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Whoever said be careful what you wish for knew exactly what they were talking about.
A young girl who loves reading manga and watching anime finds that real boys are, well, less cute than she would have liked, like many other girls. This girl makes the mistake of wishing that people in anime were real after catching sight of a shooting star.
Just like that, several anime characters find that they aren't where they were the day before and now are in a strange world where they are known as only drawings and cartoons in this world.
When anime lovers run into these characters, they're overly-joyed... until the fact that the missing characters will cause big problems for mangakas and anime cartoonists everywhere comes up and chaos arises. And one more thing... good anime characters aren't the only ones in the real world now.

You can be any anime or manga character you can think of and if you so choose you can be multiple characters. The limit is three, however.
You can be an anime/manga character or a person/an anime fan.
If anyone would like to be the girl, they can. If not, I'll probably do multiple characters and be her as well as an anime/manga character.
Villains are greatly accepted. We’ll need a couple to cause some drama.
PM me all requests. With the limit set, you won't be able to without meaningless letters and numbers after.
Romance and violence allowed, but no cybering.
Be creative and know that the only plot is the one above so there's a lot of freedom with this.
No godmodding, no- Do I really have to say all of these? You should know by now what not to do.
Please, semi-literate to literate. I will put a character count to make sure there are no ridiculously short posts. Good grammar is required. I get that we sometimes make mistakes , but every word and no punctuation? There is no excuse.

To join: ask to join with the name and anime of the character /manga, or use this skelly for made up humans/anime fans:

Characters so far:
Edward Elric--Fullmetal Alchemist
Roy Mustang--Fullmetal Alchemist
Vivaldi--Alice in the Country of Hearts
Medusa--Soul Eater
Tamaki Suoh--Ouran HSHC
Tykki Mikk-- D.Gray-man
Grimmjow-- Bleach
Orihime-- Bleach

The girl:
Name: Lavinia Lucius
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Other people:

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (500 character limit.)

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  Edward Elric / AidoChild / 7y 34d 8h 9m 17s
  Lenalee / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 38d 21h 28m 56s
The wall shattered as if it was made of glass and Ed jumped off right in time. He landed to the side of the heap of rubble his wall now was.

Ed smirked, but the corner of his mouth twitched; he was still very angry at this guy for insulting his age and his height. With everything he knew and went through, he didn't deserve to be called a little kid. This guy really needed a lesson in manners.

"Dr. Jackal, huh? I guess it's good to know the name of the person you're about to beat to pulp."

Ed was taken momentarily by surprise when a wave of blades came from nowhere. He didn't waste time in pondering what kind of alchemy that could be, and if he could possibly mimic it; there wasn't any time to right now. His mind immediately jumped into a quick calculation mode. He wouldn't be able to move fast enough to the right or left to avoid the blades completely, wouldn't be able to stay in the air long enough to avoid the entire flow, ducking... probably a bad idea even if height was on his side...
Ed moved quickly to the right to avoid the most concentrated part of the attack before sweeping out with his arm to deflect. He focused most on the areas of his body that would take the worst damage. Some of the deflected blades bounced off of his automail leg... except for one that decided it would puncture the lower part of the leg. Ed did a quick assessment of damage after the stream was gone and found the puncture wasn't too troublesome, along with a small amount of cuts on his other arm and one on the left cheek. Now, of course, he could figure out his own way to mimic the man.

He glared at the man. "Not bad," he said, hiding the fact on how surprised he was by that particular attack. His smirk returned and widened. "Did it go a little something like this?"

Ed used alchemy to bring up a larger wall than before before using alchemy and thrusting his fists at the wall, making his own arrangement of blades up and down the wall to fly at Dr. Jackal. They were of all shapes and sizes, with weird symbols or weird handles, specialty of Ed's style. The wall came down so Ed could watch. He had managed it in a matter of seconds and was quite proud of the mimicry.
  Edward Elric / AidoChild / 7y 66d 6h 32m 9s
Tamaki followed Mustang's orders, and stayed where he was while the older man started to approach the newcomer. Tamaki peeked around the corner, just watching.

By now, Tamaki had also found the hole in the man's stomach, which only made his nerves rise and his stomach toss uneasily. He couldn't find any possible reason for someone to have just a black hole in their stomach and remain completely unaffected. As Tamaki kept pondering the hole, the man suddenly vanished from sight.

Tamaki leaned against the wall of the building he was by to keep upright. All of this shock and witchcraft was really taking its toll on his emotional status.

"W-where did he go?" asked Tamaki, looking around at Mustang again; his features were twisted in to a look of both confusion and fear. This place was definitely not where he belonged.

