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Alright so, exorcist/paranormal hunter meets a demon. cool.

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Lucifer followed Danny up to where Dasiel and Marco were. He could tell by the look in the humans eyes that he was lost. The smug little smirk on dasiel's face just ticked the imp off and he wanted to wipe it clean off his face, but he didn't want to risk anything happening to danny. "So what is your plan this time?" He asked in a snarky tone.
Rien just kept watching gin like a predator watching it's prey closely. He wanted to pick at the males mind and see what makes him tick. When he was told to accompany the other , he just looked annoyed and didn't want to move. However there was something making him listen and follow behind the other. He still stayed up on the ceiling of course. When the door was opened and there was a ruckus outside, the male just laughed with excitement. "Finally the humans have gone mad and will be killed." He said with joy.
  Rien hazuna / lavired / 5y 255d 19h 19m 6s
Danny took off towards where Dasiel was, showing up quickly on the rooftop and standing by his master's side. He was very obviously lost in a haze of delusion and insanity. Dasiel grinned at him before smirking at Lucifer.
Gin had to settle for making a quick breakfast of toast before walking to the front door. "Will you accompany please?" asked Gin. His blessing glowed lightly and he wondered how much of a choice the demon had because of this mark. As he opened the door, there was a crash and a sound of gunfire. He slowly backed up and went to retrieve his spike weapons. "What now...?"
Simon strolled by the door and peeked in the doorway. "It seems a couple of us have gone mad," he answered, even with a grin on his face. "This is exciting."
  Gin Takamura (demon hunter) / aidochild / 5y 258d 8h 4m 41s
Rien watched with amusement as gin ran back to the kitchen to go tend to his burning food. To the demon it smelled better than it did before, which probably was no surprise since demons did like things foul. "You really are a strange human." He said as he hopped down from off the ceiling and followed after the male. "I could do so many things to make your life miserable and accidentally kill you in the process yet you still want me around. You don't understand how frustrating that is." He swayed his tail in irritation as he just watched the other closely "but it doesn't matter because it gives me a way to find your flaws and pick at your tiny mind."
Lucifer frowned greatly when he saw the look in Danny's and could tell that he had lost him. "Yeah let's go." He said in an unpleasant tone. He actually had a bone to pick with Danny's so called master. This was not healthy for the human and it just wasn't right. He didn't care if the male was a powerful demon he was going to have a word with him like it or not.
  Rien hazuna / lavired / 5y 337d 22h 22m 11s
Gin frowned. "If you say so..." he murmured before smelling burning. He ran back to the kitchen. "Ah, my breakfast!!!"
Danny's eyes frosted over as his sanity was slowly being forced away. "Master is calling," said Danny as he rose to his feet. He looked at the fluffball and placed it delicately on his shoulder before grinning like a fool. "Let's go to master."
  Gin Takamura (demon hunter) / AidoChild / 5y 353d 11h 46m 10s
Rien shrugged at what gin said still not giving a care. "So what? He can't use any of that energy on me so what is he going to explode into a bunch of little tiny pieces cause that is something I would like to see." The demon asked excitedly with a happy wag of his tail. He could easily play these humans and that's what he was going to do.
Lucifer tilted his head at the name Goliath and grinned "hmm actually that's a lot better than what I thought of. Goliath it is. " he said with a grin before noticing Danny perking up as if something was up "is something the matter?? " he asked with a frown.
  Rien hazuna / lavired / 6y 10d 21h 28m 36s
Gin looked at him with a nervous smile. "But didn't Jack capture you in the first place? I think he's a lot tougher than you think and, without lending any of his energy to his imp, he's got all of his energy for you to deal with now."
Danny listened to the names Lucifer had for the little thing. He looked at the fuzz ball, pondering as well. In his state, the names didn't really strike him as odd.
"I guess those could be suitable..." he mused. He thought about practical names, silly names, ironic names... "What about Goliath?"
Dasiel cackled and let the blue bugs fly. "Let's give them some time to do their magic. Then, we'll go ourselves." He reached out his will towards Danny. 'Danny... Stop playing around... You are needed.'
Danny perked up suddenly as he waited to hear what Lucifer thought, hearing Dasiel.
