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  Maverick Cascade / Darkjak / 6y 297d 8h 31m 51s
As Shadow leaned over to heal her leg, Opal had already started bracing herself. Almost as if she knew what was coming, during the process itself she merely grunted and winced lightly but didn't express anything major. Once he had finished she raised her leg and waved it a little, then smiled as she lowered it back down and looked at him. "Thank you I feel better now."

Meanwhile the blonde colored hedgehog woke with a start as she gasped and sat up quickly in the bed she was in then looked around, she eventually noticed Knuckles in the room and addressed him. "Hey is O- er.. is my friend okay?" She asked as she rubbed her own head, looking at her surroundings.. this was Shadow's house for sure. She always felt a little creeped out in here, it was a living house after all.
  |❣Opal❣| / MaskOfInnocence / 6y 308d 13h 35m 59s
Shadow looked down at the female cat in slight confusion. "Right... Well I'm going to fix your leg anyway, okay?" Shadow then leaned over the girl and gently placed his hand over her injured leg. A soft red glow emitted from his hand, slowly repairing the damage done to her leg. "This is probably quite painful, so... Yeah sorry about that." Shadow held his hand over the female cat's leg until all her injuries were healed. "There. How do you feel now?" Shadow straightened himself up and leaned on a wall, awaiting a response.
  Shadow the Hedgehog / Darkjak / 6y 308d 13h 42m 27s
The female cat let out a quiet chuckle at Shadow's statement as she closed her eyes, "I get that a lot.." she mumbled once more then chuckled slightly again hearing Knuckles go on about hurrying so they could rest. As if there was something in Knuckle's speech she found amusing, she was quiet the remainder of the way there as she rested her eyes. The blonde female only groaned lightly again once they arrived and Knuckles had started up the stairs, once Shadow had set her down again on the couch the feline opened her eyes again to answer his question. She was still smiling lightly as she spoke quietly, "I feel fine, just tired.. my leg doesn't hurt anymore so it probably just numbed out." she replied in an unusually casual manner.
  |❣Opal❣| / BlackCherryBomb / 6y 308d 20h 55m 56s
Shadow sighed slightly at the comment from the female cat he was carrying. "You're too nice for your own good, you know that?" Knuckles called back to Shadow who was lagging behind him. "Come on, Shadow! The faster we get these ladies home, the sooner they can rest!" Shadow rolled his eyes. "Why are you so eager to help these chicks out again? I mean, what's in it for you?" Knuckles didn't stop to reply and continued off to Shadow's house, with Shadow close behind. As the four of them neared the grand mansion, Knuckles turned to speak to Shadow. "So, Is Amy crashing here right now? Or is she back at her place?" Shadow grunted as he began climbing the large wooden staircase outside his home. "Unless she decided to surprise me, she's at her house." Shadow and Knuckles carried the two girls into the grand mansion. "Okay. Knuckles, just put her on my bed upstairs. It's the second door on the right. I'm going to tend to this one on the couch." Knuckles stood puzzled for a second before carrying the unconscious hedgehog upstairs. Shadow gingerly placed the female cat onto the couch. "There. How are you feeling?"
  Shadow the Hedgehog / Darkjak / 6y 308d 21h 11m 59s
Opal had blinked realizing the confusion she caused the dark colored male, and opened her mouth to respond but he cut her off before she did so. She was relieved that she had enough money for her and her companion, but once she was scooped up and saw her friend was being taken care of by Knuckles she relaxed and half closed her eyes. She was in reality very depleted in energy, and even have that conversation with Shadow was tiring. The blonde hedgehog only let out a light groan and an inaudible mumble as Knuckles picked her up, almost as if she was talking in sleep. Opal managed the energy to express her appreciation for the two male's actions, "Thank you both... sorry for the trouble." she mumbled with a small smile.
  |❣Opal❣| / BlackCherryBomb / 6y 309d 12h 39m 27s
