighty years to get lost in and find her way out exactly where she had started. And somewhere more or less to the right of that and inbetween her and the pond that was home to a multitude of koi fish, was a large golden statue of the Tree of Life. The leaves felt so smooth and delicate, that one might have believed it to really be a tree of gold. The fruit that hung from the tree was so appealing to the eye, it was all she could do to keep from picking the apples from its branches.

But more curious than that, was the sight of the large chateau in the distance. It was on the other side of the large pond and hidden behind groves and groves of trees. She had spent countless days trying to reach the other side, but somehow she could never make it there. And from her perch on the apple tree, she had a direct view of the elegant mystery, to fantasize about.
  Baka / 9y 362d 16h 38m 37s

Name: Oliver
Age: He passed at the age of 22 and has only been in limbo for a year.
Sex: Male
  Oliver / pocky / 9y 362d 17h 4m 56s


Name: she can't remember.
Age: 998 years have passed.
sex: female.

  Baka / 9y 362d 19h 42m 36s

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