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~Damn pretty girl you went done it again. You've gone and turned your sexy all the way up to 10. ~

╰☆╮Chelsei Jean|Female|19|Engaged|Friend|Ready To Roll ╰☆╮

Thank you Nutmeg :*

  Chevy_Queen / 5y 316d 20h 45m 6s

~Isn't anyone trying to find me? Won't somebody come take me home?~

Chelsei Jean | 19 | Engaged | Female | Friend

  Chevy_Queen / 6y 22d 21h 56m 16s
[center [size13 [font "Bookman Old Style" You're not a [i man], you're nothing more than a [i maniac.]]]][center [size13 [font "Bookman Old Style" I'm not afraid of you, no politics here.]]][center [size13 [font "Bookman Old Style" Just good, old-fashioned [i [+red R E V E N G E]]]]][center _][center [pic http://i.imgur.com/OuGbWUx.png]][center [size13 [font "Bookman Old Style" →Iron Man-Female-Hero-Ageless←]]][center _][center [size13 [font "Bookman Old Style" You can take away my suits, you can take away my home,]]][center [size13 [font "Bookman Old Style" but there's one thing you can never take away from me.]]][center [size13 [font "Bookman Old Style" [+red I am Iron Man.]]]][center [pic http://i.imgur.com/vmukfD5.png]]
  Chevy_Queen / 6y 52d 16h 37m 12s
To live a creative life we must l o s e our f e a r
(center (size13 (font "Felix Titling" Of being (i (r w r o n g
Don't wait for the p e r f e c t m o m e n t
Take the m o m e n t and make it p e r f e c t

The best way to live is to S T O P worrying about tomorrow
And S T A R T living for today

  Chevy_Queen / 6y 52d 16h 44m 17s
"Go on, swallow up your pride, you know it's gonna be alright..."
Underdog | Eternal | Wrong in all the Right Ways | Woman
Status:Woo, migraine

  Chevy_Queen / 6y 52d 16h 47m 53s

~She Ain't Into Wining And Dining. She's Shooting Whiskey Singing Sweet Child Of Mine, Man.~

Chelsei | Eighteen | Female | Friend | Engaged.

  Chevy_Queen / 6y 65d 8h 15m 22s
She's fighting back tears, she's fighting back years,
of the only life she's ever known,
There's a future that's bright in the dead of this night...
Chelsei|Eighteen|Female|Nothin' but dust

  Fallen_H3RO / 6y 69d 14h 38m 59s
Justice is the one thing you should always find.
You got to saddle up your boys, you got to draw a hard line.
When the gun smoke settles we'll sing a victory tune,
and all meet back at the local saloon.

  Fallen_H3RO / 6y 249d 7h 55m 54s
No matter who steps into my life... You will forever be my hardest goodbye baby...

  Fallen_H3RO / 7y 15d 9h 41m 56s

I Miss The Sound Of Your Voice
And I Miss The Rush Of Your Skin
And I Miss The Still Of The Silence
As You Breathe Out And I Breathe In

If I Could Walk On Water
If I Could Tell You What's Next
I'd Make You Believe
I'd Make You Forget..

I Miss The Pull Of Your Heart
I Taste The Sparks On Your Tongue
I See Angels And Devils
And God, When You Come On
Hold On... Hold On... Hold On... Hold On...

Profile Done By: -ButterflyKisses

  -OOC- / Fallen_H3RO / 7y 35d 21h 34m 35s
Chelsei Jean
August 23

  Fallen_H3RO / 7y 42d 15h 43m 17s
Made a wrong turn once or twice...
Dug my way out Blood and fire
Mistreated - Misplaced - Misunderstood - In Love <3

  UnderDog / 7y 135d 10h 39m 7s
"Fighting without hope is no way to live. It's just a way to die..."
| Lighting ♥ Warrior ♥ Knight ♥ Protector ♥ Lover |
"I have to be strong for Serah..."

  -Pirate- / SuckerPunch / 6y 273d 16h 18m 56s
Life is like a c a m e r a
Focus on what's important and you'll capture it...
p e r f e c t l y

  SuckerPunch / 6y 273d 16h 17m 52s
Even though the world she l o v e d, it wont ever be the same...
And her heart is w e a k, her hands are shaking...
Unique - Living - Dreaming - Fighting - Protecting
Status: I has glow in the dark batman duck tape <3

  SuckerPunch / 7y 186d 10h 10m 58s

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