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Mature, Literate, genetic modified human rp!

2100 has hit and civilization has become its worst. Crime rates has risen up the roof because of too many rules being broken, protesting and how the government secretly been killing anyone they felt. So, the only solution to the government is more death. Anyone who is against them, dies. And how do they do this? They send in genetic modified humans born in their labs, called 'reapers' to kill. To insure the reapers loyalty, they put a chip at the back of their necks for tracking the reapers or also sending a electrical charge through their body to kill them when they see fit.

The reapers don't have names, only numbers but they tend to make names for themselves to have a normal conversation with other reapers or if they're going undercover. It isn't until they reach a certain amount of kills that they are able to use a name. They call her ‘Remedy' number 666.999, but she only calls herself 'Renity.' She strives to get a name, to be called 'human.' She did this through killing the guy she loved and now she stands in a high position in the government. The leader of the Reapers...

He used to be the leader of the reapers years ago before he betrayed the government and now organizes a huge organization to take down the government. Renity was sent to go undercover as a regular human that was victimized near his territory. He takes her in and treats her well in return that she helps him take down the government in the future. He 'trains' her, 'educations' and such, not knowing that she really was there undercover to leak information and then kill him in the end. The two start to develop something for each other and it become harder for her to stay on the government's side. He discovers there's a rat in his organization and it takes him long to discover it was her. How will this end?

Facts about the Reapers:

1. They are stronger, heal quickly, are faster, farther eyesight, have higher senses and age slower. One year to a reaper is considered longer than in a regular human year.

No they cannot lift a car with one hand, no they can't outrun a car, and no they cannot stare out into space and see planets. They're enhanced but they do not have superhero abilities.

2. They are human flesh, can have children. They are born in the lab.

There's not a single part of them that's digital or a cyborg.

3. They're not inhumanely cruel. They can feel emotions but they were trained from birth not to let it pester them. Most reapers want to be considered as a living being and not just murder tools and that's why they want a name. They believe that they're the good guys.

4. They have their numbers tattooed on their body.

My rules:

1. Post within 3 days. I'm not going to bug you to post but if you're not, tell me! Post more than once a day if it's possible.

2. Dedication! Yes, I know it gets boring sometimes. But sometimes we need to make it past the boring part to get the good parts. So don't give up when there are only about six posts because you're 'bored!' If you have other reasons, then so be it. I'm fine with it.

3. Pictures! Real! I need a really good one. As good as mine! Have trouble? I can help. My picture was black and white before, I added the color, so I'm pretty good at it :D

4. This is a Literate RP! I prefer a person who is able to post up to 700 words.

5. No instant Love, by that I mean the emotion. They can kiss and whatnot but not the emotion until way later on.

6. This is a mature RP, sex, gore, & stuff. TS or e-mail when needed...

7. The old leader killed many and still kills others who work for the government. Ask yourself if he'll act like priest or like a strict merciless ruler toward the government.

8. Have fun! And built up the plot with me! Just pm me if you have a big twist in your head and let me approve it first.


Number: 666999

Official Name: Remedy

Preferred Name: Renity

Age: 21

Bio: Renity grew up in a facility where they trained these genetic modified humans. She was usually that girl that would be having fun with her training or just chatting with her friends and couldn't wait to be a full reaper and do what was right out in the world. She eventually was the best in her group of friends. It wasn't until later she discovered that she was nothing but a number to the world. Her friends were used as sacrifice, killed during missions and no one seemed to care. She strived to be called human. She wanted to show them that she wasn't just than a tool. They promised her more freedom if she killed a normal human that has caused trouble that she secretly has been talking to, taking a deep liking to. She was fooled thinking that he murdered someone innocent and killed him. Now she is able to live more of a human, in her own apartment instead of bunk beds, and do whatever she liked as long as they didn't need her for the mission. Yet, she remains hollow after killing him.

Number Tattooed is placed...: on her lower back but she has another version of number on her wrist with the three 6's touching the three 9's

Favourite weapon: Herself

Number: 500,000

Name: Punisher

Preferred Name: Corbin

Age: 25

Bio: He use to think that no one was innocent. They were all sinners by choice. Sins that were not paid for. He would help them pay for their crimes. Even his twin sister whom was spawned by the same cell as him. She had defied the order and he was sent to kill her. Biting the hand that fed you was a sin. She was the fifth kill at the time. He would never forgot. Now over a thousand kills later, her memory haunts him still. He began to question the Order and what it stood for. Then, the five hundred thousandth target was assigned to him. A young woman that would be the same age as his sister had committed theft. She stole food from a grocery store. It was a sin that had to be punished. Corbin realized that she did this crime to feed her children. Enlightenment donned on him that day. These people that committed sins were foul creatures in the eyes of the Order. Was he the real monster, or were they?

Number Tattoo is...: Placed on the left shoulder blade. It is shaped like a pyramid with the five on top. The fifth kill being the most important.

Favorite weapon: Saxe Knife, more personal, more useful.


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Number Tattoo is...:

Favourite weapon:

What's your range of how much words you post?: Not characters.

How active are you?: ex. Never, not very, unsure, somewhat, very, always,

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Roleplay Responses

No rebellion stood a chance against the order and was no threat. It wasn’t even the fact that they had one reaper on their side that was worrisome. It was who that leader was and of course, their best soldier and still the best leader backstabbing them right in the back. Even from where she stood now, seeing him helping criminals to put more innocent people in danger by keeping them alive-she still respected him. On the other hand, if he had stayed and followed orders like a good mutt, she wouldn’t have respected him anymore. It was odd that way, but she could never look up to a mindless person who followed the order. After all, the order hated her almost just as much as they hated him. Renity wasn’t exactly the orders chosen leader. She was chosen by the actual reapers as leader. In the orders mind, she was the worst reaper they produced considering she caused a revolution within the order. Not all reapers were on her side after all, just the majority.

The trigger to the revolution within the order all began with Cynric’s death. It had made her wonder what Corbin’s trigger was. There must have been a trigger. She recalled seeing something on his file about being ordered to rid of his sister. The order would never accept the word ‘sibling’ for reapers. Just as reapers created names for themselves, they also called who had the closest DNA to them a sibling. It could have been some trigger but it could also be something else that she didn’t know of.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult for you...” She hinted a small smile. But why would he aid criminals? She never could understand that and she didn’t think she wanted to. Her mind slipped away for the moment of fixing up her new wounds. Be careful...he said. It worried her if her identity would be discovered because someone had somehow recognized her. The room became silent at her question and seeing Dillon becoming still, she had wondered if any of them knew he was a reaper. Did he tell him? Criminals wouldn’t be so fond of working with a reaper. Her head rolled onto one side, tiredly looking over at Corbin.

