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Pirates & sirens RP!

It is natural to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes to that siren until she allures us to our death.

Men are all the same. They'reselfish, obnoxious, and prideful and think they own the whole world’s land and they may, it doesn’t concern the aquatic females. Some may perceive them as mermaids, and sailors, pirates perceive them as sirens. They’re beautiful, voices alluring, and all of this charms those sailors and then eaten alive below the sea.

He’s the captain of the ship, a pirate, young, attractive but very much feared. He terrorizes towns, ships coming by and captures others for amusement to slaughter them in the end. He came to land on a small country, taking their possessions and woman, along with the king’s daughter, Serenity. Yet, he’s not aware that this small country that is more of an island is filled with people with a bit of siren blood in them. Their princess, Serenity being half siren half human.

Serenity, proud, strong, stubborn and made of royal blood doesn’t stand to watch the woman being abused by his crew and slaughtered like animals. She threatens him and ends up thrown into the water, only to return hours later. She seduces him from the water to let her back on the ship to only be tied up by him and watched the rest of the women die. He claims that she belongs to him and she doesn’t listen, he’ll happily kill her slowly. He has yet to learn that he should never anger a siren.

Rules/ Facts

1. He’s not sweet, kind, merciful or a priest. Not even deep down, not yet at least. He’s cruel, merciless and would fit as the devil’s son. If the characters sweett, I will have boot...
2. He’s not immune to her ability to charm others. Sirens do drown men into the water and eat them alive in this. So it will get gory. Others who haven't been at sea call them 'mermaids.'
3. Do not let me take everything over of how the rp goes. Create conflict, plots etc. Discuss with me sometimes.
4. This is mature, gore, sex, drugs, etc. So make it mature!
5. 300 words & up. Expecting more...
6. Able to post once a day. If not, then every 3 days but able to post over 500 words . I won’t bug you to post, but please tell me when you can’t.
7. Yes, there will be dull times to push through to get into the juicy stuff, better to pull through it. If you truly had enough, don’t have time, just tell me instead of ditching. I’m understanding.
8. Photographs. Really important! Real! Attractive! Don’t be offended if I ask you to change, I’m just really picky... Just because I said he’s a pirate, doesn’t mean you need to find one that exactly fits into it ._.
9. Send me the skelly by PM. I will not respond if you don’t have all that filled. I don’t reserve. It’s not first come first serve either.


Name: Serenity Cresii

Age: 18

Bio: Serenity was rasied as a princess except the expectations for her is different then others. She`s meant to be strong, able to fend herself and rid of any complications on the island herself. She`s very light hearted to her people, and wouldn`t always follow up the exact rules but always stood up for what she believed in. She`s a fighter but also knows how to keep it clean, not savage and stay respectiful and merciful to some who deserve another chance. She`s the perfect princess as everyone says. Yet, they have no idea that she lurks within the waters too much and hunts herself.

Extra?: She easily manipulates men, getting her to do whatever she pleases. It`s more of a siren ability.

Name: Jack, the bloodletter

Age: 23

Bio: He was kidnapped at a young age, and sold into slavery. This made him become misanthropic and cold. His first kill was his father, since he was the one who sold him all those years ago. With no regard for human life, he does what he wants, when he wants, even if he has to kill.

Being so lonely, he has a weakness for music.
Extra: He wears a belt, decorated with the skulls of "worthy opponents".


Picture link:


Age: 20-25


Extra?: Tattoos, fave place, food, or anything else want to add etc.

Sample Post:


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Roleplay Responses

She paid attention to him and it did faze her. She had a lot to work on now and had no time for her personal emotions. She understood that very well considering she was the eldest and she was raised to eventually take the throne. She wished it wasn’t so soon...

“I know, I know. I think it fazed me the moment my father also died,” She defended and it wasn’t something she couldn’t handle. It was her responsibility now and then he brought the idea of getting a king. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. So basically, he’s saying throw the weight off to someone else and let them take care of the kingdom. She stopped in place for a second and turned into him, seeing him stare into her eyes. She just didn’t get it. Didn’t he trust her enough to deal with this?

“I’m eighteen. Are you saying I should get married?” She narrowed here eyes “Just so I can let someone mostly do all the work for me? They’ll just take over the kingdom and use me and the end. I don’t think I can trust someone with that kind of title and I’m not marrying some random person...Why are you even suggesting that?” She felt hurt “Is it that you really can’t trust me that I can handle this? That some random person needs to take care of it because you think I can’t?” Maybe it was because she lost her mind back over at that ship but it was gone now-well it wasn’t but it wouldn’t come back like that. At least she didn’t think so.

