The most horrible Christmas holiday!

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"________, I'd report this to the principal as soon as possible."

Those were the exact words I told him in the day before Christmas. I don't know why I interrupted. We weren't even in the same high school. Yet I couldn't help myself and watch how the 'president' cheated on exam to keep his reputation. It also pissed me off to see how dad always talked about him in house. He was proud to have such an idol in his high school. I couldn't even attend the high school my father managed. My IQ wasn't high like them so I simply went to a normal high school as a normal student. I wasn't even a class rep there so I was more likely a disappointment for dad.

Well, where was I? Oh, yes...I caught him red handed cheating on the exam while passing the classroom to meet my father and I saw him! Quickly I took a picture from it and got away with it. After school, I took my revenge. I was going to see him beg me for mercy...oh, how I hated that cheater boy! It drove me crazy that the awesome president was a slay guy! I always had the image of a four eyes in my mind but this dude was totally different...that fox!

Well, I threatened him to tell my father and he just did EXACTLY what I wanted, he begged to not tell it at least this night since he wanted a happy Christmas with his family. I was such a fool to believe him...

I was walking to school on the first day of holiday to find my lost books in high school...And then...


STOP! I know what are you thinking;'Oh, another stupid kidnapping RP, A pathetic girl and a mean boy' That's not true! This RP is a Comedy...True, the prez chose the weirdest way but this RP is nothing but humor and Romance. Nobody is an angel...the both characters are their own ways. The boy can take her to anywhere...I dunno....Make your imagination fly! Please? This RP s literate...And I want hilarious posts...PLEASE! Else, you'd be doomed, mercilessly.

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I swear I heard a breaking sound.

What had happened to the Isaac I knew?

Me, a kid? what about the two kisses we had?

So, I was his plaything. A toy for practice. I felt my eyes heating up, tears were forming.

But before they fall, the bitch started throwing arrows at my fragile heart which had already been cracked. They've kissed, they're meant for each other, I'm not needed. He ran all the way here to escape from me and find calmness in HER hug. Most of the time I would cry but that time, was different. My tears dried ans I stood up strong, ignoring my silly appearance with that mud.


I knew he would hear me, my voice teared my own ears. I ran off, cursing this arm, that bitch and myself. I'm such a loser!

When I went back home, I headed right back into my room. I had clear everything that related to him. Roughly I took off my clothes. My best clothes which that rich scum had bought. I was just his whore! Mow I was half naked, I looked in the mirror and saw the pink bunnies panties. He loved them, it has to be forgotten! Insanely I took that off too and wore an old T shirt and jeans. I shoved the nasty clothes in a bag and ran to their farm once again. I wish I could burn the whole place down but I'm no ninja.

With an amazing strength I threw the bag towards the nest of devils and escaped from the disgusting area. I saw a river, a good place for washing the tears which was staining my cheeks.
  Angie Stonebreaker / valkyira / 5y 118d 27m 33s

I am laughing hard as the girl falls into the mud. Isaac tries to help her out but instead he gets rewarded with mud all over his face. He stands up wiping the mud of his face and instead of looking at her, getting angry at her he simply says to me She will always act like a kid. oh well. Going to go clean myself

He leaves and we are alone. That girl in the mud and I. He kissed me I say trying not to smirk in triumph, though to be honest I kissed him and he rejected me, but she does not need to know that.

He no longer needs you, you know. Before yeah, though you were a pest and all, he was lonely but now he has me and I don't treat him bad at all. I behave like a girlfriend you should leave..and go play with your big bad brother..because you are no longer needed

I step away in case she decides to hurl mud at me he needed you because he had no one else, so even if you treated him bad he stood up with it..but now he has me. He likes me and I am sure that soon we are going to have sex and you will be forgotten. Not that I was sure that were going to have sex at all. I wasn't even sure about anything since he only had eyes for her. But a girl has to try and try I would.

Well now that you know I am sure you are going to leave us alone, because Isaac and I are very happy together now scram brat.
  Character Skeleton / Apple / 5y 118d 43m 28s
So lets see...I was going to act like the cool guy around and suddenly mr.destiny pushed me in muds. Hmph. Have you ever heard of fire under ashes?

France experienced it. Russia tasted it. China saw it. The result was the same:' A huge revolution'

You know, when a bitch starts laughing at me I tell myself:" Remember Gandhi and Budha. Patience...' So my flame is still hidden under ashes.