“That’s fine...but maybe you can give me a hint. Is it because someone died?” She breathlessly asked. It wasn’t an odd question to ask. It would be an odd question if she asked, is it because you killed someone close to you. She just wanted to get a bit closer to the truth, as to why, despite that it wasn’t the reason she was here. She could have easily bombed this area or ambush it with many reapers but the order wanted something bigger than that. They wanted to make it public. Plus, there were probably others that weren’t in this base and if she killed everyone here before she found other people in the rebellion, they would have to do some long hunting to weed the rest out.

Renity felt the urge to get up and walk around but that would be like seeing a person without a leg walk. She predicted that there would be some methods to test her worth or if she wasn’t some sort of mole. So, instead of getting up and walking around like she was an immortal god, she decided to pass out for the moment. A little nap wouldn’t kill her and it would seem all more realistic. But as she started to wake up, she still felt incredibly dizzy, with a pounding headache. That wasn’t supposed to happen. She pulled herself to sit up and noticed that no one was around and someone must have helped her back to that old room.

And as she sat up, she felt worse, her whole body pulsing with pain. Something was wrong... She swore mentally and tried to think it threw and then it hit her a bit, maybe that thing they drugged her to make her more human wasn’t to make her more human. For all she knew they could have injected poison inside of her. She decided to do something risky. She had a chip inside her head, ever since a couple of years after Corbin; they put it inside every reaper. She had control of the chips though, so that the order wouldn’t be able to use the kill function of the chip in each reapers head. She could communicate with others back at the order. But if anyone were to pick of the frequency here or had some high tech skills, they could peak into her head. Although...the chances that anyone outside of the order would know anything about the new developed chip was very slim. They had to know about and carefully looking for it in order to even tap into her head. She stretched her arm back like she was rubbing the back of her head but, pressed on her skin near the base of her head to turn the communication system on.

“Miles... Why am I feeling sick?” She whispered under her breath. Sadly, she couldn’t send messages by thinking it, she had to actually speak.

Renity, finally... Why didn’t you respond sooner? The two people you were riding with were siding with the order-

“I figured. Why am I feeling sicker than I should?” She repeated, quietly.

That’s the reason I wanted to make contact. They wanted me to inform you that this must be resolved within a month or the poison will kill you. I’m suggesting you come back.

Miles, who are you talking to? – Prill.

Renity. - Miles

“Antidote... find it and tell me it’s ingrediants,” Renity demanded, and hid her face into the pillow. Maybe they had them in this place or maybe she could find a way out of here to go buy them. “You can tell them that if they pull something like this again; they will have more than one against them.”

I’m assuming you heard about the poison. We can drop the antidote nearby, near the entrance? – Prill

“Risky,” She replied, “How about the person we set up nearby?”

Deceased. – Miles reminded. She definitely could fool Corbin that she was human; but who knows how much damage a poison strong enough to kill a reaper made make on her body. Miles soon gave her the list of ingredients. Then that was her inside mission, to grab the ingredients before this month ended, or solve this by the end of the month. She touched the back of her head to shut the communication off. She soon picked up light footsteps outside of the room. The door creaked open a bit and she noticed the woman from before.

“Est-ce tout va bien?” She asked. Asking if she was okay.

“Oui,” Renity nodded and recalled that she wasn’t supposed to understand. So much for that. “You think you can help me take a short walk? Just a short one, S'il vous plait?” She hesitantly looked at Renity but eventually nodded.

“Merci,” Renity thanked her and sat herself back up. She soon asked for her name, which was Valeria. She began asking if she spoke French, which Renity only told her she knew only a bit. She got her help to stand up and walk down a bit through the halls. Renity mainly spoke in English, since Valeria seemed to understand what she was saying. She then took this opportunity to ask if they had a lab around here. Even if they did, she doubts she’d ever get close to it. Her next bet was finding a way to get out of here and pick it up somewhere. That was if she could get out of here for a moment. Besides, she was going to need to do a bit of shopping to get new clothes anyway.

Down the halls she accidently met eyes with Jeremy. To fake fear, she moved herself a little behind Valeria, “Don’t let him kill me,” She whispered into her ear. Val laughed quietly and assured her that he wouldn’t. Renity shook her head, “Oh he will.” At her state, wounded and poison-she couldn’t afford to play weak and take more blows if she actually still wanted to be breathing at this point. “How about we go back?” Renity whispered to her, shaking her shoulder a bit. Val went on about Jeremy being harmless and she’ll proof it, and so Renity took a couple of steps back, “Yea... I don’t think so.” She tugged on Val a little too hard by purpose to pull her off the direction to head off.

“Val, do you think we could go outside sometime? I need to do a bit of shopping,” Renity began on their way back. Val told her she needed permission from Corbin. God, she missed being the one to call the shots. Once she saw him, she would have to ask, but she somewhat doubted it. “How about if you ask him if you can go out and shop and take me with you?” Renity suggested. Val nodded, thinking it wasn’t a bad idea. They headed back over into the room she was placed with Val promising that she would ask just that.

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  Renity / Ravenity / 6y 296d 9h 25m 17s
Through the years of Corbin's time with the Order, he had learned many things, blind obedience, Trust few, and good leadership. Leadership was one of the three lessons he appreciated the most. Even when he was on the wrong side of the argument, Corbin still treated his underlings with respect. Hence why so many looked up to him. He was the best soldier the Order ever created and was the appointed leader of the Reapers. For a long time, Corbin thought he had his life figured out; he thought he had people figured out. Turns out that even monsters can have a change of heart and experience human transformation. It was a twist that the government officials didn't see coming. Ever since his enlightenment, Corbin's view on the world had changed. His whole aspect on people and the people he followed was flipped upside down. He remembered the restless nights that followed and the blank stares to nothing. Before his leaders thought he was compromised, he vanished. In a blink of an eye, the infamous leader of the Reapers Corporation disappeared like a mist into the night.

