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"my names Kira."He said adn took Deidara's hand. He squeezed it as he sat on the bird. "Where do you live?"He asked the man. He'd never met anyone this nice
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 16d 1h 51m 47s
Deidara smiled,"it's no trouble at all." He led the boy out of the village. Deidara snapped his fingers making the large clay bird that had brought him to the village appear once again. He jumped onto the birds back leaning over and holding out his hand for the boy. "By the way, what's your name?"
  Deidara / Nyu / 7y 177d 18h 20m 6s
He looked up at Deidara and nodded carefully. "Yes..I would like that a lot more then staying here."He siad looking up at the blonde. "And thank you for saving me back there from thos guys."
  JAzzmin-anime / 7y 178d 18h 7m 56s
Deidara frowned, his heart sinking a bit. He knew what it was like to be an outcast and not have anyone like you. "Would you like to go home with me," he asked. "I don't live in this village, so no one from here would bother you."
  Deidara / Nyu / 7y 178d 21h 27m 2s
He sighed adn shook his head. "Where ever I don't give a damn."He siad, his fists shaking. "Jsut because I'm different, adn I cna cast special jutsu's they all hate me."He said. "They forget I'm the one who stops the flood, and hte bandits from destroying the ivlalge."He siad
  JAzzmin-anime / 7y 180d 20h 20m 5s
Deidara walked out of the store with a bag in his hand, he looked at where he had come from seeing the boy he had bumped into being beaten up. Deidara put his bag down running over and pulling the boy from the fight," Back off!" He walked the boy over to the bag picking it up. He continued to walk with the boy," where do you want to go?"
  Deidara / nyu / 7y 180d 20h 24m 21s
Kira saw the smile. He had camejust before deidara. THe kid was very very different. THe kids surrounded him and began to hit him
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 180d 20h 28m 1s
Deidara looked over to the boy. A smile slowly spread over his voice. "It's fine," he said walking over to the store. He walked through the isles and picked out what he needed going up the the front of the store to pay.
  Deidara / nyu / 7y 180d 20h 34m 34s
Kira sighed a he walekd around the villag.e HE was rather bored, adn the vilalge was small. tEHy werne't conencted to a hidden village, so he couldn't trian like he wanted. HE was looking down, so he didn't notice when he was bumped into someone. "oh sorry."He siad
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 180d 20h 42m 8s

Deidara walked out onthe the porch of the akatsuki layer watching the sun rise. He snapped his fingers and a lrage clay bird appeared. Deidara jumped onto the birds back. The clay bird flew into the sky. The passed rivvers and lakes, even small forests before they landed near a small village. Deidara put his disguise on going into the village for groceries.
  Deidara / nyu / 7y 180d 20h 48m 2s
Well I write a ton of yaoi so I'm coole with it ^,^. CAn you start?
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 180d 20h 51m 52s
oh haha x3 i just assumed it doesnt matter you can pick
  Deidara / nyu / 7y 180d 20h 59m 28s
IT can be. I don't mind it's up to you. For some reason it keeps me auto logged in as that chara
  Jazzmin-anime / 7y 180d 21h 1m 38s
not really, this is yaoi?
  Deidara / nyu / 7y 180d 21h 3m 2s
Hm..any ideas? I have no real specific plot
  Aido / Jazzmin-anime / 7y 180d 21h 10m 55s

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