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She had watched him slowly decline. He couldn't see it right away, but she could. That serum was slowly eating away at him, showing to be too much for him. It seemed he knew that though, having done it so willingly. His blood was unnatural, unfit for a Vampire to drink. A shame really. She wanted Akira to taste her own brother's blood as he was dying. Just a small bump in the road, nothing much.

Then there was the fear. The fear she was looking for this whole time. Just the mention of his little lover was enough to scare him. It wouldn't be hard to find the girl, the new king had some very resourceful people working for him that were bound to know her whereabouts. She smirked at his threat, thinking it as cute that he could have so much rage within those words.

[+red "Who said anything about me hurting her?"] Akira replied. [+red "Oh no, you see, that would be too easy. Sure I might have a hand in it, but I wouldn't hurt her myself. Akira, on the other hand, well, I can't really vouch for her. She might get a little bloodthirsty."]

She laughed, thinking of how great it would be when Akira realized what she had done. Akira hadn't killed anyone she truly cared about yet, but killing Ean's girlfriend would be more than enough to set her over the edge. Then the shadow would watch in joy as Akira's mind faded away more and more.

She started to walk towards him, obviously not worried about her own safety at this moment. Ean was weak, and was probably getting weaker by the second because of his wound. Even if she thought there wasn't anything the boy could do, she wouldn't really let her guard down.

[+red "Akira told you to leave, and yet you stayed. You truly love your sister, I can see that. She cares for you, she really does, I mean she's really fighting in there."] She tapped her head, both it and Akira's mind swirling around, trying to break the other. [+red "I haven't felt this much fight from her in a while. Sadly though, when she breaks through, you'll be dead. So why not? Go ahead, take one last swing before I end you and go after your pretty lover."] She held her arms out, showing she was ready, the smirk never leaving her face.
  Akira / Kikido / 4y 124d 12h 25m 56s
Ean stumbled as he pressed his hand against the wound, trying to keep himself from bleeding out. If the sword had remained in it would have kept the wound closed... But she recalled it. The wound wasn't serious, but he would still bleed out if it was left unattended.

[+blue "Don't... underestimate me..."] He grumbled as he looked at his hand, the blood on it black from the serum. And... Was it him, or were his fingers pale? Yes, his skin was pale... Only making the black veins even more prominent.

Sheathing one sword Ean carefully raised his guard, keeping his eyes on Akira's body. One hand remained on the wound, the other shaking a bit. He didn't have much time... He probably wasn't going to survive the battle... At least he managed to stall her. He just had to keep her talking, engage from time to time and...

And then she spoke about Yukiko. Ean's breath caught in his throat, his heart stopping from fear, fear that showed on his face.

[+blue "No..."] He breathed out. [+blue "Don't... Don't you dare... Don't you dare hurt her..."] The fear was quickly being replaced by rage, his heart beating fast as he gripped his sword tight. [+blue "I swear, if you lay one finger on her I will destroy you!"]
  Ean Heidrich / Shadowstorm / 4y 124d 16h 46m 1s
It was quick. The attack happened in less than a second. The blade ran through his body, missing the vital parts. She didn't wish to kill him. Not yet, anyways. There was still fun to be had. Looking into his eyes though, there was something different. It wasn't that serum he had injected himself with, no, she had looked past that. It was something she had seen with Keiji, but this was stronger. What was it?

In the mist of thinking, she had let her guard down, noticing too late the growl Ean had let out in retaliation. This was followed by the elbow to the face and the kick back, sending Akira stumbling as he put distance between them, taking the sword with him. She regained her balance, rubbing off the blood that had dripped from her mouth, a smile coming to her face.

[+red "Well, I have to say kid, that was a good attack there."] She chuckled, holding out her hand as the blade embedded in Ean dissolved and came back to her. [+red "Though, I wonder how well you'll fight with that injury now. But, hm, I think we can add some fun to this."]