  Gin Takamura (demon hunter) / AidoChild / 6y 11d 3h 58m 24s
Rien sighed in frustration at what the human basically requested of him. He wasn't going to thank him for anything. He didn't need his help anyway. "How about no thanks. Your friend couldn't take me apart cause I would take him apart..and you probably know it don't you." He said with a cheeky tone before wrapping his wings around himself. "Just like that stupid friend of yours who is sad about the loss of his pathetic imp. He is so angry at me but knows he can't do anything. And even if he tried I will snap his neck like a toothpick, or he will kill himself either way I win and it will be a good show."
"Now you get to name the little fuzz ball." He said as the little creature made gurgling noises and acid bubbles with its mouth. The imp eyed the fuzzy creature before saying "fuzzy mc drool bubble " he said in a totally serious tone. The little creature just kept making acid bubbles and a high pitch buzzing noise. "or ...derp derp??..I like derp derp"
Marco turned sour at the mention of the human that stabbed Dasiel. The incubus took that personal and wanted more than blood. "Don't worry. I will make that worm pay for stabbing you. Trust me. They are going to wish they never knew the meaning of pain when I'm done with them. No one does that to my king and gets away alive." The male said as he started rage flaming.
  Rien hazuna / lavired / 6y 50d 17h 31m 33s
Gin sighed. "Please, make this a little bit easier for me," he said as he looked up at the demon. "The least you can say is thank you for not letting them kill you or letting Simon get his hands on you. He would take you apart bone by bone..."
Danny was getting close to putting his finger in its mouth when Lucifer said not to. He lowered his hand again and thought it would be best to heed the advice. He smiled a little at how much Lucifer cared about him. He didn't think anyone would care so much about him. It made him really happy. He just wasn't very sure on how to express that happiness.
"Of course they won't," he answered. "They'll take care of the pests. I want that demon. And..." He looked at the incubus with a request about Jack and Gin. "I want those two gaurdians' heads. The one, because he was stupid enough to trust Michael. The second... for stabbing me. That wasn't very nice at all."
  Gin Takamura (demon hunter) / AidoChild / 6y 51d 6h 32m 40s
Rien just watched with amusement as jack got angry and gin was yet again defending him. When the human left the apartment, the demon chuckled with a sway of his tail and a playful sigh. "And here I was being such a good little demon. I was only doing what I felt was right. He provoked me. It was all just a simple misunderstanding. In the end no one got hurt and or killed." He smirked. This human was such a fool and things were going to be easy living with him being able to get away with things all the time.
Lucifer could tell Danny was a bit uneasy about receiving a gift but the imp wanted to bring happiness to the human. "Just don't stick anything in its mouth. Those little things have saliva like acid. I don't want you losing any limbs because of me." He said with a small laugh before resting a reassuring hand on the humans shoulder. "Don't look so down okay. As long as I'm around and breathing I will always be here for you. I will protect you and make you smile since your so called master won't."
"Surely you are not going to let your little bugs have all the fun right daisy? If we don't get to have any fun do we at least get to have front row seats to the show??" The incubus asked wanting to go have fun already.
  Rien hazuna / lavired / 6y 51d 16h 48m 31s
Jack had not expected Rien to leap on him. The only thing that kept his skull from smashing as it hit the floor was Michael's blessing in emergency mode. A soft light blinked around his head and absorbed some of the impact for itself before flickering out. That didn't mean Jack wasn't hurting though. When the demon climbed off of him, after nearly snapping his fingers off, he was up in an instant. He raised the marked hand towards the demon.
All the while, Gin had gotten to his feet too to help. Of course, when Jack raised the mark at Rien, Gin rushed over to him and grabbed his wrist.
"Why are you defending it!?" snapped Jack.
"Jack, you were teasing him!" shouted Gin back. "Besides, killing him in rage won't get you any warm hugs from you-know-who."
Jack grumbled and yanked his arm away from Gin. "May the Lord have mercy on your soul, Gin. You're getting in way too deep."
Jack left the apartment quickly after that.
Danny was a little cautious of the tiny fluff that had only seconds before been just a pebble. He hesitated when it was handed to him, but slowly opened his palms up to receive the gift.