The bitch starts allowing herself to throw out sharp words. Will I explode? Angie, you shouldn't care to a fly who hopelessly clings to a skeleton for attention.

So, my fire rests under ash.

To make things worse, the boy whom you once fancied decides to join the bitch and laugh like a retard.

My child, war is needed sometimes. WWI,WWII, etc were all needed to show some bastards you can't keep hearing their fucking shits.

Even if it means grabbing the hand which supports you and pull it in a sudden move to lead the damned owner of it in the muds.

Revenge is sweet and I love sweets. That's why I put a hand on back of his head and pushed it down to let him eat some of the lovely brown thingy.

Is it nostaligic, Isaac? remember the toilet? Oh, and that whore...I looked back at her, grining insanely; As I've said before, sometimes I'm scared of myself.

"Hey, bitch...why do you insist on being his whore when he's already slept with me?" Each of my words were poisonous.

I finally let go of Isaac, because I'm not a murderer. But if things go like this, I might become one.

I'm scared of myself.

I was giggling wickedly at the sweetness of revenge.

Besides, for once I felt everything is back to normal. I was torturing the bony boy as always.
  Angie Stonebreaker / valkyira / 5y 123d 11h 59m 59s

Emmie's hand was shaken so hard she winced. "I didn't know you knew about politeness I retorted ignoring her previous words. She made me angry.
"congratulations I suppose. Be happy. I don't care" I gave her a nasty look and she continued talking. Something about me crying. Like hell bitch.
Go to hell.

We eyed each other and she rubbed in my face that she had someone else now. Whatever. I don't care. Go fuck yourself. I won't care at all about anything that concerned her. She was dead to me.

She turned around and took a step forward and with wide eyes I saw her fall into a puddle of mud. It was then I realized she was wearing the clothes I had bought for her. Now all muddy. Serves her well. She only wanted to have a good time at the cost of my pocket money.

Emmie started pointing and laughing "Omg what a clutz! You look horrible! HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAH Oh wow! " I tried keeping my face serious but I was laughing too.
It was kinda cruel but Angie deserved it and it was kinda funny too.

"here" I said offering her my hand. She should take it because it was the only time I would ever help her again.
  -Summer Lovers- / Apple / 5y 123d 19h 4m 23s
The hero held up his sword and the monster backed away.
Oh, there was a fly named Emma roaming around too.
Isaac the hero, looked in the princess' eyes and sinfully blushed.
Your face screams that you cheated on me.
I stood there, taking the glares.
What, I'm the bad guy here?
I didn't give up and stared back at him."Hi." I said the first word. "Cows are crazy." Will he answer?
"You have the blood of a cowboy." Dammit, my voice was shaky.
"Hey you, It's polite to greet." I was looking at Emma, the fly. I forcefully grabbed her hand and shook it. Yeah, I'm a bitch.
"Dad remarried." Not like I need your pity. "That's why I'm here, tolerating you." I hope I'm good at lieing with blushed cheeks and nervous eyes."So stop acting like a crybaby. Now I have a brother who eases forgetting your sobs."
Ha! take that! I turned away victoriously and landed proudly in mud.
  Angie Stonebreaker / valkyira / 5y 123d 19h 29m 35s

Emmi seemed disappointed and sat back down with a frown. I look away and the sun feels hot. I close my eyes and then I hear emmi standing up and then she shouts There is a cow coming this way?! I open my eyes and lo and behold.

It is true. A spotted white cow is stampeding towards us. At first I think the cow is going to veer off and go the other way, but she seems set on trampling over my grandmother's flowers. Hopefully the fence will hold her off. I ask emmi to go get me a broom and like knights to battle- she with the mop and I with the broom- we take a stand on the porch.

The cow broke trough the fence and my grandmother's roses were utterly destroyed. I ran towards the cow shaking my broom in the air and yelling things at her. The cow mooed and huffed. Looking at me with wide pitiful eyes. Emmie grabbed her and slapped her rump. The cow began walking away and I breathed in with relief. At least the other plants were fine.

Behind the cow was Angie and she came to stop in front of us. My cheeks went red thinking about that semi kiss I shared with emmie and automatically felt guilty. But then I remembered she was with another guy and she had betrayed me and instead I glared at her.

when will you get tired of causing problems?
  Isaac Steward / Apple / 5y 123d 20h 3m 35s

I threw away the blanket and scratched my head.

Geez, just a sleep.

Isaac wasn't naked. Isaac wasn't beside me, Isaac wasn't smiling.

