Fairy Tail: Operation - Take Down Tartaros

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After the success of taking down Oracion Seis, Fiary Tail, Blue Pegasus and Lamia Scale came up with a plan to take down Tartaros, but due to the events on Tenroujima, the other two guilds had forgotten about the plan and dropped out. But Makarov has decided it is still the responsibility of Fairy Tail to take down Tartaros and has put together a key team to take them down. Together they have key abilities to take down Tartaros’s Seven Deadly Sins which includes their guild master, Wrath. Even though Blue Pegasus are no longer a part of the plan, Master Bob has been kind enough to make arrangements for the members of Fairy Tail to meet at one of his Villas that is believed to be not to far away from Tartaros's main base of operations. They are to meet there, where they will discuss battle plans to take them down and further weaken the Balum Alliance

1. Semi Lit
4. Romance is allowed
5. Cussing hell yes
6. Violence I’m expecting it
7. If your leaving please let me know.
8. Anime pictures please
9. This is based after the Timeskip which was 7 years, so if your character was 17 they are now 24.
10. PM me your Skeleton if you wish to join. Even if you are joining as a character who already exists I need one
11: I only want two extra Dragons Slayers, one for Fairy Tail and one for Tartaros.


Natsu Dragneel Open

Lucy Heartfillia Open

Gray Fullbuster Open

Erza Scarlet Open

Gajeel Redfox Open

Wendy Marvel Open

Custom Characters

Riku Soulda The Mythril Golem

Mythril Dragon Slayer/Mythril Maker Magician
Mytrhril Chain Swords
Defensive, Cunning and Short tempered.

Fairy Tail Member 2 Open

Fairy Tail Member 3 Open

Tartaros' Seven Deadly Sins

Wrath Guild master Open

Lust Open

Pride Open

Envy Open

Sloth Open

Greed Open

Gluttony Open


Nickname :
Wizard Rank:
Type Of Magic:
Personality Traits:

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