Then she tossed her head seeing Lilith running toward her. Serenity placed a smile on her face seeing her sister. For a second she couldn’t breathe from Lilith’s grip but managed.

“I’m alive,” She told her with a smile and bit her bottom lip, her smile fading “Lilith... Dad is dead... There’s only me and you now and...well Lucian’s helping out a lot too. I’m queen. I want you to stay in the mansion okay? Stay in your room, I’ll make sure that there’s guards to watch over you in case of anything going on.” She wrapped her arms around her and held back her emotions and then released. She looked at the two.

“Come on, let’s head back...and Luke, I want to know why would you suggest me to go marrying some person to be King.” She admitted. She started to move forward again.
  Serenity Cresii / Ravenity / 7y 163d 21h 40m 49s
Lucian had thoughts racing through his head. He had to tell her. He hesitated, but he already told her there was something so he had to say it. Maybe if he disguised his feelings, and stuck with the facts, it would be more successful.

"You're queen now. Does that not phase you? You are now in charge of rebuilding the kingdom, ON TOP of the usual royal duties. You sure you don't need a king? It could take a lot of weight off if you have someone to handle rebuilding the kingdom, and command the military. That should give you more time to focus on the integral affairs."

He stared into her eyes, waiting for an answer. Just then, Lilith comes running towards them. She recovered a little faster than expected, and hugged Serenity tight, like she usually does.

"Serenity! You're ok! I saw you get taken away before I fell unconscious!"
  MillionMan / 7y 163d 21h 58m 52s
Her eyes fluttered open once more to Lucian’s voice. She tried to make sense of his words as she just woke up. She was lying on her stomach and her hand searched through her waist to find the injury completely gone. How in the hell? She knew she healed a bit quicker than regular people but not this fast. She was about to get up and noticed that she really wasn’t wearing anything. Her face lit up and she pushed him slightly “I'm sorry you had to see...Look away please,” Once he did, she got up and put on her clothes and felt a lot more comfortable, although incredibly embarrassed. The blood was still over her wasit and then she noticed the blood on her mouth. She wiped it off quickly. This is not a place she wanted to be caught in. Blood on her mouth, blood on her waist... She heavily sighed and took a breath, that swim was what she needed, a release of emotion that blood on her lips. She couldn’t really remember what happened though, not one bit. She remembered stepping into the water and coming out. Well, she must have fed, as usual.

She stepped in front of him and pondered what exactly he wanted to talk about. Now that she was much calmer, she felt like she could talk normally to him without any threats or rude attitude. She slipped on a smile “Thanks for doing that. I can take everything else from here, I feel a lot better now. But what do you want to talk about?” She asked as she slipped her hand into his and led him further away from the shore.

“I think I should just wait a bit, make sure this island can stand on I fully taken action,” She mentioned and thought about her parents and frowned “They’re gone... I thought I’d become queen way later on, not now. I need to see Lilith too...Tell her on my own, if she already haven’t found out.” Things were a little different on the island. Her mom had more power than her dad-mostly because her father wasn’t like her mother, her or her sister. It was mostly just the girl’s side, rarely was there a male siren.
  Serenity Cresii / Ravenity / 7y 164d 23h 12m 7s
This was not good. The king AND queen where dead. Not to mention, Serenity was still shaken up from her experience on the pirate ship. It turned her into a cold-blooded killer. He tried to deny it, but the truth was clear.

At this point, he had 1 option. He had to be appointed king. That would ensure that royal decisions were unbiased, and his power could act as a buffer for any irrational actions she proposed. There where no male successors to the throne, so their law stated that one could be appointed by the queen.
Not only could it stabilize the kingdom, but he's had feelings for her, and this was the perfect excuse.

Well, there was another option. Overthrow the queen. That was out of the question, though. He couldn't imagine lifting a finger against her. He took a walk to the beach to give the new queen a status report, when he found her laying there, a dagger in her flesh. He scrambled over to check her pulse. She was still alive. Sleeping. Not out-cold, but in a peaceful sleep. He woke her up.

"Serenity, We've cleaned up the royal plaza, and found living space for everyone who's homes where destroyed. I have an important matter to discuss with you."
  MillionMan / 7y 164d 23h 30m 31s
Her heart plummeted at the words and everything was sinking down, turning for their worst. Everything was becoming a living tragedy. Her mom, her dad...and it was only one person’s fault. One single person that caused all of this and her to fall... Her legs gave in and she dropped to the ground and let the tears fall without even holding it back but she remained silent. She had enough of this. Enough of the death and torment!