I sat on bed, letting my feet touch the wooden floor. Puffing my cheeks, I decided to think.

Think about future plan.

1. Kill Joe

That was for sure.

2. Kill Isaac.

Why the hell it's the second?! No idea, oh well. I went under the shower and yelped when the damn cold water poured on my bare skin

This cottage had no system of warming.

I took a quick shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. Heh, Isaac saw me naked once.

I started wearing clothes. Isaac loved pink bunny panties, Isaac bought her clothes, Isaac, Isaac, Isaac....

I shook my head, trying to throw away the annoying thoughts. That boy didn't deserve me.

I came out in the outfit Isaac had bought for me. Just an accident, I believe.

There was a cow, wandering around lazily. I walked to her, she didn't pay much attention. I always hated cows. They always ignore even if you hit them hard on butt like this!


She reacted wonderfully and headed right towards the fence.


The cow stomped on all the flowers.

I ran after her hopelessly.

  Angie Stonebreaker / valkyira / 5y 171d 19h 53m 47s

"Do you want to forget her"

A couple of days have passed since the incident and I have spent my time at my grandmother's refusing to go farther than the gate. I don't want to see her, or have her so close to me that I forget my hatred towards her and instead beg her to come back.

My conversations with emmi are halted and awkward for me. I have nothing to say to her- not anymore. I am simply drowning in thoughts of Angie and though I know that she is a liar and that she has done this act before- I can't help but feel sorry for us.

"do you want to forget her" the question catches me again. Do I? I don't know. Emmi is sitting in front of me. The day is hot and she is only wearing rather short shorts and a thin spaghetti strapped t-shirt. She sucks on her popsicle again while the birds sing in the trees.

"I could help you" She adds and finally looks at me. Her smile is huge on her face "do you want me to help you"

I don't know what to say. My grandmother is out to buy things in town and the day stretches on lonely and hot. I feel lazy siting on the porch. She sits beside me and puts a hand on her lap.

"I guess" I answer and she leans closer "you guess? If I help you forget her...can you promise me something"

I raise a brow and remain silent and as the moments tick by I give her a reply "what sort of promise"

"You won't leave me....only if you forget about her"

I don't know what to say. She leans closer, her eyes staring into mine. A whisper pass by her lips "forget her..,you were always meant to be with me..don't you think?"

We are a stand still - my heart wishes it could race like before but it remains normal. suddenly though it starts to tick as her lips press down on mine.

and then I remember the soft lips of angie parting under mine, her hands clinging to me, her soft body pressed against mine. the way our tongues met for the first time and I push Emmie away.

" not ready"

I don't think I ever will be.
  Pancake time! / Apple / 5y 172d 20h 35m 38s
Isaac hated me, from the depth of his heart. This wasn't supposed to be anything new to me but strangely enough I felt tears roling down my cheek. I felt something clenching my heart. Maybe I had a bit of hope to be forgiven. But he was damn serious. I was his enemy. I thought of screaming at him, I thought throwing rocks... "Y-You're right." I whispered hardly among my tears. "I would just ruin your life. You don't need anyone, you kiss anyone you want...Me, Harriet, This girl...But you're always right. I'm a're the angel here. You had a wonderful life without me, didn't you?! But I hate to lie to myself..." My hands clenched into fists. "Isaac Steward; I fell in love with you, You were the first one whom I loved,...I wished to be your first and only ... but!" A sob gripped my throat."B-But you never cared to me, you just seeked to live on your own and GET THAT DAMNED SCHOLARSHIP!"Panting, I walked away, shoving my feet in the mud. "Sorry, MR.STEWARD...for being in your way." Joe was laughing, everything seemed silly to him. "Wait...Isaac Steward?! That rich brat?! I've heard...some rumors...about you being a bastard!" Not funny, Joe. I just ignored him and even stumbled in mud. "GROSS!"
  Angie Stonebreaker / valkyira / 5y 176d 21h 31m 19s
"Shut up"

There was silence and my face was composed and icy. I didn't care what she did or who she did it with. But she was nothing but a liar and a snake. She could go lie to a hundred people but she would not mess with my grandmother. She would not mess with the least bit of sanity I had found.

"You are a fucking liar and pathetic. You are childish and stupid and will never grow up. You think that acting this way will excuse any actions that you commit but that is not true. I am sick and tired of you. If you disappeared from the face of the earth nothing would make me happier" She gasps and tears run down her cheeks but i am not done yet "I trusted you. But you are scum. Worthless ugly girl. for once in your life do something good for the rest of us and leave me alone"

All those words that I had brooded over- all that pain and hurt and feeling of betrayal came out and I wanted to vomit somewhere.

