The Forbidden will Awaken

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Project Koro, An ancient being found over 70 years ago in a deep sleep, Kept captive at a remote Japanese Millitary base of the coast of China, One day the Nitrogen Canisters had erupted, unfreezing Project Koro, A group of quick thinking soldiers had Put him in A cage With a 3 meters thick steel casing, All was not okay however for shortly afterword The project had Broken Out Using some sort of telekenitic Powers to Mame, Behead, And brutalize the soldiers, He had broken out of the base and passed out on the shore, Days later he awoke on a beach Near kanto japan completely naked, A human boy and girl, Brother and sister named Corey, and Yuuki had taken him in, they lived alone because both their parents were dead, he had lost his memory, At the siblings house he met Caite the Girls best friend, Before long bizzarre things began to happen, Buildings would explode, people would die, Bad things would happen to good people, Koro's Older Brother, Jericho, had come from the Underworld, He had sensed that Koro was not dead so he came to earth to Aid his younger broher, Koro was a demon, his real name was Nobunoga, and he was destined to be a demon Lord, A week had passed and earth Was attacked By an army of demons their commander was Arya and she was Feirce and Powerful, Now Koro And his brother Jericho must protect Yuuki, Caite and Corey, During the fight the Corey man's Up and protect's the girls by bringing them nto the basement where he finds an old shotgun, Will the boy's win the fight, Will they die, Find out, Oh, And there is quite a catch...



Theme song:
Short bio:

Name: Koro
Age: N/A
Theme song: recreant by chelsea grin
Short bio:

Name: Jericho Vanguard.
Role: koro's brother
Age: Unknown
Theme song: Spellbound- Lacuna Coil
Short bio: Will stop at nothing to help his brother. He is an arcane demonic sage with great power. He can focus all his power into sword magics, and arcane power. He is powerful at the same time calm and collected. He never loses his cool ever.

Name: Caite Langley
Age: 17
Role: sisters friend
Theme Song: Complicated Melody - India.Arie
Short Bio: Caite manages to screw things up if she's not careful. She tries to help her best friend as much as she can, but... Sometimes, things don't work out like they're supposed to. She has a very laid back attitude, and likes to take things easy. She doesn't quite understand the gravity of the situation.

Name: Yuuki Yamada
Role: Sister
Age: 17
Theme song: Electric Twist- A Fine Frenzy
Short bio: She is very kind and has never been able to say "no" to someone asking for her help. She isn't really shy, but a lot of people think she is because of her soft personality. She is very protective of her friends and especially protective of her brother. She is very selfless and will do whatever she can to help anyone she comes across

Name: Corey Shadows
Role: Brother
Age: 19
Theme Song: My Immortal - Evanescence
Short Bio: corey is very withdrawn, and prefers to keep to himself. He's very gentle, not as much as his sister, no, but caring. He's very protective over her

Role: demon girl
Theme song:my minds eye by sirenia
Short bio:arya loves to fight she could careless about others and what happens to them.however as human as she appears she is a demon and has dangerous powers...

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well I'm finally back
  Yuuki / fluffy / 9y 290d 18h 50m 14s
yeah me to m just dong random rps right now ...
  arya(demon commander) / allenwalkerxxx / 9y 291d 1h 4m 8s
lol Gawr im bored
  Koro / Arrekusu / 9y 291d 1h 5m 33s

  arya(demon commander) / allenwalkerxxx / 9y 291d 1h 12m 11s
lol i guess, whatever its kool, lol Now i cant rape you... JK JK haha
  Koro / Arrekusu / 9y 291d 1h 16m 16s

  arya(demon commander) / allenwalkerxxx / 9y 291d 1h 18m 25s
send me a link and i'll ad you
  Koro / Arrekusu / 9y 291d 1h 20m 52s
yeah i do!
  arya(demon commander) / allenwalkerxxx / 9y 291d 1h 26m 52s
lol do you have a facebook
  Koro / Arrekusu / 9y 291d 1h 31m 6s

  arya(demon commander) / allenwalkerxxx / 9y 291d 1h 40m 12s
lol i dont, sorry for trying to make you feel better lol
  Koro / Arrekusu / 9y 291d 1h 41m 37s
maybe maybe not you dont know what i look like... or do you?
  arya(demon commander) / allenwalkerxxx / 9y 291d 1h 50m 11s
rofl well im sure your just as pretty
  Koro / Arrekusu / 9y 291d 1h 52m 0s
her prettyness and stuff i dont know that how girls are
  arya(demon commander) / allenwalkerxxx / 9y 291d 1h 57m 59s
lol jealous of what ^_^
  Koro / Arrekusu / 9y 291d 2h 5m 21s

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