"Thank you..." he murmured. "I've never been given anything in a very long time."
Not since he was little. Not since before Jack.
"Yes, and I have no doubt that they are already feeling tension towards each other after the attack. That will only make matters worse for them... better for me." Dasiel grinned evilly.
  Gin Takamura (demon hunter) / AidoChild / 6y 52d 6h 21m 18s
Rien noticed the look on jack's face and just shook it off. Nothing frightened this demon and he wasn't going to let a human get the best of him. When gin asked again about the candy thing rien just shrugged "no. Don't think I should stray from my meat diet." He said before watching the male get up then jack quickly following. The demon couldn't believe he was still caught by humans who just keep him like a pet. When jack came back with a piece of bacon and being stupid as ever , the blue eyed me just watched the human try to strike fear in him but got bored. "You really are a pathetic bag of flesh." He said before getting up and lunging at the male in a blink of an eye. Next thing heard was a snap and rien pinning jack down on the floor glaring him down. He ate the bacon in one bite missing the males fingers ever so slightly on purpose but he did tinge them a bit. A smirk crossed his lips before he swallowed the bacon and made himself comfortable by climbing up the wall and laying on the ceiling. "Idiot human."
Lucifer grinned at Danny before noticing the males frown. This made the imp frown but gave him a great idea. Forest imps were meant to be loving peaceful creatures to bring happiness to people so why not Danny? Danny was just a normal human boy to him that just had a demon leech on him. Every human needs things to bring joy to their life. The imp dug into his pocket for a good couple of minutes before pulling out what looked to be a pebble with moss on it. "This is going to be a special little friend for you to help cheer you up whenever you are in a lot of trouble. I have a hundred of these little guys back home but this one I haven't grown yet because i was saving it for a friend who will need it more than me." He said before clasping his hands around the pebble and worked his powers. Within moments a fuzzy moss covered fluff ball emerged out of his hands. It had big yellow eyes, two yellow horns, and a tiny stubby tail . "I call them forest babies but you can call it whatever you like since it's now yours." He said handing the fuzz ball over.
Marco chuckled with amusement at the sound of the ladies scream from down below. He loved how Dasiel knew how to torment the humans. When the flies appeared and he heard the males new idea the incubus bit his claw in excitement as if he was getting turned on by the devious plan. "I believe that is a killer idea my love. It would be a fantastic show and everything will be chaotic and painted crimson red." He said with a happy sway of his tail.
  Rien hazuna / Lavired / 6y 71d 20h 57m 29s
Jack grinned darkly and leaned back a little.
"Toxic?" He had the urge to fill Rien's bodies with all kinds of treats just to see what happened. He snickered even as his mark started to irritate from all the thoughts.
Gin grew a little nervous at Jack's look, but kept on his conversation with Rien.
"Fascinating... Have you ever thought to try though? I wonder if it would really be so toxic..." He was stopped in thought when his stomach growled. "A-ah, I haven't eaten yet..."
He stood up slowly. "Please, excuse me." He walked into the partially open kitchen and started looking at what he could make in his fridge. He hadn't notice Jack hop up and follow right behind him. The guy made him jump when a hand ducked under Gin's arm out of nowhere and plucked out the box of bacon. Jack pulled one out and set the box on the counter before approaching Rien with the bacon strip.
"This won't kill you, right? It's just raw meat. Oooo! Maybe I should cook it and cover it in chocolate! Or arsenic... whichever I feel like it." He cackled mischeviously and his mark burned in frustration. Jack scowled and shook his hand a little. "I'm only teasing! ... a little."
Gin just sighed and pulled out a frying pan to fry himself some bacon, since Jack already pulled it out.
Danny smiled a soft smile, but it didn't last long. "Okay..." he said, a little sadly. He didn't know what the imp would be able to do when the time came for Dasiel to toss Danny out.
"No, not in..." mused Dasiel, finishing off the meat, leaving bone and strands, and dropping it to the street below. A woman let out a blood chilling scream. Dasiel backed a little off the edge to avoid being seen, but an amused smile was spread across his face. "Well, not physically anyways. I think it's time they play by my rules." He waved his hand and bright little blue flies appeared. They landed on his fingers, scurrying around his nails eagerly. Harmless as they were on the outside, if they crawled into an ear or nose or mouth to get to your brain, you'd literally go insane. It was easy enough to get them out... if you could figure out how to, that is. "I want to watch them kill each other. That sounds like fun, doesn't it?"