"It must have been so funny to hang out with me and laugh behind my promise me things and finally get your revenge. there is done. You can get all the affection your father didn't want to give you. I am done. You no longer have anything to blackmail me with. I no longer have to stand you"

"You are a liar..and that is all you will ever be"

I walked awa, my hands in fists, my cheeks hot because though I had said all that I still felt right down miserable.

I hated her. She had betrayed me.
And at the same time- I couldn't help but want to wrap her up in my arms and smell her blonde her. Press my lips to her- talk to her again. I wanted to forgive her just to not be so lonely without her.
  Pancake time! / Apple / 5y 177d 17h 26m 33s
Isaac was with a farmgirl this time.
And he refused to answer me.
I stared at them dumbly, my mouth remained opened.I heard the giant calling me, lunch time? I don't care.
I wasn't going to have lunch with him. Instead, I ran to the old woman.
"Hi!" I forced out a sweet smile, waving my hand. "I'm Angie. Your new neighbor." I'm Isaac's nightmare. "Nice farm you have." It stinks. "I'd never lived in country." Luckily.
"Hey, blonde brat!" The giant found me. "Gonna give me more troubles...?!" He frowned, folding his arms like he's 40 or something.
I freaked out and hid behind the old woman. "GO AWAY! YOU CAN'T HURT ME!" Yesh, I'm that evil. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" Me, playing as the rape victim.
The giant-I guess his name is Joe- blinked in confusion. "Miss...I'm her brother..." He didn't look like me at all, so he had to make himself clear. "Brother in law..."
But who believes?!
I started crying, clenching on the granny's shirt.
Joe snapped at me, such a mistake. "STOP THIS BULLSHIT OR I'LL RIP OFF YOUR HAIR!"
At normal times I would just stick out my tongue but now I was a rape victim.
I just shook my head, crying louder.
I loved the show.
I wondered how would Isaac react.

{ Aw, cute kid!}
  valkyira / 5y 177d 23h 33m 25s

The ride to my grandmother's took me over an hour and during that hour I cried. I cried hiding my face in the crook of my arm against the bus's window. Examining every memory I had of her. Her blonde hair, her wicked smile, the way her lips felt against mine. Her big eyes full of tears, how she fought when we first met. Every single memory I had of her I dissected and with every thought of her my heart clenched inside me.

I trusted her. I should have known better. She was just after me because she wanted to look good in her father's eyes. She just played with me. I close my eyes drawing a shuddering breath. I knew it but I still fell.

I fell in love. Oh wow..I am such an idiot. I felt like laughing.

The bus came to a stop and I walked out into the unpaved road. There was so much dust and no other car coming. I began to walk. Every step taking me back. Back to that time when I was five years old and I ran away from home. I took a bus all by myself and during that time no one asked, no one cared about a tiny boy. I was so alone back then, just like now.

The bus left me in this same road, in this same place. Back then my feet were chubby and my determination stronger. I had ran, slipping and falling all the way to my grandmother's little farm cottage with her wild checkered hens and potted flowers. There had been old boots by the door just in case it rained and she had been barefoot shelling peas.


Stubborn and hurt and seeking affection I ran directly at her because I remembered her words that whenever I needed her at any didn't matter when she would be there for me. And she was. I spent a year with her and then my grandfather from my dad's side came to get me.

But now I was back. And I was running directly to her.

She was home feeding her chickens laughing with a girl my age. Her gaze fell on me.

"isaac?" Her arms spread open and enveloped me and finally I could breathe.

The girl smiled nervously "its me Emma...long time no see Izzy " Her wide smile took me back- oh yes. The girl who we went catching frogs with and the one with the house full of tabby cats.

"Emmie...yeah its been so long"

And I smiled though my heart was aching.The days passed in a blur. Grandma did not ask why I was there. She had late night talks over the phone and I heard her arguing "the boy is better here..I don't care.. if you dare step a foot in this house I will tell John the truth"

what truth. Who was John. Those questions were in my head but during the day I would forget them. I would forget Angie and my mother- The three of us would have buckets of fun- catching butterflies. Planting vegetables and feeding the chickens. Jokes and laughter followed me everywhere.

Emmie was that friend I always wanted but left behind and now she was here and she made me laugh.