Twirling the blade around a bit, she watched him, ready for anything now. She learned quickly to not let her guard down towards him. What was so special about him anyways? Akira was really fighting now once she had spotted him. The darkness knew he was Akira's adopted brother. Taken in by the old king's father when his parents were killed. Akira had known him for a while, but could never see him all the time like she wanted to. They were both hunters of different groups, and Akira had her father after her. Still, why him? Keiji was just as close, if not closer to Akira, and she hadn't fought his hard for a while. Perhaps a new shed of hope? Well, it was time to ruin that for her now.

[+red "I wonder, do you still have that little girlfriend of yours around? The one that's a princess, but left her family. Akira hasn't seen her in a long time, and I bet she would love to pay her a visit. Though, I can't say it'll go the way she would want it to."] The smirk on her face showed it all. The plan she was laying out right in front of Ean. One that he would get right away. She wondered just how he would react.
  Akira / Kikido / 4y 125d 8h 36m 47s
[i Beat...]

The serum coursing through his body allowed him to see everything with perfect clarity. Akira... His sister in all but blood...

[i Beat...]

Mathias, one being that the closest he had to a family, doted on her as much as he could without having contact with her... Having being raised by the old vampire, Ean at first envied her... Viewing himself as a surrogate to her, a placeholder.

[i Beat...]

But Mathias did care for him too... Which was why he viewed her as a sister, loving her like a brother would.

[i Beat...]

It was surreal. The Schwarze Sonne serum allowed him to see, process and feel everything with perfect clarity. The changes in her body language, in her expression, tone of voice, when that thing took over her... He knew that when he had been about to strike her down it was Akira behind those eyes and not the darkness.

[i Beat...]

And he saw the change back, when the darkness took over. But his body didn't respond as it should. His hands, trembling from the strain of the Schwarze Sonne coursing through his veins, couldn't react with the same coordination he was used to. He couldn't bring his guard up in time...

[i Beat...]

He had been wounded before. Stabbed, shot, hit, bitten... But he hadn't felt it as clearly as he did now. The sword, sharp enough to cut ordinary steel, striking forward and into his body. His clothes, his skin, his muscles and organs, all parted as the sharp edge sliced through him.

[i Beat...]

He stared at her, at that beast that wore the body of Akira like a mask. He felt the pain, sharp as the sword, and yet it was also dull...

[i Beat...]
[i Beat...]
[i Beat...]

Ean growled, a low, animalistic sound as he lashed out with his elbow towards the beast's face, followed by him kicking back, attempting to slide free from the sword... Or take it with him, if possible...
  Ean Heidrich / Shadowstorm / 4y 125d 9h 16m 19s
She fell to the ground, shaking as she realized what was happening. Slowly, she looked at her hands, wondering just what she was going to do when she got a hold of Ean.

[b "No...I...I thought I could hold it back...but...I couldn't...again..."] She muttered softly, tears starting to form in her eyes. [b "I'm sorry Ean...I'm sorry..."]

Akira was crying now, doubling over as she did so. How could she have been so weak? She thought she could hold it off in front of Ean. But then again, she couldn't with Keiji, so how did she expect to do so with her adopted brother?

[b "They're all against me...They all want me dead. Even Keiji was starting to believe there was no hope...Please Ean, just end this now...I can't fight it anymore..."]

He didn't know. All of this was a trick. Gain his trust, let him put his guard down. Let him believe that Akira was really there again. When in all, it was playing with the both of them. It let Akira think it had beat it for now, while letting Ean believe the same thing. Akira had finally broken, ready to just end it all. That happened a while ago, but it had made sure not to let her go through with it. It wasn't done with her yet.

[b "Please Ean...help me...help..."] She begged, holding her head again as she felt the pain. [+red "Help."]

She rose again, her blade ready, as it struck forward. A wide grin was on her face again, a laugh escaping from it as she reached out to him.

[+red "You know, I could have more fun here, but I suddenly have a very interesting idea."]
  Akira / Kikido / 4y 129d 9h 25s
It was close... So close. Just a millimeter more and his swords would have tasted blood... Instead, Ean managed to stop the weapons just in time, the black sword lightly tapping Akira's skin, the other sword missing her as he managed to redirect it in the last second. Again, a feat only possible thanks to the serum in his blood.