She glanced down at the ground and wiped her tears away feeling the ache in her chest grow and grow and that void in her taking over. She was more in key to giving up into that blood thirsty side of her. She was going to lose her mind. Then she shook her head knowing that she couldn’t let that happen because really now that her mom, dad was dead there was only her and her sister. Her sister was young. She let the tears away and pulled herself up.

“Move my father and prepare for a funeral,” She demanded the guards around. She had to rebuild the island, she knew that well. There was no time for sulking around, even though she felt so destroyed. She wanted to go to her room and cry until she couldn’t cry anymore. She put up a cold expression up.

“I’m Queen,” She mentioned. She watched her father taken away and then made some more demands “Whatever bodies are left around, gather them up, let their families find a way to deal with them. Later afternoon, I’ll give an announcement and every single person has to arrive. I’ll explain about our next move to finding the incubus.” Then she took another breathe and glanced over at Lucian stepping towards him “I’ll be going into the water for a bit, if you don’t mind, take care of things for the time I’m gone.” She kissed him on his cheek “Thank you for many things.” She then walked off and headed out of the mansion, further down the streets not focusing anything but the shore ahead. Once she reached the shore she let out her tears again. She stripped off her clothes and jumped into the water feeling her legs aching, and turning into tail.

She swam and swam until all the tears disappeared and she turned nothing but a deadly siren. She went far off until she picked up a ship. She charmed the captain so easily that he dived in with her thinking she was drowning. She met his eyes, smiling lightly thanking him for saving her and then chewed on his neck to hear his screams. The blood, the flesh so good. But then she felt something stab into her waist. She screeched, and swam back to shore.

She woke up laying on the sand in pain. She gasped for air and then saw the dagger plunged into her waist. She was bleeding out, the blood spreading to the sand. She didn’t know how long she’s been laying there. She attempted to pull out the dagger and yelped over at the pain. And then she passed out. For some reason, she knew that she would be fine, like the wound was healing.
  Serenity Cresii / Ravenity / 7y 165d 3h 42m 52s
Lucian realized what was going on. She was getting hungry. They where still in the radioactive dumping zone. If he let her jump in the water, she'd die. They needed to get to cleaner water. He dumped Jack overboard. He would come back, but since he couldn't die, there was no use trying to kill him. They sailed back to their island. When they got there, he talked to serenity again.

"Look, I know you want him dead. But he can't die. You need to calm down. We have a city to rebuild, I suggest we go see your father, and maybe dig a little deeper into the situation. The times have changed, so he might be more inclined to disclose more intelligence."

They went to the king.
"Did you deal with him?"

"We tried. We learned he's an incubus, so he's immortal."

"I... this is worse than we thought."

"Can you tell me what's going on?"

"Aye, I may have to... I sent those men to earn his trust, then neutralize him."

"Why not right away?"

"He had something. We had to get it before killing him."


"The legacy."

Everyone was shocked.
"J-Jack had it all along?"

"Yes. he stole it from one of our altars a while ago."

"Why does he want it?!"

"We convinced him that it was the ring, before he learned to properly use it. You think a ring could keep those creatures at bay? Of course a gun would do better. Any round fired from that revolver can kill a succubus or incubus."

"So it's not a key? It's a weapon?"

"Precisely. But now it's in the hands of an incubus. Our only weapon against them is in their hands. These men were sent to get it from him."

"We threw him overboard. I'm sorry, your Highness."


"U.S. waters."

"Oh, god...."

The shock of Lucian's answer caused him to palpitate. He had a heart attack. One of the soldiers checked his pulse.

"He's.. H-he's dead...."
  MillionMan / 7y 165d 4h 7m 17s
That hatred was burning bright in her but it wasn’t a normal hatred-it was that siren hatred. She as a human wouldn’t be murdering her way out of things. The more this situation appeared, the more things grew worse. Little girl my ass She thought and wasn’t going to open her mouth at the moment.

“Oh, what do you know, you actually have a brain in there realising that you don’t even deserved to be born,” She muttered and rolled her eyes. And then she heard the mention of her ring, there was no way in hell. She scoffed and couldn’t help put let a smirk crack at the edge of her lips. It sounded like a good deal-one problem. She didn’t trust him. She didn’t know if that was true. The only person who she’d believe about it was dead.

