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Grace and _______ have been best friends since they were little. They were so close you could call them brother and sister. When they were 10 Grace had to move away because her dad got a job in another state. That was the last time they ever saw each other. They missed each other terribly. After a couple years Grace and _________ soon started to forget about each other. They had a faint memory of each other but it wasn't a great memory. Now they are both 17 and ________ if new to the town Grace lives in. Will they be reunited? And if they are, will it be more than just a friendship?? Or will they still be separated forever??

Cussing~A little..but not too much.
Fighting~Not much.

Real pic's only please and don't take hours to reply.

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Alex smiled as he got out of the huge truck. He remebered this place so well. He then told his mom he was going to go for a walk. Alex's mom nodded then Alex started to walk to a park. As Alex entered he walked over to an empty bench then started to listen to his rock songs.
  -Alex- / Tfreak1029 / 9y 102d 17h 3m 48s
~Your welcome!

The cold wind blew Grace's light blonde hair out of her face. It was getting colder and colder by the minute. Grace walked down the winding road to the park. She was 17 and had barely any friends and nothing to do. As she approched a corner, she took a left a going into the park. She walked over to the swings and sat down.
  Grace / Dakotaheart / 9y 102d 17h 10m 29s
  -Alex- / Tfreak1029 / 9y 102d 17h 27m 21s
~Sure you can join! Thanks. Would you like to start or would you like me too??
  Grace / Dakotaheart / 9y 102d 17h 36m 13s
  -Alex- / Tfreak1029 / 9y 102d 18h 6m 46s
Anyone want to join???
  Grace / Dakotaheart / 9y 103d 9h 4m 25s

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