Now, very few people outside of the Order know Corbin's true identity, his real name as Punisher. A very tight group consisting of four people discovered his past status. Dillon was the first to find out, then the Doctor soon followed, though by pure accident. Corbin wanted to keep his Reaper history a secret in order for recruits to trust him and join his cause. If they discovered the truth, then they would assume that he was with the Order. Not many people are willing to listen to the truth when their lives are at risk. It took months for even Dillon to be in the same room as him. He couldn't expect that others would take it as well.

"I understand your point. I hope that in the end, we can both prove ourselves to each other. I need someone to have my back on the field, and maybe you will trust me to do the same to you." He said simply. "That fighting spirit is good. The team will appreciate that." Corbin said with encouragement. He looked to the medic and nodded. Now with the right treatment, Juliet's wounds would heal properly. The woman was going through much in these past few hours. Corbin pondered on what the future would bring during her initiation. "Prove your strength and worth, then everyone will accept you. For now, be careful." Corbin warned.

When Juliet asked Corbin's purpose for fighting, the whole room got quiet. Dillon paused in his posture as he glanced from Juliet to Corbin and back. The air was tense as all eyes were on him. The man grew very quiet as he stared down at the woman on the table. His mouth grew dry and words left his mind. He knew what to say, but at the same time didn't. How could he tell her who he was? How can he explain the complexity of his situation? How could he describe what it was like to wake up in the middle of the night wondering if he would live through the next day? With a powerful organization and their guard dogs after his head, peace was an afterthought. She would not understand. She would never understand his fight and what he had to go through. Why bother explaining it. He took a deep breath and spoke with all of his strength to not look weak. "That's a story for another time." He said with little emotion in his voice or on his face. He patted her shoulder and quickly turned and walked away. He would deal with that later. He couldn't have his thoughts focused on "why". There were more important things to be done.
  JakeTheHybrid / 6y 312d 22h 21m 37s
It took effort to remind herself to act human and make sure she looked like she was aching. Playing human was challenging, although once upon a time when she was far off younger she acted human. Her eyes couldn’t help but roll a bit, “Calm people are...still terrifying. They have the worst outbursts,” She breathed out. She followed his words yet, as Juliet she didn’t want to speak much really through this but it would help fight the thought that she was hurting everywhere. She had waited a bit feeling the small needle go into her skin and come out. Even the true self of her didn’t like things poking in her insides. It was why she refused to let herself get injured.

Hearing Corbin sounded like the reapers methods hadn’t gone to waste at all. Well, at least he was clever enough to think about not trusting every one of them. Yet, it seemed like all she had to do was get this impossible ‘trust’ which won’t be too impossible. She wasn’t the leader for nothing after all.

“Easy trust equals to easy death. Or the way I go by: easy trust equals easy money,” She muttered and end up frowning at the thought of making a good argument. For what? It was real cute that Corbin made t his little criminal human assemble group but obviously it would end up nowhere. All of them will die for going against the government and she will make sure of it herself. They were just going to cause more havoc on the world. Corbin was the leader of idiots. The moment she heard he became a trader, she felt ashamed for ever looking up to him. For a split second, she even thought that maybe he had a good reason and hated herself for even thinking such things. He was the king of idiotic criminal humans that were going to die in the end along with him.

“Large measures to gain your trust, huh? What do you want me to say? I will die for you my humble king?” She teased, “What makes you think I trust you anymore than you trust me? I’m not a follower, unless you prove that you make a good leader.” She wiped off the silly tears and rolled her head onto the opposite side, averting his eyes. She continued to listen and had wondered herself who Jeremy was. How could have she left someone to live seeing her? She must have not noticed him then. She winced at the touch of cloth over her waist.

“Hard history, huh,” She whispered. Apparently she killed off his family. Renity was at least certain that she didn’t kill them cruelly. She never killed for pleasure. She always made a clean quick painless kill. A part of her felt slightly bad that there had been someone to watch, Jeremy was probably a kid if so. If she knew, then she would have at least done it out of sight. “I won’t disturb anyone. I’m not the revengeful type but just know I’m not the type to stand around and be pushed either.” She let herself drift off for a moment and then heard him and she added, “I don’t believe in luck.” Which was true.

If luck existed, then maybe she would have been lucky enough to love someone that she didn’t have to kill. Or maybe her once called friends would have the luck that they would survive. Maybe the luck to be treated like a normal human being. Despite that she knew the two people that were used to produce her, and knew that they had kids of their own-she couldn’t dare ever call them family. Just because she wasn’t born the same way and was fixed up. She hated living as a reaper, being the leader meant more freedom. A place of her own, decisions of her own... It was the closest thing she could get.

“Corbin. What’s your story? Why fight? There must be a reason why you would join people together like this.” She questioned, staring blankly at the ceiling, “Talking helps distracting me from the annoying pain and rage right now.” She was truly curious but she doubted she would get anything out of him, at least not yet.

  Renity / Ravenity / 6y 325d 21h 29m 38s
The first week of evaluation was always the hardest. No one trusted the new kid on the block and everyone avoided that person like the plague. Patience is tested and trust abandoned. The Rebellion is a close stitched group of paranoid hide-aways. Reapers targets all or most of them; one couldn't blame them. Every day was a blessing and every day is a struggle to stay hidden. Jeremy's actions were expected in the fact of testing Juliet's strength. Corbin would not put it past the Order to sneak in an agent to spy on them. That was why everyone was paranoid. Although, the reason for the attack was a mystery. Did Juliet remind Jeremy of the Reaper that killed his family? Or was Juliet that Reaper from his past? Corbin wouldn't know. Jeremy refused to speak of it. If Juliet really wanted to join the cause, then she would have to put up a fight.

"I said 'calm' not 'quiet'. Not the same thing. Rarely have I seen that man attack recruits. You must have struck a nerve by accident." Corbin said as he restitched the open wound. "Don't worry. I'll make sure his temper is controlled. I must warn you, we do not trust easy. This attack is the beginning in gaining our trust. If you really want to be part of us. You will have to create a damn good argument on why we should keep you." Corbin discussed as he carefully sewed the edges of skin together. He squinted his eyes and tilted his head as he examined the wound. "There's no permanent damage here. You shall be fine. I can assure you that this will not happen again." He vowed as he closed the wound perfectly.

