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~Smiles~ Kiss me.
  Nick / SpiritDetective / 7y 44d 18h 53m 45s
I dont know
giggles a little
  .:SixFeetUnderTheStars:. / BlueEyedTears / 7y 44d 20h 38m 7s
Holds her close, stroking her hair Why aren't you saying anything?
  Nick / SpiritDetective / 7y 44d 20h 49m 45s
Nods a little and rests my head on your shoulder
  .:SixFeetUnderTheStars:. / BlueEyedTears / 7y 44d 20h 56m 17s
~Looks at you~ Is my wife, alright?
  Nick / SpiritDetective / 7y 44d 21h 23m 26s
Smiles a little and hugs you tightly
  .:SixFeetUnderTheStars:. / BlueEyedTears / 7y 44d 21h 46m 55s
~Chuckles grabbing you in mid air and cuddles tight~ My Kitty!
  Nick / SpiritDetective / 7y 44d 23h 4m 31s
Pounces on you and giggles
  .:SixFeetUnderTheStars:. / BlueEyedTears / 7y 44d 23h 8m 33s
Come. ~Holds out arms~
  Nick / SpiritDetective / 7y 44d 23h 58m 15s
Good girl. Cuddle?
  Nick / SpiritDetective / 7y 45d 21m 27s
That's good. Had dinner?
  Nick / SpiritDetective / 7y 45d 38m 24s
I feel alright.
Just relaxing
  BlueEyedTears / 7y 45d 40m 23s
How're you feeling now? ~Hugs~ Did you have dinner?
  Nick / SpiritDetective / 7y 45d 42m 14s

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