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Hiro opened his eyes weakly, he took a glance at Zane his arms wrapped around the male as he dragged him down and sighed softly,"Alright we'll start looking to day, I'll also get your forums in tomorrow for the university you'll attend in fall." he smiled then dragged Zane down against his body,"It'd be best that he you all your things packed today, I'll pack mine and clean my house and put it up for sale we'll find something nice and promising on the way around I know some nice houses farther east of here." he just sighed softly into the other's cheek.
  Morphinebreakdown / 7y 1d 23h 7m 32s
When the following morning came around Zane stands up and walks to his balcony. "I know he's coming this week." he mutters and crosses his arms. He needed to get out quick before his father came home. This was not a good thing if they got caught. "Hiro..." he whispers and lies on top of his boyfriend and kisses his cheek gently.

"We need to find a place to live and all of that. we need to plan our move before my dad gets back. I don't want him to find us here or I wont be able to leave with you.."
  Zane Yamishi Davis. / Kita-san / 7y 10d 21h 31m 41s
Hiroko stared at Zane then chuckled,"I think we did it four times." he mumbled, still panting lightly, his whole body sweating lightly, though he wasn't doing any of the moving but the body pressed to him and the touching made it seem like he was the one doing all the work. He felt the lingering taste of Zane's lips on his, they just sat there toppled on top of each other tired.

"That sounds like a good idea, I'd get everything I have, we'd move into a nice little home and be a happy family of two." he smirked, then kissed the other as he drifted off into a deep sleep.
  Hiroko / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 30d 23h 13m 12s
zane pants softly and kisses Hiroko. "Wow its three a.m." he mutters and then smirks. "How many times did we do it?" He chuckles a bit and kisses him again. "I love you." He rubs Hiroko's chest and closed his eyes. "I was thinking we should move away together. I can take my funds and we can just leave. No more Keita or anyone."

Slowly zane fekk asleep dreamind of a lie with Hiroko and no one else tryibg to separate them.
  Zane Yamishi Davis. / Kita-san / 7y 36d 20h 14m 54s
Hiroko looked down then walked towards Zane he crawled on top of the other, his hands grasping the side of his face as he kissed him deeply. he loved the other with all of his heart and if that meant comforting him like this was all he could do right now the he would. Hiroko slid his body closer and they ended up doing it for hours basically nonstop. Hiro had forgotten Keita himself he hoped that Zane was the same and didn't mind anything now. he held the other close,"Give me a kiss." he whispered softly.
  Hiroko / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 49d 23h 50m 47s
Zane tilts his head. "Talk about what. I don't want to talk about Keita. Hes in the past. If anything lets talk about our future." He then lies on the bed and takes off his shirt. "Come on. Make me forget right now before I start crying. " he mutters averting his head from Hiroko. "Please."

Zane needed this right now. He needed his lover to be by his side. Zane cleared off the pillows and the large blanket. Once everything was set he motioned Hiroko over to the bed.
  Zane Yamishi Davis. / Kita-san / 7y 50d 12m 1s
Hirko looked at Keita, he felt bad but Zane was his and he had to protect the one he loved,"I'm sorr-.." he was cut off by a kiss, he leaned into the other and kissed him deeply his fingers curling into the other shirt, he pulled away for a second to get some air and began to kiss the other once more except this time it was a rougher kiss. he need to him to forget everything about Keita. Keita was no longer their concern all he needed was Zane.

"Zane let's talk about this after..we both seem a little..rough.."
  Hiroko / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 50d 20m 57s
Keita winces when he hit the ground. "I love him!" He said. Zane felt his heart ache a bit. He use to love Keita. The male was his first and was there all the time. "'re fired." Hen said and sits up once he was untied. "Please leave. I don't love you. I never will. I want Hiroko and only him." He oulls on hiroko's arm.

Keita stood up and rushes out the room. Zane gets off the bed and sighs. "This was horrible." He n hugs Hiroko. "Make me forget about him." He whispers and kisses him.
  Zane Yamishi Davis. / Kita-san / 7y 50d 27m 21s
Hiroko went up to the bedroom, setting the plates down but when there was no signs of Keita or Zane looked around following the wet footstep trail to the spare bedroom but when he tried to open the door it was looked,"Open the door." he stated, but he got no reply, even though his body was drained and he was injured profusely he took a step back and slammed his foot right next to the door knob breaking the door in. he walked in and looked straight at Keita. he couldn't believe him,"So you tie up the person you supposedly love and try to force him to love aren't in love him him you're obsessed with him. If you loved him you'd be happy he's happy.." he walked towards Keita throwing him off Zane.