He stared at her for one long, impossibly long second. Was this... Was this a trick by that thing? Or was this the real thing?

[+blue "Akira?"] He asked her, his hands trembling lightly with barely restrained energy.
  Ean Heidrich / Shadowstorm / 4y 129d 10h 11m 33s
She laughed at his response. [+red "Help her. There's no helping her."] The black lines were all over him. She could see where every vein was because of that black liquid he had injected himself with. What was it exactly? It didn't matter. By the looks of it, he had used much more than he was supposed to. Because of that, he couldn't possibly control the effects for long. There was going to be a point where he would lose, and that was when she would make the final blow. But for now, she would play.

His next attack was coming fast. Faster than a normal human would be able to strike with. She had to admit, he was handling himself quite well. But how well would he handle what would happen next?

The smirk on her face suddenly turned to shock, as if something within her changed. Seeing Ean get closer, she stumbled back a little, obviously scared of what was going to happen to her. The fear in her eyes were not just directed at the attack, but at Ean as well. What was going on with him? What had he done to himself?

[b "Ean..."]
  Akira / Kikido / 4y 135d 14h 32m 43s
The force of the blow that sent him to the ground should have hurt more than that... And maybe fracture or outright break his ribs. But it didn't. It was more like a small slap... A side effect of the massive amount of Schwarze Sonne that Ean injected himself with? Perhaps... It was a good thing. Another human would have been rendered immobile in this situation...

[+blue "Because someone has to try..."] Ean hissed as he pushed himself back up, stumbling as he used more force than necessary. The black lines were all over his skin, or under it to be more precise. It was as if his blood was black... [+blue "Because someone has to help her..."] He didn't want to add a "by any means necessary". There were things he was not going to do, even if it was the easy way out.

Shaking his head the Hunter gazed at her. The black lines were present in his eyes as well, filling the small capillaries there. Then, growling, he charged again, his swords flashing in a flurry of steel.
  Ean Heidrich / Shadowstorm / 4y 135d 14h 57m 12s
She noticed the changes within him. Whatever he had injected was quickly making its way through his body. It threw him off balance a bit, having been shakey with the blade in his hand. Everything within him was rising in levels not really meant for humans. Hell, perhaps even for Hunters.

[+red "Oh? You're that cocky?"] She chuckled, letting herself be pushed back a bit. [+red "Well, why don't I just knock you down a few levels."]

Seeing him rush towards her, both blades ready, she quickly jumped to the side. As he passed by her, she swung her arm down, the handle of the blade, along with her fist, slamming down onto him, forcing him into the ground.

[+red I applaud you for attempting to save Akira, but it's just no use. It's far too late to save her. Not even her little boyfriend Keiji could stop it. What makes you think you could?"] She chuckled looked back as she had walked away a bit. There was no way Ean would be out, so her fun would continue momentarily.
  Akira / Kikido / 4y 136d 9h 39m 18s
The being was right. Ean was brave and stupid... Brave and stupid enough to confront it and Akira alone. Brave and stupid enough to inject himself with a full vial of the vile black liquid.

The next slash was parried by Ean's second blade, his arm trembling a bit before it steadied. Ean was breathing fast, his pupils shrinking. Black lines started to run along the side of his neck... Inside his veins. The same was happening all over his body, the drug working in amounts it was never meant to be taken.

Schwarze Sonne. The Black Sun. That was what they called it. It was the triumph card of the order of hunters that Ean was in when they fought against the supernatural. A few drops of it increased their reaction time and strength to that on par of low to mid-tier Rogues.

Ean took a lot more than a few drops. Too much...

[+blue "I don't need backup."] He hissed through clenched teeth as he pushed Akira back, his strength comparable to that of a proper Vampire. He dashed after her, both swords poised to skewer her through the abdomen. A non-lethal strike, one that would just take out some intestines...
  Shadowstorm / 4y 136d 9h 55m 58s
The parry was a bit of a shock to the being. She had seen him inject himself, but she certainly wasn't expecting this. So, he had a way to enhance his abilities a bit. Something along the lines of adrenaline perhaps? Still, it wasn't going to be enough.

