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I'm looking for either a group rp or 1x1.
Group i'd like to get started
Fairy tail
Sword art online
eureka seven
d. grey man
mutant acdemy
neko slave and master
and a whole lot of others but willing to do 1x1 with them as well I'm actually open for everything

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okies well i got a premade one i been looking for someone to fill while if you want something fresh we could brainstorm something in pms
  HollowLink / 7y 219d 21h 13m 4s
  Emma / Angel_love94 / 7y 219d 21h 18m 13s
okies. do you want to do group or 1x1
  HollowLink / 7y 219d 21h 27m 32s
ill do something with ya
  Emma / angel_love94 / 7y 219d 22h 20m 3s
I'll do a Zelda RP with you, if I can play Link
  B10Hazard / 7y 219d 22h 34m 31s

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