He was completely pissed, he held back as much as he could to kick his ass.
  Hiroko / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 50d 54m 24s
"Keita stop." He smacked his hand away abd turns his back. " stop. I missed you." He hugs zane from behibd. "Remember how close we were. I just want to be yours again." He kisses the back of Zane's neck. Zabe stood there stiff. " left me when I needed you most. I dont wabt to be with you."

Zane pushes Keita out the bathroom before he got naked. After hos bath he went into the spare bedroom since the pajamas he wanted were in there. Thats when he was pushed onto the bed and tied up by keita. "You will love me again." He said and straddles him. "Get the hell off of me." Zane narrowed hos eyes.
  Zane Yamishi Davis. / Kita-san / 7y 50d 2h 13m 33s
Hirko went downstairs, he really wanted beef and chicken with sticky rice and vegetables. He began to steam the rice, then cook the vegetables. he really enjoyed the fact that he had a faithful boyfriend,"I hope he likes this."he smiled happily, he wondered what they had to drink, he shrugged guessing soda or ginger ale of some sorts wouldn't hurt. He smiled as he began to cook the beef and chicken. he finished up the lunch and brought it upstairs for all three of them, he was happy to know that he could relax or so he thought.
  Hiroko / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 50d 2h 34m 52s
I know. He's so evil lol. You can play him too if you want to add anything.

Zane smiles and cuddles close to Hiroko. "I love you." Zane runs a hand through his hair. "I need to shower." He sits up. "Actually I'm taking a bath." He kisses his cheek. "Relax ok? You can bring up some snacks and qe can watch a movie." He suggested before going to his bathroom.

The tub was already filled with nice hot water and bubbles. "All done sir." Keita said and starts stripping zane.
  Zane Yamishi Davis. / Kita-san / 7y 50d 3h 21m 48s

Hiroko hugged Zane close, listening to him,"Your body, your soul, your heat, and your everything are mine. You are my lover." he stated firmly before kissing Zane's cheek,"I know that Keita Likes you but he can go find someone're mine..I'll make sure of that.." he stated then lifted Zane up taking him to the bed, hugging him tightly,"I won't leave no matter what your father says I'll always have the upper hand when it comes to knowledge..and feelings.." he chuckled then kissed him deeply.

Hiroko didn't want to leave anyone and he wasn't planning on leaving anyways.
  Hiroko / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 50d 3h 29m 50s
Zane wasn't sure what to do. He had nothing. No money, no car, no apartment, no job.... no anything. "If he should leave Hiroko." He whispers softly. He then sits on his lover's lap on the floor. "My father isn't kind at all. I dobt want you to get hurt. I'll keep away from keita. I won't allow him to do anything. My body belongs to you." He smiles a bit and then laughs. "I sound like such a sap huh?" Zane always tried to be tough. He would put on a front when it came to being around people but Hiroko knows the real him.

"Look, I'll find a job or something and I can move out." He smiles. Meanwhile keita dug up some dirt on Hiroko. "Former teacher huh?" He smirks
  Zane Yamishi Davis. / Kita-san / 7y 50d 4h 10m 40s
Hiroko frowned then stood up, he took Zane's hand,"You know what no, I'm not allowing myself to listen to this whore nor' will you. he obviously doesn't have your best intentions in place. Besides if I'm coming with you over there and he won't care, why should he now. you don''t need your parents acceptance remember?" he stated promptly before pulling Zane along. he walked upstairs and into Zane's room slamming the door shut and locking it. He sat against it just in case the other had a spare key,"No..I don't care who he tells I'm your lover and he isn't getting in the way of that and if he tries again I'm pretty sure I'll put him in the hospital."

Hiroko slammed his fist into the ground, he was frustrated with how snobby and selfish the other was.
  Hiroko / Morphinebreakdown / 7y 50d 4h 28m 22s

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