She was watching Jack as if he was her pray. Pour some water into her and she would be an attempted kill in a matter of seconds. Then Lucian spoke to her and she listened to him. She doubly blinked.

“You didn’t think I’d actually go inside did you?” She raised an eyebrow. And then listened to him more but she couldn’t care if it was a succubus or a siren or even a fairy. She shook her head in refusal.

“I don’t believe it, even if it’s true I wouldn’t give it to him. I don’t trust him. I think I know a simple way to end it. Put him in a coffin with weights, wrap it around and let it fall into the water. He can live there for eternity. I think that’s a better choice? Oh but I want to take a nibble first,” She decided and turned to Jack, taking step forward in front of him and smiled “I wonder how good an immortal will taste?”

Kill them all. Everyone here. They all deserve it. Even that woman who betrayed you and told him you had the ring. Kill them. The voice hunted. Then she suddenly froze and sucked in air. She took a step back and bit her bottom lip, looking at Luke. She changed her tone, and her expression changed.

“I’m sorry... I can’t give it. It’s the one thing in the world I would die then give,” She lightly spoke “No matter what, I won’t give it." And then she heard something rumble. Her eyes rose to the sky and saw that it was going to rain soon. Shit. Not good for other people. But she didn’t move. A part of her wanted the rain, to be drenched in water and kill and the other was fighting.
  Serenity Cresii / Ravenity / 7y 165d 4h 41m 2s
Jack looked at serenity, but he didn't raise a finger.
"Why don't you be quiet, little girl? The adults are talking."

He then looked back at Lucian.
"You are all right. I deserve to die. The world would be a better place without me. That's why I need the legacy. With that, I can go to whatever place that bitch took my soul. I can kill her, and once I get it back, You can kill me, and you never have to deal with me again."

Lucian didn't believe it.
First of all, Sirens didn't steal souls, nor did they persuade their prey to kill for them.
This wasn't a siren, it was a succubus.

Lucian took Serenity to the side.

"Damn it, Serenity, I told you all to go inside!"
He saw the look in her eyes.
"I know you want him dead, but that woman who seduced him. It wasn't a siren. It was a succubus. That was the point of the ring. It was made to seal them away. If you give him the ring, he'll open the seal trying to kill her, letting the rest of them out. You're going to have to let it go."
  MillionMan / 7y 165d 5h 4m 57s
Bree was a little puzzled what was going on but nodded and listened as she told some people to get into their cabins and notified the crew members as well. But she had to find Serenity as well, worrying about her best friend. She’s known Serenity since they were only five. She searched around to find her and eventually did seeing Serenity staring into the water as if she was some kind of void.

“I want to go in...” Serenity whispered, so musically.
“No,” Bree sharply told her and shook Serenity’s arm “Serenity, that’s not you. Snap out of it. If you lose control than we’re all goners and then it’ll be your fault.” Serenity doubly blinked and turned to Bree ticked but it did wake her up from it, fought the urge to just dive in.

“You have go inside,” Bree said.
“Why?” Serenity raised an eyebrow.
“Lucian said so,”
“Something’s wrong.”
“I know... I feel something’s wrong. But what is it?”
“He said he’ll explain later...”
“I’m going to check,” Serenity said, pulling off from the edge and start walking around again and Bree tried to struggle to pull her back, yelling at her but nothing would work. Serenity was stubborn as hell when she was either curious or feeling something off. She demanded Bree to go back because as much as Bree wanted to stick around, she knew it was safer for her not to. Bree left and then Serenity made her way around until she did find Lucian and some others, and then him. She felt a bang of fury, hatred, but also an opportunity. If she killed him, those siren temptations will go away. She stepped in but still stayed a good distance behind, enough to hear but not too close.

She wanted to know why he was alive and then listened to his story. He couldn’t die... Her throat felt cloaked up. That meant she was going to have to fight with that siren in herself forever. Siren’s were a little tricky, you kill a person connected by blood, they need to kill the killer so they could be free from it.

“You can’t die?” She spoke out, raising an eyebrow and slithered her words. “How about jump into the water with me and then I’ll do the rest and see if thousands of pieces of you will actually come back together. How about that you son of a bitch?” She moved in, beside Lucian but felt more rage than ever “Stupid aren’t you. Siren’s don’t love humans.” She didn’t know how they could take a soul, but she was only half Siren. She didn’t live in the water to know more.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to kill you as you did to my mother and others. I swear to you. I bound to kill you,” She promised and turned to Lucian “Please don’t tell me you think of just letting him walk around. I know he's your brother but Luke he killed my mom!”
  Serenity Cresii / Ravenity / 7y 165d 6h 13m 46s
"Bree. I want you and everybody else in your cabins. NOW. Get me the crew members. I'll explain later."

