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You're find yourself walking thru a forest following a figure you don't remember why you are following them or who they are. Suddenly you realize you wanna run away cause something feels off, but before you can you are hit out of nowhere and black out when you wake up you aren't in a forest anymore it's a bright white room. Empty but a single person and yourself you climb to your feet and approach said person. They give you a choice to die or to live of course you choose life, but there is a price what coould it be before they tell you the white room seems to get brighter and then you notice you are in a hospital bed bandaged you think maybe it was a dream and shrug it off but suddenly you are told that you've been in a coma for a long time that everything up till you waking up has been a dream that your life has been made a blank canvas. What will you do with your new life? will you try to find the truth or what you think is your truth? will you look for a lost love and fight to get your old life back? What could be the catch to living again?
A week later upon making your decision you hear that you aren't the only one to go thru this you find that you awaken with strange powers you thought little kids use to pretend they had at first they are hard to control and only get harder to control the more you give into the truth of the world you are suddenly in. Do you become a freak and give up your old life or do you stay wanting your old life and slowly fade into death's grip.
the skelly is simple
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