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What is it like for you does your character mirror your real self or is it an escape?
For Soma it's an escape from his outcastish life where he barely talks to anyone or barely does anything outside of school and work. The virtual world was his home away from home away from his fighting parents his hellish life at school. There was only one place he felt he belonged but what happens when he meets someone with that will change his outlook on things what happens when that person is a girl.


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"Well i guess you can say 'I use to be an adventurer like you till i took an arrow to my side.' Gah that was corny." He typed it out he read it and shook the blush off his face at how stupid that was. He walked over to her and used a potion on her "Seems the arrow has the added ability to cause bleed so we need to end this battle now." He started to click on the enemy till his finger started hurting he double slashed the bandit but he dodged it and grabbed the blade smacking him in the face with his elbow.
  Soma (Otherside) / HollowLink / 7y 59d 13h 11m 50s
Ahna kept fighting until the she fell. " I got it by An arrow ." She typed and pressed send. Her character had an arrow lunged into her side.
  Ahna / Angel_love94 / 7y 214d 18h 34m 2s
"Of course it helps you're attacking so keep attacking. If you got piercing shots it could combo with the ring of fire i put around us turns it into a burning piercing arrow." He quickly changed equipment to dual katanas and started to chain together attacks while he watched Ahna's back. Using a blade throwing skill he had picked up he threw the blade passed her head towards an enemy. "Like shooting fish in a barrel. Wouldn't you say?"
  Soma (Otherside) / HollowLink / 7y 218d 4h 47m 51s
Ahna clicked on her character and a menu dropped. She clicked on her arrow weapon. Ahna got her character ready with her bow and arrow and shot the beast in his eye. She kept shooting at the beast with perfect shots. " does that help any?" She IM hoping he would say yes. A few time she would attack and the other person would yell at her for ruining the attack.
  Ahna / Angel_love94 / 7y 218d 7h 41m 46s
"Oh cool I work at a cafe as well." He moved out of the safe zone and began the quest with her. It was a gaint beast right off the bat. "I have a feeling he isn't what we are after but he looks armored to the max." He clicked on the monster it wasn't as strong as he though it was it was just really cool looking. "Well that's disappointing i thought it would be a strong monster but it's all for looks." He clicked his casting button to cast a ring of fire around the both of them so if it were to swipe at them it would take damage and possibly get burn damage.Soma kept clicking and hitting the one key over and over again spamming his flame swords cutting into the beast.
  Soma (Otherside) / HollowLink / 7y 218d 15h 34m 29s
" im actually starting work tomorrow.. im working at this cafe downtown where i live.. i recent moved." Ahna wrote back as she got her charatcher ready and armed. Her characted was a tall girl that was dress like a ninja. " and thanks cant wait to see the house."
  Ahna / Angel_love94 / 7y 218d 18h 33m 31s
Tabbing out of the main game he brought up his zune library and put on some Breaking Benjamin. He tabbed back into the game and typed to her "Well I'm too lazy to do any of my projects it's a 3 day weekend for me today and the weekends. I'll get my gear ready for the quest." He went into his bank and got his flame armor it was red and black the molten lava flowed thru the armor he liked it. It suited his character build. "So how is work. I have to train a new employee when i get back. Oh joy how fun that's going to be and it's a girl so i guess it balances out. Last time i saw her i didn't get a good look at her but she was really cute." He started to space out but shook his head. "Let's get going buddy. Oh by the way i almost got our house finished in the game."
  Soma (Otherside) / HollowLink / 7y 219d 18h 10m 20s
Ahna saw the high level request. A smile came on her face as she accept it . " I'm okay.. Don't have school today. Kinda boreding but it's whatever.. Have an essay to get down as we'll as a history project. But it's due next Wednesday." She IM back. She made her character looking bad ass.
  Ahna / Angel_love94 / 7y 219d 18h 17m 0s
He jumped in his chair as he heard the Im noise. He calmed himself down as he typed back "Hey. Was wondering when you were going to get on everyone else decided to be lazy butt pirates." He hit enter and clicked on his character bringing up a sub-menu he got undressed and started to dance around her. "I guess it's just us for now. So wanna go and get some new gear?" He sent her a quest with high level stuff but the name of the quest was in red meaning that it was hard even for higher level people. "So how was your day? Mine is boring as always. School starts up again soon, but it's my last year this year so i kinda don't know if i wanna take it slow or be lazy." His character winked at hers.
  Soma (Otherside) / HollowLink / 7y 219d 18h 27m 5s
Ahna wasnt your normal girl. She was very popular in school but at home was another story. Since she had the day off she log onto her favorite online game. She was a gamer on her spare time. And no one could find out. She saw one of her online friend and clicked his name. * hey.* she IM.
  Ahna / Angel_love94 / 7y 219d 18h 39m 23s
Okies i shall start. Soma flipped oh his computer listening to the tower boot up he slipped on his headset and typed in his password. Clicking on the game launcher he started up the game and leaned back. Today was his day off and he had no school for a while so he was going to pull all nighters on this game anything to stay out of the warzone known as his living room where his mom and dad currently sat yelling at each other and just generally complaining. He loggined into the game and sat on the steps. Pulling up his friendslist he saw no one was on.
  Soma (Otherside) / HollowLink / 7y 219d 18h 46m 54s
  Ahna / Angel_love94 / 7y 219d 18h 53m 22s
there we go how does this look
  Soma (Otherside) / HollowLink / 7y 219d 19h 8m 45s
lol i noticed that
  Soma Hiaide / HollowLink / 7y 219d 19h 20m 14s
I only have real
  Ahna / Angel_love94 / 7y 219d 19h 21m 31s

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