He couldn't believe it. Jack didn't really commit suicide out of shame. He did it to buy him some time. That shifty little bastard! There was no time to be surprised though. Him, and every other militant person on the ship prepared for the unthinkable.

"Show yourself, you coward!"

He could hear a reverberated, modulated whisper coming from somewhere.

"What's wrong brother, caught off guard?"

He appeared before them out of thin air.

"What are you, Jack?"

"I wish I knew, bro. I wish I knew."

Jack looked at his crew.
"I'm disappointed in you all. Here I thought at least you guys would understand what it's like."

They ignored his guilt trip, and Lucian chimed in again.
"What happened to you?"

"When I escaped the slave ship, the currents knocked me out cold. I woke up on a beach. A siren helped me up, and I fell in love with her. She told me that she loved me back. You know, teenage romance type shit. She said her and her people where going somewhere. Somewhere I couldn't go, because I was human. I asked if here was anything I could do. She said I had to complete some "challenges". I killed so many people... It made me puke at first, but I got used to it. Hell, I started to like it after a while. I killed and killed until she finally said I could go with her. But the bitch took my soul and left. Now I can't die."
  Lucian / MillionMan / 7y 165d 6h 33m 17s
Bree sat beside her and helping her calm down. She let a couple of tears shed out and she hadn’t cried like this since-since, well she couldn’t even remember because she rarely shed a tear. She was too strong to shed a tear but after all of that, even she could break. She just had to take control of that side of her before it broke loose. It would be bad if that broke loose, and if she got wet, she’d probably do something she’d terribly regret.

“Whatever is bothering you, you can tell me,” Bree told her quietly.
“The siren side of me is angry,” Serenity explained “I don’t want to scare you, but she’s furious, blood thirsty, wants to get back at what happened to my mother.” Serenity was aware that if someone as her sister or mother died, her siren side would try to take control because they were blood connected. And normally, it would die when the person that killed her mother died but it wasn’t gone, it was stronger than ever. She didn’t get it. Her eyes rose up and saw the blood spread around the deck but something was missing. Something very important was missing. The body wasn’t there. Maybe, Lucian told someone to pick it up and put it somewhere. She decided to shrug it away.

“I need to be alone…” She told Bree.
“Are you sure?” Bree asked.
“It’s better for me to get a hold of myself on my own,” Serenity nodded and took a breath “Could you just go ask Lucian what he did with the body? I’ll be walking around this ship for a bit to calm down. Oh and tell him…that I’m sorry for snapping at him like that.”

“Why don’t you just tell him yourself,” Bree scoffed.

“I don’t want to talk to anyone right now,” She shrugged “I’ll talk to him later.” Bree nodded and left Serenity to walk around the deck herself and attempt to clear her mind. After a while, Bree caught Lucian outside of the deck where the blood was. Bree walked up to him and he didn’t look too happy.

“Hi captain, Serenity just wanted to know what happened with the body? And she said she was sorry about losing her temper. She’s having…an issue with…something.” Bree wasn’t too sure if she was allowed to mention the problem and she couldn’t help but notice something wrong with Lucian “Is something bothering you?”
  Serenity Cresii / Ravenity / 7y 165d 7h 54s
Lucian was appalled by the way Serenity was acting. It wasn't like her. It mortified him to think of what she was turning into. However, now was not the time to dwell on it. He had spies to interrogate.

He walked into the mess hall to find all of them tied up. He went to Tipsy Tom first.

"Who do you work for?"

"I'm a mercenary, so, whoever pays me the most."

"In this case, the king?"


"Alright. What took you so long?"

"We couldn't kill him."

"What do you mean?"

"Like, it was physically impossible to kill him."


"We saw him get sliced in half once. He just crawled over and reattached himself. We tried shooting him in the head. He woke up 20 minutes later, like he took some sorta power nap."

This wasn't good.
Immediately, he ran out to where his brother's body was supposed to be, and it was gone.
  Lucian / MillionMan / 7y 165d 8h 23m 6s
She was worried about Lilith, her younger sister, fifteen years old. She really hoped that she was okay or else she didn’t know what she would do. It was bad enough as already was. She nodded “Thanks.” She sighed watching him sit, and then moved beside her. She raised an eyebrow and just couldn’t believe what he said.