Juliet questioned the swiftness that Corbin used to stop the fight. He couldn't blame her much. Though, she would have to understand that being a target meant you had to take extreme measures to ensure your own safety. Thus, if having her allowed to be beaten by a fellow recruit in order to make sure she was not a reaper, then so be it. "When you're being hunted by killing machines, it's a necessary evil to take large measures to gain my trust. You will understand this. We do not play games." Corbin stated as he glanced over to the grey eyes that spewed tears.

"Jeremy had a hard history. You sparked his past that he worked hard on forgetting. He's not psychotic, just troubled. Just like you." Corbin explained as he wrapped firm cloths around Juliet's waist so that her ribs could repair themselves. "I try to maintain peace among my troops. I would ask you to do the same Ms. Juliet. You can repay me at least that much for helping you a second time." Corbin said with a hint of humor in his words. Once done, he removed the gloves from his hands and had the medic check over his work. Corbin wasn't a doctor or medically educated, but he had experience in combat pack work. He encouraged the trained professionals to handle the rest. He stood next to Juliet's head as he continued to speak. "Luck is a good quality. It's something we all value. You should hold on to that trait as long as you can. As a con artist, you should understand." He spoke before lightly patting her shoulder.
  JakeTheHybrid / 6y 325d 22h 51m 29s
“666999 is needed for training.” A lean tall man broke into the room where Renity and her other four roommates were. It was one o’clock in the morning and Remedy felt the urge to kill the man. Although, you don’t defy people, especially if she wanted to make it up the ranks. She leapt off from her top bunk and waved at her three roommates. Isa’s brown eyes looked at her with dead eyes, mouthing ‘Good luck.’ Ever since Isa came back from a random call at night, just like this one-she came back not herself. Renity was a little scared but how bad could it be?

The man led her down the hallway and they moved down a couple of floors, way deep into the basement. She cracked a joke with the man but he made no expression what so ever. She never wanted to be dead boring like those older reapers. Soon, they arrived at the floor and she could hear sharp screaming, sounds of agony. It sounded like a slaughter house. One of Isa’s friends hadn’t come back from this. Why? Well, she was starting to figure it out. She stopped moving but she was pushed forward and then they opened the room door. There stood a chair, and beside it there was a load of torture tools. The horror she felt that time. She took a step back and fought the person behind her with all her might and she even grabbed those tools to help her knock him out. She managed but then she was found by two more and put back and the horror began.

They may knocked out the emotion and movement of her body when she was in pain, and even her mind refused to feel it but it was still there. They were better off creating robots to kill rather than reapers if they wanted to wipe off all human emotion. Right at the moment of feeling the attacks impact her, it reminded her of it. Not entirely because this was easy. Sure, Corbin was just standing there watching for a moment but this was nothing but a couple of burses that she could easily withstand. The torture back then would last until the reaper would stop making sounds, expressions or even slight movement. Ones that couldn’t, didn’t survive. They only wanted the best after all.

(font "garamond" (center It came into an end when Corbin came forward. Juliet was devoured in more pain than she was when she was being beaten. She clenched on her stomach and heavily breathed and started to cough. Her eyes were burning with tears by this point and rage, a lot of rage.
“No fucking shit.” She spat out hearing his declaration that the stitches opened. A breeze touched her skin when he lifted her shirt and she winced. Soon, she dropped all of her weight onto Corbin, her body tense and her arm covering her eyes to hide the tears that Renity didn’t want to take the energy to actually shed.

What she had taken weakened her body and she was tempted to let her eyes to rest for a good moment. She drowned out the voices for a while and soon noticed she was lying down and an annoying light flashed over her. “Why on earth would I want to stay awake in this damned world.” She muttered tiredly, her voice falling into pieces and drifting off into complete silence “You really couldn’t stop him any sooner...could you? Or thought I was a reaper too?” She easily stayed conscious but let her eyes flutter close and open to be convincing. Oddly, she was amused by all of this. She felt more of a living being now then she ever has. It sound had come into an end and she was starting to relax a bit, along with the temper.

“Shut up....” She demanded, “Just shut up. I’m so tired of being ‘lucky.’ It’s the quiet ones that are scariest, right? I haven’t been beaten up this much since...since...a long time ago.” She breathed out and let her eyelids fall close for a moment. She let the silence grow for a bit before speaking out again in a mere whisper, “I don’t want to get beaten up like that again... He’s actually psychotic isn’t he? I’m getting payback for that. Thanks for at least fixing me up though. I’m not sure...but I think I owe you twice now.

  Renity / Ravenity / 6y 326d 4h 5m 58s
"ENOUGH!" Corbin's voice boomed throughout the mirrored roomed. He had been watching the even unfold from the start. He had many chances to stop it from getting worse. So why didn't he? This was the beginning of Juliet's evaluation. It was cruel and unfair for a young woman like her to get pummeled by a larger man. It was all necessary. If she was a Reaper, then she would have no problem taking down the threat before her. That's how they were trained. That's how they survive. So far, Juliet was passing Corbin's tests quite well, no matter how evil they seem. This was good. She might make a great addition to the team after all.

The attacker, Corbin knew him well. He was a fine man with dark skin and black eyes and was generally a quiet, collective being. Seeing him rage like that definitely unusual, though Corbin knew the reason the man might have done so. Jeremiah had lost the last of his family to Reapers a couple of years ago and soon joined Corbin's cause. He had been seeking revenge for a while Juliet must have reminded him of a Reaper from the past. Very strange. Corbin stepped in and placed a strong hand on Jeremiah's chest. He looked at him with a serious gaze, warning him to back off. "Jeremy. Take a walk. Now." He said as he watched the man seethe inwardly as he showed himself out the door. He made sure another one of his closer staff members went with him.

Once the threat was removed, Corbin bent down to Juliet's side and examined her wounds. "Your stitches have opened." He stated as he lifted part of her shirt to view the bandage. Red stained the white cloth that was taped to her skin. He shook his head then spoke "I have to take you to the infirmary." He lifted the woman gently in his arms as the crowd backed away from him. One of the advanced students would continue the class without him. The day was not starting off very well for Juliet.

The makeshift infirmary was close to the training area. The room was quite large with curtained walls placed in cubes along the walls for private examinations. Unfortunately, there was no surgery room so everyone had to make do with what they had. There were some recruits that had a medical background; those were the one that were in charge of all health emergencies that happened. Quite often were there times when the infirmary was packed with wounded recruits with not enough medics to go around. Corbin and a few veterinarians had to perform surgery with little required tools. Things got bloody very fast around here.