  Gin Takamura (demon hunter) / AidoChild / 6y 74d 5h 42m 4s
Rien smirked when he noticed jack scoot away from him when he sat on the couch. The many ways the demon could toy with the human were great. His tail slithered closer to jack and bobbed up and down like it was alive and watching the human as rien sat comfortably . "Don't call me mr. You are making me sound older than I should be." He said before picking at his claws. "We demons don't stray away from the normal diet of flesh and blood. Whatever this..candy is it could be toxic or have some other kind of side affect to us." He said bluntly.
Lucifer frowned at the circumstances Danny was in. "Well ..i won't stop you from completing your goal but I won't allow that jerk of a demon get rid of you. I may just be a simple forest imp but he will have to get rid of me first before harming my buddy." He said with a confident grin.
Marco calmed down then listened to what the male was up to. He let out a laugh of amusement at what he heard. "Ants huh ? You know the best way to get rid of a colony of ants right? Kill the queen then watch them scatter in fear since their precious leader has been killed then one by one incinerate them or kill them all at once with a toxic gas...from experience that's all I can let you know daisy." He said before having to calm himself even more. The incubus had a monster inside that got loose once when he had to much fun trying to kill off a nest of pesky lower level demons. The other half of him that gave him the ability of fire wasn't just a normal flame demon. "So do you have a new plan to get in there again this time?"
  Rien hazuna / lavired / 6y 75d 2h 13m 30s
Jack scooted a little away from Rien when he sat near him.
"Oh, you think I'm nice? Interesting..." he couldn't help the little flare of anger inside him.
Gin had watched Rien move the body onto the bag and off the carpet, which had both excited and pleased him.
"So, mr. Rien..." he said as he sat in an armchair across from them. He liked his cozy arrangement, even when Jack constantly complained about the lack of a television.
"Is meat the only part of your diet? Would you ever eat anything prepared? What about candy?"
Jack rolled his eyes at Gin.
Danny frowned a little. "I like having you around. I really do but... I want Jack's head more than anything. Dasiel gave me the strength to rip it off his body." His eyes lit up wildly. "I must do it. Besides, since Dasiel has his hand on my soul, I have to do what he says even if I try to refuse. I'm his until he throws me away..."
Dasiel tutted. "Who could compare?"
He took a big bite of flesh and swallowed.
"I was scoping the area. The guardians are all a fluster like little ants around their base."
  Gin Takamura (demon hunter) / AidoChild / 6y 75d 3h 23m 46s
Rien calmed himself down when the annoying stranger left. He wasn't in attack mode any longer. He did however glare threateningly at jack when he was called a creep before chuckling in amusement." And you are a weak pathetic little human who can't do anything because you are to nice." He mused before looking at the half eaten corpse he left on the floor. He was annoyed by gin for some reason he couldn't explain so he reluctantly picked it up and moved it off the carpet and placed it back into one of the body bags before making himself comfortable by sitting next to jack with crossed arms and a cold blood thirsty look towards gin.
Lucifer frowned at what Danny said before tilting his head in question "but what about me? A friend who cares about you? Sure when I met you I wasn't right in mind but something about you kept me from clouding my mind with those toxins I liked to Inhale . I sure would be pretty sad..and lonely without my little buddy here to be with me." He said with a sigh.
Marco was joyous when he heard dasiel's voice. He was like a dog excited to see its master come back from a long day at work. "Of course I am daisy. You know how bored and fired up i can get without my demonic king around and I'm stuck with your little..human pet." He said the last part with a slight hiss before calming down a bit. "Where were you anyway? I was about to have some fun and start burning places down." He suddenly stopped and frowned greatly with a sulk as his body flamed with low blue flames "you were not looking for another more suitable lover for your taste were you?? Cause I will kill the wretch if I find them."
  Rien hazuna / lavired / 6y 77d 19h 55m 8s

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