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Richard patted his wife's back and said, "I'll be off to do the work, I'll be back later." he said as he started to walk off.

<<>Sorry, been a while, trying to breath life into a dead rp :P<>>
  Richard Callonhord / Alum / 7y 215d 19h 54m 52s
She smiled brightly when she looked at the book. She kissed him gently and wandered around, exploring. She figured that if they were going to be together most of the week, they could see a lot but she would let him finish his work so they could do that. She found their room and smiled as she sat down on the bed.
  Lexi Amador / Jaye / 7y 221d 18h 26m 1s
"I won't be working all the week we're here, Mostly just today." he said to her and then stepped toward a bookshelf, "For the most part, we're tourists." he picked up an old book and looked through it a little. "Hey, don't worry, we'll be together from here on out." he smiled and began showing the book to her.
  Richard Callonhord / Alum / 7y 221d 18h 43m 9s
She looked around as they walked inside. "What am I to do while you are working?" She stopped walking and crossed her arms. "I don't know this place and I didn't bring anything to do..." She looked into his eyes carefully.

She glanced at the bookshelves. This was a nice place but she wasn't used to being in unfamiliar places yet. "Will you be working the whole time?"
  Lexi Amador / Jaye / 7y 221d 18h 55m 59s
"Don't worry, Lexi. Everything will be just fine, trust me." Richard said unto his lady and lead her along the way.

Sir William bowed to the two, "For your week here, this will be your place of residence, treat it as your own home, but please clean up after you make a mess, I know how sailors and soldiers can be." he said toward Richard, and the husband only frowned to the scottsman.

They lead their way through the kilt decorated castle with the cold cobblestone feel to it and bookshelves everwhere.
  Richard Callonhord / Alum / 7y 221d 19h 5m 0s
When the carriage stopped they got out and she took his hand and followed the two men to the castle. She was a bit nervous about being here but as long as she had him, everything would be okay. She squeezed his hand gently and gave him a small smile. She wondered how much she would like being with him while he was working but at least she would get to see new places.
  Lexi Amador / Jaye / 7y 223d 17h 56m 27s
Richard looked over to the girl, "Not to long, this isn't like the missions I had before, right now I'm just a mail man." he said to his bride and kissed her on the forehead.

Sir William added, "Quite, they are top secret plans that are to be given to the local thane. His armies will provide support for the British Empire in the middle east."
  Richard Callonhord / Alum / 7y 223d 21h 46m 36s
Lexi rested her head on Richard's shoulder and sighed a bit. "How long will your work take you?" She hoped it wouldn't be too terribly long. She wondered why her parents had never spoken of this man.

She shook the thought from her mind and looked out at the castle. She wondered what it would be like. She wasn't too sure what to think. She wanted this to work out so much but there was probably so much that he would have to do.
  Lexi Amador / Jaye / 7y 224d 18h 19m 54s
Sir William kissed Lexi's hand and commented, "I'm sure that you both want to spend a month here for your honeymoon, but before you do, I'm sure you know your work for your Queen needs to be done first right?" he said calmly.

Richard smiled and hugged Lexi close, "Of course, but I didn't know that you knew my beautiful bride's parents?" he asked.

"They never spoke of me? Well, that's to be seen, I just was their guide for their time in the castle." he said to them.

Soon enough the carraige was drawing near a large midieval castle.
  Richard Callonhord / Alum / 7y 224d 18h 33m 50s
Lexi looked over at William and raised an eyebrow before putting her hands on her lap and listening to the man speak. Richard never really talked about his parents or any of his family. He had only told her that his parents had done this before him. She wasn't going to push him to talk about it though. It might do more harm than good anyway.

She took a deep breath and looked out, wondering where they were going now. She wished she could just have time alone with Richard right now but she figured she would probably be waiting a while.
  Lexi Amador / Jaye / 7y 224d 18h 41m 30s
Richard smiled and let go a bit, "How about we go get something to eat?" He took her hand and pulled her about to the galley.

<<>Time skip<>>

Soon enough the ship landed in Scottland. Richard and Lexi were greeted as they got off the ship. A young man in a suit and a couple of older men with kilts and the stereotypical scottish get up offered them the wagon. The old scotts drove and the younger one got in the coach with us. "So, Richard and Lexi Callonhord? I am so happy to have you here today. It is so nice to meet the children of my previous associates, and taking up the Callonhord tradition I see." he said in a charming Scotts accent.

"I am honored to be here, Sir William." he smiled and shook the man's hand.
  Richard Callonhord / Alum / 7y 224d 19h 59m 57s
She shrugged a bit. "I don't know. I just can't help wondering what it is like and how things will be for us when we get there." She turned to him and smiled brightly. "I don't want anything other than you." She looked into his eyes happily. She knew he would have to work but hopefully the rest of the time she would get to be with him. She thought this would be the best honeymoon in the whole world.
  Lexi Amador / Jaye / 7y 228d 18h 58m 5s
He smiled and queried, "Tell you everything?" he held her hand tightly "What did you need to know?"

The boat began to go off and the voyage was off.
  Richard Callonhord / Alum / 7y 228d 19h 3m 19s
She smiled as she took his hand. "Is Scotland beautiful? What will we do?" She had so many questions for him and was so excited but at the same time she was nervous. This was the first time she would be out of the country.

She put her arms around his neck and leaned her forehead against his, closing her eyes. "I want to know everything." She really did. She enjoyed everything about this.
  Lexi Amador / Jaye / 7y 228d 20h 6m 17s
Richard looked over to the girl after they kissed and he smiled, "I would do anything for you, and now we will spend our honey moon in Scottland." he pulled her close, "It's not going to be such a long boat ride, but it will be a fun one, and a nice way to spend our honeymoon." he looked off against the sea, and gave a bright smile to this new life.
  Richard Callonhord / Alum / 7y 228d 20h 37m 34s

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