We were walking carrying a load of onion seedlings to plant back at home. Grandma was telling us a story about the good old days and Emmie was teasing me- threatening to let go of the other side of the onion bundle.

"ISAAAAAAAAAC" Grandma stopped and I shook my head at emmie. both of us continued walking.

I did not care to see who had called my name.
  Meera of Dersa / Apple / 5y 178d 17h 31m 7s
Please god, I'm too young for hell.
That Harriet was laughing like a monkey.
Wait, was she just forgetting Isaac?!
I gritted my teeth, this bitch had no right to kiss my Isaac!
Isaac had no right to kill himself...
I was sure...he has already ended his life.
I cried like a big baby and ran home. There was awaiting the worst. Dad was back, but with a stranger.
A woman.
A blonde like me, with grey eyes and pale skin.
Such a red lipstick she uses.
It's creepy.
The woman's talking to dad so warmly, even touching his arm.
Dad doesn't slap her, he smiles and then sees me.

"This is Angie, Melody."

I froze. He called her by first name. The pale woman smiles, no, a smirk. A red, deadly smirk...

Do I have to live with this monster forever?!

Dang it. Why such a stupid woman is blonde too?!

The monster is not alone. Her son...a boy older than me...he's a giant; Doing sports and stuff. Bah, I'm not scared of him. Just his eyes...are too bossy.
I hate it.
I'm sure he thinks he can rule over me.
Can I skip the dinner?!
Father's eyes froze me in my place.
Just one night, right?!
-And the giant?-
She keeps babbling about how teenagers have 'disgusting' ideas about love and start having crush when their brains are as small as a chicken.She said "Most of these relations end up with a heartbroken girl." The giant glanced at me and smirked. I glared at dad, had he poured out his heart on this monster?!
Worse, worse and worst.
Me and giant fought.
I started it.
He made fun of my style of clothing in park-where we were supposed to know each other better- and I bravely kicked him in the manhood.

So, the monster decided to send both of us to a trip.

To the boring country.

I walked around among the grasses, feeling disgusted at the smell.
But it's better than staying in that house with the stinky giant.

I saw an old woman, nothing new in country.

And a young boy.


  valkyira / 5y 178d 19h 38m 41s

She pushes me and Isaac's mother looks wildly at us.
"I Want to thank you" I say gleefully as she slaps me. Grabbing my hair and pulling it. Once more she punches me but this time I grab her hands and spit in her face.

"It was you wasn't it... I was wondering why Isaac was sooo close to you that he would even reject was because you were blackmailing him. I knew he could not possibly like you" I pushed her back "but I should really thank you. I wanted to make him suffer but in the end you did the work for me."

I laughed and laughed.There was an odd sound and I found myself wet with the water from a bucket. Angie was soaked as well.

The woman in front of us had tears in her eyes and her lips were trembling "My son...won't answer my calls. My son is gone and I have no idea where he is...and you two are here fighting over who makes him the most miserable. Get out of my house both of you. You are scum. dirty little girls.If something happens to my son I will make sure both of your lives are miserable from now LEAVE" she barked pushing us out.

I laughed in Angie's direction and walked away. Isaac Steward was worthless to me now.
  Meera of Dersa / Apple / 5y 178d 20h 33m 56s
I cried there for a while, having the fantasy of Isaac opening the door and hugging me tight.
Just like the movies, but no, this is reality.
Nobody came after me. I walked out after washing my face. All the students were whispering.
I guess I knew the subject of their rumors.
Isaac Steward.
I shook my head. Don't be weak, girl.
Yeah, I don't need him.
This highschool stinks, I escaped from it.
Revenge should be sweet.
Too sweet, it's bitter.
I walked aimlessly, memories of the slim boy torturing me.
That cheater...

This isn't home.
I looked at the door with the well made handle.
Funny, I had gone to his house without noticing.
I should go back.
Knock, knock.
I wait.
I should go back.
It opens.
My heart beats crazily.
It's not Isaac, it's his mother.
"I've got a cellphone left in your house."
Not a brilliant one but an excuse.
Yeah, I'm not here for the playboy.
There I see the four eyes bitch; The whore who stole my life. I shot a glare at her.
Get lost.
"Get lost." They finally come out of my mouth. "Get lost, bitch."Great, I've gone mad. I even push her wildly and seek for a bitch fight.
I have to pour my rage on someone.
  Angie Stonebreaker / valkyira / 5y 178d 20h 58m 49s

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