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In the year 2022, the Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG), Sword Art Online (SAO), is released. With the Nerve Gear, a virtual reality helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds.

On November 6, 2022, all the players log in for the first time, and subsequently discover that they are unable to log out. They are then informed by Kayaba Akihiko, the creator of SAO, that if they wish to be free, they must reach the 100th floor of the game's tower and defeat the final boss. However, if their avatars die in-game, their bodies will also die in the real world.

A group of people have come together in their struggles to survive and win the game, have found new friendship and abilities. They band together in their quest to complete the game and return home, But as the days strech on, they are starting to feel as though they are home.


Name: Enmeichirou Kurosaki
Weapon Explanation: Enmei's character is a complete tech wiz. As a result, his expertise in technology allows him to use bits and pieces of data to attack. Things such as creating weapons, enhanced attacks etc etc, using a skill known as "Deprogramming" , and the contribution of his mechanical left eye which is used to analyze enemies and utilize weakpoints.
One extra skill:Expertise in one handed weapons
Short bio: Enmei prefers to stay online to escape the trials of reality, his younger sister is currently hospitalized, parents are constantly nagging him, and he isn't all that popular at school but has a few friends to keep him up in the "social ladder". Enmei see's these "trials" as to much to deal with and escapes to SAO to enjoy gaming and his love for technology.
How you where accepted into the guild: His intelligence/analyzation skills proved to be an asset to the guild.

Name: Ume Samaki
Age: 17
Weapon:Genesis Grounder
Weapon description: The Genesis grounder was a weapon added to the game by Ume herself while the game was being Beta tested. The Item was awarded to the second best Beta tester during the beta release. When the Beta tester was killed in a boss level, Ume found herself to be the new owner of the wepon.

One extra skill: Actually worked with the designer to create SAO - graphic designer.
Short bio: Ume had never lived a great life, never had she truly been comfortable the the way the real world worked. When she was invited to work on a MMORPG she was thrilled, all the years of training could go into creating a save zone. Little did she know the creator only wanted to exploit her abilitys, now she is stuck within the wonderland-hell she helped to create
How you where accepted into the guild: The ability she holds by just owning the Genesis grounder is uncomprehendable, the fact she can actually use it makes her a good asset.

Name: Serawyn Kitamu
Age: 17
Weapon: A two handed Claymore made of steel
One extra skill: Echopraxia Mirror. It is the ability to copy the attack of a creature or person that the player comes into contact with but causes the player to sustain 1/4th of the damage.
Short bio: Serawyn grew up in a home with two brothers and 3 younger sisters. Her parents where the owners of a high end company called Kitamu N' Tech. They provided parts for the nerve gear. Often, Serawyn was left to watch and care for her syblings. She bought her own game helmet so that she could escape for awhile and relax with a game. But when the game locked her in she was trapped alone inside her room. Her syblings where taken to go live in another home with a nanny and she was stuck in the hospital.
How you where accepted into the guild: Not to long after the game became their lives, she created the guild "The Lost Children." Scouting out new members she found Enmeichirou Kurosaki, Ume Samaki, sin and siri. Four players with wonderful powers. And so began The guild.

Name: Siri
Age: 17
Weapon: Skelbain -Sword in pic
One extra skill: able to make high-level swords-smithing
Short bio: Siri's just typical! She goes to school, has friends, makes average grades... everything's average for her, that is until she steps into video games. There, she excels in almost any endeavor. Almost. She still can't even boil water without screwing that up. So, when SAO comes out, it's no doubt she's one of the very first people to log in.
How you were accepted into the guild: She was allowed in based on her skill as a swords woman

Name: Sin
Age: 17
Weapon: Katana
One extra skill: plays the flute
Short bio: The only daughter of a small business family. Her parents are usually away on trips and leave her with a nanny. She is an honor student, and an advent gamer. When not practicing her swordsmanship she can be found either playing video games or playing her flute.
How you were accepted into the guild: She was recruited upon being spotted practicing her swordsmanship

Name: Alum Isa Greystone
Age: 17
Weapon: Silver laced longsword
One extra skill: Cross-classing
Short bio: His life in the game has pretty much level grinded. Starting out small and ranking up as fast as he could. His goal is the roll of the hero, learning magical and physical skills. Cross-classing as a magic knight. This tallent opens up the abilities of a soldier and a mage, giving him a wide range of power. Otherwise he's a pretty regular guy, doesn't talk much and doesn't have any big friends.
How you where accepted into the guild: No guilds yet.


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<<>That's just great... another dead one -_-<>>
  Alum Isa Greystone / Alum / 5y 154d 9h 51m 28s

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<<>This get dropped?<>>
  Alum Isa Greystone / Alum / 5y 154d 13h 2m 28s

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<<>I'm just that freaky dude who's sitting off to the side, and also a special agent who took up the task of entering the game<>>
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<<>Don't think there is any, I just post after at least 2 other posts :P<>>
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What is the posting order?
  Sin / Shizuka_Hio / 5y 167d 16h 18m 56s
Wake up.

I was dreaming again and people were walking around me in the middle of the street.
I move now, walking down the street, towards the center of town. My goal, achive a high level, then destroy this world and free the people.

I walk forth, the echoes of the people chattering and chattering.
'Will we ever go back?'

"I'll make sure we get back." I say as he walked down the street. I head into the city now, a bit aimless, probably gonna buy something or just window shop and see what's new.
  Alum Isa Greystone / Alum / 5y 167d 16h 20m 54s
Siri stands erect as the meeting adjourns and quickly dashes out after gathering her ration of spending money from Serawyn. "Everyone's so dull and tired, there.. Why did I ever agree to join? Sure, we've got the short straw of the deal, but it's not that bad here. It's liveable, even if it isn't the real world," she's talking to herself as she walks down the town street. "I say we just join those red and white people in that one guild.. can't remember what they're called, though.... they seem to be doing well enough.. growing every day, so they say.. and I'm still talking to myself." Siri can see a couple people looking at her with embarrassed or uncomfortable expressions. She sighs and picks up her pace.
  Siri / PandaRoze / 5y 169d 11h 15m 57s
"I personally don't want to" Ume said noticeing Enmei's sour expression "I spent to long on the calabration's and codeing of this game to leave yet"

There was alot for Ume to be scared of, but somehow she was still conviced that she could escape after experienceing the game properly. Although there were many frightened people Ume found no remorse within herself for having helped create the game.

"I do however wonder what the final boss is going to be like. they havn't been very interesting so far"

Ume grabbed the Genesis Grounder and began to wipe it down with a cloth from the side. she wanted to help with the mission but she realised it was somewhat impossible due to her unintelligable behavior.
  Ume Samaki / Blueyez / 5y 169d 14h 1m 31s

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