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Hailey is just an average young 17 year old girl, who goes to highschool. She is one of the most popular girls in the school, but she doesnt have a boyfriend. All of her friends keep on asking her to go out with a guy, but she isnt ready to date since her last break-up. But when she meets ________, a handsome Vampire boy that moved to this small town to start his life all over. ________ looks 17 years old, but he is about 99 years old. Once Hailey saw ________, she suddenly fell in love. What will happen if ________ and Hailey start to talk? What will happen if they fall in love? And what would Hailey say if she figured out that ________ is a Vampire? Find out and join! ^^

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Once Hailey got onto campus, she felt eyes all on her. She rolled her eyes and flipped her hair to them. She walked towards the halls with the sway of her hips to make the boys go crazy. She chuckled as she walked in. She felt more eyes on her, but she was used to it. As she walked to her locker, her brown hair bounced behind her as she walked. Some of her friends came up to her with a smile on their faces. "Hailey, did you ask a guy out yet?" Hailey's friend Grace said. Hailey turned towards Grace and gave her a look. "Look Grace, i didnt ask any guys out yet, so will you stop bugging me about it?" She asked with a glare in her eyes. She was starting to get really annoyed by it but she knew she had to get in a relationship very soon. Grace nodded and stepped away as Hailey opened her locker.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 9y 360d 51m 25s
-It's ok. Sorry if I type a lot too. I do like to be literate sometimes!

BEEP! Conner's alarm clock rang over and over again, telling him it was time to get up and get ready for his first day at the new school. He reached his long skinny hand over to the alarm and turned it off. He sat up and looked outside. He was ready to start over at a new school. He stood up and stretched. He was in a pair of black boxers and that was about it. He walked over to the bathroom and brushed his teeth and hair. He walked out of the bathroom and into his room again. His room was very empty since he had just moved to his new house. He lived alone and liked it that way. He grabbed a black tee and ripped jeans. He put his clothes on and his shoes. He walked downstairs and grabbed an apple. He grabbed his car keys and walked out the door. When he got out the door, he squinted from the brightness of the light. He walked over to his car and got in. His car was a Corvette 2010. He got in and started the ignition.
He pulled out of the drive way and was on his way. He wasn't really nervous for starting the school, he was just nervous that people would find out his deepest, and darkest secret.
  Conner / Dakotaheart / 9y 361d 23h 54m 29s
:: Haha! I guess i'll start. And im sorry if its long.. xD ::
As Hailey awoke from her long, nice sleep, she heard her alarm clock ringing in her ears. She moaned and hit the top if it with a smack. Once it turned off, she smiled and sat up. Her long brown wavy hair covered her shoulders as she sat up in her messy bed. She opened her brown eyes to the sight of her messy room. She chuckled and got out of her bed and walking towards the shower. Once she got into the bathroom, she stripped down and took a nice warm shower. Once she was done with that, she got out and got dressed into a mini skirt with a black fitting tee shirt with some high heel's to go with it. She straightened her brown hair and did her make up before heading towards school. She walked downstairs and headed out the door and towards her highschool. Hailey was known as the most popular girl in the school, but she didnt feel like it.
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 9y 362d 10m 58s
You can start if you would like. Unless you want me to start. I don't care either way!
  Conner / Dakotaheart / 9y 362d 21m 43s
:: Of course you can! Thanks so much! :) So, would you like to start off or shall i? ::
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 9y 362d 22m 54s
-Can I join??
  Conner / Dakotaheart / 9y 362d 26m 42s
:: Please join! I know this is going to be so much funn! Haha ^^ ::
  ::Hailey / Sportsloverr1214 / 9y 362d 29m 33s

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