Shadow was now even more confused than before and thought for several seconds before replying. "Uh... twenty bucks is enough for the two of you but... how the fuck do you know me? We've never met, I'm sure. How the hell would you be able to predict my mood? Or motivation? Or- never mind! Let's just get you two to my place!" Shadow stooped down and examined the two girls in front of him. "How the hell am I gonna get these girls out of this ditch and over to my house? I can't really carry both of them... Dammit..." Shadow reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. He speed-dialed and waited for an answer. *"Ugh, what is it, Shadow?"* "Knuckles, I need you to help me rescue some girls who-" Shadow was suddenly cut off from a small "click" as Knuckles hung up on the other line. "Well, shit. Is that a 'hell yes' or a 'hell no'?" Just then, Knuckles came gliding down from the sky and touched down next to Shadow. "So, where are the girls who need saving, Shadow? Shadow side-glanced at Knuckles. "In the giant fucking hole right in front of us." Shadow stated very matter-of-factly. "And why are so eager to help exactly? I thought Sonic was the heroics junkie." Knuckles hopped down into the hole and picked up the unconscious blonde hedgehog. "Is that really important right now? Gimmee a hand here will ya?" Shadow sighed and picked up the female cat as gently as he could and began carrying her back to his house.
  Shadow the Hedgehog / Darkjak / 6y 309d 12h 49m 25s
The silver colored female blinked for a moment in light surprise but then smiled again meekly, "You're even colder at this time huh? well I can tell we've interrupted your perfectly gloomy day and irritated you. I will try not to take up much more of your time, I don't have very much money on me.. but maybe enough to cover my friend for a night. Would twenty be enough for her? I could find someplace else.." she replied and tilted her head with an almost impossibly charming smile especially considering her condition. And again, she had no idea how bizarre she must have been sounding. Already the male in front of her had to be wondering how she knew anything about him, let alone what he was feeling and why on earth would she have him help her friend but leave her in a ditch with an injured leg.
  |✭Lightning✭| / BlackCherryBomb / 6y 309d 13h 11m 24s
Shadow blinked and looked back at the female cat blankly. "Hmm... I suppose... How much do you have on you? You don't expect me supply you with food and a place to crash for free do you?" Shadow replied coldly, before crossing his arms and waiting for her response.
  Shadow the Hedgehog / Darkjak / 6y 309d 13h 21m 41s
The blonde female was still blatantly unconscious, the light colored female cat on the other hand let out a light groan and peered upwards at Shadow. A small almost embarrassed smile came over her face, as she found her voice to respond to him. "Oh hello.. yeah we're alive, my friend is just physically exhausted so her body gave out. Um, I hate to be a bother but could you lend a little aid to get her someplace she can lay down? I would do it myself but I was silly enough to injure my leg so..." as she made her request it didn't even seem to occur to her how strange she must have sounded to the male before her.
  |✭Lightning✭| / BlackCherryBomb / 6y 309d 13h 27m 24s
Shadow stumbled slightly as the blast of yellow light darted past. "What the- Who?" Shadow looked towards the crater where the blonde hedgehog had landed. "I'd better go and see what's going on. Guess drinks with Sonic will have to wait." The bottoms of Shadow's boots lit up as jets of flame shot out lifting him into the air. Shadow skated across the air to investigate the crash site. As he approached the crater, the jets from Shadow's boots shut down causing him to land lightly on the ground in front of it. "Hey! You alive?" He called down into the wreckage.
  Shadow the Hedgehog / Darkjak / 6y 309d 13h 35m 29s
The seemingly quiet and rainy day was suddenly and abruptly disturbed with the sound of a sonic boom, it echoed louder than thunder as a flash of light sped past Shadow just narrowly missing him. Before a single person could blink it was over, several bushes and greenery trampled and torn asunder along a dug out steaming trail in the ground. The trail lead to a small crater, where the mysterious 'speeding bullet' had crash landed.

To anyone even thirty feet of the event the previous sound of the sonic boom was wringing in their ears. Meanwhile, a female blonde hedgehog holding a light colored cat in her arms perked her head up from the crater. The female let out a weak chuckle as he glanced down at her now unconscious companion, "H-Hey Opal, I did it.. I actually-..." before she could finish her statement the blonde female blacked out.
  |✭Lightning✭| / BlackCherryBomb / 6y 310d 12h 34m 58s
Shadow strode down the long rain-streaked sidewalk, deep in thought. "What a perfectly miserable day. I love it. Whenever it rains all the stupid people go away and allow me to enjoy the weather." As the rain pounded down and ran down the street, Shadow continued in no particular direction. Perhaps he would stop by Sonic's house for some "entertainment". As much as he would love to beat Sonic to a bloody pulp sometimes, he was still good for a laugh, especially when he was drunk. "It's decided. I'll go and invite Sonic out for drinks. That ought to complement this weather nicely." And with that thought, Shadow turned in the direction of Sonic's house.
  Shadow the Hedgehog / Darkjak / 6y 310d 12h 48m 21s

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