“Treason is the least thing I care about at this point,” She scoffed “If that’s true, they should have killed hi m a long time ago. And the must have killed someone innocent to be around with that psychopath didn’t they?” She was suspicious of it. She couldn’t trust anything. And there it goes, deeper and deeper she was, losing her own conscious.

“How couldn’t I? He killed my mother along with many others and told the women here to strip and touched me when he shouldn’t have. So, Lucian, you may see your brother dying without a soul, but I only see a psychopath that should have died more slowly, for how many people are dead. That’s all he is. A killer. He died that day he snapped,” She calmly, slyly spoke. Her mind was slipping away and wasn’t conscious of it anymore. But she felt such an urge to jump into the water.

Get into the water, Serenity. More power. More luring men to their deaths. Don’t you want that sweet taste of blood? You can even get Lucian.

She froze up instantly at the voice, becoming more aware of it. She shook her head and muttered her breathe “Get out! Go away... I won’t hurt him.”

But he’ll want you and he’ll taste so good...
“No!” She exclaimed loudly, whimpering over it. She bit her lip hard enough to draw out blood and then the voice was gone. Well, this is one thing her mother told her as a child but not intentionally meant about this. She just said ‘don’t listen to those little voices that tell you do wrong. Ignore them. Follow your heart not your head or instincts.’
  Serenity Cresii / Ravenity / 7y 166d 21h 34m 33s
"Lilith was injured. She was alive when I left, but in a lot of pain. I wouldn't worry too much about it, though. I knew she was your best friend, so I got the royal medics to take care of her."

He sit on a nearby barrel, and gestured her to sit with him.
"I read their files. Trust me, this whole thing is much deeper than we originally thought. It turns out, that these men where sent to assassinate Jack, acting undercover as his crew. Even more, this order was sent by the King himself. That means, they're hired by him. Until we get the order, we can't kill them, or we'll be convicted of high treason. His highness would've had us kill them already if he didn't have a good reason to keep them alive."

He gets up.
"Try to get some rest. When you sleep, time will fly by, and we'll be out of the corrupted water before you know it."

Before he walked away to perform his duties as the new captain, he told her one more thing.
"I'd like it if you didn't say things like that about my brother anymore. Maybe it's perspective. You saw an evil man "take the easy way out", but I saw my own brother die without a soul."
  Lucian / MillionMan / 7y 166d 22h 15m 39s
She knew this wasn’t like her but this wasn’t even entirely about revenge. It was half of it. She saw the tears trailing down his cheeks and felt an ache in the pit of her stomach but a minute later, almost felt as if she was nothing. It was traumatic, and she never had a problem with the siren part of her before. She was in peace with it but not when it was screaming out to kill.

“I won’t do it for revenge,” She spoke softly “But for other reasons.” She could find excuses of what else to call it to kill them. It was fairness. They killed many, they die. Simple. She didn’t want to mention that she was practically a monster if he ever knew what she did in the water. She saw more tears fall from his eyes and start to wipe them away. She couldn’t believe it. Somebody that insane had to have that insanity in them beforehand. No one became insane enough to do a mass murder.

“You’re right he is soft. He’s weak to snap like that,” She shrugged “So weak he decided to end his death so simply, so quick that there was no room to payback for what he did.” She was still furious and then she felt him grip onto her arms. She listened to his promise but she didn’t know if she could keep up with it. Once that siren side was out of her, it was not an easy one to control. Her mom warned her about it, and she knew how to help but she was dead. She decided to keep him happy and oblivious of it for now.

“I promise I won’t do it for revenge,” She twisted the truth “But I meant what I said. I want them dead. Nasty people like them don’t deserve to live, not even a second chance.” Then the solider came up and she was actually surprised. No torture room...? They must have made the torture public then. Sure, watching people eat was torturing, yet not good enough. Then he walked back to her.

She dully stared at him and exclaimed “That’s it? Chop up their fingers at least! Feed it to the sharks or m-“ She caught her tongue before she mentioned herself. It wasn’t cannibalism, technically. She listened to him and just hated the word ‘captain’ now because of all that happened.

“I never thought I’d be under you. I guess I’m no longer a princess with not much to go back to..” She sighed but managed a smile “Finally.” As much as she didn’t mind being princess, she just liked being a normal person. But she was bothered with the fact that her home was destroyed, a graveyard.

“Do you know anything about Lilith? Anyone alive on the island?” She asked him, feeling so much concern for her sister.
  Serenity Cresii / Ravenity / 7y 166d 22h 45m 48s

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