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Thought i would make one of these since the last one i was in got deleted since there was bad blood.

Come in and chat stay a while you never know you might find someone you like and make a new friend hell maybe even meet your mate.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

curls up in the grass outside
  ~~ Ravvie ~~ / Concrete-Angel / 7y 125d 19h 27m 32s
  Panda Rose / LeeLeeRose / 7y 220d 19h 58m 9s
you can use either or i don't mind
  Soma Hitachi Hiaide(human) / HollowLink / 7y 235d 6h 56m 6s
Hi. Oh...should I get an anime pic?
  .Expressing Wild. / -Savannah / 7y 235d 23h 4m 10s
  Soma / HollowLink / 7y 235d 23h 33m 39s

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