"Medic!" Dillon shouted as he gathered a supply bag. The Scottish men might have not trusted the new girl on the block, but that didn't mean he held a grudge and refuse to help. "The hell was tha' 'bout" He muttered as he and the ex-Reaper set up a place for Juliet to lay down.

"I have a feeling." Corbin spoke in a low tone as he laid Juliet on the cloth-covered table. He grabbed a light from the bag and flashed it in Juliet's eyes. "Juliet. I need you to stay awake. We need to know if you have a concussion or not." He said with a calm voice as he towered over the woman. She was bruised badly, but that was all that was visible. One of the medical staff members rushed over and began asking questions. "Don't worry about it," Corbin said she he began feeling Juliet's ribs for any broken ones, "just get that x-ray over here."

As the chaos began to die down and the wounds were treated, Corbin stood nearby to occasionally check her pulse and the stab wound. "You are one lucky woman, you know that?" He said as he held her small wrists in between his two for fingers. "Jeremy tends to hit hard, but he generally has a calm demeanor."
  The Raven / JakeTheHybrid / 6y 326d 6h 7m 2s
“Renity, smile for me,” He chuckled stretching her lips into a smile as he received a threatening glare from her. She pulled away and rolled her eyes at him. She kept that hollow expression even when speaking to him although sometimes even he could manage to make her give a small hint of a smile, until she managed to really break free.

“If you smiled more I bet those criminals would run toward you instead from you,” He smirked, wrapping his arms around her, causing her to bury herself into his chest from his height “For a murder, you’re pretty kind. I would have been dead if you didn’t stop that bastard.” She took a step back from him “I told you. It’s only a duty to protect the innocent. Nothing more.”

“Lighten up a bit. I’m just thanking you and I’ve yet to hear a ‘welcome,’” Cynric suggested.

She had vivid memories of him. She normally kept it away, even though it barely affected her as much. All reapers had vivid memories because it made it much easier to track others down. It was very helpful but also very damaging repeating every single thing she’s ever done. A knock and the swing of the door brought her back into reality. Her eyes popped open in reminder of where she was. She sat up and saw a woman with a dirty blond hair, her hair falling over her shoulder, probably past near twenties. As soon as Renity picked up her speaking a different language-she blocked it out so that she would be easier pretending not to understand. Naturally, Renity would understand considering she was taught many languages. She looked at the woman a little lost and she just giggled and then made hand signatures instead. The woman took her hand and led her around the building. Renity made sure that she was keeping track of everything was, making a mental map, a blueprint of the area. It would come in handy later on.

The women let her to the door opened it up and relieved some other people in the room-although, Corbin was yet to come. She was exactly curious onto what he was doing, although she made a promise to herself that she wouldn’t push or try anything for a little bit longer in case she lost her cover. Main thing she wanted to gain was trust despite it being tricky to have any reaper-even ex-reaper to gain trust. She turned back to the woman and lightly smiled “Thank you.” The woman nodded and Renity lost sight of her. She walked in and the eyes led to her. Attention. Perfect.


Her eyes moved to a girl in the room “Do you have an extra hair tie?” She nodded and she passed it on to her, Juliet simply smiled “Thank you.” She took the hair tie and then stared ahead and tied her hair up into a high ponytail. She started to feel the sense of eyes putting a whole in her head. She tossed her head around and met a male in the eyes. He looked...familiar. From the way his muscles tensed, his eyes narrowed-he definitely recognized her and he definitely held the anger and rage within him enough to without hesitation to attack her. She couldn’t exactly remember who he was because there wasn’t a single person that ran loose from her. So, who was he?

“Son of a bitch...” He spoke under his breath and pushed through others to stand in front of her “You have no idea who I am do you?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know you,” She flatly spoke and picked up his movement to grab her but stopped herself to react to it and pin him down. Instead, he grabbed her by the jaw, tightly with hateful eyes “You killed my father and brother!” She was pretty sure she wouldn’t leave any witnesses either...unless it was from when she was younger. But even then, she changed her hair color since then; he must have been really focused on her to remember even by the change of hair.

“What are-!?” Juliet looked at him in pure confusion. She herself was also lost. He pushed her against the wall and then his hand went to her throat. Now that was crossing the line. She could only use tricks that would seem novice. So, she struck her leg where it hurt most for a man and he released. She ducked at his punch and then easily flipped him over on the ground and then gave a direct punch in the nose, causing him to bleed. Everyone else was backing against the edges and giving room for this fight. She looked down at him “I’ve never killed anyone! You should get your fucking eyes checked because I surely don’t fucking know you!” She was ready to walk away, turned her back like a novice would. She had to make herself seem innocent here if she wanted to go through this. She got grabbed by the hair and then slammed into the ground. She faked a wince with her skull and body slamming into the floor. Then there was a kick over just near where that newly stab wound was. That definitely opened up. She attempt to cover herself, embracing for whatever came next but this time, he backed off for a bit. She slowly started to pick herself up.

“I’m not mistaken. I don’t think it would be anywhere likely that I’d mistaken someone for my brother’s and father’s murder,” He spoke through his teeth “And you’re going to die for it.” Good luck with that... She thought to herself. Then she was kicked down again and flinched. Everyone else-they just watched her get burse up, beaten and bleeding from that wound opening up. By standing-also something reapers looked down upon. She managed to pull out fake tears to run down her eyes. If she got up now-it would be suspicious. The only she could do is try to block those pathetic kicks and hope that something came up before he attempted to grab something to truly kill her.

  Renity / Ravenity / 7y 120d 2h 13m 12s
"Just because I’m a con artist, doesn’t mean you have to be paranoid..." Her words echoed through his head like an unfortunate headache. It throbbed and pulsed and was damn hard to get rid of. She has no idea how paranoid I can be. Corbin thought as his eyes were a blank and his arms folded on his chest. No one had any idea the tough choices he had to make daily just to stay alive, just to keep himself hidden. He had to protect all the people that volunteered for his cause now. They were all his soldiers and they would lay down their lives so that the government would fall by Corbin's hands. He could not let them down. He had to be cautious or else they would all fail.