  Tamaki Suouh / AidoChild / 7y 79d 6h 37m 17s
She had went to sleep normally that day. Laying down on her bed, with her little toy, with her precious floral pins still in her hair. As usual, Orihime fell asleep with a little smile on her face. It was in her bed. She was sure of it. So, then... why was a stranger trying to wake her up from her bed?

"Miss!" One louder call shot Orihime's brown eyes open, with a startle. Her gaze focused on a figure of some man, staring sharply and confused at her. She blinked and her fingers twitched. What happened? Why was she on the floor, inside of some market? "Er..." the boy uttered, "Are you okay? How did you get here?"

She couldn't stop blinking, asking herself questions. Pursing out her lips, she sat up abruptly, checking for the pins in her orange-ish hair. They were there... That was fine. She gave the apparent worked a clueless smile, "A-Ah! I'm okay! Don't worry. I was just... um, really sleepy! Ahah~!" Rubbing awkwardly the back of her head, she let a soft giggle escape her lips.

And slowly... she proceeded towards the exit, letting herself engulfed in slight despair. She flicked the door open and stormed outside, a confusing sight reaching her eyes. What city was that? It wasn't Karakura. Her hand climbed its way up to her chest, clenching in a weak fist while her eyes scanned the crowds.

Kurosaki-kun? her brows knitted lightly, Kuchiki-san? Ishida-kun? What happened? Where are you?
  +HIME+ / chidori / 7y 84d 5h 9m 3s

There were some humans who approached him. Grimmjow's eyes rolled quickly towards the zone for the presences. Two guys. Pfft. They looked just like those policemen who warned him once, in the Human World, about 'disturbing the neighborhood's peace'. So hesitant, careful and... annoying. He knew that by the time the dark haired male had spoken to him, Grimmjow was eying him sharply. There was an odd aura coming from him. The other one... typical human. Actually, there was a mix of fantastic energies in... wherever the hell he was!

"Tsk," he huffed out and suddenly a malicious grin emerged on his face as he sat up quickly, shoving his fists into his pockets, "Either? Something happened, huh. I can sense strange people walking around like lost puppies." He grimaced and suddenly snapped his own neck, in a way that made it look as if his head was about to roll off any moment.

"I don't have time for pests," he growled rather boredly. Well, not now. He was about to get back to it. Definitely. Giving one eye narrow to the two men, he used his flash-step.

And disappeared in an eye blink matter.
  .p antera. / chidori / 7y 84d 5h 21m 48s
Akabane looked up at him, surprise bleeding back into his fox grin, and returned his blades quickly. Raising a fist he quietly said, "Bloody Sword", and a long large red blade appeared and with one hand sliced up the wall when it became in reach. Dashing through the falling pieces, he pivoted and faced his attacker, excitement running through her veins.

"Well now that is more like it! And Mr. Black? How interesting... that is not my name but you may call me Dr. Jackal," He replied, his voice light and filled with amusement, "You are definitely becoming much more fun! Bloody Stream". As he finished his sentence, he raised his hand and sent blades flying at the blond, as if they were flowing from his sleeve.
  Akabane Kurodo / LyraK / 7y 85d 6h 34m 4s
Edward didn't see the blades on the other hand. He felt the scalpels scrape against his skin and flinched slightly. Edward pushed away from the man as he jumped away, then looked down at his fresh wound.

"Damn... I let him get me..." murmured Ed before he shot his head up and glared at Akabane. Did he seriously just call him "little boy"? Little boy!? LITTLE!?

The pulled the jacket off and tossed it aside. Next the shirt was pulled away, revealing the fresh cut, chiseled body and the entirety of his metal arm. He was no longer smirking. "Wrong move, Mr. Black."

He reverted his arm back to normal in a flash before using alchemy on the ground again. This time, he went at it at an angle. The ground rose up in a tilted wall and went towards Akabane. At the same time, Edward ran after it, making another, longer blade, appear on his arm. He caught up to the wall and hopped onto it, waiting for the wall to reach Akabane.
  Edward Elric / AidoChild / 7y 87d 18h 49m 1s
Akabane chuckled, as the boy did exactly as he planned, but was shocked when his blades connected that he encountered metal. He let his face fall back into a more serious look, and brought the hand that held behind his back to cut at his midriff. He managed to cut through and skim the flesh of his abdomen. He then lept away, and threw the ones in his left hand again at him, before commenting, "I think you need to try harder than that little boy. I can feel that your stronger than you are acting, so please bring out some of that power so I won't get bored,".
  Akabane Kurodo / LyraK / 7y 87d 19h 7m 13s
Edward watched the blades fly towards him. He pushed Lenalee away, just in case she was close enough to get hit before dodging the flying blades, going in the opposite direction as her. The second after he did, the man was charging right for them. He braced himself for the impact, eyes fierce, before lifting his automail arm to block the stab with the blades.
Tykki noticed, with Edward preoccupied with Akabane, the girl was left at his mercy. "Well, I guess I will deal with you, as the Earl would want." He spread his arms out and dozens of teeze started to come from his form and take to the air. He was taking his time, still not entirely serious about the fight. It didn't show itself as a challenge yet, so he would toy with her for a while. Maybe, she would tire out, if she didn't fail to stop the teeze, and they didn't end up getting to her and devouring her.
  Edward Elric / AidoChild / 7y 87d 19h 17m 53s
Akabane watched the banter between the others, and as the other man entered the fray, his grin grew more sinister. He watched the two teezes float away to attack the others, and found it a little less exciting than expected, but once the small boy created a blade on his arm, Akabane raised his hand to join in. "Well then Edward, I think you are are more appropriate opponent in the end. I hope you don't run away too quickly,".

