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_______ is a vampire, and a nasty one at that. To him, all humans are worthless creatures who take up unnecessary space and are useless beyond the fact that they're his food source. However, there's an ancient power that's risen to the world once more and to the creatures of the night , it's called the Soulmate principal. The idea of this is simple, that whenever you find the one person for you and make skin contact, a sort of 'zap' will be felt and instantly your world revolves around that person. So, you can imagine ________'s surprise when he meets a human female and finds out that she is his Soulmate. What's the problem beyond his hate for humans? The leaders of the creatures of the night have forbidden love between their kind and humans. If they find out there would be grave consequences.

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He smiled a caring smile and looked at her. "Now, I need clothes that aren't....vampire like..." He said softly. He looked at his clothes and then at her. "Any idea where i can get some..?" He asked.
  Dameion Alexander / AlexxWinter / 5y 43d 11h 14m 40s
Angelique hesitated a moment before she slowly nodded her head. "A-Alright." She said, slowly nodding her head as she gazed over to him and sighed softly. "Alright well... I'll try my best."
  Angelique / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 94d 20h 43m 6s
Dameion looked down at her. "No harm will come to you or your grandmother and I promise you that. But i can only keep this promise if you let me stay here. Tell your grandmother I'm a friend of yours and that I got kicked out and I need somewhere to stay. I'll even help you explain it to her." He smiled warmly, attempting to calm her down, as he was able to feel how nervous she was.
  Dameion Alexander / AlexxWinter / 5y 99d 1h 26m 52s
Angelique hesitated a moment and bit her lip, letting his words sink in for a moment before speaking again. "W-What am I supposed to tell my grandmother? W-What if they come for me and she's around? Will they hurt her too?" She asked, her eyes nervously glancing up at him. She didn't want to cause any trouble for her, not after she'd been nice enough to take her in after she had nowhere else to go.
  Angelique / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 101d 9h 28m 53s
"Yes, They will be after you to kill you, but if you let me stay here...I can make sure no harm comes to you or your family." He looked at her as he stood up in front of her. "If you make me leave, I can't protect you as well and I don't know what I would do if something happened to you. And yes, I know everyone gets it, but I can tell you feel it worse than anyone else."
  Dameion Alexander / AlexxWinter / 5y 105d 19h 52m 34s
"A-After me as in... To k-kill me?" She asked in shock. At his question she hesitantly nodded "W-Well yeah, but everyone gets that, I mean, especially in the city, but everyone gets it now and then."
  Angelique / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 114d 1h 29m 9s
"Since you are now attached to a vampire, there will be people after you. Have you ever felt like someone was following you but you turn and there's no one there?" He looked up at her as he asked the question.
  Dameion Alexander / AlexxWinter / 5y 125d 5h 28m 36s
"Protect... Protect me from what?" She asked, tilting her head in confusion and crossing her arms. "whaddaya mean?"
  Angelique / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 129d 7h 34m 3s
He sighed and looked down. "That's not what I would call it...its more of protecting you." He said softly, moving his shoe to give him something to look at instead of looking up at her.
  Dameion Alexander / AlexxWinter / 5y 129d 7h 36m 28s
"So... You're telling me that you're going to stalk me?" She asked, crossing her arms and frowning over to him with a soft sigh.
  Angelique / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 130d 1h 33m 7s
Dameion sat up and looked at her. "You realize that even if I do leave, I can't walk away from your house. I will end up staying outside somewhere to protect you and your family." He said quietly. "It all has to do with that shock that we felt. It's nearly impossible to explain, which is why tomorrow I'm going to need you to come with me somewhere." He looked at her, expecting her to say no and call the cops or something on him because even to him, he was starting to sound like a creep.
  Dameion Alexander / AlexxWinter / 5y 131d 2h 15m 2s
Angelique sat in her room, letting herself mull over everything for a bit. It seemed impossible, but it was real. A part of her hoped that if she went downstairs, he'd be gone and it would have all been one crazy dream, but deep down she knew that wouldn't happen. Taking a deep breath, she shook her head and went downstairs, standing before him nervously. "Okay, about this whole thing.... umm, you can go, there won't be a problem. If there's some big thing about not letting the secret out that your kind exists, I swear I won't tell anyone."
  Angelique / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 133d 12h 41m 30s
Dameion nodded and walked out of the room, slowly closing the door behind him when he was completely out. He walked down the stairs and went to the living room and sat on the couch and sighed. He looked around and found the remote to the T.V. and turned the t.v. on. "Wow...humans are retarded." He mumbled to himself. He flipped through channels trying to find something not so stupid in his opinion and he found an action movie. "Ah, this will work." He thought and turned the volume down so he could hear anything around him. He watched the movie but kept an ear out or any noises that could mean Angelique's grandma was home or that she was hurting herself or something like that.
  Dameion Alexander / AlexxWinter / 5y 137d 1h 6m 43s
Angelique slowly nodded her head and sighed softly. "S-Sure" She said softly, knowing that time alone would certainly help her.
  Angelique / HeadlessGummyBear / 5y 137d 1h 57m 55s
He could tell she wanted time to think but didn't want to be completely alone. "How about I go downstairs in the living room? Would that be better?" He asked, looking at her, hoping she didn't want him to completely leave. He had some things he needed to think about too but they didn't matter right now. He also needed to talk to the master, but that would have to wait for another day.
  Dameion Alexander / AlexxWinter / 5y 139d 8h 13m 56s

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