"Corby? Ye' still there?" Dillon's voice broke Corbin's thoughts as the black haired man waved his hand in front of Corbin's face. The man jerked himself out of his thoughts and his hand flashed to Dillon's wrist. "Relax Corbin. Let go." Dillon said with caution in his words. Corbin's grip on the man's wrist was very tight. He released his hold as soon as he realized where he was. He was safe, and not back at the facility. He then saw that everyone was staring at him with worried expressions. Corbin waved them off to signal that he was fine and then turned back to what Dillon was addressing him about.

"Sorry. I was distracted."

"Yeah, no kidding. Anyways, our scouts have picked up more dirt on one of the Congressmen. We can add that to the collection. Turns out he was cheatin' on his wife. Adultery is anothr' one of the big No-no's right?" Corbin simply nodded. Cheating on a spouse enraged many Reapers. Loyalty was a law that was taught severely to them. Anyone that cheated a spouse or an agreement was punished the worst. This was why Corbin's head was a golden prize to any Reaper that hunted him. He cheated the government by leaving. That was the ultimate sin.

"Has Monroe given us an update on the cure yet?" Corbin asked his lieutenant, Dillon. Monroe, a.k.a "The Doctor", joined Corbin's cause. His actions did many useful things to the cause and Corbin owed the man much. He was also targeted by Reapers several months back for stealing equipment from his lab. Monroe risked his career to aid a friend that was attacked by muggers. Therefore, Corbin promised him protection if he work with him to take down the Reapers.

Dillon nodded and handed the Reaper a folder. "He told me to give this to ya. Said that you'd understand." Dillon said. Corbin flipped through the pages that were on the attached. If he were any other human, he would have smiled in gratitude. Monroe had pulled through for him. The information was essential to defeating the Reapers.

"Excellent. Tell the Doctor that he had done well and that I am pleased. I'll see him later. I have a class to teach now."

<<I was thinking that Remedy can be escorted by a nice lady that doesn't speak English to a training area where Corbin is teaching some volunteers how to fight against Reapers.>>
  Corbin / JakeTheHybrid / 6y 312d 22h 52m 59s
Weakness wasn’t she was familiar with. She tossed everything that would bring weakness in the trash. Rid of friendships, love, true emotions, fear, pain and if she found another, she’d happily get rid of it as well. She’d be thrown out of position if she had a weakness and the same went for the order. What possible weakness could he have found? The order had every single thing living at the palm of their hands. They were there for the sake of humanity and to aid the innocent. Reapers were the tool to aiding the innocent. As long as they did no wrong, there was no need to fear them. She could never understand why even some innocent people would be against the order. Why they viewed reapers as monsters when they were the ones to rid of the rapists, killers, thieves, con artist and such.

What he said about not actually having a choice and then not having to kill her, didn’t surprise her but to Juliet it would be. Although, Juliet would have probably get upset and accuse him being a hypocrite. Renity couldn’t afford to let that out in case things turned for the worse. Her eye fell at her lap. She picked up that he had stopped before he fully reached the door. She didn’t think he’d make something out of her words considering she only threw that in there because it’s what her character would say. Her head lifted back up to him and met his eyes. For Renity, it was hard to show emotion through her eyes because she was trained to not even have a single muscle that showed an emotion. Looking into a reaper’s eyes was similar to looking into a void, emptiness. She mimicked a look that held a bit of confusion until he spoke. There was no doubt he’d try to kill her if she was lying. Although, there was still a debate of who was stronger. The trick to hide a lie is to believe the lie yourself. Then it would be impossible for the person in front of you to tell if you’re lying if you believed it one hundred percent that your lie was real.

“Ah, okay,” She pressed her lips together and nodded and then brought up a small smirk, “But you’re not going to kill me if I say strawberries are green, right? Lighten up a bit. Just because I’m a con artist, doesn’t mean you have to be paranoid that I’ll lie to someone who saved my life...even though you just threatened to kill me. “

At the moment he left, she took a deep breath out. She wasn’t going to have him discover her so soon. She finished up what was left of the breakfast and then rose to her feet. Her head turn to the bathroom and then got in. Taking a short shower would do her good. She stripped and did so and after making sure she dried her hair. For some reason, even reaper’s hair dried more quickly than a normal person, still took long while but shorter. Once she cleaned up, grabbed a towel that was left there and then muttered to herself to where the hell she was going to find clothes. She searched the room and found the drawer filled up with some. She changed into a shirt and skinny jeans, whoever was here before must have been a girl or something.

She plummeted into the bed and stared at the ceiling, deciding to wait there. He obviously didn’t want her roaming around this place. She couldn’t understand why the reapers she sent couldn’t do a simple task of going undercover. It wasn’t that hard, at least not yet.

  Renity / Ravenity / 7y 137d 2h 32m 16s
She laughed. Corbin didn't think that he could make someone laugh. He could barely feel emotions, more than any other Reaper known. How could he do something so simple, yet so hard? Ever since his "early retirement", Corbin had spent night and day with humans. He met Dillon within the week of his leave. The Scottish man made it his duty to release the emotions and feelings of the former Reaper, but it was a challenge. This ex Reaper didn't think he could actually become human and do human things. Yet here he was smiling and laughing with a human. Was it really possible to make a monster mortal again? Corbin stared at his hands while the girl ate her food. How could he turn into a human? After all he had done for a corrupt cause? Did he even deserve to feel? One thing was for certain, the renewed emotions have prevented Corbin from having a good night sleep for a long time. The bitter-sweetness of a recovering Reaper.

If Reapers could feel, then they certainly would fear. Fear was one emotion that the Order tried very hard to get rid of. It was an impairment that needed to be removed. Ergo, all Reapers were trained to not feel fear, fear was the fuel to fight. However, Corbin was taught that emotions cannot be completely gotten rid of. They are not a piece of data that can be erased. Emotions are embedded in the brain and, therefore, cannot be removed. It is within the DNA whether Reapers were genetically enhanced or not. That bit of knowledge gave Corbin something he had come to recognize about himself, hope.

Corbin's gaze went back to Juliet as she began to speak once more. Her concerns were realistic and understandable. He could understand why she was hesitant to reply to Corbin's cause. "I understand your concerns. Maybe people that have joined have felt the same way." The man hesitated for a moment. He didn't feel like he could trust her with his plan yet. She was still a loose end, and he couldn't reveal much to her. For now, she would just have to tame her curiosity. "Let's just say, I know how to defeat them. Everyone has a weakness." Corbin said in a low tone.

