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Laney Keiths is an average 17 year old girl. She goes to high school, has friends, has enemies and has a boyfriend. There is one thing that makes her different. She has an over protective brother. Laney's parents died when she was very young and she was left to get taken care of by her brother. Her brother is Alex and is 19. When Laney meets this guy, she starts to like him and that feeling starts to change. When __________ goes to meet Alex, Alex could tell there was something wrong with him. Once _________ walked through the door, Alex started to hate him. He warns Laney, but she doesn't listen. Will Laney listen, will she be in danger, or will Laney and Alex become distant??? *Join Please*

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As Tyler headed out of class he walked toward his locker. He now couldnt get Laney out of his head. She was amazing, nice and pretty. Tyler had to get to know her more. he sighed then walked to his locker. It was only 2 lockers away from Laneys. He opened his locker then got out his Gym stuff since he had Gym next class.
  -:-Tyler-:- / tfreak1029 / 9y 42d 11h 46m 25s
"Nice to meet you too." she said still smiling. "And thanks." She looked back at her cell phone and replied to her friend.

After an hour and a half of the teacher just rambling on, it was time for lunch. As the class emptied, she hurried to her locker so she could find her brother and tell him something very important. When she got out to the hallway, she couldn't see her brother, but she could see a sea of people. She closed her locker and decided it could wait so she headed down ton the lunch room. She was starving because she never really ate breakfast even though she knew she should.
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 43d 9h 26m 17s
~I"m so sorry. My computer shut down for a while and I couldn't get back on. I'm really sorry :(
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 43d 9h 35m 38s
As Tyler leaned back in his chair he saw the beautiful girl leaning towards him. He smiled as he heard her soft voice. He smiled then nodded. "Yeah sure, im Tyler. Nice to meet you." he whispered back with a smile on his face. He then got his phone out now checking if he had any messages. He had 2. He texted back then put his phone in his pocket now listening to what Mr. Charles had to say.
  -:-Tyler-:- / tfreak1029 / 9y 43d 12h 18m 34s
Amanda got woken up by the teacher and he was glaring at her. Sleeping in class time? She looks at him, and she knew that she was going to get a detention. "Uh, just give me the detention slip." She looked at the teacher and just rolled her eyes while the teacher was writing her a detention slip. She took and shoved it in her pocket. "Stupid teachers," she mumbled. She grabbed her stuff that she needed for that class, and started to write. She didn't want to, but she needed to, because she didn't want to get in trouble, again, with the teacher. The teacher was checking on her every so often. When he looked at her, she would just smile, and wave. Than when he'd turned around she would just roll her eyes. "Stupid school!"
  Amanda Ries / iloveyou / 9y 43d 12h 19m 2s
She layed her book bag on the ground as she took out her notebook and pencil. She quickly took her phone out and looked at the front screen, checking to see if she had any messages. She had one. She looked up at the teacher and then back at her phone. It was her friend. She sent a txt back, her checker nails speeding over the keys. The teacher looked back at her and she quickly hid her phone. She acted like she was writing just to get the teacher to look away. Once the teacher looked away, she leaned over to Tyler. "Will you tell me if he looks over here??" she asked keeping her eyes looking forward. "I'm Laney, by the way." she whispered, smiling.
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 43d 12h 32m 4s
Alex layed in bed as his alarm clock kept beeping over, and over again. He groaned and hit the snooze button and rolled over looking at the clock seeing what time it was. So he sat up and huffed. "Its either i skip or i get a Detention. Im going to skip" he said with a laugh and stood up with a stretch and walked out of the room and walked to the bathroom, taking a hot shower, but then figured a detention wouldnt hurt for once. It sucked for him because he was held back a couple years before and now is a senior, but didnt care. He had a little sister he needed to take care of, so after about 10 minutes he stepped out of the shower with a towel around his waist and got dressed in a light blue t-shirt, and a pair of Skinny jeans. He then put in his Snakebites, and dried then straightened his jet black hair,and ran out of the bathroom and grabbed his car keys, and went to his car and started the engine and darted off to the school. Once he got there Alex ran to his locker and grabbed his English books and walked into his class,and the teacher looked at him with a glare. "Sorry, Kinda slept in" he said with a sheepish smile and sat down.
  Alex Evans / rukiaxichi / 9y 43d 12h 34m 5s
Amanda was sitting in her classroom as usual. She was bored out of her mind. She hated school, and she wanted to go home, but she was sometimes there was school, because she could see her friends, and her boyfriend, Alex. She smiled at the thought of his name. Alex! She smiled, and than came back to reality. She needed to 'pay attention in class' She just rolled her eyes, and than just laughed. Like I'm going to pay attention in this stupid class! She kept on laughing. She couldn't help it. She didn't want to be in this class right now. She sighed, and fell asleep.
  Amanda Ries / iloveyou / 9y 43d 12h 41m 28s
As Tyler looked up at Mr. Charles he saw him talking to a very beautiful girl that Tyler didnt even know. He smiled to himself as the girl sat down next to him. As the class started Tyler got very bored and sighed. He wished he could have the courage to talk to the girl who sat by him.
  -:-Tyler-:- / tfreak1029 / 9y 43d 12h 43m 21s
Laney walked the empty halls of the school, late....again. As she approached room 309, she took a sigh and opened the door. As the door creaked open, all eyes were on her. "Where have you been??" Mr. Charles said, as Laney laid the pass on his desk. "I was.... sick." she said head turning down trying to not look like she was lying. "Well go take a seat." Mr. Charles said pointing to her seat. She walked the row to her seat and sat down next to Tyler.
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 43d 12h 49m 47s
  Amanda Ries / iloveyou / 9y 43d 12h 52m 45s
~ *Smiles* Ok I will start.
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 43d 12h 54m 42s
- Oh thank, haha *hugs back* lol -
  -:-Tyler-:- / tfreak1029 / 9y 43d 12h 55m 48s
+Its about time!!!+
  Amanda Ries / iloveyou / 9y 43d 12h 58m 8s
~Yes..Thanks :) Your our hero! *Goes and gives hug*
  Laney Keiths / dakotaheart / 9y 43d 13h 7s

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