[+red "Well, aren't you just full of surprises."] She chuckled, pushing away and jumping back a bit. [+red "Still, it's not going to do much to help you."]

Akira jumped again, slashing down in her attack. The being would let Akira suffer, letting her watch what she did to Ean to knock him down. Akira had warned him and he hadn't taken it. The being knew Ean was a very brave boy, but that could also amount to stupid, in some cases. The being saw no reason for him to try, Akira was theirs to control. And they were going to take her on a wonderful ride all the way to hell.

[+red "Hope you brought someone else with you if you think you have even a chance to survive boy."]
  Akira / Kikido / 4y 136d 10h 13m 51s
Ean had a smartass remark, he really did. But he couldn't get it out before Akira's hand clamped around his throat, choking his reply off. His free hand clawed at her arm in a futile gesture. Right now he was only as strong as a fit young man... As a human.

Then, Ean flew through the air. He hit the ground hard, rolling a few times before coming to a stop. His head was ringing, his body complaining from the treatment. But he was alive, and the syringe was intact. And it was going to keep him alive...

Seeing Akira rush at him he knew he had no choice. He had to use it. And so he did, jamming the needle right under his ribcage, grunting in pain as it found his heart and he pushed the plunger in, uncaring if there was air in it as well. He knew he was going to survive that.

For a moment it seemed that Akira's strike would connect. Then, as fast as her, he had a blade out, parrying hers...
  Ean Heidrich / Shadowstorm / 4y 136d 10h 38m 13s
[+red "The sun may be annoying, but when isn't it to Vampires and Rogues?"] The sun wouldn't kill a Vampire, but that didn't mean it wouldn't annoy them. The Darkness usually didn't care, but in this Vamperic body, it had to be careful.

[+red "It just adds to the mood really. What more could you want on a dark day than blood and slaughter?"]

She chuckled, grabbing his neck now. Pulling him up a bit, she had a wide smile on her face. [+red "Now then, what's say we have a little fun now hm?"] She then tossed him off, with the force only rivaled by the king himself. Of course, Ean would survive the throw. This being wasn't one to kill suddenly when they wanted to have fun. A blade then appeared in her hand. The same blade Akira used, which was her mother's. She then rushed towards him, ready to strike down at him. This was going to be a very fun time for her. [+red "She said to leave, and now you'll pay the price!"]
  Akira / Kikido / 4y 136d 10h 48m 31s
Ean's grey eyes once again focused on her red ones as he digested the information. Next to her heart... That wasn't good. Not at all. Even trying to pull it out would kill her, and that was if the entity in the gem couldn't do it anyway.

[+blue "Original darkness, eh?"] He asked, tightening his grip on the syringe. It might even be true... Powerful entities were something his grandfather had told him about. Primodial beings that shaped this world, more concept than living beings... Though they should have been long gone, before even Mathias' time...

[+blue "Well, I bet you don't like the sun. Is that why you chose to make your massacres in a cloudy day like this?"] He nodded towards the overcast sky.
  Ean Heidrich / Shadowstorm / 4y 136d 11h 7m 58s
She laughed at his response. It was a good one, the being had to admit. [+red "Perhaps she has."] She noticed how Ean was trying to stay calm. It was a good effort, but of course the being was going to see it. And of course, she was going to notice the look he shot at her cleavage, along with everywhere else on her.

[+red "Looking for the gem are we? Well, you're not going to find it."] She released his collar and then held his chin, making him look at her. [+red "They placed it right next to her heart, for the best results of course. And because of that, even if you were successful in getting it and pulling it out, it would kill her instantly. So go right on ahead and try, killing her will do nothing to me."]

He seemed to like pulling jokes. Was he trying to distract her from something? She had a pretty tight grip on his wrist, so that wasn't going anywhere any time soon. Still, she was curious, a smirk still on her face, but growing wider. [+red "Child, I've been around long before they were even apes on this world. But it took a damn long time for them to even get close to imprisoning me. Guess I should at least tell you who I am. I'm the original darkness to this world."]
  Akira / Kikido / 4y 136d 11h 28m 13s

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