"I'm glad to hear that you have accepted my offer. In actuality, you didn't have a choice. However, I'm just glad that I don't have to kill you now." Corbin said as he stood to leave. The words that regarded lying caused the man to stop in his tracks. Her words were a bit odd. He turned to her curiously. He wasn't lying, more of not revealing the whole truth all at once. She, however, was a con artist. The basis of the job requirement was to be a good liar. Corbin stepped closer to Juliet to force her to look up at him. His eyes stern and sincere. "The same goes to you Ms. Juliet. If I find out that you are lying to me, I will kill you. I have a good instinct for liars too." He said. Then, he turned to head for the door. "Get dressed. You're training starts today. I will have someone come get you." And just like that, he left without saying another word.
  Corbin / JakeTheHybrid / 7y 130d 11h 28m 33s
A small laugh lifted off her lips as she spoke “No, I didn’t think you’d feed me garbage Corbin.” She was quite amused and starting to notice that she really didn’t mind picking up a conversation with him. She couldn’t remember the last time she had a conversation that didn’t involve barking out orders, discussing business or taking in reports. For a moment, she saw a smile attempting to break through at the edge of his lips. It was a shame that he abandoned the order considering how skilled he is.

The mention of emotions, something that all reapers didn’t express but definitely had in there. Renity was about the only reaper that would at least show artificial emotions even when she faced the people she reaped. She was trained not to smile when she was happy, cry when she was hurt or sad, or act on rage when she was angry. Nothing... It took a lot of practice for a reaper to remind themselves to smile when they were happy, to play as a human. They played human in the streets at times so that they blended in.

Her eyes fell down on the breakfast, French toast. Hmm, exactly what she wanted. She felt incredibly hungry at this point. Her focus was returned to him as she heard the tone of his voice when he spoke. Her eyes lifted and she could see the pure hatred for the order in him. She felt the urge to scoff and then smirk. Reapers don’t fear. She reminded through her thoughts but remembered that some reapers did fear her. Well, at least some of them. Then as the conversation flowed, she listened to the words that she wanted to hear. There wasn’t a second that her eyes lifted off at him. Although, it was too early to celebrate and she couldn’t just pop up a ‘yes.’

“In the last rebellion, every single person that took part of it was slaughtered. How’s it going to be different this time?” She questioned and paused for a bit. She took a deep breath as her eyes roamed the room and then turned to him with a light smile “Well, I’ve got nothing left to lose, I already accepted that I’ll die because of them one day and I’ve got nothing better to do with my life, so...I’m in.” The last rebellion was the first rebellion when the secret of reapers were exposed. Thousands of people were killed for rebelling and their bodies were placed in a dumb, burned all together. It was a message to the people that they couldn’t commit crime as they pleased or go against the government.

“Hmm... I’m so hungry,” She popped up as she started to eat up, “Oh, by the way. Heads up on lying, if you ever feel tempted to lie about something, just don’t say anything. Better not to say anything than lie. I normally have good instincts for lies. Perks of being a great con artist.” Renity thought she was nailing down Juliet and playing a human so far. It was simple for her. She was Juliet, no connection with being a reaper or herself. She felt herself get really curious of how things were going to turn out. The only reason she decided on this undercover mission was because she placed others to take down Corbin and they all failed. Every single one of them that tried, practically died.
  Renity / Ravenity / 7y 140d 1h 57m 24s
At first, Juliet questioned the purpose of the bag. It was soon realized that food was the content inside. The delicious aroma perfumed the room. Corbin was glad that he had found a person in need that turned out to be an excellent cook. Genna was a woman of many talents, he discovered. "Relax, it's just food. You didn't think we rumaged through garbages did you?" Corbin said as he stood next to the foot of the bed. "I was not going to let you starve to death I promise." He said with a slight smile tugging at the edge of his lips. "I see that your wound is still bothering you." Corbin observed by the dizziness on Juliet's face and her confession of the soreness. "It should pass soon." He assured her.

The question of the locked door came into play as Corbin knew it would. He watched her roam around late last night and tried for the door. He mentally patted himself on the back for doing the act. If she had gotten out and snooped into a place she shouldn't have, which is easy to do in the warehouse, then Corbin would probably have to explain or kill her depending on the door she opened. He opened his mouth to explain in a calm fashion, but she immediately rejected it. She was understanding for whatever reason he may have. This was a good sign. The fewer the questions, the less Corbin would have to involve the girl into his dangerous affairs of his war against the Order.

Corbin listened to the girl speak of Reapers' lack of emotion and will to think. Some of what she said is true. Reapers were trained at an early age to toss all emotional ties to the world away. After all, they were bred to kill even the innocent. Corbin frowned as he remembered the harsh training and conditioning he endured when he was with the Reapers. No military training could compare to the trials one had to face as a Reaper in training. Often times, the ones that were not strong enough died in the process. Then they were disgarded like used tissues. There wouldn't be enough time in a day to do all of the funerals of the fallen. "You're right," Corbin said as he looked her dead in the eyes, "they should fear me." His sincerity was a bit overwhelming. She could not comprehend the revenge that he milked from the government's actions. The person that he cared about was gone because of them. How long must people suffer under their wrath? The Reapers must be stopped. There had been enough blood spilled already. "I can try to have you rehabilitated, but I doubt you can last long under another name. They will find you no matter what." He stated. Corbin sat next to Juliet and held his gaze to her. "The only option is for you to fight them. Running would be futile. Standing against them is your best bet for survival."
  Corbin / JakeTheHybrid / 7y 141d 7h 48m 40s
The only sound she picked out was the knock from her door. She didn’t even pick out his footsteps in the hallway and it was only proof more to Juliet that he was a reaper. But a girl like her would deny it to herself or come up with a crazy theory to get rid of the thought of him once being one of those monsters. ‘Monster’ that’s what he called her in the end... She shook her head and then found Corbin right in the room with a bag. Her eyes peered over at him with a tired look over her.

“Thanks,” She managed a small smile but then it faded into nothing “Dizzy...” She stretched out slightly and groaned. It was still aching and very sore. She could still run around and kill someone with the stab wound though. She then muttered as her eyes fell back to the ceiling “And really sore, tired...” Renity was tempted to sit up like nothing happened as she usually did but to Juliet she probably didn’t want to get up.