Throwing his scalpels towards the blond he then moved quickly to the side summoning more blades, before rushing the group. He summoned more to his other hand and held it behind his back, prepared for a block.
  Akabane Kurodo / LyraK / 7y 87d 19h 22m 15s
Edward smirked at the man. He had succeeded in giving Lenalee time to get away and over to them. "I'm guessing you know nothing about alchemy, do you?" asked Edward, smirk still strong on his face. "Let's just say it's a little trick that you don't want to mess with."

He didn't look at Lenalee when she ran over, but he let the smirk drop for a moment. "What do you think you're pulling, running off like that? If you want to get back to your world, we are going to have to stick together. We will have to help each other. You're not alone because we're all going through the same thing you are. So, do us a favor next time, and stay put, will you? We are all going to get back. I won't leave anyone behind."

"Thanks for the info though." The smirk came back as he focused on the man again. "My name is Edward Elric, but you can refer to me as the FullMetal Alchemist, the guy whose going to kick your ass."

Tykki stepped up beside Akabane. "Looks like this wasn't going to be as simple as I hoped," he said with an amused smile. "Oh well. I guess I can have a little fun as well."

He sent the two teeze at Lenalee and Edward. Edward clapped a fist to his other hand. As he pulled them apart, he used alchemy on his automail arm to produce a blade. He sliced the teeze for him as it got close before slashing to the side, avoiding Lenalee, and slashing the one for her.

"So they aren't harmless little butterflies after all," Edward mused, smirking still. He felt he could easily take these guys.
  Edward Elric / AidoChild / 7y 87d 19h 43m 3s
Luckilly able to avoid a blade, she heard movement behind her. She looked to the side. "Mister Elric!" She said, her eyes brightening as she slid to his side. "You guys actually came to look for me...? That...makes me feel good. Makes me I am not alone." She mutters.

She lays her hand on Ed's back, and leans in, whispering, "The man in black can make weapons appear at will. The one with grey skin is from my world, but Allen and Kanda haven't told anyone what he can do. The woman is uninterested." she stood straight again.
  Lenalee / TheDarkSouledDemon / 7y 87d 20h 8m 21s
Akabane's dark eyes opened fully for the first time he arrived here, and was a little shocked at the fact the ground rose up from beneath him. He recovered as quickly as he could, jumping off the edge of the pillar and landing on the ground, in a kneel and hand on his hat, his coat spread out around him. He rose up slowly, letting his hand drop to his side, and watched the newcomer, only one of his violet eyes visible through the slice in his hat.

"Well then... it seems a some one new has entered our game... who are you? And how did you make the ground rise up?" He asked, closing his eyes again, and the fox-like grin returning to his face.
  Akabane Kurodo / LyraK / 7y 87d 23h 41m 3s
Edward stopped with her and looked around. "You think she could have gotten farther than this?" He scrunched up his nose a little at the smell of this area. "This place is a dump..." he murmured as he started to scan the area. He went still for a moment.

There was something to the side of them; Ed saw a few people in the distance. One of them had ponytails, and looked a lot like the girl they were in search of. Two of the others were sitting and watching as the fourth figure disappeared from his spot to the spot right behind the small, female figure. The figure looked like he was slashing at her and Edward broke free from his frozen state.

"There!" he yelled before sprinting off in the direction. The glove was off again as he immediately jumped to the conclusion that these people were trouble and Lenalee was in danger. He skidded to a halt just a few feet away before slapping his hands together and hitting one hand to the ground while his eyes locked on the ground beneath the man in black's feet. A pillar shot up under him and Edward smirked.

The man, who Ed now saw was holding some kind of butterfly, was staring at him, surprised. He had not seen that coming.
  Edward Elric / AidoChild / 7y 87d 23h 49m 42s

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