“By the way, why did you lock the door?” She curiously asked and then shook her head “Never mind. Don’t answer that. My curiosity always gets me in trouble and I don’t have nine lives like a cat does.” She let her eyes close for a couple of seconds, taking in breath in and out and then tossed around to her side. She winced at the movement and then lost herself in her own thoughts for a second, or in Juliet’s thoughts that were trying to come up with ideas to stay hidden again. Obviously the girl would go con some more people but now it would be incredibly difficult for her to do. She needed to buy a new identity and that would take time, and a lot of money and time wasn’t something she had with the reapers.

“What am I going to do...” She spoke under her breath and looked up at him “It must be nice that you can handle those monsters. It looks like they’d fear you if they could fear at all. I wonder sometimes though, if they can think for themselves or even have emotions.” She then pulled herself to sit up, pretending that it ached to sit up. She grabbed the breakfast and was just thinking of how much she missed her apartment right now. Well, as soon as this mission was over and if she managed to live, she could go back to it. She only knew how to act more human because she hung around one and his thoughts about reapers. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have known.
  Renity / Ravenity / 7y 145d 4h 59m 59s
After sending Dillon off to her chambers, Corbin did the same. He wanted to monitor Juliet's movements at all times. If she were to join them, observing her for a week was sufficient enough for further evaluation. There would be tests on and off the battlefield. If Dillon were right about her, Corbin would know whether or not she was who she said she was. This one needed a close eyes following her at all times. He would see to that personally. If something did happen to screw up, Corbin had his loyal followers that would gladly rectify the errors. This time, there would be no mistakes. He would not fail his fellow comrades anymore. No mistakes, failure is not an option.

The light brown haired man sat at his desk with three large monitors placed in a semi-circle. They were all set to a live feed that watched Juliet's room. There were many more cameras placed all around the old warehouse building that Corbin resided in, but they were being watched by someone else. He sat back in his chair with his bare chest exposed revealing several white scars on his skin. The symbolized the hardships the man faced and what he had to do to get where he was now. He had to fight some of his own before, and they all died without a purpose. He remembered their faces and wished them a safe passage to the after life. On his left shoulder blade was a tattoo of numbers stacked in a pyramid form. The top number was a beautifully etched five with five zeros underneath it. Fifty thousand people died by Corbin's blade. Now he hoped that destroying the corrupt government would right his own sins.

The man stalked the red headed woman curiously. She woke up from her unconsciousness and tried to move about. Not a good idea. Corbin thought just before Juliet bulked and plopped to the ground. "Told you." He mumbled to himself knowing well that she couldn't hear him. As Juliet approached the door and tried for the knob, she realized that it was locked. At rare times, Corbin felt bad for locking the recruits in rooms like prisoners. Then again, it was for his safety and their's. If they didn't snoop, then he didn't have the right to kill them. Understanding the situation and knowing fully that she could not get out and escape, Juliet went back to her new bed to sleep. Corbin smirked a bit to himself as he watched her from his computer screens. "Good night Juliet." He whispered.

A knock at the door startled Corbin from his slumber and his body jerked into a upright position. He had fallen asleep at his desk again. A sheet of paper was stuck to his cheek. Shaking his head and setting the paper down, Corbin blinked to wakefulness. He looked at the wall clock and realized that he had only gotten four hours of sleep. He glanced at the monitors to see that Juliet was just now waking up. The knocking echoed into the room once more, and Corbin gave the clear to enter. It was Dillon again. He wore a faded red shirt and jeans. "Oye! Rise and shine you dollophead!" The Scot said loudly with a smile on his face as he threw a clean plain T-shirt at the tired man.

"What, may I ask, is a dollophead?" Corbin asked groggily.

Dillon shrugged. "Not a clue. It's somethin' British people call idiots, I think." The boy smirked.

Corbin pointed to the Scottish man with his shirt in hand. "I'll remember that." He said as he pulled the shirt over his head. "Time to bring our guest breakfast." Dillon groaned at that statement.

A knock came from Juliet's door just before Corbin entered with a portable bag. He set the bag on the nightstand then folded his arms. "I brought food. How are you feeling?" He asked with little emotion to his words.
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She prepared this mission for a long time. She spends even longer creating who Juliet was, so that she naturally acts like her. Juliet was almost a recreation of her old self. The girl that used to love to tease, laugh, more loyal to her friends than she was to the government, a dreamer, small rule breaker, reckless and clever. That girl was flawed, so she simply tossed it away. For the first couple of days or even weeks, she was going to lay low and not try anything until she really gathered their trust. There will be no contact with anyone she knew or snooping around for a bit. She didn’t want to underestimate them considering Corbin was still standing.

Dillion, he was obviously an odd one and was suspicious of her. Any recent death of him, and Corbin would direct all suspicion onto her. The only way was to lower their suspicion. If they even have slight evidence that she wasn’t who she said she was, it was off with her head. There was no room for mistakes. She let herself rest up as she lay on the bed but attempted to strain her ears to pick up what they were saying. She only could pick up bits and pieces. Cameras, monitor, dispose, human, sin, control and something about a bridge.

She easily drifted off asleep, tossing turning. Ever since she moved out into her own apartment with her queen sized bed, she would move all over the place and end up waking up upside down or diagonally on the bed. In the middle of her sleep, she woke up groaning. She opened her eyes sand stared down at her wound, it was slightly bleeding. It must have opened up. That was actually a good thing in case during that last check up they forgot to inject that poison into her to keep her body healing a lot more slowly. She climbed out of bed and shut her eyes as a dizzy spell hit her. And now it started to have an effect on her.

“Shit,” She muttered and then end up letting her legs give in and sit on the ground for a bit, staring at the wall waiting to actually wake up a bit more. Eventually, she got back up on her feet and then moved into the bathroom and used the mirror to look over at her wound. It didn’t look like it was going to end as a scar. She poked over it and winced “If only I could kill that bastard myself for this.” She ventured off into the door, shook it and found it locked and muttered “I’m imprisoned...perfect.” Definitely watching her. She moved back into bed and forced herself to fall asleep and try not to move around so much this time.

She woke up in the morning again, feeling perfectly fine except for that little scratch. She smiled to herself, tossed around and ran her hand through the scratch and that reminded her that she had to pretend like it bothered her. She heavily sighed. Pretending to be human, wasn’t fun.
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